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News Comments > Battlefield Hardline DRM Complaints
35. Re: Battlefield Hardline DRM Complaints Mar 25, 2015, 12:38 Suppa7
MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on Mar 25, 2015, 10:19:
I thought these hardware DRM schemes went out of fashion years ago? Apparently EA ignored Ubisoft's bad press, or something?

Man you're stupid if you believe this, MMO's/F2P are online drm'd games. They are taking those big wins (see diablo 3) and further invading. Same goes for steam.

DRM has been invasive for a long time now, almost all AAA games come with steam drm.
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News Comments > H1Z1 Sells 1M Copies on Steam
6. Re: H1Z1 Sells 1M Copies on Steam Mar 24, 2015, 09:55 Suppa7
Axis wrote on Mar 24, 2015, 09:21:
And I still have no interest, am I missing something?

Yeah dumb kids. A sucker is born every minute. There are generational waves coming in behind you whose first games are much later then the library we've all played. AKA they are experiencing many videogames for the first time or haven't played past ones to be tired of them.
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News Comments > StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Closed Beta This Month
2. Re: StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Closed Beta This Month Mar 19, 2015, 07:46 Suppa7
eRe4s3r wrote on Mar 19, 2015, 07:04:
Just to remind everyone..
July 27, 2010 .. Star Craft 2 release date
We have
March 19, 2015 !

5 years for 2 expansions.. that's just sad.

March 12, 2013 was the Heart of Swarm release date (a lofty 3 years for 1 expansion)

So is Blizzard just REALLY slow, or are they developing this on the backburner with like 5 people?

The Blizzard we knew is no longer, it's not the same teams what-so-ever, they are cutting up the property to maximize profit. The old blizzard is dead and gone and has been since world of warcraft. Once world of warcraft took off that fucked up everything. Everything became about that MMO money train.
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News Comments > Steam EU Refunds Now Available [Updated]
47. Re: Steam EU Refunds Now Available [Updated] Mar 18, 2015, 17:38 Suppa7
KilrathiAce wrote on Mar 18, 2015, 17:08:
So you are in favor of customers being able to basically rent"pirate" games off steam for 14 days and then return it for full refund? I think you would see this drastically different if you were the developer heh.

Developers have no credibility to begin with. We are losing gaming history because of MMO's, f2p, always online drm.

Games should be going into libraries like books. Games are being confiscated from us because most gamers are stupid and don't know much about how illegitimate the concept of intellectual property and "games as a service" is.

The stupid half of the game community fed always online via mmo's and that gave publishers and devs confidence to push further and further until we got today with games increasingly not in the hands of gamers.

This is a radical change compared to the 90's with level editing tools and mods. Think about all the quake levels, maps, models, etc that are nowhere near as abundant as they once were.

I hate the direction gaming took and anyone who likes it is retarded or unaware of gamings amazingly open past.
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News Comments > New Steam User Record
5. Re: New Steam User Record Mar 17, 2015, 08:20 Suppa7
LittleMe wrote on Mar 16, 2015, 23:44:
PC gaming: the 400lb gorilla in the room that you can't predict.

It's because of the rise of other nations, we have to remember when PC gaming started out it was limited roughly to north america and europe. The rise of other nations like russia, china, brazil, india, etc, via the internet are coming online. So PC gaming will only grow because there are billions of people on the planet who are slowly making the money to be able to afford the lifestyle.

We forget we live on a planet with 1 billion+ people totally impoverished.
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News Comments > Descent: Underground Single-Player Details
4. Re: Descent: Underground Single-Player Details Mar 15, 2015, 14:42 Suppa7
There's no way they can do an SP game on 600K, they are fishing for funding.  
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
5. Re: Evening Interviews Mar 14, 2015, 07:12 Suppa7
eRe4s3r wrote on Mar 12, 2015, 22:20:
And yet another Unity game, mysteriously called Kerbal Space Program.. has about 6000 mods. Including DLL mods and VERY complex gameplay modfying mods, even physic mods. So Unity isn't made for this? Is that a joke?

It's PR speak for one or both of the following "We are too unskilled" or "Not feasable with our budget".
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News Comments > Titanfall 2 Confirmed
18. Re: Titanfall 2 Confirmed Mar 12, 2015, 23:46 Suppa7
eRe4s3r wrote on Mar 12, 2015, 22:51:
I don't know if I can consider Titanfall 1 to be a game.

