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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - XCOM: Enemy Unknown
130. Re: Ships Ahoy - XCOM: Enemy Unknown Oct 11, 2012, 03:01 MoreLuckThanSkill
Ok, 4th or 5th month in, Classic, no Ironman, almost complete satellite coverage, just gathering money and materials to complete the research tree. What sort of military organization sends out a shuttle with 6 Colonels in it? X-Com. My X-Com, anyway.

I have stopped playing for today to rest my fried eyeballs, and also to say: Satellites = National Pacifier. 2-3 Point panic reduction, instantly, when a satellite is assigned to a nation. Even though it takes 4 days to actually deploy. I am perpetually broke but all my countries are in the green with maybe one exception in the yellow. Next month I should be pretty flush with cash.

Also, I shed a nostalgic tear after I built some of the robotic SHIV tanks... they are so bad, it's like the original X-Com. Humans heal faster, shoot better, move farther, can use cover... ugh. The tanks also take up a slot that should be filled with a Colonel. They suck enough that they should have been a free slot in the shuttle(I have yet to learn how to build a new shuttle, if it's possible).

More than a few display bugs too, like if you are reloading/starting a shot, and the Engineer or Scientist NPC starts a little monologue, the GUI can get hung up. Only one CTD so far though, attempting to load a ground mission save.

PS. Get snipers. MANY snipers. Best late game class. Free 100% hit, bonus critical shots on anybody moving/out of perfect cover, while the sniper gets bonus cover? Hehe.

What the hell, apparently I've put in 18 hours on X-Com since Tuesday afternoon.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - XCOM: Enemy Unknown
116. Re: Ships Ahoy - XCOM: Enemy Unknown Oct 10, 2012, 15:49 MoreLuckThanSkill
Prez wrote on Oct 10, 2012, 14:40:
IMO they need to dial down Classic just a bit, because as it is now calling it 'classic' is retarded. The old game wasn't near that hard.

Basically yeah. In truth your soldiers dropped like flies in the original too; the difference being you could field a squad of 14 so the mission wasn't FUBAR if 4 squaddies eat a plasma bolt. In XCOM, it's a fail. On Classic mode I finished several missions with only one remaining soldier, having lost 3 highly trained soldiers in the process. 2 or 3 missions like that will easily put you into a death spiral as enemies get tougher and your fielding nothing but rookies. I lost my first 3 classic difficulty games like that - no fun. It feels as though there ought to be a difficulty level in between Normal and Classic.

Are most of you guys playing Ironman in addition to Classic? That seems like a masochistic path, for early playthroughs.

Classic, no Ironman though, 2nd month into the game, 1 enemy base down, many(20?) missions completed, only 3 soldiers lost in the tutorial mission. Of course, MANY reloads until I started getting the hang of the game a little.(Purists might never reload of course)


1) Don't use grenades/High damage Rockets. They blow up enemy materials that you need. Even corpses end up getting used for some items as materials

2) Early on use most of your money expanding your base instead of building anything aside from 2 medpacks and 1-2 Arc weapons(Stun guns). I messed up and built Nano shirts, extra medpacks, etc. Especially early on, these are FAR too expensive (with low numbers of engineers)

3) Build a Containment Room immediately.

4) When you have a choice of missions, pick ones that reward Scientists, then Engineers, then Cash. More Scientists = faster research, More Engineers = CHEAPER and faster construction.

5) Assault is basically the best class until you get high level sniper(s). Run and Gun > early xenos.

6) In Classic you DO get to hear enemies, but usually only your more veteran troops. I haven't tried normal yet, it might be all the time there in comparison. I "hear" enemy units maybe once or twice a mission.

7) Heavy troops get 2 shots with the Spray of Bullets or whatever it's called, 2nd tier ability. Pretty strong, but their accurracy is usually horrible until you get S.C.O.P.E.S.

8) Crysalids(sp) have no ranged attack, just keep backing up the first encounter guy and shooting with the rest of your team. I find myself keeping my soldiers pretty close together vs everybody but Mind Control enemies.

9) Build an Officer Training Room shortly after Containment Room, you can get up to 6 soldiers at once that way. Makes Classic vastly easier, imo.

