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News Comments > Obsidian on Fallout: New Vegas 2 Prospects
24. Re: Obsidian on Fallout: New Vegas 2 Prospects Feb 12, 2013, 16:31 descender
Can I sell you a boat that isn't leaking "quite so much"?

As I said, you can tweak FO3/NV to look almost exactly like Skyrim.

You are having a stuttering problem because FO3/NV were not released with exe files that can actually use most of your hardware. Go run them with the 4GB LAA exe files that Skyrim shipped with and your stuttering will likely disappear.

Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Obsidian on Fallout: New Vegas 2 Prospects
23. Re: Obsidian on Fallout: New Vegas 2 Prospects Feb 12, 2013, 16:29 descender
Other than the deathclaw pit I can't think of too many other dangerous areas in NV... and the the model animations were better I bet they wouldn't be as hard to kill in the first place

The civil war stuff in Skyrim was a step in the right direction in terms of content and "exciting battles to be had", the extreme emptyness of the world in NV and FO3 didn't work to immerse, it only made things more absurd I thought. Big political machinations involving... 12 people.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Obsidian on Fallout: New Vegas 2 Prospects
19. Re: Obsidian on Fallout: New Vegas 2 Prospects Feb 12, 2013, 15:34 descender
There is not a huge difference between the Skyrim engine and what they used for the Fallout games... just tweaks and updates. You can achieve similar results with their older games by simply editing the ini files.

It's a huge clunky piece of crap engine though, and needs to be scrapped.

When things like physics are tied to vsync, and you have to basically re-script half the damn quests in the console by hand to make them work... it's time for a change. This problem did NOT go away in Skyrim, it only got worse.

That doesn't even touch on my biggest gripe (for every game in this vein since oblivion), which is their leveling/skills system. You can go everywhere and do everything in the game at level 5, without fear of where I am wandering... and the "challenge" never even remotely increases once in the next 100+ hours of gameplay... I just don't get it.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Rise of the Triad Podcast & Diary
15. Re: Rise of the Triad Podcast & Diary Feb 12, 2013, 14:42 descender
The semi-realistic weapons in the game were actually a result of ROTT originally being a Wold3D sequel.

Those other things you list seem a lot more like technical limitations than actual game design... and ROTT actually had destructible environments.

So does it no longer classify as an "old school shooter"?

I think the problem here stems from trying to wedge the new games into subgenre's and pretending like they are not also very generic FPS games.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Rise of the Triad Podcast & Diary
13. Re: Rise of the Triad Podcast & Diary Feb 11, 2013, 20:56 descender
How do those games you listed actually qualify as new ideas?

CoD/BF/FarCry/Serious Sam... all sequels to niche but well established styles of FPS... which you rattled off along with the games. BL2 is the third or fourth attempt at first person loot grinding (calling these games ARPG is just depressing). Where are the new ideas there?

Better production and graphics don't equate to new ideas in my eyes.

My original point was that the child who originally posted suggests this game is somehow an "old school shooter". What does that even mean? Does it simply mean "just like the old one"? All of the old FPS games had extremely different feels and play-styles to them, so grouping together as some style to be replicated now seems odd.

If he meant, as you put it a "mindless shooter", then what is that? Mindless is a word justified only by your level of involvement, or commitment to achieving something at a high difficulty. There is nothing mindless about trying to beat something like SS3 on the highest difficulty levels, especially in co-op. Any of these games can be played in a mindless fashion, though your level of satisfaction may vary.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Rise of the Triad Podcast & Diary
2. Re: Rise of the Triad Podcast & Diary Feb 10, 2013, 17:13 descender
Mad Max RW wrote on Feb 10, 2013, 15:28:
Even though fresch is a douche I still hope this game turns out ok. Somebody needs to fill the gap of old school shooters.

You suggest we need re-tread FPS games because no one can come up with new ideas?
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Diablo III PTR Updated
10. Re: Diablo III PTR Updated Feb 1, 2013, 13:31 descender
"All this talk about updates to updates, to changes to updates, to a test of an update, is absolutely insulting."

Am I missing something? What the hell are you talking about?

The fact that they will patch and patch and patch this game (just like Diablo 2, everyone's first childhood stiffy) is a bad thing now?

The fact that they actually seem to be using the PTR correctly is... bothering you? Unlike every other game that has ever had a beta test server like this?
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > SMITE Open Beta Launches
3. Re: SMITE Open Beta Launches Jan 24, 2013, 13:33 descender
OTS beat em up combat, all skill shots, not an RTS interface? My right click thanks you, Hi-Rez.

This is where MOBA style games should be going. MNC was awesome. Actual DOTA clones are boring and completely played out at this point. This at least brings something new to the table that LoL/HoN/DOTA2 refuse to.

This comment was edited on Jan 24, 2013, 15:19.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Jay Wilson Leaving Diablo III
45. Re: Jay Wilson Leaving Diablo III Jan 18, 2013, 15:18 descender
I STILL don't understand the crying about the auction houses. You simply don't have to use them. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to "ruin your game". Heck, you shouldn't even be tempted to... since the only reason to play the game IN THE FIRST PLACE (or the entire genre basically) is to kill lots of things and randomly generate more loot.

