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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
5. Re: Morning Tech Bits Mar 5, 2013, 19:04 Asmo
There's a simple fucking answer for this...

The PC market is reaching saturation and since our systems from 3 years ago are still kicking along well (quad core, multiple gigabytes of RAM, cheap fast vid cards that have no problem running most games on a single monitor), exactly why would people buy an entirely new computer?

Games these days are not pushing the limits of systems from a few years ago let alone modern systems. I'm playing Tomb Raider in 6080x1200 surround, on high, on a single GTX680 4 gig. Non gamers don't really need a huge system to Facebook and Youtube. We extended our corporate warranty period to 5 years in '09 because we were finding the PC's were doing the job required of them fine, and our auctions of "obsolete" systems (ie. out of warranty) are barely turning up 25-50 AUD for fairly good condition working PC's that are more than capable of running XP for a standard home user...

It also disregards the upgrade segment. I haven't bought a "new PC" since the 90's, but I have upgraded hardware frequently.

I'm not saying it won't have ramifications but the manufacturers are their own worst enemies. They turn out high performance parts for cheap then wonder why no one wants to buy the next gen when it's not actually required.

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News Comments > Dungeons & Dragons Online Expands This Summer
2. Re: Dungeons & Dragons Online Expands This Summer Feb 26, 2013, 22:25 Asmo
Darks wrote on Feb 26, 2013, 21:38:
Dead MMO, stick a fork in it. I gave upon the nickle and dime me MMO years ago.

Great game that allows you to drop in/drop out as you wish and really creates the feeling of the tabletop, particularly when soloing content. If I feel like playing for a month I just sub and skip the nickle and diming. Good community and thankfully all the morbid doomcryers tend to avoid the game which is just peachy for the rest of us...
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News Comments > AMD's Hair-Raising Tech
23. Re: AMD's Hair-Raising Tech Feb 26, 2013, 17:16 Asmo
Cutter wrote on Feb 26, 2013, 11:34:
What about the FunbagsFX tech? That's much more important!

I dunno, having accurate and dynamically animated pubic hair really adds to the immersion...
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News Comments > No Diablo III PC/PS4 Play
14. Re: No Diablo III PC/PS4 Play Feb 25, 2013, 22:20 Asmo
Krizzen wrote on Feb 25, 2013, 21:46:
It's relevant because Blizzard mentioned it around the first time they said Diablo 3 and console in the same paragraph. They said they had Diablo 3 working with a console controller, and it worked pretty good. The community response was immediately: "Can I use my 360 controller on PC? Why can't I since you guys have it working?"

That's why it's relevant.

I have about as much respect for those people as I do for someone who willingly cuts off perfectly health legs so he can use a wheelchair...

Blackhawk wrote on Feb 25, 2013, 22:09:
Stop with the conspiracy theories.

There is no cross play for the same reason that there is no cross-play with most competitive games (especially those where you're spending real cash: It is impossible for a console player to remain competitive with a PC player. I can program my keyboard with complex inputs that would twist someone's thumbs into a pretzel if they tried it on a controller.

A keyboard/mouse can provide more input more quickly and precisely than a controller.

In other news, water is wet.

Sad thing is, the PS3 (and presumably the 4) have full mouse/keyboard support built in. But they can't give anyone the advantage otherwise they would have to do it for everyone...

Not that I'd buy it on either platform, but hell, let the user select the control scheme on startup and if the happen to be a PS3/4 user with a mouse/kb, let them play with the big kids instead of being stuck in the kiddie pool.
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News Comments > No Diablo III PC/PS4 Play
6. Re: No Diablo III PC/PS4 Play Feb 25, 2013, 20:40 Asmo
In terms of allowing an analog controller hookup for the PC, we donít have any plans for that kind of support right now.

1. Who the fuck asked for it?

2. Srsly, who the fuck asked for it?

3. Did this even have to be added as news? I don't imagine it will cause much wailing/teeth gnashing. It's like saying "We don't plan on adding rusty razor blades to our chocolate bars"... Your mind wages a brief war between "Well duuurrrrr!" and "That's a fucking relief..."
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
18. Re: Morning Safety Dance Feb 25, 2013, 19:15 Asmo
Her FBI Codename was "Captain Obvious".

