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News Comments > Age of Mythology Extended Edition Next Month
3. Re: Age of Mythology Extended Edition Next Month Apr 3, 2014, 10:33 NetHead
I also like seeing classics having a bit of fresh paint put on them especially one's I liked such as AoM but maybe I'm just to sceptical or jaded because I have conflicting feelings when it comes to having to pay again.

Pretty much all the updates to this I've seen could easily have been done by the modding community if the game was more open and things like being able to select "modern" resolutions is ridiculous as the games almost always support them but just don't have an option to choose them (AoM included).

For ages I've hated games (or any software but especially games) relying on things like Windows Variables or outside software (eg: GFWL) which would most likely start causing problems down the line. Since users can't always do something to fix or bypass these things when they become a problem it creates the equivalent of what the movie industry does with movies. Releasing the same thing with little effort repeatedly (VHS/DVD/BluRay).

I think we've long passed the point where the games industry intentionally does some planned obsolescence especially with the requirement of servers to play. EA would be a great example to go indepth with about all this but that would take to long but basically,,, locking things down to both avoid competing with their customers/community modding and shuting down a games server around the time said games sequel comes round.

If the games that are loved were just a bit more open instead the fans would maintain it far better than these coats of pain on old games for money, which is milking it period. An obvious example of how much better such old games would be and how much more well maintained is the Elder Scrolls series, even today you can find Daggerfall being updated installing and running effortlessly on modern systems, Morrowind can look spectacularly different and updated with the overhaul.

The Elder Scrolls isn't and exception here, it's just meeting some simple requirements such as being loved and being open enough for those fans to get involved maintaining it. To bad game companies would rather be able to milk things like the movies industry does with re-releases on DVD/BluRay/etc...
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News Comments > Dark Souls II PC Specs
9. Re: Dark Souls II PC Specs Mar 7, 2014, 11:02 NetHead
Omni wrote on Mar 7, 2014, 10:48:
Why the fuck would they even support windows xp...

Why wouldn't they. The game is being released on the PS3 and Xbox360, which support DirectX 9, same as Windows XP.

Also Windows XP has a huge install base. If anything not releasing on XP would be strange if releasing on PC and the older consoles.

Though if I were to point to something strange in the requirements it would be how a 5870 is listed under Minimum and a 6870 in Recommended, while a 5870 performs better than a 6870 in many instances.
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News Comments > Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Announced
4. Re: Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Announced Feb 27, 2014, 19:47 NetHead
Quboid wrote on Feb 27, 2014, 19:12:
Argh, an embedded YouTube video on the main page! It's a sign of the apocalypse!

Have to agree, the sky is falling!

NoScript to the rescue.
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
3. Re: Evening Consolidation Feb 22, 2014, 08:25 NetHead
I don't think console users need to have access to such settings, or even should have for a number of reasons.

The developers should set an appropriate target framerate for the game depending on what it is. Without going into all the extreme examples like a solitaire cardgame, some game types are fine at 30fps while others would require 60fps to be fluid and comfortable.

I don't see a point in making anything higher a target since we are talking about consoles, which are not by any stretch of the imagination high end gaming hardware.

One of the best thing about consoles is the simplicity, both for the user and developers. The user doesn't have to worry about messing with settings just to stay on level ground with an opponent who may have changed their settings sacrificing visuals for either performance or some other advantage to win.

While devs know the game works at the predefined settings, not just framerate wise but also that there are no cliping issues, like in a cockpit due to FOV changes, no chance of a game going to 1000+fps in a menu if vsync is disabled ending up like a stress test to the hardware, leading to potential failures.

I can only imagine how many would react strongly to the following, but no matter how much money is spent, how much time and effort is put into it, how many games one has, what game types one plays or how many times "noob" or "leet" is thrown around, console gaming is casual gaming, it is the heart and home of casual gaming. It is how the average Joe gets their gaming fix, quickly, easily and comfortably. Hell consoles are the origin of casual gaming, its birth, it came into being with them.