It isn't. Modern gamers tragically will pay for anything. When the masses invaded we stopped getting full games. The last 15 years roughly have been a travesty for game length and features generally in the direction of decline.
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News Comments > Descent Reboot Kickstarter
29. Re: Descent Reboot Kickstarter Mar 11, 2015, 09:30 Suppa7
Comet wrote on Mar 11, 2015, 08:10:
Thing is, if you like their idea great. If not just move along.

Problem is they don't get what made descent great. The kinds of shit they talk about and the "features" give it away. It's going to be a steaming pile if it gets funded. I'm praying it doesn't.

The original creators had a hard enough time with descent 3. No doubt they are going to make it newb friendly and fuck up what made descent, descent. The limits on ship turn speed and other things like burners. you have to get mathematical properties right or else the game won't work. It's the same thing that happened to descent 3.

This is why Descent 2 is considered the pinnacle of Descent.
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News Comments > Op Ed
31. Re: Op Ed Mar 11, 2015, 08:33 Suppa7
Ladron3dfx wrote on Mar 11, 2015, 01:01:
Steam was once optional, not anymore.

Well the new kiddies didn't grow up in the 90's and most people playing valves games didn't revolt and kept gobbling up half-life and cs when it was steam infested.

The reality is the market doesn't work unless you're within ass kicking distance of the company.
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News Comments > Descent Reboot Kickstarter
24. Re: Descent Reboot Kickstarter Mar 11, 2015, 02:10 Suppa7
The whole game doesn't have the original creators involved, a big no no. Some guy is just trying to get fast cash in off nostalgia and going to deliver a heap of garbage to a bunch of idiots.

Tunnelling and upgrades and a voxel engine? Like wtf. That's the exact opposite of descent. Descent was about fast paced action in tight environments in the deep dank caves beneath the earth.
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
3. Re: Gatherings & Competitions Mar 9, 2015, 23:08 Suppa7
Squirmer wrote on Mar 9, 2015, 20:15:
Gamers have acted all hurt about the marginality of videogames for a long time, and now when gaming has become bigger, with the diversity that necessitates, they act hurt in all new ways.

Most real gamers never cared about games being marginal, only the vocal retards on the net did. What real gamers care about is game quality. Game companies have been pushing games towards tv/hollywood model and it sucks because the newer generation is just sucking it up because they have no memory of the past.

It's definitely caused gaming to swirl the drain. League of legends is little better than a warcraft 3 mod with DRM, the fact that kids all over the world pumped money into that DRM shitfest because of their ignorance of technology gave developers/pubs the greenlight to fuck gaming more.

The retarded half of mankind seriously fucked gaming over. You spout corporate pr/spin like a robot "gaming is mainstream" "it's more evolved" "It's now an esport".

It's all bullshit.
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News Comments > Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Ultimate Vault Hunter 2 & ClapTrap DLC This Month
15. Re: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Ultimate Vault Hunter 2 & DLC This Month Mar 9, 2015, 13:32 Suppa7
Sicotic wrote on Mar 9, 2015, 13:16:
I seriously doubt it's worse than the first BL.

What??? I really enjoyed the first, better than the second.

The first was alright but it had it's issues being barren. BL1 survived off the loot mechanic and the gimmick of unique cell shading if we're honest.

BL2 was pretty much a snore-fest but once you got out of the boring parts it was just ok.
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News Comments > Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Ultimate Vault Hunter 2 & ClapTrap DLC This Month
13. Re: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Ultimate Vault Hunter 2 & DLC This Month Mar 9, 2015, 12:57 Suppa7
Axis wrote on Mar 9, 2015, 10:36:
Love ARPGs. Love FPSs. Love FPS ARPGs...

Yet I'm entirely sick of borderlands since about a year or so ago.

Go persistent with a proper economy or go home.

Borderlands was always mediocre, it had the diablo kick that kept it alive and you playing it. The first one was unique if bland, the second one was just all over the map and got tedious in places.
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News Comments > John Carmack's GDC Presentation
9. Re: John Carmack's GDC Presentation Mar 7, 2015, 17:25 Suppa7
Sho wrote on Mar 7, 2015, 15:38:
I used to watch his keynote speeches religiously. His annual QuakeCon panel was something I looked forward to all year. But I just can't muster the interest in mobile VR, plus whenever he gives talks now the setting is so corporate and the focus more narrow. I guess I'm no longer the audience.

