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News Comments > Op Ed
49. Re: Op Ed May 22, 2014, 20:49 Jivaro
I think some of you, indeed most of you, have the right idea at heart. Nobody should tell game designers what to make and what not to make. I can agree with that premise at it's most base concept. The only real error (outside of the unusual amount of anger and defensiveness) I see in any of the presented opposition to Beamer's comments is the assumption that if everybody just stopped making a fuss over race or sexuality, or gender, or whatever it wouldn't be such a big deal. If that worked we wouldn't have any bigots, racists, etc in the first place. It doesn't work and it is the responsibility of those that are not biased or prejudiced to make sure that the future generations are raised in a world that has less and less room for those that are bigoted and prejudiced in some way. You do that through parenting first of course, but the culture, the media, and even our entertainment...books, movie, tv, video games...all of these things have to reinforce it.

My two cents.
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News Comments > Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer
15. Re: Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer May 22, 2014, 10:54 Jivaro
Love this series. Can't wait for the next game.  
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
3. Re: Morning Metaverse May 22, 2014, 10:52 Jivaro
Hmm...Not only was it on the front page yesterday but I got an email to both my accounts. It doesn't seem to me like they are hiding anything.  
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
10. Re: Morning Consolidation May 21, 2014, 17:23 Jivaro
Trashy wrote on May 21, 2014, 15:18:
HoSpanky wrote on May 21, 2014, 14:46:
I have a WiiU, but the handful of Wii games that I have don't have online functions. I honestly haven't even tried using Wii games on it.

I would assume, that since it'll run a Wii emulator, it won't work.

The WiiU doesn't use an emulator for Wii game compatibility, it's running a similar hardware architecture as the Wii and is binary compatible. There are some minor hardware/software differences that will break somethings of course..

So...sort of how they did the gamecube within the Wii than...
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
5. Re: Morning Consolidation May 21, 2014, 11:53 Jivaro
Verno wrote on May 21, 2014, 10:52:
I think it was more due to their backend being hosted by Gamespy who shut down but I agree its kinda bullshit that they aren't implementing something else.

So even if a person buys a Wii U they can't play the Wii games online? This is my real question because some articles seem to indicate that Wii mode on the Wii U no longer has online functionality. Other articles seem to suggest that you can maintain online functionality with your Wii games by upgrading systems.

Does anyone here have any firsthand knowledge? Is it a game by game thing? I am not really affected by this whole thing other than not being able to re-download my Wii store purchases, but I am curious.

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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
4. Re: Evening Legal Briefs May 21, 2014, 11:03 Jivaro
Cutter wrote on May 21, 2014, 00:46:
Yes, but that could possibly constitute fraud. If they knew it wouldn't be enough and took the money anyway. We'll see, but it looks like someone is going to be made an example of.

Not so much an example as a patsy.
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News Comments > EA Sports FIFA World Open Beta
1. Re: EA Sports FIFA World Open Beta May 21, 2014, 11:00 Jivaro
If anyone is playing this and has opinions to share on it or wants to bet down on a origin id is

Just add your BluesNews tag with any friend request please. I haven't had a chance to do anything but install yet, but I plan to take a look by the end of the weekend.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
3. Re: Morning Consolidation May 21, 2014, 10:47 Jivaro
If the XBOX 360 or PS3 shutdown it's wifi..or even the PSP for that matter...the world would go nuts. Nintendo seems to be getting a pass from the majority of the press and customers. I know the reasons but I find it interesting.

I guess this is one way to sell some WiiU systems. If you want online functionality for your Wii a WiiU.
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News Comments > Age of Conan Turns Six; Adds PvP Update
9. Re: Age of Conan Turns Six; Adds PvP Update May 20, 2014, 23:46 Jivaro
I could never make it off the island. Every major patch or expansion I revisit the game...every time I quit at or before lvl 20. There can be no doubt that they have made sweeping changes and dramatic improvements, but unfortunately they haven't made it into a game that can hold my attention. It feels like Funcom is doomed to making MMOs that look great on paper but fall flat in reality. (edit: it should be noted that in all fairness, having not made it off the island doesn't really give me a full picture of the game)

Some people claim Secret World is good...I have the same problem with SW that I do AoC. Can't get passed the early levels because my interest level just isn't maintained. It is like there is a secret MMO ingredient and they are missing it.