Enabling such options for some people to use and tweak into an advantage means all average Joes would have to do it too or get left behind in the dust due to a handicap, once this started happening there would be such a horrendous cacophony of bitching and moaning once average Joe actually found out what was happening. (Maybe its worth it in a way because that shitstorm would be entertaining to behold)

Sure some games could do it and users who are curious or want to be exposed to and have a look maybe even try their hand in the most basic part of what is an aspect of PC gaming may check it out just because of that, and great. Those games may even get more attention due to it and even lead some into wanting more of it (though why would consoles want to expose or potentially encourage users to PC aspects, they wouldn't, publishers like the consoles, they like control). Though if it became something of a norm or forbid a standard/requirement on consoles that shitstorm from average Joes would be insane and quite rightfully, it would be a tsunami of accusations, cries, taunts and rage quits.

At the bottom of that "post" you'll see it says "The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, Polygon as an organization.".

That's because that person says things like "Here's an idea" early on and at that point its clear that should be on some blog post crap or comment post where they spew out their opinion like every other arsehole, like me and others here, or with the sludge on blogspot. Just because some random twat had a "here's an idea" moment, that feels like an epiphany to them doesn't make them special or justify a soapbox even if its Polygon or even Blue's.

There now I've had my rant, my epiphany, in an appropriate place with the appropriate exposure and attention it deserves, now if only that brainfart and Polygon would learn that.
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News Comments > Battlefield 4 Mantle Update Released
4. Re: Battlefield 4 Mantle Update Released Jan 30, 2014, 10:10 NetHead
Dagnamit wrote on Jan 30, 2014, 09:43:
CPU bottlenecks? LOL, really? Mantle must only be a play to improve performance for their low end APUs, aka laptops and the consoles.

How are you coming to that conclusion from the CPU becoming more of a bottleneck with Mantle.

It seems you've either gotten tangled up in your logic or just want to blast it / trolling.
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
3. Indie developer accuses King of double standard, alleges game was cloned. Thanks nin Jan 25, 2014, 12:52 NetHead
"Indie developer accuses King of double standard, alleges game was cloned."

Pretty much what Machinima and Microsoft were doing on Youtube recently, though Microsoft then claimed no knowledge of the dodgy parts and genuinely did't seem happy about it though this was after it was reported.

On the other hand it seems Machinima continues to be its usual underhanded and scaly self. Even its reply was transparent while trying to do their PR spin-doctoring.
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News Comments > Evening Safety Dance
8. Re: 123456 Jan 21, 2014, 09:31 NetHead
mag wrote on Jan 20, 2014, 18:45:

"That's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!"

Helmet: "That's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage."
President: "Amazing, I've got the same combination on my luggage."

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News Comments > QUAKE LIVE Standalone Client Released; Linux and OS X Support Ends
9. Re: QUAKE LIVE Standalone Client Released; Linux and OS X Support Ends Jan 11, 2014, 15:25 NetHead
ViRGE wrote on Jan 10, 2014, 17:43:
So how again is this different from Quake 3 Arena?

Something along the lines of doesn't support the mods of the original, doesn't support as many OSs of the original and allows Bethesda/ZeniMax to charge people for things that a modding community could add for free calling it "premium" this and "premium" that.

They'll of course have explanations for any questions about such lockdowns just like EA with SimCity and Blizzard with D3, thought the explanations won't match the reasons. Reasons they're as likely to admit to as politicians.

Guess it could all make perfect sense if you're an idiot who actually plays a restricted version of a browser based version of an old game, let alone pays for it.

It's like they've gone full circle from Quake 3 to this, only so many don't seem to realise at the end of the circle they ended with their heads up their own arse.
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News Comments > Rambo Trailer; Game Release Next Month?
10. Re: Rambo Trailer; Game Release Next Month? Jan 10, 2014, 15:47 NetHead
That looks so terrible for an actual game, seems more in line with what you'd expect if some guys made a Rambo Mod for a Vietnam shooter.

Also that face, creepy as hell, motionless with a cheesy expression carved into it with cheap textures over it.

I think I remember many people on a number of sites making fun of this game and especially the character quite a while ago, then it dropped off the radar and come back looking,,,, the same?
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News Comments > "Stunning" Nitrous Engine Impressions
14. Re: Jan 9, 2014, 11:23 NetHead
eRe4s3r wrote on Jan 9, 2014, 10:01:
So... they made an engine that only supports 30% of the market.... according to this -> and think that's a good thing?

Do we know yet whether Mantle will support nvidia gpu's? .....

