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News Comments > Terraria Grounded
15. Re: Terraria Grounded Feb 23, 2012, 13:01 Satoru
I think they didn't like modders because it mostly just created more support headaches for people. Then people would complain why their games crashed and such and blame them for it.

But yeah for less than the price of a cup of coffee I've logged WAY TOO MANY hours into Terraria (managed to snag it the first time it went 75% off for 4 hours). Pennies per hour of enjoyment and worth every single one.
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News Comments > The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition in April
34. Re: The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition in April Jan 27, 2012, 22:25 Satoru
Verno wrote on Jan 27, 2012, 16:15:
Mordecai Walfish wrote on Jan 27, 2012, 15:28:
The Witcher 2 was designed and released as a PC *only* title originally, and will have a port *to* a console (360) in April.

Sorry, but you are obviously confused or mis-informed.

One look at the user interface in The Witcher 2 makes that statement iffy. They obviously had multiplatform release in mind when making many aspects of the game - the forced door opening sections for texture loads, the user interface and so on.

It's a great game but it definitely got whacked with the console stick a little bit during development.

No offense but this flies in the face of how the game actually is on the PC.

The forced door openings were on the original Witcher, and then you got a loading screen. Again what's the difference as you have to transition between internal and external environments no matter what.

I'd challenge you to look at even the basic inventory screen and attempt to navigate that with a dpad without gonig bonkers. Youd have to shift focus from 3 different areas (item sort, item selection, character model selection)

You could obviously see that Skyrim was based around a dpad type interface. But the Witcher is obviously designed with a mouse in mind.
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News Comments > World Championship Announced, No BlizzCon 2012
10. Re: World Championship Announced, No BlizzCon 2012 Jan 25, 2012, 13:00 Satoru
Mashiki Amiketo wrote on Jan 25, 2012, 11:10:
Sounds like they're planning to have hots and d3 released this year, and have titan as the big thing for next year.

That seems entirely counter productive. If you're going to release 3 MAJOR titles in a year even at the end, surely Blizzcon would be the avenue to do it. E3 would already be over.

Even a 10 minute panel that was essentially just a teaser trailer for Titan and the panelists walking out would be worth it just for the PR.

Now I will say that organizing and coordinating a convention as large as Blizzcon is overwhelming. You literally need an army of people planning this stuff right after the convention ends. I've done small conventions and I can barely imagine what kind of thing goes into doing Blizzcon.

Plus I can see that the con itself robs Blizzard of a good month of usable employee time, as employees need to prepare for the con in various way for panels, getting demos ready, what to present etc. So yes it is not a small or insignificant resource drain for them when they really really want to get these games out.

Still its a bit disconcerting to see it cancelled. It does definitely raise the spectre of whether any of the games are even close to being ready for 2012.

Even more disconcerting is the entitlement syndrome running through the forums of *gasp* having a tournament that is not on US soil. China? Might as well be on the moon! Damn the Koreans and the Asians have the tournament in USA! Why isn't it on the East coast. Blah blah blah blah. It's really disgusting how some people think how the entire world should revolve around their own schedule and convenience.
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News Comments > Diablo III Beta Key Giveaway
13. Re: Diablo III Beta Key Giveaway Nov 16, 2011, 12:48 Satoru
Fibrocyte wrote on Nov 16, 2011, 12:44:
Wildone wrote on Nov 16, 2011, 12:29:
wow even my mom has FB, you gotta be a serious recluse lol come on join the rest of humanity!!!

Eeehhhh... I don't really care to see pictures of my cousins new girlfriend nor do I care what my wife's coworker had for lunch last Wednesday so I don't see a big need for a FB account.

You're missing out on some great stuff. Like all my friends showing pictures of their baby's poop. And their baby's barf. And their baby's new clothes they pooped and barfed on. And the constant updates of what their baby is eating, pooping and barfing. It's like CSI comaparing color consistency texture etc.


Yeah you're probably better off
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News Comments > Diablo III Beta Key Giveaway
10. Re: Diablo III Beta Key Giveaway Nov 16, 2011, 12:46 Satoru
Cram wrote on Nov 16, 2011, 12:40:
Satoru wrote on Nov 16, 2011, 12:37:
Or do what I do and have a 'fake' Facebook account for junk like this.


