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News Comments > Assassin's Creed Unity Patch and Workarounds
8. Re: Assassin's Creed Unity Patch and Workarounds Nov 15, 2014, 13:29 Jivaro
Fion wrote on Nov 15, 2014, 13:05:
And wait a second, the characters name is Arno Dorian? WTF! Your in revolutionary France and you went with 'Arno'? Considering the games history in choosing names that assert their setting, i.e. Ezio Audiotre, ALtair Ibn-La'Ahad, Ratonhnhake:ton, Haytham 'Edward' Kenway, etc. Arno sounds about as 18th century french as 'Kevin'.

It is French, as in it has French roots, but usually as a last name. The wiki has plenty of people with Arno as a first name, but none of them are French. There is a Belgian... In the end, it does seem a questionable choice of names.
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
18. Re: Morning Metaverse Nov 14, 2014, 13:32 Jivaro
I love to use Spotify but obviously there is a money pit somewhere. If Taylor Swift, as popular as she is, has only swung a half a million out of it than something is clearly wrong with the business model from the artist's standpoint and I can understand why she wouldn't look at it as a worthwhile partnership.

Unless of course somebody can prove that Spotify, like radio stations, somehow encourages sales of albums and music. For example, I hear on a song on Spotify and I go to Amazon or Apple and buy it to put in my library. Given how Spotify works...I don't see that being valid. I have almost stopped buying music entirely since I started using Spotify and Pandora. (depending on the device and location)
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News Comments > The Crew Trailer
1. Re: The Crew Trailer Nov 13, 2014, 18:12 Jivaro
"Forbes rips us a new why not launch a trailer today?" -Ubisoft PR  
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
3. Re: Morning Consolidation Nov 13, 2014, 12:12 Jivaro
As am I. I am still waffling on buying it pre-holidays or post-holidays. I just finished a DA2 playthrough and am in the middle of a DA:O playthrough. (I know, backasswards, but I have that save game generator so it doesn't matter) For all the criticisms I recall having of both games I have to admit I had forgotten how much I like the universe Bioware created.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
14. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 12, 2014, 15:46 Jivaro
As the kids would say...

I can't even.
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News Comments > Pillars of Eternity Preorders
6. Re: Pillars of Eternity Preorders Nov 12, 2014, 11:37 Jivaro
Can. Not. Wait.

(please. don't. suck.)
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
13. Re: Evening Metaverse Nov 10, 2014, 23:55 Jivaro
I think it makes perfect sense to make Internet access legally considered a utility in the way that electricity, gas, etc are. I am not going to fight over who is the bigger douche in all of this, that's all distracting bullshit that does nothing to gain a solution to the actual issue. I mean, seriously, all politicians are douchnozzles of the highest order. It's in the fucking job description at this point.

It doesn't matter if you're an ultra right wing conservative or an ultra left wing liberal....the Internet being a utility under the law makes perfect sense. Well, unless of course you are Comcast, Time Warner, or one of the many politicians they donate too.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
7. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 10, 2014, 10:32 Jivaro
Yeah, the UI and OS for the PS3 was never quick, but it got really slow with the last year or two of updates. I have kept mine for only two reasons, one good and one lame. The lame reason is because it's one of those red "God of War" limited editions and I am one of those people who digs stuff like that. The good reason is because it's still a good device for Amazon, Netflix, Hulu+, etc on our secondary TV. In the not so distant future I see clearing it up of pretty much everything except the save game data for it's exclusives and fighting games and adding it to the retro console shelf in the man cave right next my PSOne and PS2.  
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News Comments > Saturday Previews
4. Re: Saturday Previews Nov 9, 2014, 11:31 Jivaro
nin wrote on Nov 9, 2014, 11:23:
I was hoping they'd announce a new expansion.

me too
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News Comments > Ubisoft Titles Return to Steam
5. Re: Ubisoft Titles Return to Steam Nov 7, 2014, 19:55 Jivaro
Prez wrote on Nov 7, 2014, 19:37:
Very strange. Seems like they don't know what they are doing.

You find that strange do you?
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News Comments > Ubisoft vs. Steam?
81. Re: Ubisoft vs. Steam? Nov 7, 2014, 16:09 Jivaro
Does anyone else use Raptr? I have to assume that is why I don't care whether a program uses Steam or not...because I am using something else to launch everything anyway. Than again, maybe I wouldn't care anyway. I don't multiplayer game much outside of MMOs so Steam has always been a marketplace with a convenient game launcher attached to it for me. Since all the publishers want to cut out the middleman whenever possible now I have to run all of these damn things in the background of course, but the fact is that none of them are resource intensive, I never seem to have any trouble, and it keeps all my games in one launcher. The exceptions being games that I can run with the Nexus Mod Manager of course.

The other solution would be to only have the games I am actually playing installed, like a normal person, in which case what launcher I used wouldn't matter I suppose. I like to have everything I might even remotely have a chance at loading up...because I am stupid like that is why I use Raptr. Easy to keep my video settings and screenshots straight as well. I live under the constant delusion that I will get to all those games in my backlog but only if I keep them installed on my PC.
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News Comments > Blackguards 2 Video
3. Re: Blackguards 2 Video Nov 6, 2014, 12:11 Jivaro
I totally forgot I had the first one. I should get on that.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
3. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 5, 2014, 10:12 Jivaro
Due to time constraints and overall lack of interest I have dropped from all of my fantasy football stuff this year, including our pick'em leagues. I can't seem to manage the time to keep up on the league and I don't want to waste time on it when I really don't have even the slightest clue what I am talking about.

