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News Comments > Steam Controller Redesigned?
10. Re: Steam Controller Redesigned? Jul 23, 2014, 19:35 William Usher
Mordecai Walfish wrote on Jul 23, 2014, 18:55:

No doubt this design comes from testing the controller vs traditional analogs in a variety of games. I'm guessing for racing games especially the analog is wayyy better than the touchpads.

Here's the thing, I don't care what the testing says, I'd just like to be able to purchase the one they originally unveiled. Heck, I'm inclined to say that I would buy a couple different iterations of these controllers just for different play-styles.

I just hope they give users the option, at least, and that they don't completely bury some of the original designs just to cave-in to gamers who have never used it before.

Also, the haptec pads can be okay for racing games, it just depends on how they're calibrated.
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News Comments > Free Battlefield 1942 Redux
21. Re: Free Battlefield 1942 Redux Apr 20, 2014, 01:58 William Usher
Codename Eagle was one of the best games I could never convince anyone to play.

I loved the open-world, mutli-vehicular mayhem. It amazes me that the only game to come close to imitating that play-style has been Far Cry.
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News Comments > EA Paying for YouTube Love
25. Re: EA Paying for YouTube Love Jan 22, 2014, 15:46 William Usher
Cutter wrote on Jan 22, 2014, 14:44:
This is only news if someone is actually breaking the law. So have they actually caught anyone doing that?

Articles surfaced indicating that this is a clear violation of FTC regulation. Polaris, Machinima and now EA have made it clear that they've amended (or made clear) in their agreements and for their associated partners that paid endorsements must be publicly pronounced by content creators where applicable.

Machinima and Microsoft just barely dodged a bullet with the FTC and international advertising regulators by making the change (just yesterday, following mainstream media reports).
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
15. Re: Morning Consolidation Sep 30, 2013, 15:32 William Usher
You console gamers can enjoy your 30 FPS while I, on the other hand, have every intention of buying two GTX 690's at wholesale value (should be about $333 each).

The only problem is 4k resolution will still tax this rig. God damn it.

I'm sorry, but why on earth are you buying two GTX 690s when the R9 290X is specifically designed for 4K resolution monitors and you don't have to worry about your system being taxed?
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News Comments > Op Ed
79. Re: Op Ed Jun 13, 2013, 16:53 William Usher
eRe4s3r wrote on Jun 13, 2013, 12:21:

[snip] But what kind of fucked up parenting brings someone up doing the wolf whistle on a MICROSOFT PR EVENT (it's bad enough there are still cretins around doing it in public in bars and clubs (Although I have seen clubs that threw people out for doing it))

Whoa, wolf whistling is now sexist and the result of bad parenting? Wow.

Also, you can get ejected from a club for wolf whistling? Really? So using non-verbal gestures to indicate that someone is worth whistling to is now misogynistic and sexist?

Oh boy. Does this also apply as being rude and inappropriate if a guy does it to another guy?
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News Comments > Op Ed
54. Re: Op Ed Jun 12, 2013, 20:11 William Usher
So uh...when Jack Bauer told Curtis to "Don't fight it...just let it happen" when he had him in a sleeper hold before escaping and doing his thing, he was actually raping Curtis?

I'm confused.
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News Comments > John Riccitiello Leaving EA
19. Re: John Riccitiello Leaving EA Mar 18, 2013, 17:28 William Usher
Quboid wrote on Mar 18, 2013, 17:00:
I really don't think they give a damn about you or me. This is bigger than what annoying little customers are worried about.

We'll never know, but I wonder if the SimCity debacle has anything at all to do with this. Probably not.

Think bigger, Padawan.

They have just under ten days to run enough damage control to get everyone and their mama going "Battlefield 4? Oooooh, that's some new hotness right there!"

What better way to distance yourself from all the bad PR than to have the "face of evil" take the dive for the company and have Lucy Bradshaw make a post or take part in an interview where she's constantly saying "It's all Maxis fault".

In the bigger scheme of things -- and I'm basing this kind of thinking on what their board of directors are possibly planning -- they need to make sure that the EA logo does not infuriate or incite ire when it appears in the Battlefield 4 reveal trailer.

Now if they're really smart, they'll completely forgo adding the EA logo at the end and just have DICE there. Knowing the short attention span of most gamers, they'll say "Well, the SimCity thing was Maxis fault; this is DICE we're talking about, they're not gonna drop the ball".
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News Comments > Battlefield 4 Reveal This Month
12. Re: Battlefield 4 Reveal This Month Mar 15, 2013, 21:41 William Usher
Redmask wrote on Mar 15, 2013, 20:14:
After the way EA has handled SimCity I'm not touching their games until they've seemed to learn their lesson.