This comment was edited on May 21, 2014, 00:01.
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News Comments > Sunday Legal Briefs
1. Re: Sunday Legal Briefs May 18, 2014, 11:09 Jivaro
I have seen this in action as well. There are a couple of workarounds that people claim work, but no actual "fix" for the core problem. I don't have any first hand knowledge as to whether they actually work or not. One requires that you are aware of the problem existing before you actually make the switch from iOS to Android, so in other words, it's not very useful. The other one, and the one more likely to help people, is related to iCloud. Some people claim that if you delete your phone from your iCloud account your texts will start going through again. Again, I haven't tried it personally but there it is if someone here wants to try it.
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News Comments > Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor's Edition
16. Re: Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor's Edition May 13, 2014, 22:44 Jivaro
Mashiki Amiketo wrote on May 13, 2014, 20:41:
jomisab wrote on May 13, 2014, 20:11:
I would just like a game that's as good as DA1, thanks.
Have they said yet whether or not they'll support mods? If they don't it won't be good as the first.

No official mod support. As of yet, no game based on the newest incarnation of the Frostbite engine has official mod support. I have seen no indication that this will change regardless of the game, genre, or platform. If it isn't a Sims game, EA doesn't seem likely to embrace mods in the coming years.

I would LOVE to be wrong.

This comment was edited on May 13, 2014, 22:52.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
5. Re: Morning Consolidation May 12, 2014, 11:52 Jivaro
Fibrocyte wrote on May 12, 2014, 11:23:
Can I play my PC chars when playing the game from a console? I assume would take care of this but you never know...

Nope. Different servers, different characters. No ability to transfer at this time. Can't even use the same characters on North American servers that you use on European servers, or vice versa, let alone cross platform.
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News Comments > WildStar Beta Open To All
47. Re: WildStar Beta Open To All May 9, 2014, 12:18 Jivaro
PropheT wrote on May 9, 2014, 02:18:
NKD wrote on May 8, 2014, 22:42:
What level did you get to?

Not high at all, but I'm not sure. It wasn't more than a handful of levels. Between the questing that seems designed for you to click through it and follow an arrow rather than actually get involved in it and struggling to do basic things with the UI I had no interest in forcing my way through in hopes that it gets better later. My problems with it aren't with lack of skills or abilities or the sorts of things that resolve as you level, it's the basic functionality and interface that I hate.

Yeah, it didn't grab me either...for many of the same reasons. There is a solid contingent of folks who do dig it though. It ain't for me but I think it will be around awhile if they stick to their design plan. If they backtrack and start trying please everyone, I see that going badly.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
6. Re: Out of the Blue May 9, 2014, 12:10 Jivaro
C'mon, he didn't say they should make the same. He noted the disparity.  
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News Comments > Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds
74. Re: Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds May 7, 2014, 17:12 Jivaro
Quboid wrote on May 7, 2014, 16:23:
Early Access is not crowd funding. That's how you're looking at it and that's objectively wrong.

Of course it's not, no I am not, and yes it would be if I was.

I only casually lump them together because from a very basic customer perspective they have some of the same inherit risks. Beyond that they are, as you say, very different.

If you want to take it to court should a early access game fall apart, by all means do so.

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News Comments > Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds
72. Re: Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds May 7, 2014, 15:44 Jivaro
Nope, because at this point we are not only rehashing, but you are twisting what I said as if I was somehow unclear. Not only that but you appear to be taking things personally. I didn't say you were selfish, I said it sounded selfish. It has nothing to do with agreeing with me. If I felt that way it would still sound selfish.

If there is one sentence you can take from my entire post it's this: I look at this situation fundamentally different. You want a system with guarantees and low risk of failure provided by the distributor through regulation on the developer. I would agree that on paper that sounds great, but I think in practice creativity would be stifled and the indies would face the same challenges dealing with Valve that they do with any other major publisher. I like the system as is and believe it to be working as intended. I think we have both hashed over the reasons enough to be clear.

For the record, I have only done one Early Access (Grim Dawn) and 3 Kickstarters. I myself am rarely comfortable with putting down money for the overwhelming vast majority of the games I become aware of and 99% of the time take the stance of "they will get my money if they finish it". Never in a million years did I think I would be the guy defending Early Access as I find most of the games in it to be far too early in development to put my own money or time into. The thing is, I think anyone who wants to do it should be able to. As long as Valve keeps issuing refunds for the obvious scams, I think the system is fine.

