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News Comments > Op Ed
14. Re: Op Ed Jun 10, 2014, 17:41 panbient
jdreyer wrote on Jun 10, 2014, 14:50:
panbient wrote on Jun 10, 2014, 13:59:
Do you support legislating the labeling of everything because stupid people refuse to accept that the contents of a coffee cup might be hot and they should be careful while handling it?

You should watch this documentary before spouting off about hot coffee. McD's spent a lot of money to try and portray this as a frivolous lawsuit, when a) they should never be serving coffee at 195 degrees, and b) they shouldn't have had cheap cups that explode on a mere 3 pounds of impact.

That's fair and all for a specific instance, but it doesn't change the fact that lawnmowers need to have stickers warning people against sticking their hands in the spinning blades. For real. Hot coffee is just the easiest go to example for the practice of idiot proofing the obvious.
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News Comments > Op Ed
4. Re: Op Ed Jun 10, 2014, 13:59 panbient
Cutter wrote on Jun 10, 2014, 13:20:
So if you buy a car and doesn't work, you're cool with that? Hey it's only 30 or 40 grand, whatevs right

If I'm in the market for a car I test drive it first. If the dealer doesn't let me test drive it I go to another one.

If I buy used and there's a knocking sound from under the hood I either call it out before buying or accept that there's a probable defect that I will need to address within my purchase. Then negotiate accordingly.

Then there's the esoteric issue of how does anyone define what is a reasonable expectation of working as intended for others? I think a lot of people blur the line between intended and expected. It only needs to function, whether or not I like how it functions is irrelevant. It also helps to deal with the current features of the product rather than the hype surrounding a pre-release prototype that no longer reflects the consumer model. Again, something else the video game side of thing tends to flip-flop on.

If a dealership keeps selling lemons people stop buying their cars. People stop buying from them. However with the video game industry, when a publisher keeps releasing lemons people keep lining up around the block on launch day. People keep buying from them.

Do you support legislating the labeling of everything because stupid people refuse to accept that the contents of a coffee cup might be hot and they should be careful while handling it?

Why should the industry change their methods when the consumers themselves make those methods profitable and successful?
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News Comments > Op Ed
2. Re: Op Ed Jun 10, 2014, 12:33 panbient
ldonyo wrote on Jun 10, 2014, 11:37:
That should not be too much to ask.

I disagree. The industry offers a product to answer a demand. And that demand does not actually dictate a necessity to release flawless product.

What does seem like too much to ask is for more consumers to vote with their wallets. There's a good reason broken / unfinished games get released to the masses and it has way less to do with greedy CEOs / greedy publisher demands and a lot more to do with consumers who choose to support broken practices so they can brag about getting a product first like it matters.

Really though. Why should the big players in the industry change their methods if they're still profitable?
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News Comments > etc.
1. Re: etc. Jun 7, 2014, 10:53 panbient
That quiz was fun but weak. It's like they only knew most of 14 'classic' game titles.

Really though, does anyone actually remember Hogan's Alley from anywhere besides the back of the NES box?
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News Comments > Why World of Darkness Went Dark
8. Re: Why World of Darkness Went Dark Jun 5, 2014, 12:10 panbient
Creston wrote on Jun 5, 2014, 11:15:
CCP obviously read George Broussard's "How To Make A Game 101" guide.

Dunno about that. It reads like pretty much every single article about the reality of video game development. Original management gets lucky, grows arrogant, developers suffer, arrogance fails to pay the bills, studio folds. Rinse and repeat.
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News Comments > Steam FAQ Adds Early Access Caveat
10. Re: Steam FAQ Adds Early Access Caveat Jun 5, 2014, 09:18 panbient
Cutter wrote on Jun 4, 2014, 23:49:
Because simply adding a disclaimer doesn't release you from responsibility. And the customer didn't pay you for the first few chapters they paid you for the entire product - which you failed to deliver and therefore owe them their money back. And the company that owns the mall should have done some due diligence to see if the tenet was reliable in the first place.

Obviously the simple solution is just don't do early access, but there is also the very real and legal concept of "good faith". In that consumers are entitled to a "reasonable expectation" that in paying someone for a product or service, it's going to be delivered on time and on budget.