What games in the hack and slash or RNG loot generator genre don't involve "grind and reward treadmiling" as you put it... that you actually play through more than two or three times?

9 months after launch D2 was still a buggy mess to play online, PvP was a giant waste of time... 9 months after D3 launch, people have written it off as the "worst game evar!". 9 months after launch the only reason people still played D2 was because it had no competition.

1 year after D2 launch, your wonderful friends at Blizzard North... who everone seems to revere as gods... patched the Hell and Nightmare difficulties greatly increasing their difficulty. This essentially forced the entire player base to "buy the expansion or die". No greed involved there at all, right?

Back then... People (myself included) spent an entire year killing Mephisto/Diablo, before they finally had something else to do... which basically amounted to Baal runs instead of Diablo runs... when you weren't killing the cow level over and over and over again. $50 spent to run 3 extremely small sections of the game over and over and over again.

Now, for the $60 people paid for D3, it takes... 20 or 30 hours of normal, employed, not-a-teenager time to get through Hell difficulty (maxing at level 60 just before you finish it usually) and starting on Inferno difficulty. At this point you've played 2 to 3 times the "game" you normally pay $60 for... a different diablo experience... and this is a problem? Are all of you complaining that you somehow deserved more gameplay out of the game than that for your money?

It's not an MMO for fucks sake, it's a loot generator... and what... an extremely basic form of PvP combat? Hack-N-Slash is like the lowest form of game you can spend you time on, barely beating out concepts like Farmville... because you run into a cut-scene once and a while?

I don't understand what you all thought this game was going to be. There is no actual longevity to these loot driven RNG games... not a single one of these games since "the first mainstream multiplayer" one has been played for more than a few weeks. 10 years ago when there was nothing else to do... sure, let's play this mindless and never-ending grindfest they call Diablo 2... but how is that even still an entertaining mechanic? Do you really want to play with a slot machine that badly?

Top-down PvP has been played out to death with MOBA style games for the last 6 years... so it can't be that... the puzzles are always of the most basic and most widely repeated forms... What exactly is the appeal to this genre that makes you think you are going to play it for hundreds and hundreds of hours anymore?
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > BioShock Infinite PC Details & Specs
30. Re: BioShock Infinite PC Details & Specs Jan 15, 2013, 17:14 descender
"I thought that was terrific that they were taking advantage of current hardware."

That is certainly one way of looking at it. Another way to look at it is... why did it run so poorly on your dual core cpu?

It all has to do with how the game is programmed. Some games only use the physical cores they assign threads to, some just report CPU needs to the OS and have the OS handle the load balancing.

Crysis 2 is actually a perfect example of a game that is not threaded properly. It uses 3 cores (because it's an x360 coded game at heart) and does some weird load balancing for any more than that.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > BioShock Infinite PC Details & Specs
27. Re: BioShock Infinite PC Details & Specs Jan 15, 2013, 16:31 descender
UE3 streams in textures at multiple detail levels... doesn't it? you see it as texture "pop-in". How much more noticeable is that pop-in going to take now that we have huge uncompressed textures to throw at it?

I understand that programming for multiple threads is "harder"... but a lot of it is built into the engire they purchased int he first place... in this case UE3 which has plenty of threading options available to programmers that rarely get used. It's not limited to just programming for "multiple cores" either. Lots of ports (GTA4 comes to mind) are severely CPU intensive for really no reason.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > BioShock Infinite PC Details & Specs
24. Re: BioShock Infinite PC Details & Specs Jan 15, 2013, 16:21 descender
I'm pretty sure you missed the point. They are using a significantly larger amount of processing power, and we have gotten basically nothing in return. No good physics, no good AI...

I'd rather a game used my spare cores than leave them idling.

I'd rather have my cores in use too, preferably doing something that they could not have done with less cores. Processing power has been treated as a bit of an infinite resource in PC games lately (very obvious on ports that barely put any load on the GPU). It would be nice if they reined it in a little bit.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > BioShock Infinite PC Details & Specs
20. Re: BioShock Infinite PC Details & Specs Jan 15, 2013, 15:23 descender
There is nooooo real reason that games have jumped from single core to quad core requirements in the last few years outside of shoddy, lazy, un-optimized game engines.

Bioshock2 had a refresh rate lock on it (who knows why, the first game didn't and no other UE3 games do...), so this can't be a day 1 purchase for me.

"unadulterated, full-resolution textures" - How long is it going to take to stream in that layer of textures? What does "full resolution" mean anyway? That's not a real thing.

"Hard Drive: 30 GB free"

This is a bigger deal than anything on this list.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Fallout 4 Tease?
78. Re: Fallout 4 Tease? Jan 14, 2013, 16:03 descender
A large part of this discussion has revolved around the writing and the graphics and the quest lines... am I the only one that is completely turned off by their "everything levels with you" system, or the gunplay/combat in general?

