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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
16. Re: Morning Consolidation Aug 19, 2014, 19:11 panbient
Trevellian wrote on Aug 19, 2014, 17:35:
Besides the usual obvious points being made of Sony's system being stronger, and Microsoft making big missteps.

Three words for you Sony.

Call Of Duty.

As much as I fucking HATE the series. The fact of the matter is, all of the early adopters who bought the system inevitably (most of them anyway) bought Call of Duty.

Hmm... not a single person of everyone I know who bought a PS4 on launch picked up CoD. None of them, not at launch, not a year later.

The main reason they picked it up a PS4 was so they wouldn't have to wait for the supply to catch up to the demand after the initial release, and PSN+ being an order of magnitude more awesome than xbox Live Gold.

Then there are all the people who got used to the PS3 as a media center and wanted a newer system with better functionality out of the box. For older / married gamers, it makes for a much easier sell on a new machine, dude gets new hardware, wife gets a new Netflix machine, everyone wins.

And nothing to do with CoD bros.
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News Comments > Star Citizen at $50 Million; New Commercial
42. Re: Star Citizen at $50 Million; New Commercial Aug 16, 2014, 21:08 panbient
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Aug 16, 2014, 19:16:
Don't forget that a lot of Chris Roberts' games have featured major voice actors and Squadron 42 is being developed as a full game in itself. It's also worth remembering that the game is going to raise significantly more money between now and its release, as many people are waiting for it to be released before buying it. I'd be surprised if the game doesn't hit $75m, given that this release pulled in $500,000 alone and it's managing $40 a day.

Also don't forget that most of those major names from back in the day hadn't been seen on a screen in years and/or were in 'low' points of their careers (Mark Hamill / Malcolm McDowell). As proven by their willingness to work in a relatively obscure medium (at the time).

This is no longer the case.

Even if they do hit $75M, spending a full 3rd of their budget on voice acting is absurd.
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News Comments > Design TF2 Merchandise, Profit
4. Re: Design TF2 Merchandise, Profit Aug 16, 2014, 00:35 panbient
And now I'm in the mood to fire up TF2 and craft me a new class hat to go along with my Pyro Alien head.

I wonder if I have the parts for a fancy Engie hat...
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News Comments > Op Ed
26. Re: Op Ed Aug 15, 2014, 18:20 panbient
Creston wrote on Aug 15, 2014, 11:53:
I've played through X probably 9 or 10 times, and there really isn't any location where it takes that long to find another save crystal... I think the Mi'ihen High Road and Mushroom Rock are two of the longest sections, and if you bash through you'd get to the next save crystal in maybe 10 minutes.

Obviously I'm an expert at FFX, but even if you had never played it, if you just kept walking (and since it's a corridor, you can only go one way) it'd take maybe 15 minutes.

But obviously to each their own.

Indeed. And it has been a long time but that's the impact FFX left me with :S I'm not a fan of just bashing through an area or avoiding battle, and I'm thinking that's where the extra time came in.

I'm actually a big fan of grind-y RPGs when there's good character customization options, which 12 had a great system. From what I remember with 10 you'd get better stats and regular unlocks but no real option to tweak your builds as you progressed.

And has there been a modern FF game where the story wasn't pants?

I mean really, water polo? That's the sport of the future? hehehe
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News Comments > Op Ed
23. Re: Op Ed Aug 15, 2014, 07:54 panbient
Verno wrote on Aug 14, 2014, 12:13:
Everything else who knows, it ain't lookin good unless you release on the 3DS.

And considering the price of a 3DS plus the wealth of available games (including all the old regular DS titles on the 'used' shelf) it's great little RPG machine, even if it is a console. You can keep a session going forever just by closing the lid, it's like a permanent save state.

As for Final Fantasy I never got the hype for X. I tried it and found it very linear, and even more flamboyant. The pacing was messed up where you'd end up finding 3-4 save crystals within an hour long session then you'd end up on a road or a trail or some other thing that totally was 'not' a corridor and couldn't save for at least another hour of grinding to get through. I gave up on it in that maze cave where you had to find all your party members before escaping or they'd be lost for good. Funny how the 3DS lid thing completely eliminates that pacing complaint.

