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News Comments > Out of the Blue
3. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 13, 2011, 17:25 MisterBenn
My PC with a 3 year old MSI board has a similar booting issue. Whenever a new bootable USB device is found, it is added to the booting order ahead of your chosen device. Leaving any old non-bootable thyum drive prevents the system from booting. You can adjust the new device's priority in the BIOS, but if you ever boot without it again that info is lost and it will be detected as new again some time in the future! It's a crappy design.  
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Playing: Path of Exile, Age of Wonders III
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News Comments > Quoteworthy - id's Tim Willits on Always-on Gaming
37. Re: Quoteworthy - id's Tim Willits on Always-on Gaming Aug 10, 2011, 12:16 MisterBenn
Diablo 1 and 2 were pioneering at the time of their release, Diablo 3 will be the biggest and most modern release the genre has seen but it's merely a progressive release this time around. It will be very popular but won't be seen as a defining moment I'm guessing, I think it's mostly a modern revamp of the original like we saw with Starcraft 2.

A thought occurs - since Diablo 3 spawns are worth real money now and characters are always online, it seems logical to me that for security the spawning of items will be managed by the central server, at least of the rare items destined to drive the auction house economy. I can't see that letting everyone's local games potentially drop any game item is an acceptable risk in the face of hacking or balancing the cash economy. If a hacker forces duplicate loot drops of the best items or if freak random spawns happen to flood the market with certain loot that renders swathes of other loot valueless then the marketplace could fail.

If I were designing the game I would control the loot drops centrally and operate loot drop quotas to keep everything in balance. It's quite a guess but will something on these lines be part of the game? It would further explain the always-on requirement with immediate drop to the menu on disconnect...
Avatar 56105
Playing: Path of Exile, Age of Wonders III
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News Comments > The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ShakyCam Footage
19. Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ShakyCam Footage Aug 8, 2011, 14:23 MisterBenn
FYI The clip is currently still available here:

For the brave of heart, the best way to experience Skyrim is to wait a year after release and pick it up on PC. The price of hardware to run it optimally will be much better, and mods to improve UI and balance out the immediate game mechanics will all be mature. I told myself this when Oblivion was being released and didn't stick to it, and I expect to ignore my own advice again this time!

Edit: Just watched it through to the end. This does at least look like a more honest preview than the Radiant AI video was for Oblivion. My thougts so far:

1) Overall seems promising enough, the performance and polish seemed good.

2) Those landscapes so far could have easily been in Oblivion. I hope there are some more alien or extreme environments, they were a big part of Morrowind's flavour that was missing in the sequel. Also non-earth creatures go a long way, netches and kwamas in Morrowind became hounds, crabs and deer in Oblivion which was a little disappointing. Skyrim's giants with mammoths seem promising though, I hope for more distinct creatures like that.

3) That GUI was clearly organised for a console but seemed managable. The main inventory menu + favourites seems roughly equivalent to how arrived out of the box, and at least the font is a more sensible size.

4) Looks like the makers of the skill train rate mod and arrow denock mod are not out of a job yet! Skills were increasing very fast there, I hope that is just due to the demo.

5) I liked the look of that perk tree, it assuaged some of my fears that variety in character builds would be restricted. I imagine the possibilities in the hands of a modder could be superb.

6) I agree with that earlier comment that the combat is a bit odd in places. There should be some weight behind the hacking and the thumping with your weapons, and although the animations are decent the feel was quite light. Also those finishing moves suddenly kicking in is a little strange.

My interest in this game is still intact!

This comment was edited on Aug 8, 2011, 15:25.
Avatar 56105
Playing: Path of Exile, Age of Wonders III
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News Comments > Diablo III Will Require Persistent Connection, Feature Cash Auctions, and More
273. Re: Diablo III Will Require Persistent Connection, Feature Cash Auctions, and More Aug 1, 2011, 20:43 MisterBenn
Surely this has a good chance of hitting 1000 comments!

This stuff makes me think that roughly 1995-2005 was the golden age of gaming! The tech was less developed but PC and console games were (generally) developed to be as good as they could be. These days publishers have the notion of "for god's sake don't give away too much game for the money" down to a fine art. If you are sitting on a good IP then milk it to the limit: staggered releases / monthly fees / microtransactions / DRM all conspire to push the consumer as far as they will tolerate. There have been many DRM / cash grab protests come and go over the past years and it has taught me: never assume that this current piece of crappy treatment from game companies is as far as they will go. After the precedent is set it is easier to repeat or develop further.