Seriously though, all the stats support the conclusion that violent media does not cause violent behaviour, but may exacerbate a person prone to violent behaviour. The typical person to come to the conclusion that games cause violence (or think tank/research group etc) always have a subjective axe to grind on the issue. Nothing new here either.

But I think it goes further than that, violent gaming and media are often, at least in my experience, a cathartic release from the frustrations of the world.
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News Comments > Aliens: Colonial Marines Postmortem
22. Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines Postmortem Feb 25, 2013, 16:47 Asmo
space admiral wrote on Feb 25, 2013, 16:34:
Quinn wrote on Feb 25, 2013, 16:26:
Honestly.. that people actually pre-ordered this game let alone bought it after release is beyond me. All the available media before the release basically painted it on your monitor "This. Game. Will. SUCK!".

and yet it still made money


A lot of people who play games but aren't online everyday checking out everything about games...

I go fishing but I couldn't tell you what piece of kit is good value for money or trash. As long as it's got a hook at the right end I'm good.

It I were a layperson with a console, seeing an Alien game would be a no brainer for me, I'm a huge fan of the franchise. As an informed gamer who sees an AUD price tag of 79.99 (that's ~81 USD) and reads a couple of previews/reviews that say nothing good, the choice is easy to completely ignore it.
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News Comments > After Reset Announced
7. Re: After Reset Announced Feb 24, 2013, 18:32 Asmo
Eirikrautha wrote on Feb 24, 2013, 11:28:
C'mon... with Fallout 3, Rage, Borderlands, Wasteland 2, etc. (and those are just some of the "big" names... there are lots of indie/smaller projects that leverage the post-apocalyptic "style"), you don't think a game company isn't making it a little hard to stand out by choosing this genre?

And yet the Stalker and Metro 2033 games managed to stake out a region of the post apoc genre to occupy quite successfully.

Being of a certain genre isn't the problem, it's mass churned out pap that adds nothing (or indeed relies on the popularity of other IP to get people interested despite being substandard) that's the problem.
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
22. Re: Morning Safety Dance Feb 21, 2013, 17:44 Asmo
Glen Beck is a troll and the internet keeps falling for it...  
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News Comments > Path of Exile Race Events
7. Re: Path of Exile Race Events Feb 21, 2013, 16:44 Asmo
The only downside I've seen so far is that some specs/abilities are ridiculously powerful and others are borderline useless.

eg. My cruel difficulty templar is basically stuck because I didn't invest highly enough in life nodes. Apparently most melee types almost have to use spell totem/skeletons or taunt totem in the highest difficulty purely because you can get instagibbed if you don't have a godlike HP pool or are constantly running granite flasks/endurance/molten shield.

Of course, it's beta and balance is ongoing but I suspect balancing out the skill "constellation" (fuck that thing is impressive) will be a tad difficult.

Well worth the 25 spent so far though.
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News Comments > Op Ed
49. Re: More Big Picture Details Feb 19, 2013, 19:20 Asmo
Beamer wrote on Feb 19, 2013, 11:26:
Do you know why? Because few people will use the mouse (again, it's an impossibility on a couch without either ruining your wrist or buying additional furniture), and even just 1 person on a server using a mouse against everyone else using a pad will ruin the fun for everyone.

Why would you cater to the few? It drives me nuts when people say "you're dumb for not letting me use a mouse!" No. That's like organizing a bike race and then allowing someone to bring a motorcycle. Yeah, the guy that prefers his motorcycle is happy but all the bikers are angry and won't come back the next year.

Umm, but everyone can go out and get their own motorcycle...

In games where mouse support exists, no one is forcing players to use the controller. When you have devices like the Splitfish or XIM allowing people to play the game with a mouse/mouse style device, they already have an innate advantage coupled with the autoaim function included in most of these titles.