I'm absolutely frightened that the gaming community's short attention span and gaming media's salivating-wolf mentality for hits will erase all of EA's past media transgressions to hype up, promote and sell Battlefield 4.

As much as I admire and praise DICE's talent as designers (Mirror's Edge = love) I can't see myself getting excited at all about Battlefield 4 while EA's poor reputation is the only thing I can think about whenever I see that logo plastered on a brand.
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News Comments > EA Adds SimCity Servers; Promises Free Game
36. Re: Which free game? Mar 9, 2013, 14:57 William Usher

Can't be bothered to find more at the moment. Basically it's just EA panicking.

Remember a similar thing happened when they staged that gay protest and then acquiesce to the LBGT community in order to misdirect some of the negative press they were getting? Yeah, it's just more stuff like that...sort of.
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News Comments > EA Adds SimCity Servers; Promises Free Game
32. Re: Which free game? Mar 9, 2013, 14:46 William Usher
Unless he's a shill.

A few were actually spotted accidentally still logged into their EA accounts while singing praises to the company and managed to get caught.

It was a true "LOL" moment and a wake up call for everyone who thinks that companies don't do this.
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News Comments > Op Ed
17. Re: Op Ed Sep 28, 2012, 23:28 William Usher
From what I've played I don't think the new XCOM will kill the old ones. There's still stuff from Apocalypse that isn't even remotely touched upon in the new game. And with limited soldiers, lack of base attacks and a lack of inventory micromanagement, a lot of the difficulty is removed from the newest game. It still seems like a lot of fun, though.  
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News Comments > Diablo III RMAH Issues
57. Re: Diablo III RMAH Issues Jul 1, 2012, 17:26 William Usher
MadBoris, you just won some internets.

Wow. Well said. You summed up everything that's wrong with today's gaming industry.
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News Comments > Diablo III Asia Downtime to Remove Duped Items
19. Re: Diablo III Asia Downtime to Remove Duped Items Jun 11, 2012, 21:52 William Usher
Wallshadows wrote on Jun 11, 2012, 21:43:
I can admit that I was one who claimed these were not duped items but rather crashing a game to return to an earlier state in order to constantly provide materials in order to craft until a godly was made.

For exact dupes, there would have had to be another method which was likely not released to the general public which is standard procedure for operation such as this and, either way, it's nice to see they cleaned up the AH even if just for a moment.

Eh, it's the same thing. They were making the same items (or similar items) over and over and over again and then flooded the market with these items. Besides, even Blizzard admits that this so-called exploit is labeled as "item duping". It doesn't really get any clearer than that.
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News Comments > On Aliens: Colonial Marines and Delays (Or Lack Thereof)
7. Re: On Aliens: Colonial Marines and Delays (Or Lack Thereof) May 28, 2012, 19:49 William Usher
Jerykk wrote on May 28, 2012, 18:39:
theyarecomingforyou wrote on May 28, 2012, 15:05:
I perfectly understand putting a positive spin on things in interviews but it's pretty hard to state the game wasn't delayed when Blue links to the previous press releases that confirm it is. They made a joke of the DNF delay so what's so different about ACM?

Anyway, I'm just hoping it's not going to be a linear and scripted as the trailers have so far suggested. And it would be nice if the graphics on PC were better than the trailers, as low resolution textures and low polygon models aren't going to impress anyone - especially when AVP featured DX11 tessellation.

Sadly, I believe that the game will be just as linear and scripted as the trailers suggest and the graphics just as unimpressive. I saw a gameplay walkthrough at E3 last year and it was pretty much CoD with aliens.

Same feelings here. I seen the walkthroughs, the multiplayer videos and the E3 trailers and I just wasn't impressed. Essentially it's CoD with aliens and it's a little like, do we really need another one of those?
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News Comments > Activision & Electronic Arts Settle Modern Warfare War
6. Re: Activision & Electronic Arts Settle Modern Warfare War May 16, 2012, 22:56 William Usher
Cutter wrote on May 16, 2012, 21:28:
Gods above I wish both of the pubelishers both effoff and die!

I laughed at first, but then I stared into the sky and started asking for the same thing.
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News Comments > BioWare on MMO Mass Effect Possibilities
7. Re: BioWare on MMO Mass Effect Possibilities Feb 27, 2012, 14:12 William Usher
Illumin wrote on Feb 27, 2012, 11:59:
Id like to see this but with less talk more action in the game. Some original game mechanics would be nice also. All the mmo's feel like you do the same thing over and over and over again, but instead of using a elven bow +5 your using a blast tech blaster +5.

That's a good point to a degree. Games like APB: Reloaded focus primarily on skill based PVP and progression entirely centered around that. Story is completely out the window. But it's not a typical MMO.