FF 12 on the other hand was excellent in my book and pretty much the perfect combination of 4,6, and 7 that I'd always hoped for.
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News Comments > John Romero's New Shooter Plans
16. Re: John Romero's New Shooter Plans Aug 11, 2014, 19:32 panbient
jdreyer wrote on Aug 11, 2014, 19:08:
And the room. Went. Wild.

I find this implausible. Those of us old enough to have lived through what he did and know who he is have little faith to strike gold a second time. Those who are younger have no clue who the man is since he hasn't done anything in 20 years. So, who is this mythical fan base that worships him?

A similar situation didn't stop all kinds of gamers from throwing literal millions at Chris Roberts on a promise of hype and hope.

The only question I'm left with is would a Romero crowd funded shooter pull in more millions from gamers than SC?
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News Comments > Act of Aggression Announced
2. Re: Act of Aggression Announced Aug 9, 2014, 16:38 panbient
So... turtle bases and tank rushes?

Also Act of War was pretty bland / generic from what I remember aside from the Scott Thompson-esque villain in the cutscenes. Being Canadian I just imagined the live action intermission 'drama' was a Kids in The Hall offshoot - it made the game infinitely better.
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News Comments > Star Citizen at $49M; Ongoing Funding Explained
33. Re: Star Citizen at $49M; Ongoing Funding Explained Aug 5, 2014, 18:43 panbient
Anytime I hear about the funding for SC I'm reminded of researching Bureaucracy in Civilization.

"The Bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding Bureaucracy".
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News Comments > etc.
3. Re: etc. Jul 30, 2014, 19:16 panbient
I was hoping on the classic suit not some random variant.

Ah well, I guess the Metroid Prime series is kind of like how so many people think Batman movies start with Batman Begins. It's not necessarily wrong, I'm just old.
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News Comments > Op Ed
52. Re: Op Ed Jul 23, 2014, 18:43 panbient
Funny how in my last development job in the game industry the regular harassment actually came FROM the top ranked woman on the staff.

Yes I realize that's anecdotal and yes I realize there's a much bigger problem in the industry. But the harassment can definitely cut both ways.

Wait... holy shit... one of the sections in this 'article' is basing itself on youtube comments to draw a conclusion of a problem in the gaming industry. Youtube comments... hahahahahahahahahaha what the shit hahahahahahaha
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News Comments > The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Free for All
5. Re: The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Free for All Jul 23, 2014, 18:28 panbient
nin wrote on Jul 23, 2014, 18:03:
Kythlyn wrote on Jul 23, 2014, 17:57:
This is EA... right?

Yeah, this is actually a nice gesture.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day...
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News Comments > Areal Conspiracy Theories
24. Re: Areal Conspiracy Theories Jul 21, 2014, 19:19 panbient
ASeven wrote on Jul 21, 2014, 16:13:
They just posted a new update apologizing for their last update. Holy shit this is getting better and better.

It makes me wonder what kind of letter the Forbes lawyers sent them this morning.
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News Comments > Sunday Crowdfunding Roundup
17. Re: Sunday Crowdfunding Roundup Jul 21, 2014, 18:50 panbient
Julio wrote on Jul 21, 2014, 05:49:
Wonder if the 35k two week artist is related to anyone that ran the kickstarter...

Doubt it. Non-competition clauses are pretty much standard in contracts with any sort of creative industry. Winterkewl apparently didn't think they needed it, this is exactly why. Their best (likely) talent got scooped by a bigger player who knew how to play the game. Had anyone running Winterkewl ever even seen a professional contract before?

Something else that isn't really clear. Did the artist only start working on the project after getting paid? Or had they been working on it on the side for weeks / months leading up to the KS funding? It doesn't completely justify their actions but is still something to consider.

And that whole $35k lump sum. Just... WTF? There's a reason most people aren't paid in lump sums like that, and it's taxes. As in, most people don't know how much of that to save for the end of the fiscal year, and you WILL get dinged hard. To the tune of multiple thousands of dollars, generally speaking the rule is save a third (or even half) for taxes, so like $12-17 000.

It's like they said, it was inexperience (and idealism) on the part of the manager that resulted in messed up situations.
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
5. Re: Morning Safety Dance Jul 21, 2014, 18:29 panbient
LittleMe wrote on Jul 21, 2014, 11:06:

Well to me it isn't about privacy. It's a human rights issue as well as the illegality and unaccountability of what they've done. Not only the vast amount of other people's money they've spent, but that their infrastructure is exactly what tyrants to use to brutally oppress innocent people. We should not tolerate their actions. They should be exposed to the light of scrutiny and criticism.