Even more ridiculous is the single player experience. I beat Far Cry 3 on the hardest difficulty with as many "hardcore" options/mods turned on as possible (and it still wasn't that hard) on a PC. I could barely play through Uncharted 2 on the default difficulty with a controller, and never finished Killzone 2 due to sheer frustration at the shitty controls. I don't give a crap about MP on the console, if I want to play Nuketown over and over, I can do that on the PC. But some games, touted as great, are only available on the consoles (eg. The Last of Us is another title I'm really looking forward to, but it's PS3 only.. joy), it would be nice if we could play them without feeling handicapped.

And the only extra 'furniture' you need for using a mouse and keyboard from the couch is a flat book (D&D source manuals work well). Used to do that a lot back in the day of packed house LAN's, it's not nearly the melodrama you make it out to be.. = P
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News Comments > GeForce GTX TITAN Announced
56. Re: GeForce GTX TITAN Announced Feb 19, 2013, 16:49 Asmo
AngelicPenguin wrote on Feb 19, 2013, 11:17:
Shataan wrote on Feb 19, 2013, 10:16:
Wtf is the point of having this kinda power if most Developers don`t push the vis envelope in their games.

Multi-screen gaming.

Not required, I run 6080x1200 (3x 24" 1920x1200) on a single GTX680 4 gig (the extra RAM makes the big difference with the extra displays, a 2 gig has issues with the textures), typically most games can run med-high no sweat. Far Cry 3 on high ran solidly, although I'd say envelope pushing with Crysis 3 might give it a heart attack... =)
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News Comments > New WHQL-certified GeForce Drivers
24. Re: New WHQL-certified GeForce Drivers Feb 19, 2013, 16:43 Asmo
I'm convinced the "issues" with the drivers are generally related to, at least in regards to the 6xx series, adjustments to the auto-overclocking that occurs on that range of cards.

My Palit 680 started getting Windows "your display driver has recovered from an error" immediately after I updated to the 310-ish beta drivers and got progressively worse until I rma'd it (multiple rebuilds, testing on a friends machine etc). Until that point it had been rock solid.

That being said, Radeon drivers currently are kinda poo... On an Asus ROG Matrix Plat 7970 (ie. top of the line factory OC'd card), most current and plenty of old games either showed bad artifacts or CTD's. But benchmarks ran perfectly for hours. In terms of pure performance, the 680 4 gig outran the 7970 handily in most tests, and nVidia's implementation of Surround is superior to Eyefinity despite being less mature.

The hardware is great but damned if either mob have got their shit together on drivers...
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - A Valley Without Wind 2
3. Re: Ships Ahoy - A Valley Without Wind 2 Feb 19, 2013, 00:50 Asmo
Frijoles wrote on Feb 18, 2013, 22:03:
Avoid this game until they get a demo. It's very different from the first game. They removed mouse control and simplified other areas of the game. The controls, however, are probably the biggest issue with it. They're horrible. Not sure why they decided to change that part of the game.

Yeah, I've had my free copy for months and never gotten out of the first area for sheer lack of enthusiasm. Mouse/keyboard is the perfect balance to classic twin stick style shooters and yet it's completely missing here because it, apparently, wouldn't be fair to players with console controllers..

G fucking G..
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News Comments > Sunday Legal Briefs
1. Re: Sunday Legal Briefs Feb 17, 2013, 16:53 Asmo
I think a lot of kickstart "burnout" is because of the amount of dross served up over it which was probably kicked off by Wasteland 2/Project Eternity etc. There were a couple of huge titles that the market has been wanting to see remade and so they tapped in to fanbase ready to throw money at them, and then the also-rans turned up thinking to get their pet projects off the ground.

eg. Wildman. Never really appealed to me, game type or setting. No amount of talking up by Chris Roberts or others could get me to budge on that. If they'd offered a sequel to Sup Com or something similar, I'm sure it would have taken off.