This comment was edited on May 7, 2014, 15:53.
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News Comments > Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds
70. Re: Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds May 7, 2014, 14:47 Jivaro
So wait..the argument now is that hypothetically we would get better games if only the developers were saved from themselves by Valve? Wow. I guess we better start getting Amazon to screen all the books it sells as well to make sure those authors are being the best they can be. Here I thought that was for the consumer to decide, not the seller.

There appears to be a fundamental difference in the way I look at the gaming industry and the way some of you do. In fact, not just the gaming industry, capitalism in general. I expect things to fail occasionally. Not only that, I think they should be allowed to fail. I think people should buy stuff and find out they don't like it after all. I don't expect guarantees from people trying to make a living in a creative industry because when they fail they don't get to continue making a living. That is the life of a small business, that is life doing business with a small business. There will be people out to make a quick buck but as long as the system does not provide for the same people to do that over and over again so as to maintain a livable wage off of it....I find it completely acceptable. I am fine with it because when it all works out, it's amazing for everyone involved. The developers and the consumers. Brilliant gaming experiences come out of those successes.

Most of the arguments against this process sound so entitled and selfish. Like somehow the industry owes people to be fabulous with every release. These are people, some of them very young, who are gaining experience in not only game design but running their own business. This situation was a scam, but there will also be situations where the developers just fail. They hit a development wall, they lose a key member of the team to real life, or any number other reasons. Get over yourselves and stop trying to make it sound like a few bad apples should be allowed to restrict the rest of these people. No matter what Valve does there will be people who try to punk the system. No matter what Valve does there will be developers that just fail.

PS: Comparing this situation to Towns only proves my entire point. Towns is a perfect example of a developer getting in over their head. It happens to many a small business. This situation with Earth 2066 was a scam from the beginning. One dev played by the rules and lost, one dev tried to break the rules and lost. The rules (re: system) worked as intended. Beginning to end.

I understand the counter points as they have been presented by Quboid and others. I just don't see their validity nor do I agree that non-participants are somehow affected by any of this. I think Early Access, Kickstarter, and other systems that are helping to grow the indie side of the gaming industry need to stay unafraid to fail and I think the consumers providing the money need to understand that failure is an option. For those not okay with that, the answer is simple: don't do it. Developer or consumer.

This comment was edited on May 7, 2014, 15:00.
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News Comments > Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds
67. Re: Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds May 7, 2014, 13:12 Jivaro
If Valve feels the need to police this, I think they will probably just shut down the Early access program. They won't do that because incidents like this are rare. So far anyway.

I have yet to see a compelling argument for changing the system. Steam is providing a unique service in a unique way. I don't want a system that handicaps the honest folks just to prevent the occasional scammer. We already see enough of that in just about every entrepreneurial industry I can think of. The folks demanding regulation by Valve are also expressing distaste for Early Access in the first place, which makes me wonder if there really is any way this system would be applied that they would be happy with. I still don't understand why "if you don't like it, don't buy it" isn't a good enough resolution to that issue.

Had Valve refused to give refunds I would understand all this rhetoric. Had Valve refused to give refunds in any situation like this I would understand. They haven't so I don't. Again, the system worked. I fail to see why any sort of change is needed from Valve's stand point. Hopefully the people who paid into this obvious scam learned their lesson and over time the Early Access system as a whole can be looked at as one where the community and the consumers will hold the developers accountable because Valve has their back. So far, Valve has upheld their end of the bargain.
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News Comments > Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds
58. Re: Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds May 7, 2014, 02:48 Jivaro
The contention that Valve was not inconvenienced is also ludicrous. People and time are resources, resources that cost money. It takes both to deals with these kind of things. That isn't to say they are going to go broke over it or anything, it's simply the cost of doing business.

Stop trying to find a witch to burn here. The only one is the guy who tried to run this scam. The customers smelled a bad fish and reported it. Valve is cleaning up the mess, as they should. The system worked.
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News Comments > Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds
31. Re: Valve Offering Earth: Year 2066 Refunds May 6, 2014, 16:15 Jivaro
ohmagawd....a human tried to scam other humans! Quick...blame someone! Change something! Change the system! Overreact!

Or accept that no matter what Valve does, someone will try to scam it. I would prefer they keep the gates fairly open and let the community do it's thing. Every other major company in our industry brandishes control over everything to an extreme level. I really don't see the need or value in Valve being the same way.
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