What makes you say their engine only supports 30% of the Steam market? I don't see any requirements listed other than it being a 64 bit engine (sorry if I missed the listed requirements in the linked page). I presume you aren't referring to it being 64 bit as what's limiting it to 30% of the Steam market since adding up just the first three 64 bit Windows OSs on the Steam link you provided they come to about 70%.

What I remember with Mantle..
AMD is likely to make Mantle an open standard, it's more about vendors supporting the standard than the standard having to support vendor's hardware, just like DirectX or OpenGL etc, that said I do vaguely remember something along the lines that any modern/new GPU should able to take advantage of Mantle.

So it will be up to others to adopt it or resist it, may sound strange but some may resist it in an attempt to push their own closed strictly self serving alternative, ie Microsoft with DX which helps keep games (thus users) on Windows and nVidia which has always loved using proprietary things which only benefit themselves (and even done underhanded things thanks to the control they have from their proprietary tech being used).

It wouldn't be at all surprising if AMD completely opened Mantle with its specifications being decided by a consortium such as with OpenGL under the Khronos Group. Then companies and organisations (or even studios) such as AMD, Intel, nVidia etc could become members if they want and together define the specs thus requirements. This benefits the entire industry and consumers while ensuring no single entity can do underhanded things due to having control over the tech (such as secret optimisations, "forgetting" to enable something etc).

Its not at all rare or new for AMD to open up tech or contribute to existing open tech rather than pushing something proprietary which is ultimately only self serving with more control and little to no transparency.
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News Comments > EA's Code Wars Hackathon Returns
14. Re: EA's Code Wars Hackathon Returns Jan 8, 2014, 20:00 NetHead
EA wrote:
we have no intention to proactively use these measures or make money from your ideas

Unless the contract or agreement specifically states EA won't and can't use the entries, especially to make money, I wouldn't trust EA for a second.

Hell what am I thinking, this is EA, even if any contract/agreement specifically stated that I wouldn't trust them. Afterall how would you prove they used your code for something somewhere. EA does nothing that doesn't have EA's interests as the top if not only priority.
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: Evening Consolidation Jan 8, 2014, 19:39 NetHead
Sony may say the PS4's early sales lead over the Xbox One isn't a big deal, but looking at the past console generation its likely a sign of the PS4 outselling the Xbox One comfortably if not considerably once this generation is over.

If the past is any indication of the future, considering the PS3 was released 1 year after the Xbox 360 (Nov 2006 vs Nov 2005) yet today they're both sitting on about 80 million sales, things are looking very good for Sony this time round with the consoles released at about the same time yet the PS4 is already ahead by a noteworthy amount (4.2 vs 3.0 million, Xbox One is only at 70% of PS4 sales).

Though if I remember right the Xbox One isn't available in as many regions as the PS4, which may be it's only saving grace presuming it gets a good bump in sales from those regions if that's the case.

Then again the Xbox 360 also had higher failure rates than the PS3, which would increase (inflate) sales as some would have to buy a new console to play their collection of games. Taking that into account the PS3's 80 million sales is better than the Xbox 360's 80 million even without 1 less year to do it in.

At this rate the PS4 may end up thumping the Xbox One in sales this generation, Microsoft will probably have a tough time just staying in the same 10 million bracket later down the line.

Agent.X7 wrote on Jan 8, 2014, 17:34:
Don't Starve is HARD! I'm having fun, but I have died a ton of times.

Don't Starve may be the harshest game ever, off the top of my head I can't think of one nearly as unforgiving. Even once you're established in a world you could easily die wich results in you loosing your entire world and character. Being that brutal makes Dark Souls look like a cakewalk.

I think it might be to brutal to be honest, I think it would be a better if you could at least keep your world if you die. Then to prevent that from making death to nonchalant characters should be upgradable (like the robot guy) so death of a character is still something you very much want to avoid even without the loss of hours and hours of work basically terra forming the map and building things.
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News Comments > Sunday Interviews
2. Re: Sunday Interviews Jan 5, 2014, 16:51 NetHead
Tanto Edge wrote on Jan 5, 2014, 14:13:
Sorry who? Bio-what? BioArts?

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News Comments > On Sale
3. Re: On Sale Dec 28, 2013, 14:26 NetHead
Personally these 75%/50% sales on GOG are pretty much useless to me.