Reverting back to basic 49ers/Raiders fanboy mode. Good luck to everyone else.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
38. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 4, 2014, 22:34 Jivaro
xXBatmanXx wrote on Nov 4, 2014, 17:01:
What a HUGE month for PS+ Members.

Just grabbed FOR FREE:
Escape Plan (cross buy) - ps4/vita
Steamworld Dig (cross buy) - ps4/vita
Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (cross buy) - ps4/vita
Frozen Synapse Prime - ps3
Luftrausers (cross buy) - ps3/vita
The Hungry Horde - ps vita


Next month is going to be good too.
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News Comments > WoW 10th Anniversary Celebration This Week
8. Re: WoW 10th Anniversary Celebration This Week Nov 2, 2014, 01:05 Jivaro
While I subscribed for close to 5 years, I only played on a regular basis for 3 and raided for about 2. Had a great time with 2 different guilds, both of which I still game with in a variety of genres. It was a blast.

While I do know a few people that have been there since basically the beginning and have never really stopped for any real amount of time, most people I know have an "era" they played during. Maybe it was vanilla, maybe it was BC or some other expansion. They liked it during that era and than when the game changed for a big patch or expansion they moved on. For me that era was late vanilla through BC. I beta tested the game but I didn't pick up a subscription and start playing until it had been out for almost a year. I had a lot of fun and it was totally worth the time and money.

I will always hold City of Heroes as my favorite MMO, but Blizzard had a fun game for me to play with an awesome guild. Good times.
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
8. Re: Evening Consolidation Oct 30, 2014, 22:48 Jivaro
nin wrote on Oct 30, 2014, 18:46:
Try this and tell me if it fixes it (from here):

How to fix this eternal pulsing orange light (according to some people & personal experience):
First, turn off PS4 by holding the power button for about 5-7 seconds until you hear a beep.
Once the light is completely off on the machine, we need to go to safe mode by Pressing and holding the power button. You will hear the initial beep and you have to release on the 2nd beep after around 7 seconds
Once in safe mode, go and update the software again (Option #3 from the top). It will reinstall 2.0 software and your rest mode will be fixed.
Note that if your PS4 has a steady orange light (not blinking) when put on Rest Mode, you are not having any issue. This issue is only for constant blinking orange light.

It appears to be working. I will let it do it's thing overnight, including send my savegames to the PS+ cloud, and see if it's still working in the morning or if it's locked up. Thanks for the info!

EDIT: still isn't working in rest mode. A short bit after posting the orange light started blinking again. I guess I have to wait for 2.01.

This comment was edited on Oct 30, 2014, 23:22.
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
4. Re: Evening Consolidation Oct 30, 2014, 19:11 Jivaro
Cool, I will try it tonight! Thanks!  
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
33. Re: Morning Tech Bits Oct 30, 2014, 18:57 Jivaro
If you view this announcement from the perspective of a person who has never faced harrassment because of their sexual orientation than I suppose this isn't a big deal. If you aren't a gay teenager who listens to kids at school call each other fags as if it's a bad thing or gets bullied for being "feminine" and wonders if it's going to be like that their entire life, than I suppose it's no big deal. If you have never been fired or held back at a job for "reasons" when in reality it was because your same sex partner picked you from work one day and your boss saw you kiss, than I suppose it's no big deal. In fact, I am going to go out on a limb and say you aren't even the targeted audience.

Hearing the man who is in charge of the single most visible technological company in the world publicly announce that he is gay, that he is successful, and that he is happy is a big deal if you are or have been any of those people. It is indeed 2014 and there are indeed a growing number of people that realize that sexual orientation should be about as relevant to your job as the color of your curtains, but the reality is that this is still an issue that needs to be addressed. Hopefully we are soon coming to the point where it won't be. We aren't there yet though.

edited because I thought what I wrote came across harsh and that isn't what I meant to do.

This comment was edited on Oct 30, 2014, 19:56.
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: Evening Consolidation Oct 30, 2014, 18:43 Jivaro
That PS4 firmware bug is not new to this firmware version. It seems to be happening more frequently than before, but mine has been having trouble with rest mode from the beginning. I thought I bought a lemon but the Sony forums indicated that I was not alone and the moderators at the time said that it was a known issue that Sony was working on.

I guess whatever they did made it worse not better. I guess I have to go back to simply turning it off instead of using the fancy schmancy rest mode. *back of hand to forehead* whatever shall I do.....
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
19. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 30, 2014, 02:44 Jivaro
Yeah Nega, you nailed that bit there about the TV shows. DC should have gone with one network or maybe a network and a digital content provider like Netflix so that they could use the weekly shows as vehicles for storylines and plot hole fillers like Marvel has done and says it will do. I read yesterday that the Daredevil from Netflix will be in Captain America: Civil War as well as other characters. I know it's "easier" for Marvel because Disney owns ABC....still seems like DC could have made things much easier for themselves.  
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