There is rarely ever any real danger, or areas that you have to completely avoid. FO:NV "seemed" to be moving in the right direction with some really dangerous areas to avoid (more so due to the annoyance of fighting 5 deathclaws at once, not that the combat is any good anyway), but then Skyrim was a complete step backwards. It took the same number of hits to kill dragons at level 5 that it did at level 50+. The same thing happens in the FO games, where enemy health and your damage all seemingly scale at the same rate, giving you the same exact boring gameplay from level 1 through the end of the game.

The entire "level up skills as you use them" inevitably results in boring jack-of-all-trades characters. Isn't his why everyone killed Diablo 3? Because the character progression was a joke? Well, i submit that player progression in Bethesda RPG's (from Oblivion on) is a complete joke too.

Heck, FO:NV was so broken that all you had to do was use a sniper rifle and a shotgun. There was almost no reason to use anything else. Neither FO3 or NV had any reason to use the big guns, like the fatboy or whatever... they were mainly just there for the "wow" factor.

Their combat and progression systems play much better in the fantasy setting. I'm sure the VATS system works really well and is probably necessary for anyone to play the game with a gamepad... but who ever presses that button on the PC? It's entirely too easy to headshot everything in these games already, and the lack of variety in enemy types is just depressing. hey look it's mob x, I better shoot it in the head. Even Borderlands, which I HATE... had different critical areas of enemy mobs to aim for.

So, I'm not excited for Fallout 4 at all, unless they are going to seriously re-vamp some gameplay systems they have not changed in 4-5 games now.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Steam Hardware
28. Re: More Big Picture Details Jan 8, 2013, 15:22 descender
Precisely. LCD's have a completely different lifespan than Tube TV's, and people are just not replacing the cheap... huge LCD screens they bought with LED or Plasma. THere is just not enough of a difference to warrant it.

This is the same exact reason that PC sales are stagnate. There has been NO REASON for people to upgrade all of the Core2Duo's and such that have been sold for the last 5-6 years, because the software has become stagnate.

The "home PC' are dying" crowd is hilarious. People are just starting to really integrate them into HT systems, and soon whole-home PC's with attachable "screens" will become the norm. THe central unit is't going anywhere. The only thing that will be "dying" are the cutesy little tablets and such, once everyone gets over that fad and realizes that they can't do any real work on them.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Diablo III Inadvertent PvP to be Fixed
10. Re: Diablo III Inadvertent PvP to be Fixed Jan 8, 2013, 14:52 descender
PVP was awesome in d2.

No, no it wasn't. It was completely unbalanced, buggy and broken. It still is. The difference was people didn't know these things mattered back then.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Diablo III PvP Nears; Team Deathmatch Shelved
36. Re: Diablo III PvP Nears; Team Deathmatch Shelved Dec 31, 2012, 12:45 descender
I like how the two morons who were always defending this piece of crap are nowhere to be found now.

Unlike you, they don't seem to need to go on and on and on and on and on.... about diablo 3.

You didn't like it. We know. Get over it.

Anyone who hasn't gotten their $60 worth of entertainment out of this title by now has done so by choice. They have probably also moved on to other games, which is the natural progression of things.

So Diablo 3 was not a great game, and not one that will be played for years like Diablo 2 was... Oh well... better luck next time. Is that the end of the world to you? Get a grip.

I've got news for ya... 2 wasn't this epicly amazing game everyone seems to think it was... and it took years of patching and a full expansion to "get it right". Expecting that insanely refined experience out of the box from D3 was pretty damn childish of you. D3 plays way better now than it did at launch, and continues to do so with every patch.

I can guarantee one thing, no matter how many times you post that you hated the game on this message board... you won't stop a single person from playing it at this point.

This comment was edited on Dec 31, 2012, 12:55.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Intel "Committed" to Socketed CPUs for "The Foreseeable Future"
15. Re: Intel Dec 6, 2012, 15:29 descender
You have to be able to replace parts if you want repeat customers.

If anything, MORE parts of the motherboard, things like the BIOS and SATA controllers should become socket-able and upgrade-able... not less.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Linux Diablo III Bans Follow-up
12. Re: Linux Diablo III Bans Follow-up Nov 15, 2012, 14:27 descender
only this time I do have full control of all my character data.

As in.... so you can cheat and edit it? Otherwise... who cares?

What an odd place to draw the line. Any online competitive game houses the player character data on their servers. Welcome to the internets.

4 of 5 classes cleared through inferno without AH use? So you spent... like 200-300 hours per class? Sounds like you enjoyed this game quite a bit.

PvP and other online play is simply an extension of vanity. People want to compare their character to other players characters to see how they "measure up". There is exactly none of that in TL2 because you can hack and edit anything int he game you want.
Avatar 56185
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News Comments > Grand Theft Auto V Trailer
54. Re: Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Nov 14, 2012, 14:44 descender
I guess everyone wants the arcade horseshit driving that is in SR3?

There was nothing wrong with the arcade feel to the handling in any previous GTA games... but I don't know where you get off calling what they did in GTA 4 "realistic". That's hilarious. Maybe you downloaded the "Realistic Driving and Flying" mod and... forgot?

What really irks me is the follow camera get's worse every year too. Slower and lower. I have to drive around holding the right analog stick slightlyback so I can see the road ahead of me, extremely annoying.
Avatar 56185
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