Mostly just annoying, having to buy extra games I either don't want or already have elsewhere just to get the full discount doesn't feel like a discount at all. Having to get the extra stuff just to get the game you want jacks the price up to a 50% discount at best when looking at what I actually want compared to how much money they want from my wallet.

I'm very supportive of GOG, even on Blues you'll find I've posted praising them, but their sales lately have ranged between "so so" and "painful" (ie: that insomnia crap they pulled).

There's many good things about GOG but their sales are the worst of the sites I check for buying games.
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News Comments > Cliff Bleszinski's PC Shooter Plans
42. Re: Cliff Bleszinski's PC Shooter Plans Dec 12, 2013, 09:02 NetHead
Qbex . wrote on Dec 12, 2013, 08:23:
"dumbed down"? we talking full lobotomy here.....

Now you've left with this...

That map on the left is Doom, isn't it.
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News Comments > Evening Previews
6. Re: Evening Previews Dec 7, 2013, 16:22 NetHead
Jerykk, I have to say I strongly disagree with just about everything you said.

You go on about it not being a bunch of other games, well it's Thief and as noted in all previous Thief games you could jump, its always been part of the game, the gameplay and level design. A Garret that can't jump is a sorry excuse for a thief in the game's setting nevermind the master thief Garret.

Freedom of movement has always been a good thing about Thief games, the simple act of removing jumping alone severely changes it. You can't even just look around the immediate area for something to jump onto or over to avoid detection, you can't take for granted that you can desperately jump over a small railing in the corner because it might not be defined as a jump trigger so instead you could up up looking like a stupid bot jumping, excuse me, bumping up against an invisible wall while the guard comes around the corner. This alone would already be unlike my experience with any of the previous Thief games.

It's not just about getting where you "need" to go, it's about where you want to go, what you want to "try" do even if you fall to your death, choosing between the shadowed low road patrolled by guards or the guard free high road along a rooftop in moonlight with a different risk of a slip meaning falling to your death.

It strips away the organic and intuitive feeling and replaces it with immersion breaking hope that the object is a "jump/climb" enabled game asset or location, also loosing control of your body when it is as it automatically starts climbing things at a press of a button rather than under your control. After typing/reading that, it sounds more like a quick-time even than gameplay.

Thief may never have been the "pinnacle of emergent gameplay" but it certainly has unexpected moments where emergent action is required for a number of reasons, being spotted, bumping into a guard, hearing a guard about to enter a room and find you, all requiring immediate action to avoid detection. May as well tie the jumping in here, with a situation that's not even hypothetical but a simple example from memory. Examining a room for things to steal when suddenly hearing footsteps closing in from around the corner, there are few shadows to hide in before the guard enters in a few seconds, one is to far away the other right near the door the guard is about to enter through though the shadow only happens to be an available option due to jumping onto something so you're higher up in the shadows being cast from a high light source. The guard of course hears your frantic dash to safety but can't find you, can't accidently walk into you because you're hiding in a good hard to reach spot.

Being able to jump only in approved locations would have ruined that moment and the many others like it, instead it would have ended with Garret running upto the box and bobbing around up against it as the sound alerted guard walks in and chops up Garret, or at the very least likely severely wounds him in the fight due to not being able to simply climb something.

Though that's part of the game now isn't it, fighting, no longer is Garret just a thief, now he's a master thief/martial artist/assassin doing takedowns and "headshots" (sure they removed the "headshot" but it shows the spirit of things now and their thinking). The jumping is part of the freedom to explore and avoidance and ties into the hiding, the lack of it ties in with confrontation, linear paths and combat, which is a major shift if the game.

Gone is finding not only a shadow to hide in but a safe shadow, because if you get into a fight with a guard there's a good chance you will die or easily be badly hurt, two guards and you have only a slim chance to survive, three guards and the odds are so bad you either take them on ready to load game when they cut you down or you sprint madly and jump off the balcony in the hopes you have enough health to survive the fall to safety, oh wait, you can't jump so instead Garret turns into the fighter and dramatically executes the three guards like Steven Seagal. What a glorious "Thief" experience it will be.

The removal of jumping is a big change itself, but it's also a symptom of a bigger change, a change of the games core, becoming confrontational and combative.

