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News Comments > Leaked Street Fighter V Trailer Suggests PC/PS4 Exclusive
7. Re: Leaked Street Fighter V Trailer Suggests PC/PS4 Exclusive Dec 5, 2014, 10:37 Jivaro
Bundy wrote on Dec 5, 2014, 09:56:
Microsoft does this with Tomb Raider and the internet explodes. Sony does it with Street Fighter and nobody gives damn.

Err..Social and traditional media are very much questioning it. Every single headline focuses on the exclusive part. How is that "not giving a damn"?

Let's see...first few Google "News" search results are...

"Street Fighter V leaked as PS4, PC exclusive" -Ars Technica
"Capcom teases Street Fighter V as PC and PS4 exclusive" -GEEK
"New trailer reveals 'Street Fighter V' is headed to PlayStation 4 and PC" -Engadget
"Street Fighter V Exclusively On PS4 and PC?" -Twinfinite
"Street Fighter V has been revealed, exclusive to PS4 & PC" -Connected Digital World

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
2. Re: Morning Consolidation Dec 3, 2014, 10:05 Jivaro
nin wrote on Dec 3, 2014, 09:27:
This is the gorgeous, gray 20th anniversary edition PS4.

Wish they'd sell the controller in a non-limited fashion. I'd take one!

Yeah, I would too. I like my black system just fine but a controller in that style would be cool.
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News Comments > On Sale
9. Re: On Sale Dec 2, 2014, 14:28 Jivaro
nin wrote on Dec 2, 2014, 08:41:
xXBatmanXx wrote on Dec 2, 2014, 08:23:
Some sort of record for me.....I have purchased zero items.....

We got bombarded with fall releases...I'm set for months...

The SWTOR eexpansion, Madden, NBA2k15, DA:I, and the backlog from hell. I haven't bought a thing from a "black friday" (or whatever) sale yet either.

I could not buy a game for a year and other than being envious of everyone else and their shiny new games....probably be just fine.

Holy hell DA:I is huge.
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News Comments > Star Citizen at $65M
41. Re: Star Citizen at $65M Dec 1, 2014, 11:28 Jivaro
InBlack wrote on Dec 1, 2014, 09:01:

(No disrespect intended with the snip, just didn't want to make a text brick wall.)

As the saying goes, things are worth exactly what people are willing to pay for them. I wouldn't pay 4 digits for anything having to do with PC gaming except a gaming PC itself, and only than if I was starting from scratch completely. A couple grand is a lot of money to me, regardless of what it's spent on. For other people a 1000-2000 dollar price tag is a drop in the bucket. It would appear Roberts has figured out that a great number of the people who are most interested in his game have a great deal of disposable income. I can't really fault him for seeing how much of it they are willing to throw at his game. It isn't like he is forcing the rest of us mere peasants to do the same thing.

TL;DR: I think the people spending the money are out of their minds but I don't fault Roberts.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
21. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 29, 2014, 00:24 Jivaro
Don't know if anyone is interested but here is a link to a "mod" that changes the tactical mode in DA:I to be more like DA:O.

It's on reddit, there are links and instructions, and it uses cheatengine. I guess that technically makes it a hack and not a mod...and you should probably (definitely) make sure not to have cheatengine running if you are going to use multiplayer.

I personally can not say whether it is worth it or not because I am not willing to go through the trouble and have always had kind of an old fashioned "I don't trust that" type relationship with Cheat Engine. Folks I game with say its great, so I thought I would pass it along in case someone here was interested since tactical mode is absolute shite.
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News Comments > Free Torchlight
6. Re: Mods? Nov 27, 2014, 20:02 Jivaro
Ant wrote on Nov 27, 2014, 12:31:
What good mods are there?

If you don't use Steam's Workshop this is a good website for mods: Runic's Fan Site.

I haven't played for a while, but there is everything from skins to conversions to new character classes. Same for the second game.