Side note, it's funny that for all the complaints about sequel-itis and a lack of original IP, the biggest titles on KS are all sequels, either direct or spiritual.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
11. Re: Morning Consolidation Feb 14, 2013, 18:32 Asmo
Ray Marden wrote on Feb 14, 2013, 13:34:
Liking it in small spurts,

God forgive me... That's what she said... X D
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News Comments > Wargaming Acquires Gas Powered Games
29. Re: Wargaming Acquires Gas Powered Games Feb 14, 2013, 18:27 Asmo
Lobster wrote on Feb 14, 2013, 15:30:
Just what the world needs... more F2P MMOs...

Because the ability to choose without paying through the nose (Yes SW:TOR, I'm looking at you) is a bad thing...

Wargaming's model might not appeal to everyone, but it's incredibly popular, particularly in Russia, and it's making them a shitload of money. Given the current trend of major production houses falling through, I think that some of the more successful new concerns (who obviously have a business model that's working at this point in time) investing in studios is a good thing.
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News Comments > Diablo III Patching Errors
6. Re: Diablo III Patching Errors Feb 13, 2013, 21:40 Asmo
Another staggering success in the long and storied of Diablo's fall in to irrelevance...

You'd think it would be impossible to fumble such a keystone IP... You'd be wrong...
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News Comments > System Shock 2 on Tomorrow
45. Re: System Shock 2 on Tomorrow Feb 13, 2013, 21:04 Asmo
I'm surprised no one mentioned the cyber-nannies ( about 7:10), those things freaked me the fuck out the first time I played the game...

Awesome that GOG are fighting to unearth some of these classics. They are undeniably dated and I'm sure playing would have a hard time matching up to my nostalgia, but damned if I'm not going to give it a try. ; )
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
3. Re: Morning Safety Dance Feb 12, 2013, 21:04 Asmo
Even if the argument for a link was plausible, testing for it is impossible... Imo, the link is not plausible. I have been playing games with varying degrees of violence since about 1982-ish and I've never so much as raised my hand to my wife let alone been convicted of a violent act... But to accurately test this, they would need to do the same sort of testing that you would on whether or not breast feeding creates a smarter person.

eg. From birth to a certain age, expose the person to games etc but keep them exclusively non violent. Measure the persons aggressive tendencies. Wind back time and repeat the exact same sequence (same breakfast every day, parents do the same things) except expose them to violent media and games. Compare results.

ie. impossible.

The far more plausible explanation is that people with violent tendencies are attracted to violent media/games.

Everything points to "violent personalities are attracted to violence" and yet people keep trying to say that violent material creates violent people. Further, regular people who are non-violent may also like violent material purely because of escapism. We don't want to be violent throughout our lives, but we enjoy violence in our entertainment precisely because we can differentiate between the fantasy and the reality.

The worst case scenario is an otherwise normal person is mistreated (ie. bullied kids at school) and eventually snaps. This sort of person would be attracted to violent games because loners/outcasts are far more likely to use their leisure time being powerful/heroic/in charge, because it's the one environment they can feel in control. Again, the violence may be influenced by the media/game, but originates in the abuse they suffer at the hands of their peers.

Hell, the ending of Far Cry 3 (*spoiler alert*) is a great example of violent nature vs violent media. Being offered the choice to kill my friends and stay as a warrior made no sense to me as the reason my character wanted power in the first place was to rescue my friends (ignoring how shallow the personas of the characters were). I watched the alternate ending on you tube but my own personal ethic made if a no brainer to save my friends and depart, regardless of the consequences. It was only sheer curiousity that got me to watch the other ending, my entire moral judgement was that even portraying the main character as a person who had lost his way in a "heart of darkness" style descent, he would still remember that he only becamse a monster to save the ones he loved.

If a story about a person who goes from never hurting a fly to happily filleting anything with a pulse doesn't somehow influence me to be violent, I'm not sure what will...

Of course, all of that is anecdotal and doesn't really prove much of anything, but if violent media creates violent people, there would be literally millions of gamers snapping as they saturate their lives with violence. That there is not, and the article freely admits that rampages are so infrequent that it is difficult to draw any significant conclusions, kinda bears out that violent media doesn't create monsters, monsters like violent media...
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