The whole gaming industry has become one big gimmick given the stupidity of the masses, VR, F2P, micro transactions. A giant WTF if there ever was one for us older gamers who gamed during the golden years of the 90's.
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News Comments > Magicka 2 in May
6. Re: Magicka 2 in May Mar 5, 2015, 01:46 Suppa7
Wowbagger_TIP wrote on Mar 5, 2015, 00:23:
I liked the idea and the mechanics were interesting, but I found myself using only a few spells most of the time, because it was too hectic to remember other combinations quick enough for them to be useful. I liked the humor in the game too, so I may eventually pick this up if it gets good reviews.

The hectic nature made it fun, but you were right about some of the spells were hard to cast while in the fray.
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News Comments > Unreal Engine 4 Free
53. Re: Unreal Engine 4 Free Mar 3, 2015, 22:03 Suppa7
Slick wrote on Mar 3, 2015, 03:10:
I think he was referring to what Valve actually said in the 4-year legal battle leading up to the creation of steam after they won their case against their then-publisher Vivendi.

Valve made no secrets in public statements, as in the courtroom, to their idea that the content creators have the legal right to be able to publish their own works. This was to primarily give a higher percentage of profits to the people who actually created the content, it was only assumed by many that this would translate to lower game costs. (and if you look at any comparison of how much games have cost over the last 25 years, with inflation taken into account, games HAVE gotten cheaper, but that's another point).

But their main argument from what I remember (and i followed every shred of news from the inception of their suit against vivendi), was that it's within a studio's right to self-publish, rewarding the content creators with a proper share of their creation's earnings, rather than pay a 3rd party like Vivendi the lion's share.

They were definitely taking more than %30, however the irony is palpable.

Except it was always bullshit, people don't work according to free market theory (aka 'free to decide') because human beings are driven by biochemical processes, not "choice". It's all an illusion, what's more true is inertia, mass, energy, etc. What people are really driven by since all actions cost biological resources and people want to minimize them (thinking/acting). So you get inertia - the success of the easiest/laziest (aka steam). Steam became such a powerhouse because it makes everything easy (aka minimum energy expenditure) and you get everything all in one place.

Same deal with mega corps like wal-mart or other grocery stores that are basically 'everything stores' (aka games, food, etc). Everything consolidates because its geometrically efficient in space and time and hence you get monopoly. Free market theory was never true it's just one small cultures particular conception of economics. Trade was conducted radically differently in many periods of history. Most people can't see beyond the era in which they exist because it takes quite a bit of time and is energy intensive to recover some sense of the past.
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News Comments > Unreal Engine 4 Free
41. Re: Unreal Engine 4 Free Mar 3, 2015, 02:36 Suppa7
chickenboo wrote on Mar 2, 2015, 21:08:
Part of the idea of digital delivery services was to cut out the middlemen between the gamer and the developer, to cut out the publishing costs, shipping costs, and shelf costs, of games so gamers could enjoy lower prices and stop supporting annoying store fronts.

I'm sorry but free market theory is religion for the masses. IT never was true, money is law in capitalist society. Money to own the law.

Copyright extension

Almost no culture will enter public domain

Public domain

How the grinch stole Public Domain

How they stole public domain

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News Comments > Unreal Engine 4 Free
2. Re: Unreal Engine 4 Free Mar 2, 2015, 13:41 Suppa7
Necrophob wrote on Mar 2, 2015, 13:39:
Tim Sweeney has done some great things, but damn if he doesn't give me a serial killer vibe when I see him speak.

lol if you mean serial killers like you see on TV or movies, just remember that vibe is bullshit. Stereotypes promoted by tv/movies are mostly bullshit.
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News Comments > Op Ed
93. Re: Op Ed Feb 28, 2015, 22:47 Suppa7
Beamer wrote on Feb 28, 2015, 17:01:
However, the whole "women don't like games due to genetic differences" argument is a Cutter argument and I'm shocked you're backing him on it.

They could have used better words but they're talking about real trends in games if we're honest. Women in general avoid the more hardcore games and statistics game developers have done back this up.

It's just a natural difference in interests and it's probably a lot more complicated then just 'genetics'. What they mean is just on average guys like videogames more then girls which is true.

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