It's a good idea to have a 'fake' Facebook for these kinds of giveaways that companies are doing, since some can only be done via Facebook. I also have a 'clean' Facebook profile for professional use. And a 'personal' Facebook for all my actual friends. Ensures things are segregated nicely.

I have a lot of these kinds of things even in other media.

Obviously the 'junk' email address is pretty easy to do for signing up for contests and mailing lists.

I also create pseudonyms in real life. If I have a contest I want to enter by filling in a form, or other such things, That way when I see stuff in the mail with that pseudonym, it immediately goes in the trash.
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News Comments > Diablo III Beta Key Giveaway
6. Re: Diablo III Beta Key Giveaway Nov 16, 2011, 12:37 Satoru
You DO NOT need a Facebook page to enter.

Click at the bottom "Alternate Method of Entry"

Also from the offical Blizzard FAQ

Q. Do I need a Facebook account to enter this promotion?
A. No. While entering with a Facebook account will provide you with some additional benefits, such as sharing if you've won with your friends, you don't need an account to participate. If you'd like to enter, but donít have a Facebook account (and don't want one), you can click on the "Alternate Method of Entry" link at the bottom of the official rules page:

Read before complaining

Or create a junk Facebook account for crap like this.
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News Comments > Steam Forums Hacked?
21. Re: Steam Forums Hacked? Nov 7, 2011, 15:36 Satoru
Beelzebud wrote on Nov 7, 2011, 13:38:
It's time for Valve to get their asses together when it comes to security. It doesn't sit well with me that I have a Steam account with a few hundred dollars of games on it, and I'm getting emails from webmaster@steampowered telling me to sign up for a warez/cheat site...

Time to wake the fuck up, Valve, goodwill doesn't last forever when you're dropping the ball.

You will note that I can send you an email that appears to be from anyone on the planet from any domain name without hacking the Steam forums at all.
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News Comments > More Origin Spyware Accusations
41. Re: More Origin Spyware Accusations Nov 2, 2011, 09:45 Satoru
baltar wrote on Nov 2, 2011, 07:35:
I heard some success with installing origin under sandboxie to lock it down from digging around your machine.

I got a wrapped copy sitting on my desk and am torn between actually installing it in sandboxie or returning it for a refund.. Really haven't decided yet.

The best you can really do is firewall the executable. The program is just doing a dir of the program files directory. Thus the only way to really 'sandbox' it would to run origin under a user profile that has no access to this directory. The problem is Program Files is a 'special' directory in Windows and you can't really lock it down much beyond the initial settings. So getting Origin to not scan that directory is going to take some ugly hacks.

Even after all your ugly hacking you're going to have problems. Note Origin needs to launch BATTLELOG which is their horrible browser based matchmaking. So if you're running IE, then Origin can't launch IE which is in Program Files, so ... no BF3. Even if you have some other browser, there's a 99% chance you installed it in Program Files so you'll have to move that out. And you'd better hope it doesn't need anything in Program Files\Common Files or again... totally screwed.
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News Comments > More Origin Spyware Accusations
16. Re: More Origin Spyware Accusations Nov 1, 2011, 23:55 Satoru
Prez wrote on Nov 1, 2011, 22:15:
Steam may very well do the same thing. I honestly couldn't tell you what data Steam collects. I don't get any Gabe Newell-endorsed erectile dysfunction product emails, so I just don't worry about it. As much as I detest EA and Origin, I'm trying to think what data they could collect from my PC that would bother me or somehow affect me and I'm coming up empty. Though that could just be because I am extraordinarily dull in every way...

It's pretty easy to replicate the behavior in the video. Just google Process Monitor and download it from Microsoft. Filter for Steam.exe and run the program. You'll see it accesses some windows dlls and mostly stuff from the Steam directory.

Then do the same but replace the filter with Origin.exe. It will suddenly start scanning EVERYTHING in program files.
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News Comments > Spaceships Ahoy - Gratuitous Space Battles Parasites
4. Re: Spaceships Ahoy - Gratuitous Space Battles Parasites Sep 12, 2011, 14:23 Satoru
Their 'tower defense' description is basically their attempt at describing a vast customizable space warship simulator in a way that won't frighten off most people. It would be like describing Doom but saying "It's like a rail shooter except you have freedom of motion do decide where you want to go".  
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News Comments > Steam From Dust Refunds
21. Re: Steam From Dust Refunds Aug 24, 2011, 13:08 Satoru
  • Verno wrote on Aug 24, 2011, 11:36:
    That's the distinction that consumers, or Bluesnewsians don't seem to get... DRM works... CD checks worked... Windows Activation works...