Re-read my example.

"Customer agrees to pay me for the first few chapters".

That's all they are entitled too since that's all they can actually purchase since nothing else actually exists yet. If I keep writing and create more and release it to consumers, they're still NOT owed personal satisfaction from the product. Just whatever new content has been created.

I think the issue is there are too many young / naive gamers who are putting too much stock in the concept of 'good faith' and this misguided belief that indie development without the boogeyman of publisher suits will automatically result in awesome games like the ones we all dream about. Did that really work out in the music industry over the last few decades with the rise of its indie / home production scene?

I will never side with the irate consumer who didn't bother reading the fine print before spending their cash. NKD said it best, Early Access is a matter of investing in hope, not a guarantee.
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News Comments > Steam FAQ Adds Early Access Caveat
4. Re: Steam FAQ Adds Early Access Caveat Jun 4, 2014, 23:00 panbient
Cutter wrote on Jun 4, 2014, 21:13:
So Valve makes money regardless if they finish or not. That's not right. They should have to bear some responsibility for this.


If someone runs a mall and I want to open a store and I start telling people I'm going to offer a wicked awesome new book... eventually. But right now I can totally hook them up with the first few chapters and yes, part of that money goes back to the Mall (for rent etc.)

Customer agrees to pay me for the first few chapters.

Customer then gets upset that the first few chapters isn't an actual full book. Or, I 'finish' the book but the story doesn't play out the way the customer anticipated and is again upset.

Why is the mall on the hook?

The service is called 'Early Access' for crying out loud. How much more idiot proofing does Steam need to do? It's like a warning about 'hot contents' on a coffee.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Arena Commander Released
34. Re: Star Citizen Arena Commander Released Jun 4, 2014, 11:17 panbient
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Jun 4, 2014, 11:04:
Looking good.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

What's up with those random looking polys around the edge of the UI (especially the stuff covering the Thrust Output)? The background planet looks really nice but I honestly can't tell if those shapes are supposed to be hull or wreckage.

SS3 looks kind of like what happens when you put a camera inside a 3d object and look outward. Again, background looks great, foreground... I'm at a loss, maybe it's due to the lack of motion.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Arena Commander Released
30. Re: Star Citizen Arena Commander Released Jun 4, 2014, 11:06 panbient
1badmf wrote on Jun 4, 2014, 09:27:
really? communication is your gripe? as far as i'm concerned they've communicated the state of the game far better than any previous developer. who else would've made daily posts about the bug list until release? they really can't do better than that unless you're such a needy personality that you have to be personally satisfied even at the expense of actual work they have to do.

a lot of people really love the idea of this game, but some of them have lost all perspective in regards to game development and only care about their personal fix.

It's the other way around for me. They're putting too much focus on being socially connected. No development studio needs to release daily updates (though I get the impression a lot of backers would flip at the loss of their personal fix).

But to me it's playing the highschool popularity game. I think most people watching from the sides would rather get clear and accurate communication than an abundance of well meaning daily comments that may or may not materialize. Daily updates don't actually help the development of any product, it draws resources away from development and just gives attention back to the people fronting the money. Quality over Quantity, right? Don't even get me started on the idea of a net-show to hype up the development (read up on the Firefall development to see how well using the PR bus to drive development works out).

Having said that it's nice that something is finally released. Though I find it concerning that someone with 32GB of RAM is complaining about performance issues.
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News Comments > Sunday Crowdfunding Roundup
3. Re: Sunday Crowdfunding Roundup Jun 2, 2014, 07:41 panbient
atomicfro wrote on Jun 1, 2014, 18:26:
He did a good job at impressing me, but you are right. The more I read the more it felt like he was using nostalgia to fund his retirement using money from parents who grew up watching his PBS show.

Why would he need something like this to get retirement money? The royalties from 7 seasons of Star Trek TNG should be sufficient. Or does he have a relatively unknown gambling / hooker / drug problem the general public isn't aware about?
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News Comments > Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta Begins
49. Re: Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta Begins May 30, 2014, 13:44 panbient
Cabezone wrote on May 30, 2014, 13:05:
You can't use a countrywide median income and then say it's nto enough to live on in urban areas. You'd need the median income for that specific area for it to mean anything.