I have heard that the "Wulf Mod Pack" is good for first time players. Smooths out the rougher edges of the game but doesn't drastically change things. You can find it under mod packs on the above linked page.
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News Comments > Steam Autumn Sale
59. Re: Steam Autumn Sale Nov 26, 2014, 21:23 Jivaro
Pr()ZaC wrote on Nov 26, 2014, 18:08:
You guys Married? With Children? (cue the you-know-what theme)

Yes, but I have been "married with children" for years. The difference is that I bought a house last year where as I had been an adamant apartment renter for the previous 20 years. Houses have a way of sucking up your money and time, particularly the first few years you are in them and trying to take them from being a house to being a home.
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News Comments > Steam Autumn Sale
40. Re: Steam Autumn Sale Nov 26, 2014, 18:04 Jivaro
My backlog is, so far, winning the battle this year. Usually I buy stuff even though my backlog is ridiculously long. This year seems to be different for some reason. I have less time to play than in previous years, so that is probably part of it. I have some really well reviewed games in my backlog, which is probably a bigger part. I haven't played Dishonored yet, for example.  
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News Comments > Blackguards 2 in January
1. Re: Blackguards 2 in January Nov 26, 2014, 17:04 Jivaro
Sooner or later I am going to play the first one. I swears it....  
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News Comments > Free Torchlight
2. Re: Free Torchlight Nov 26, 2014, 17:03 Jivaro
Fun game with a ton of mods if you dig PC ARPGs and you haven't played it yet. Hard to imagine an ARPG fan who didn't already play it though. It's been 5 bucks or less a billion times.  
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News Comments > Tales from the Borderlands Released; OS X Edition Delayed
7. Re: Tales from the Borderlands Released; OS X Edition Delayed Nov 26, 2014, 10:39 Jivaro
Tim Collins wrote on Nov 26, 2014, 10:37:
We need BorderlandsKart ASAP

That would be....epic.
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
3. Re: Gatherings & Competitions Nov 24, 2014, 11:04 Jivaro
Fion wrote on Nov 24, 2014, 10:47:
He's being punished for being a dillweed.

I don't have a problem with that. I kinda wish it happened to dillweeds more often.
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News Comments > SpellForce 3 Announced
1. Re: SpellForce 3 Announced Nov 24, 2014, 10:59 Jivaro
A new Spellforce game that uses a modern engine would be interesting. To me anyway.  
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News Comments > WoW 10th Anniversary Celebrations
2. Re: WoW 10th Anniversary Celebrations Nov 21, 2014, 10:18 Jivaro
holy shit...MC. Oh the memories...  
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Dragon Age: Inquisition
78. Re: Ships Ahoy - Dragon Age: Inquisition Nov 19, 2014, 11:22 Jivaro
What Verno said is basically exactly what I was going to type. I am only 2 hours in but while I am impressed with the graphics, story, and characters I am equally disappointed with the combat, controls, and other QoL issues.

I might put this game on the backburner until either Bioware or the modders make it more fun to actually play because I have a feeling that if I wasn't so annoyed with trying to play the game there is actually a really good experience hiding in all of it.