I think Fallen Earth really goes outside the box, though. It felt a lot like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. meets Fallout and I really enjoyed that. There was a real community feel and survivalist nature to the overall tone of the game, which leant it more to feeling like an individual role-playing experience as opposed to the typical grind for +5 weapon experience.

My only gripe with Fallen Earth is that they should have taken more advantage of the "survival" aspect, enforcing players to at least have to eat and consume natural resources a bit more, sort of the way you have to feed and keep your horse healthy on the game.

If BioWare took a more novel approach to the game's design the way Icarus Studios did with Fallen Earth, a Mass Effect MMO could work.
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News Comments > Activision Denies Blacklisting
9. Re: Activision Denies Blacklisting Feb 21, 2012, 14:44 William Usher
Realistically, Tumbler, they didn't even need to announce Black Ops 2. Ironically, shortly after this incident started they announced Call of Duty for the PSV.

Common sense PR would have had them take down the Amazon listing like you suggested, but then roll-reverse and have a guy from Infinity Ward or Treyarch do a quick interview and say "Oh that Black Ops 2 stuff was a misunderstanding between Amazon and Activision, it was supposed to be for the PS Vita version of the game that's coming out soon."


Problem solved.

Instead, they shot themselves in the foot by saying they don't blacklist people and then shot themselves in the knee with an arrow saying that they were "working towards a resolution". Who in their right mind denies an act and then says they're going to resolve the act that they supposedly didn't commit?

I agree, with you also that they have incompetent and idiotic marketing people working for them. They should have did what you said and just stopped talking.

This comment was edited on Feb 21, 2012, 15:19.
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News Comments > Black Ops 2 Rumor
17. Re: Black Ops 2 Rumor Feb 19, 2012, 00:29 William Usher
Dades wrote on Feb 19, 2012, 00:05:

You can't get information back when it hits the internet these days, it makes no sense for gameblog to remove it. Activision is well within their rights to revoke an invitation for a press event but it only hurts them more in the end. The rest of your rant reads like you have some issue with gameblog when their perspective in this is really easy to understand. If you think its ok for activision to do this based on a dollar figure then it makes no sense that you won't support gameblog who needs that "attention whoring" for hits and money too. Think about it.

Thank you.

I don't understand why the hate for Gameblog, they make money REPORTING NEWS. If they uncovered a breaking story good for them, it's not like they would have been well-known outside of this event, regardless. As mentioned, Gameblog wasn't going to receive any exclusive content so I cheer them on for sticking to their guns and running the story. I would have done the same thing...better than reporting it as the 200th site on GNews playing follow-the-leader behind CVG, IGN, Gamespot, Game Informer and Eurogamer.
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News Comments > Black Ops 2 Rumor
11. Re: Black Ops 2 Rumor Feb 18, 2012, 21:45 William Usher
Hump wrote on Feb 18, 2012, 15:00:
For once I'm siding with Acti as much as that pains me. Gameblog are acting as if they are being targeted like political prisoners in a 3rd world nation. Acti messed up and released something by mistake. They asked Gameblog to remove the piece since acti probably had plans for a major roll-out and all the costs involved with that. Instead Gameblog decided to create drama and ignore whatever business relationship etiquette they had to garner attention for their site. Now theyre crying to the game press that they received "unfair" pressure when acti decided to exclude them from future product roll outs etc. Theres no constitutional guarantee of equal access to game announcements. Gameblog acted like petulant little brats and Acti gave them what they deserved. Fuck 'em

Ahaha, yeah because obviously Gameblog would have been a top-of-the-crop pick for an exclusive Call of Duty announcement? Don't kid yourself.

And it obviously didn't pain you to side with Activision, we all know one of the big dogs in the yard will get the "exclusive" reveal and all the smaller guys will fight for the scraps. It's pathetic the way the gaming industry press works.

What's worse is that these guys did legitimate legwork and you're balking at them for being whiney? I hope you're not the same kind of gamer who complains about Top 5 lists and "fan-service" articles because that would pretty much make you anti-video game press.

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News Comments > Renegade X: Black Dawn Released
11. Re: Renegade X: Black Dawn Released Jan 30, 2012, 16:38 William Usher
Rattlehead wrote on Jan 30, 2012, 14:15:
Oh yea getting employed by the biggest publisher in gaming today sure is corrupt. Why pay those guys when they could be doing it for free right?

It's about the preservation of creativity and artistic integrity. Maintaining a fun, entertaining atmosphere within a game is rarely seen from big publishers, who usually force-feed "industry standards" down our throats for $60 a pop and little to no innovation, creativity or originality whatsoever.

Darks is right, EA will buy them up and corrupt them with either annual iterations of the same thing with minor tweaks for $60 a pop or bi-annual iterations with minor tweaks, a texture-reskin and a few extra maps for $60 a pop.
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