Median individual income is 46k per person and 72k per household in San Francisco county.

It also helps to define what 'living' or 'to live on' means. I know individuals who consider themselves oppressed by society because they're unable to afford their own land, house, cars, AND cottage within their chosen esoteric freelancing career, while still going out to the bars on the weekend. Well, geez. I wonder why it's so hard to save when you refuse to limit any of your behaviors?

Back to topic, the idea of paying $150 in one shot for a video game is harsh. But when I stop and think about it, I've spent WAY MORE than $150 on single games in the past. Rock Band stands out as my most expensive game ever by FAR. Think about it, the average DLC song was $1.99 at launch, and Harmonix released over 4000 official tracks and some people bought them all (I only picked up about 250).

But like others have said. This is optional, and NOT the final cost. The only people getting screwed over are the ones who cannot properly manage their own money. Absolutely no one needs to buy this or any other video game either pre or post launch. If you cannot afford it, then don't, you lose absolutely nothing.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
11. Re: Out of the Blue May 25, 2014, 11:25 panbient
NKD wrote on May 25, 2014, 06:35:
But people only seem to care when it happens to middle class white people, and even then they forget about it within a few weeks. If people were serious about wanting to solve the problem of gun violence, they wouldn't speak up only after high profile shootings.

The other angle that anti-gun people need to remember as well is those crazies don't care. Once they've snapped they'll use whatever tool is available to do their deed.

People are often quick to look to Canada as a better example due to stricter laws... we've already had nutjobs pull knives and stab randoms in public. Funny how no one was screaming about jailing knife manufacturers after that guy in Calgary fatally stabbed 5 university classmates last month.

The problem is not gun violence, the problem is simply violence.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
1. Re: Morning Consolidation May 12, 2014, 10:15 panbient
AWWW YEAH!!!! PS3 Diablo3 expansion! Woohoo! I don't need to buy a new machine

Not only that... but it'll be cheaper at launch? What's the world coming to?!?!?
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
3. Re: Evening Metaverse May 9, 2014, 09:39 panbient
Dang, talk about a gut punch. Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash is now considered 'old sci-fi'  
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News Comments > Namco Bandai's Profits Down; Dark Souls II Ships 1M+
1. Re: Namco Bandai's Profits Down; Dark Souls II Ships 1M+ May 8, 2014, 10:26 panbient
Well, considering they keep releasing new 'fighting' games that are moving away from multiplayer (seriously, WTF?) I'm not surprised they're losing money.

I -wanted- to throw money at my TV to unlock all the potential fighters in the new Soul Calibur release, being a 'fighting' game after all. Except there's no multiplayer - at all. It's a Soul Calibur game where the fighting is secondary and customizing your online profile is the focal point. What. The Actual. Fuck. ???

The most disappointing thing is that the game is visually great (cryengine), and the limited fighting you get is solid. But it only exists to prop up a hackneyed mobile f2p profile scheme.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
2. Re: Morning Consolidation May 7, 2014, 10:13 panbient
Verno wrote on May 7, 2014, 09:41:
Holy shit Nintendo, don't die

And for the love of god please start releasing new games instead of just rehashing Mario / Zelda / X Kart / X Party / Wii Casual Activity.

And fix your freaking online store. Stop making gamers repurchase digital products for each system. Streamline and organize your digital distribution. Really though, if I purchased a SNES classic on the e-shop for the Wii, why do I need to pay for it again for the Wii U using the exact same account information? Why are so many classic games only available 'for a limited time', on a digital store? It's a BS false limit on the supply to justify increasing the price.

Why are there so few new games being released? So Mario Kart 8 comes with a free game? Whooptee-do! It's limited to one of the few games early adopters would already own because of the lack of variety in releases. When you only release a single major title per quarter (if that often) how are you expecting to survive?

Step out of your tower Nintendo and take a good look at what's happening on the gaming block because other players have moved into town and you really need to step up your game instead of just sniffing your own farts - unless the plan is to just become modern VCRs. While you've been navel gazing MS and Sony took control of the console market, iOS and Android have taken control of the casual market, where do you expect to fit?