This is where the devs and some others will defend it with lines like "it's only an option", "don't fight the guards if you don't want to". Anyone who uses that in this situation exposes their lack of understanding and if a dev thier complete ineptitude with working in this genre. Incase it's missed why that is, likely by those that would defend it with that logic, it's like adding a shotgun to Amnesia or Outlast, it would devastate the games experience, but one could simply say "don't use the shotgun in Amnesia if you don't want to", those who would say that completely miss the point that it is still an option, you no longer feel fragile, vulnerable, helpless, simply having it as an option has destroyed the experience of the game. Simply having Garret the fighter as an option has a similar effect.

To that analogy one might say Thief isn't Amnesia, it's not that drastic a change, but jumping in Thief leads to freedom, exploration and avoidance while removing it linearity, confrontation, limits of countless invisible walls. It speaks of much about the game, going into level design even A.I. (or the lack of AI, that can handle jumping or reacting to the player jumping).

The resulting game might not be bad, it will likely be cinematic and linear with many opportunities for takedowns, kills and "awesome" moments, a few routes through areas to give stereotypical approaches while giving the illusion of freedom and rendering the loads of scripted scenes hopfully seamless. It may even be a decent or good game in its own regard, the problem is it's a "Thief" game, it's like taking an established, long standing and loved franchise and using its name to launch something new instead of just making something new, hell that's exactly what it is.

Perhaps it will even be acceptable or even good as a Thief game, though the information officially revealed so far doesn't bode well, neither does the track record of what's been done to established stealth games in general. Afterall it's not like you can make an exciting 30 second advert for a sneaking game, so lets add awesome combat as an "option", like that shotgun in Amnesia.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
4. Re: Activision wants to resurrect Crash Bandicoot series. Nov 25, 2013, 09:57 NetHead

Why link to, of all places Polygon, especially since they just wrote about and linked to it on GameInformer.
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News Comments > Warcraft and Warcraft II Coming to Modern PCs "In Some Form or Fashion"
26. No subject Nov 11, 2013, 17:33 NetHead
@TangledThorns, you can make Warcraft 3 run in pretty much any resolution, should be able to get the info easily with a seach like Warcraft 3 Widescreen.


It would be nice if they updated them all and put them all into one package in a modern engine, though that would require actual work and time rather than just doing the bare minimum to milk their old crap.

Lets face it, really great games in their time but today if you're going to put time into a game it's better spent elsewhere unless they give them major updates and overhauls. Warcraft 3 would be bearable or okay but going any further back there are far better games I'd rather play on my phone than the likes of Warcraft 2 if it's just patched to work on modern systems.

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News Comments > Morning Screenshots
2. Re: Morning Screenshots Oct 31, 2013, 13:25 NetHead
Fletch wrote on Oct 30, 2013, 18:09:
Shit's too tiny. Lots of people who played this and BG1 back in the day are old and half blind now, like me.

I previously got the impression everything in these "Enhanced Editions" is tiny because they're simply "zooming out" if you will, rather than actually improving the textures. By zooming out they just look more detailed.

When I first heard about someone making Baldur's Gate Enhanced Editions I was pretty excited, I enjoyed them a lot and it got the better of me. Without the excitement it's pretty obvious this is how things would turn out.

I'd say it's better to get the old Baldur's Gate games on GOG and use a few mods and community patches. One even merges Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 into one big game in the newer engine.
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News Comments > CD Projekt RED Reaffirms Anti-DRM Stance for The Witcher 3
1. Re: CD Projekt RED Reaffirms Anti-DRM Stance for The Witcher 3 Oct 30, 2013, 19:34 NetHead
It's hard not to support CD Projekt. Quality games aside the way they treat their customers and fans is shockingly good compared to others these days.

I remember at one point they sent out threatening letters to IP addresses suspected of downloading their games (a very dodgy and inaccurate thing to do), though today they do DRM free digital distribution even putting their own AAA games on

I can't think of a better example of going from having one's head up their own arse to suddenly placing it almost perfectly on their shoulders.

There's no-one in the industry I'm more eager to support even if they didn't make such quality games that I personally enjoy.

Yes it sounds like a damned sales pitch, but they damn well deserve it.
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