Do you mean the government or Snowden? It seems to me both are sitting on the private and personal information of the population to promote their own agenda and to further their own personal goals.

If all he really cared about was exposing the truth and destroying the system he would have just made everything public. But no, it's another Robin Hood shenanigan like Assange. They're manipulating the release of their information to better the chances of becoming the new version of what they purport to hate.

I don't get the impression Snowden hates the NSA so much as he's upset that he's not more influential within it. If you want to blow the whistle, grab onto it and blow until you can't breathe anymore. Instead all they seem to be doing is licking the tip for attention.
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News Comments > Sunday Metaverse
4. Re: Bringing Prodigy Back From The Dead Jul 20, 2014, 17:32 panbient
djinn wrote on Jul 20, 2014, 13:53:
With magic people, voodoo people?

I was hoping it would be about that fire starter, that twisted fire starter, yeaaaahhh.
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News Comments > Sunday Crowdfunding Roundup
7. Re: Sunday Crowdfunding Roundup Jul 20, 2014, 17:28 panbient
Cutter wrote on Jul 20, 2014, 14:46:
Scam. He's lying. Who the hell just gives someone 35 grand without any sort of specific contract?

An idiot idealist who was likely raised with the 'if you really truly believe in yourself you can do anything' mantra firmly planted in their head. He even acknowledges his inexperience in the excuse.

Then there's the fact that they didn't even have a main programmer hired prior to starting development (because having someone plan out the functionality and implementation of the technical systems -isn't- fundamental?).

It's what you get when you lead a business project with 'the feels' instead of calculated thoughts.
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News Comments > Saturday Safety Dance
2. Re: Saturday Safety Dance Jul 19, 2014, 19:12 panbient
I wonder more about why Snowden and his team are so hung up on this drip drop method of releasing information and trying to keep his name in the press.

Like that whole 'they look at nudie pics in the office' release from last week. To my ears that sounds like scraping the bottom of the barrel. By keeping his name in the press for these kind of 'reveals' makes him seem like the conspiracy equivalent to a Kardashian.
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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
1. Re: Saturday Consolidation Jul 19, 2014, 19:07 panbient
I think it's interesting that Harmonix's priority section at the end of that survey starts with DLC and Legacy releases before current-gen. Might Rock Band 4 be a digital only release?

Heck I bought $20 worth of more DLC last night just for giggles.
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News Comments > The International Tourney on TV
5. Re: The International Tourney on TV Jul 17, 2014, 18:46 panbient
Primalchrome wrote on Jul 17, 2014, 18:01:
Why would a prize pool have anything to do with ESPN picking it up?

Because they're not interested in existing esport viewers. Those people and the MOBA fans will already be watching. Where this is also mostly on ESPNs online service the 'cut the cord' (cable tv) market is pretty much irrelevant.

What's going to get the attention of the random person visiting the ESPN3 site over the weekend? A blurb about a video game tournament or a blurb about a video game tournament worth $10 000 000+?

What about all the semi-casual / 2-3 franchise only players out there? The ones who only play the newest version of a sports franchise like Madden or MLB, NHL etc. They're still gamers, they still have an interest in gaming to an extent, but likely don't follow or keep aware of what MOBAs are really about. Those sports centric gamers are likely to be quite familiar with ESPN already, so the potential for crossover increases.
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News Comments > Op Ed
26. Re: Op Ed Jul 15, 2014, 18:36 panbient
Axis wrote on Jul 15, 2014, 13:24:
In my world DLC never had a "way" or "promise" to begin with. Horse armor was a load of horse shit right off the wagon... but content starved consilites bought it anyway.

Here's where your anti-console bias proves flawed.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Both console games. Both with thousands of dollars of potential DLC available for the market. All of it worthwhile.

No one 'had' to buy extra songs, but, for between $0.99 and $1.99 per track you could increase your potential game from 60-80 songs to well over 1000. DLC kept a simple game that should have faded into karaoke novelty going for years, with enough variety to satisfy pretty much anyone who wasn't just looking to be pissed off at the world.

Funny how both the console sides of Activision and EA were the ones behind that great DLC situation starting not too long after that whole Horse Armor shenanigan.
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