    What exactly are you basing this on? The existence of these things doesn't define their effectiveness. In fact they quite often have demonstrably little effect on piracy judging by the industries numbers and complaints about it.

    One time online activation has been extremely effective against games being released before their street date. Pre-street date releases of PC games are pretty much in the minority now. Where as on the console side it's still a major problem.
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    News Comments > Alpha Centauri TMs
    7. Re: Alpha Centauri TMs Aug 11, 2011, 12:37 Satoru
    The AC trademark is meaningless. EA will never make the game we want.

    The main problem is that what developer is going to make a PC only version of AC? At least with Syndicate you could create a game that would work across the PC and consoles. But the 'traditional' AC simply can't be done on consoles.

    Thus is EA going to give some unknown studio tons of money to make AC and only be able to sell it on the PC platform? Of course not. They're more likely to go the current "X-COM" FPS reboot route of some kind with AC.

    The trademark thing is more to disallow 2K from making an AC named game, rather than enabling EA to make one.
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    News Comments > GameStop to Sell Game Downloads
    1. Re: GameStop Launches In-Store Downloads Jul 28, 2011, 17:51 Satoru
    I guess it kinda makes sense with Deus Ex. Since it's a Steamworks game the install disc itself is worthless anyways. You're just buying a box so you can type in the code into Steam.

    Oddly no store offers an actual pre-order discount....
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    News Comments > On Risen 2 DRM
    28. Re: On Risen 2 DRM Jul 26, 2011, 16:05 Satoru
    noman wrote on Jul 26, 2011, 15:52:

    Correct, and even for games that can be run outside of Steam (which are very rare) there could be issues.

    Can you give a specific example of a game that does not work in offline mode? You claim this behavior is 'rare', yet I've never seen a game that won't run in offline mode (aside from MP games which obviously don't count).
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    News Comments > On Risen 2 DRM
    27. Re: On Risen 2 DRM Jul 26, 2011, 15:54 Satoru
    Personally I've only ever heard a few arguments whenever any Steam only game comes out and most of them are pretty silly.

    1) I HATE DRM. Ok... fine. But do you own any of the following: any console, dvd or blu-ray player, a TV with HDMI, and practically every electronic device has some kind of DRM enabled. I don't disagree that less drm would be better, but to boycott something because of it seems a bit incongruous given the ubiquity of it in the marketplace. You'd pretty much have to crawl into a hole in the ground to totally avoid DRM products in general.

    2) I HATE STEAM. Ok.. .fine. But why? Usually it's 'because it runs in the background', like your IM client, Skype, etc. so why single Steam out? You could always not have Steam running on startup and kill it when you finish playing if that's your cup of tea. Or it falls into the I HATE DRM, scheme so refer above.

    3) What if Steam goes bankrupt. This seems like an odd argument. Look at the current high profile shutdowns of APB, Dirt, and all the old sports game servers. These seem like much more pressing concerns than Steam going bankrupt. Not that it isn't a 'possibility' of course.

    The only actual legitimate concerns I've heard are

    1) Bandwidth usage in areas were internet is metered or is at some ungodly slow speed. This is definitely unfortunate. It definitely underscores the digital divide that exists.

    2) Inability to control patches locally. Though this is usually related to the above issue, where users want to control patch downloads either due to bandwidth problems. Civ5 had an interesting discussion where because specific patches are so gameplay changing that users didn't want the latest patches to totally screw up their existing saves. That problem seems to be pretty Civ5 specific though. The bandwidth problem is usually the most often cited issue with patch controls.

    Admittedly I like Steam, because I live in a region where I can fully utilise the capabilities of it to my advantage. I realise that other people who are disadvantaged with bandwidth either by cost or availability would dislike Steam.

    I think ultimately devs choose Steam due to it's advantages over competing download platforms. Most notably the availablity of achievements, automatic patch management, distribution cost reduction, and DRM.
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    News Comments > On Risen 2 DRM
    22. Re: On Risen 2 DRM Jul 26, 2011, 15:23 Satoru
    StingingVelvet wrote on Jul 26, 2011, 15:15:
    verrul wrote on Jul 26, 2011, 15:02:
    you can go to steamapps folder and open commonapps and make your own shortcuts and outside of VALVE and some online games you do NOT NEED STEAM LOADED. just for the activation one time that's it.