Also...what in the world makes Bioware so horrid at hair? I made a clean shaven bald guy just so I wouldn't laugh every time the camera zoomed in on my dude. the facial hair in paticular is just soooooo bad.
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News Comments > On Sale
3. Re: On Sale Nov 18, 2014, 12:06 Jivaro
I find Amazon sales to be largely underwhelming when it comes to the games themselves. Sometimes you can get a great price buying DLC in bulk for a particular title though.  
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Dragon Age: Inquisition
6. Re: Ships Ahoy - Dragon Age Inquisition Nov 18, 2014, 11:47 Jivaro
Didn't they release a version of the character creator ahead of the game with DA: Origins? I have long looked at that as one of those "Why doesn't every RPG do this dammit?!" moments.  
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
5. Re: Morning Safety Dance Nov 18, 2014, 11:29 Jivaro
I fully understand why Anonymous didn't take on the KKK sooner and I know why they are doing it now, the article explains as much. My comment said "a hacktivist group", as in anybody, not just Anonymous. While all these hackers and script kiddies go after governement or corporate entities they seem to largely ignore some pretty obvious targets that would make them far more popular with the mainstream as a whole. I am sure popularity isn't exactly their measure of success, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you want a broader sense of support and acceptance from the general public perhaps you ought to have some successes against something people largely agree on as "evil". Regardless of what any hacktivist may want to believe, the reality is that the mainstream's support is important. If the mainstream, and in particular the voting contingency of the mainstream, show support for a hacktivist cause the politicians and powers that be will be far more likely to take that cause seriously. Money and votes, at the end of the day, is what it's all about. When they hack a company they might cost a CEO his job but the company will just replace him with another one. If the mayor can blame Anonymous for vandalism during a protest rather than be forced to address an important topic than no change will occur.

I will give you an example. My wife is a nurse. She goes to veterans homes and treats their ailments and injuries when they aren't healthy enough for regular travel but not sick enough to be in a hospital. Her office is a federal building in the Bay Area. Every time Anonymous decides the government is to blame for the world's problems they throw a protest outside and for security reasons the building is shut down. My wife can now not do her job and those veterans either have to wait for care or make arrangements to get to a doctor. There will never be a time when you are going to be able to explain how any of what Anonymous does is "good" or "right" to my wife or any of the other people in her unit for all of the obvious reasons. That particular building may be owned by the government, but by blocking it off they have only managed to be harmful to people that really can't afford to be harmed anymore than they already have.

Now, when my wife opened up her laptop and saw the headline "Anonymous takes on KKK" she started clapping. "About time they did something besides fuck with a store I shop with or my job. If they did this kind of thing more often I might even donate to them." Her exact words.

Obviously no hacktivist group is obligated or expected to do anything just because it's more convenient to the mainstream, I just think there are some pretty obvious easy targets out there that would generate a ton of goodwill with the public and actually accomplish something positive. Hacktivism has a long future in front of itself, for better or worse. Sooner or later the folks that participate in it are going to want/need the mainstream's support. Making everyday people go through a huge hassle every time a company is hacked isn't doing anything except pissing Joe Average off. People continue shopping at those places. Protests do send a message but there are so many people who use protests as an excuse for violence, vandalism, etc that the message gets lost. This is particularly true here in the Bay Are where every time an Anonymous rally starts it ends with a bunch of hooded dudes breaking store windows and flipping cars. The people who organize the protests have no idea who they folks are but it happens every time.

TL;DR If I was a hacktivist the KKK, the Westboro Church, and other hate groups would be regular targets.

Okay, I will shut up now. I just think these folks have a tremendous amount of power and they seemingly wield it in very inefficient and ineffectual ways. People fear them but positive change isn't really happening.

This comment was edited on Nov 18, 2014, 12:35.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
4. Re: Morning Consolidation Nov 18, 2014, 10:16 Jivaro
I am glad the PC version of GTA is not out today....I can focus on DAI, which in a moment of weakness I decided to pre-order. I replayed one and two and decided that there was no way I wasn't going to buy this game anyway so what the hell. I can slap myself up the head later if it sucks.  
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News Comments > Refunds Demanded as Elite: Dangerous Offline Mode Scrapped
220. Re: Refunds Demanded as Elite: Dangerous Offline Mode Scrapped Nov 17, 2014, 12:37 Jivaro
While I agree with you Slick about the over-reaction to this particular announcement, you are mistaken about gamers having favorites. At least the gamers here. We bitch and moan about everybody equally. Blizzard, Valve, etc...they all get their shot as the dart board. EA has earned their spot as top dart getter, but they are far from somehow being the red-headed step-child that is the only one gets beaten for no reason.

We are equal opportunity bitchers.
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