I loved Diablo 2 so much, it drew in friends of mine that weren't even gamers and everyone loved it so much! It was probably the first fantasy game that really drew me in too, that first playthough with the story clips was so amazing.

So a question - would it be breaking the law to do the following:

1) A group of friends buy themselves copies of D3.
2) They download offline cracks and the inevitable cracked server.
3) They play at home over a LAN.

They are entitled to play the product they bought but will the EULA specify it is against the license to play other than through the official servers?

The bottom line is: for all the complaining in the world, if we all go and buy the game anyway then we will get more of the same treatment. The influence we have as consumers is massive but we have to be prepared to say no sometimes. The chance of Diablo 3 being as mind blowing and genre defining as its predecessors is unlikely as a decade of imitators has been released now making the genre overcrowded. As much as the game looks slick and fun, it seems to be shaping up as a tradition action RPG with community features which I fear is more derivative than innovative.
Avatar 56105
Playing: Path of Exile, Age of Wonders III
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News Comments > On The Streaming Infringement Bill
29. Re: On The Streaming Infringement Bill Jul 3, 2011, 20:30 MisterBenn
I wonder whether "unsympathetic" displays of impending games will be allowed to remain on YouTube after this law. Some games get the piss taken out of them mercilessly on YogTrailers for example, I wonder whether things like this could end up being pulled...

With the investment in marketing and the information lockdown that happens before a game's release, I always thought that companies must hate that stuff being out there. Good viewing though!
Avatar 56105
Playing: Path of Exile, Age of Wonders III
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News Comments > Quote of the Day II
2. Re: Quote of the Day II Jun 15, 2011, 23:39 MisterBenn
This bananaphobia is getting out of hand and I blame the jaded, ageing generation of PC gamers....

Incidentally I wonder whether Sam is a better Duke than Duke now. The light hearted humour of Serious Sam has aged a lot better and also that game retained the "adequate graphics but loads of enemies on screen" type of action for the Doom 2 engine days - where other games had < 5 bad guys on screen max, and merely packed them with more and more polys for the next 15 years... I hope the new Serious Sam will retain that kind of balance.
Avatar 56105
Playing: Path of Exile, Age of Wonders III
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News Comments > Battlefield 3 News Tomorrow?
32. Re: Battlefield 3 News Tomorrow? Feb 3, 2011, 21:05 MisterBenn
Vazz wrote on Feb 3, 2011, 20:18:
What I want to see is more options.
- I want to be able to make my own server and not have to shell out money for a dedicated one if I just want to play with some friends one day.
- Bots.
- No crazy DRM(the drm on BC2 was fine since the online authorization was optional, not mandatory).
- No stupid "map packs" that are just the same maps that we already have; make them all available with each mode from the start.
- Lan.
- Maybe some mod support.

I completely agree with all of that. My fear though is that BF3 will be more like the Call of Duty franchise that the old Battlefield releases. If the choice is either tapping the old BF1942/BF2 fans or getting a big wet bite out of the Call of Duty market, which one will they go for? They will spend a great deal of time on a single player mode with modern cinematics for sure. Multiplayer will be the standard of Bad Company 2 but perhaps no more than that. Any of the older MP features of Battlefield like Coop with bots, dedicated LAN servers, mod support would be a wonderful surprise for me.

I really hope they come up with a good surprise or two, I still fire up mods like AIX for Battlefield 2 to this day...
Avatar 56105
Playing: Path of Exile, Age of Wonders III
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News Comments > On Sale
30. Crysis Wars CD Key Jan 2, 2011, 11:48 MisterBenn
Hey there - a quick warning for you guys: be careful if like I did you plan to buy Crysis Wars over Steam in this sale. I bought it for the Mechwarrior Living Legends mod, but the CD Key from Steam is refused by all servers! The Steam and EA support forums have a growing list of people in the same situation - I suspect the problem is systematic.

I simply can't play my purchase and there's no response to my support ticket yet. Some people on the forums have persevered with support and a couple have even been provided with a working EADM copy from EA's goodwill(!) although of course it also needed to be downloaded. There is no direct solution or word from Steam as yet. If you are planning to make this purchase I strongly advise that you check out the Steam and EA support forums to see if this is resolved before going ahead.
Avatar 56105
Playing: Path of Exile, Age of Wonders III
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