    This is not true. For most non-steamworks games sold on Steam this can be done, but not for steamworks titles. Since Steamworks titles are mostly the only games I buy on Steam that doesn't really help me.

    You can run steamworks titles offline. You just don't get the advantages of Steamworks, such as online save games and such. Civ5 works totally fine in offline mode and is highly integrated with Steamworks.
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    News Comments > Zeboyd's PC Sales Soar
    13. Re: Zeboyd's PC Sales Soar Jul 20, 2011, 13:34 Satoru
    Beamer wrote on Jul 20, 2011, 13:23:
    Steam definitely has xbox beat on visibility of new releases. The xbox live service focus's on xbox live arcade titles and retail releases heavily and clouds everything else behind that.

    XBLI was awful from the start. Impossible to judge quality of a title, and often difficult to even see what a title was about. There doesn't seem to be an effective way to sort titles or display information. Computers do this far, far better, which is why I'm happy you're able to buy cellphone games via computer. That said, Steam isn't too much better on this front, but at least games on Steam tend to have an internet presence elsewhere to get information.

    XBLA has gone like XBLI by this point. It's been about a year since I've purchased a game there, or much even browsed it. Amazing at first, but by now the selection is too great, the quality too varied and the ability to tell what you're looking for too low for me to bother. I'll spend more time looking for a game than playing a game.

    At this point calling both those sections failures seems right.

    Steam does have similar searching and library visibility issues. There's so many games on Steam now it's almost impossible to browse it all coherently. I think their daily/mid-week/weekend sales are their way of bringing to the front page some game that would otherwise wallow in the depths of Steam's catalog. From that perspective, I think XBLI/XBLA could really benefit from the Steam model of cycling through games more frequently on their front page to give exposure to more of their library to people.

    I know people complain a lot on the Steam forums that the Deal of the Day 'sucks' or whatever. But you'd never find this gem of a game without the deal of the day
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    News Comments > Zeboyd's PC Sales Soar
    12. Re: Zeboyd's PC Sales Soar Jul 20, 2011, 13:30 Satoru
    Tumbler wrote on Jul 20, 2011, 12:30:
    And there is no demo on the steam version of the game...I downloaded the trial on the live indie marketplace and I am probably not going to go back and play it...this is one area steam is pathetic in. They have locked down content yet no way to try it in most cases. You can download a separate demo in some cases but you'd need to come back and download the full game after purchasing it if you wanted it.

    The architecture of Steam vs Xbox360 doesn't make 'full demos' possible I would think as a drop in API possiblity. Because the x360 is locked down and hasn't been compromised in terms of security, it allows them a lot of freedom to provide some kind of timed demo.

    On Steam this pretty much is not possible. Steam games are already cracked once the game becomes unlocked. Thus there is no real value add to providing this service, since almost no one would use it due to the lack of confidence that it would stay 'locked'. OnLive has this feature but that's because they control the content on their end.

    And just an FYI some games on Steam do have demo 'upgrades'. Audiosurf I downloaded the demo during the sale, then when I bought it, it downloaded almost nothing to unlock the game.
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    News Comments > Might & Magic Anniversary Trailer, Heroes VI Beta Starts Today
    2. Re: Might & Magic Anniversary Trailer, Heroes VI Beta Starts Today Jun 28, 2011, 14:12 Satoru
    I'm hoping its at least as good as the King's Bounty series has been in it's absence.  
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    News Comments > Capcom DRM Follow-up
    27. Re: Capcom DRM Follow-up May 26, 2011, 22:04 Satoru
    Wow your ignorance is astounding. As indicated GFWL is already part of the development stream. They can't change it now. It's not THAT arduous a requirement, though I am the first to say I am not a huge fan of it. He's defending it from people LIKE YOU who dismiss it out of hand without really understanding what's going on.

    The irony is that people like you complain about hacks and cheats in PC games, yet SCREAM bloody murder if a company tries to protect their game from it. If you use DRM in a way that complements your anti-cheat strategy as WoW does, then isn't that what you want. Especially in a online competitive games such as SSF4?

    I want a level playing field for onilne competition in SSF4. If DRM is part of that strategy and is integrated in a good long term plan to maintain the game's integrity for legitimate users, then I'm all for it.

    If someone asks for your opinion and you simply spit out "DRM SUCKS" then really you have contributed less than zero to the conversation.
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