There is no princess in the next castle Nintendo, time to stop chasing her and get back to business.
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News Comments > Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds
63. Re: Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds May 7, 2014, 09:43 panbient
Killswitch wrote on May 6, 2014, 21:40:
And for anyone saying the victims get what they deserve... You're the epitome of society. This is exactly why there needs to be safeguards in place; because there's people like you in the world that have no empathy or remorse.

So because we take the side of 'buyer beware' in an open market we're the scourge of society? There should be safeguards in place to protect individuals from their own choices?

When governments propose invasive 'security' measures to circumvent your privacy -for your safety- do you sit there and celebrate? Do you like the idea of a thought police protecting you from your arbitrarily defined 'bad' decisions?

Watching the video linked of the game it shouldn't take a single Valve employee to warn customers of a crappy product. If you couldn't tell it was crap on your own then you have bigger issues than $20 impulse purchases. Namely the invaluable lesson of doing your own critical research before spending your own money, rather than expecting society to do it for you.

No one forced anyone to make the purchase, nor were their options limited, nor does this game sound unique. If anything individuals had to search out the opportunity to spend on this title. Is it truly a scam or just a wannabe game developer who promised far more than they could ever realistically deliver (why does this sound so familiar)?

I understand people are upset by the situation, but is it because they were scammed or because they're embarrassed by the incredibly poor decision they made? Regardless, I'd still rather have the choice be mine entirely rather than being limited to whatever corporate options are made available.
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News Comments > Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds
32. Re: Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds May 6, 2014, 16:27 panbient
Darks wrote on May 6, 2014, 15:28:
Excuse me but thereís a Hugh difference when it comes to free and people spending their money on something. You canít even compare both. So your point is invalid.

They're both public distribution methods. Only difference is you and the other modders weren't asking for money (though some would ask for donations). Maybe it's a regional difference but generally speaking, it's buyer beware, especially when just about anyone can offer something for sale. This is not something Valve should police, this is a lesson more gamers need to learn. Just because the initial hype looks good doesn't mean anything, same as just because there's no suit / publisher involved doesn't mean it will be better.

I think my local pawn shop used to say it best when you bought a cd - we guarantee the disc will play, not that you'll like the music. And as far as I'm concerned, that's really all Valve needs to offer in regards to Early Access - the 'game' will do something when you run it, whether you like what it does when you run it is your own issue. That's the risk with Early Access, if you don't like it, just don't spend. It really is that easy.
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News Comments > Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds
12. Re: Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds May 6, 2014, 10:45 panbient
Darks wrote on May 6, 2014, 09:59:
Why should he, when he has us to do his dirty work for him. The problem is people are too willing to buy these shit games and vote for them. Steam has been in a downfall for a while now. Constant disconnects and down times. Steam is turning into an over bloated pig. And all of these early access games are just making it worse.

Should I have complained about the NWN vault hosting your mod back in the day because the site was cluttered with 'pre-alpha' releases and hopelessly broken / never-finished mods? Seems a lot of people were willing to vote for those shit mods to keep them on the front page. (Also, thanks for that mod, it was great fun back then).

If Steam actively policed their store then people would complain about the lack of variety and the hurdles independent developers face when trying to bring a product to market. I really don't think it's Steam's responsibility to force customers to make wiser spending decisions.

I think the fact that Steam is willing to police, remove, and refund potentially fraudulent products once they've been identified by the community while keeping the platform relatively open is still the best approach.
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News Comments > PlanetSide 1 Now Fully F2P
9. Re: PlanetSide 1 Now Fully F2P May 1, 2014, 15:37 panbient
Ryan Lange wrote on May 1, 2014, 14:38:
In this case, free-to-play simply means you no longer have to pay a subscription to access the game. That's it. No other changes were made. No addition of an in-game store or micro-transactions of any kind. There's literally nothing to pay for.

Thanks for the clarification. Though it begs the question why didn't they just say it's 'free', period. I would think SOE is well aware of the implications the term 'free to play' has within the gaming world. Sadly, 'free' and 'free to play', no longer mean the same thing.
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