10) Finally, although it might seem obvious, sell junk on the Gray Market. It makes it actually feasible to simultaneously upgrade/expand your base/satellites while upgrading your troops. You'd think the governments of the world would be a little more concerned with saving humanity, and fork over some cash...

I'm starting to wonder how the game can normally end at around 30 missions though(according to various reviews etc.), It seems research capped as far as the main progress points in the game, with random terror/abduction missions spawning up in the meantime. Most of my soldiers are at around 20 missions already, and that's with most of them missing a week+ here or there for injury.

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Borderlands 2 Expansion Revealed?
19. Re: Borderlands 2 Expansion Revealed? Oct 10, 2012, 15:31 MoreLuckThanSkill
What the FUCK!? Raid Lockout? This is a damned single player game, with occasional co-op... I'm glad I avoided buying the season pass, now I'm in full boycott mode for the DLC.

Idiotic Gearbox. On the plus side I've been playing X-Com for about 8 hours straight, and it is excellent.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Elemental: Fallen Enchantress This Month
14. Re: Elemental: Fallen Enchantress This Month Oct 10, 2012, 15:27 MoreLuckThanSkill
draginol wrote on Oct 10, 2012, 12:52:
Actually, Sins Rebellion was developed mostly here at Stardock. Ironclad is working on an amazing game called Sins of a Dark Age.

In fact, the post mortem of that just went up on Gamasutra.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion post mortem

Wow, that's intriguing. I didn't know Stardock was actually that involved in the Sins series, and apparently mostly responsible for Rebellion.

Good work, then.

Like I said earlier though, it'll be awhile before I consider buying Fallen Enchantress. X-Com and BL2 = all my free gaming time for the near future. The various links provided for Fallen Enchantress do look interesting.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - XCOM: Enemy Unknown
75. Re: Ships Ahoy - XCOM: Enemy Unknown Oct 9, 2012, 22:25 MoreLuckThanSkill
I've put a couple hours into this now, 4-5 missions in on Classic mode. I'm enjoying it so far, but I am a bit pissed about the 'inventory' system. My soldiers can wear a shirt, or carry a medpack, or a grenade... Would it really have been so complex to allow them to do all three? So far it seems every person should be carrying a medpack, since they convey poison immunity as well as allowing heals. You can get by without Grenades with Rocket Launchers and an Assault guy sprinting up and shooting xenos point blank in the face, at least I have so far.

I know I got through a lot of missions that would have been tough in the original X-Com and Terror From the Deep stocking my crappier soldiers up with grenades and explosives, it would have been nice to have the option to really customize layouts.

End result, I am way more cautious in this game, since I can't AoE half of the map on the first turn. I hope I get to have more soldiers soon, 4 is starting to feel like not enough.

But most importantly, has anybody noticed how weirdly paced the dialogue is? Every character seems to have a Kirk-esque pause when they deliver their lines.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Elemental: Fallen Enchantress This Month
1. Re: Elemental: Fallen Enchantress This Month Oct 9, 2012, 22:01 MoreLuckThanSkill
Hrm, talk about bad timing, after the release of BL2, X-Com EU, Dishonored, TL2, etc.

Even if I was really waiting for this game, I literally don't have time to play it right now. Moved to a sale/bargain bin game by default.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > XCOM: Enemy Unknown Reviews
17. Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Reviews Oct 8, 2012, 13:02 MoreLuckThanSkill
I pre-ordered X-Com EU weeks ago, looking forward to tomorrow greatly.

Dishonored doesn't look like the second coming, but it looks ok. Steam Sale for me for that game.

Also, off topic:

The original passage, from a letter Eisenhower wrote to his brother Edgar on Nov. 8, 1954, went as follows:

Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are H. L. Hunt (you possibly know his background), a few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid.

ledhead1969, the original quote is even better, especially in today's context. Good old Dwight.

Of course this is no place for politics, etc.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > More Project Eternity Stretch Goals
3. Re: More Project Eternity Stretch Goals Oct 6, 2012, 15:55 MoreLuckThanSkill
deqer wrote on Oct 6, 2012, 14:54:
I dunno guys, do we want to play a game called "Eternity" ? err, I mean "Project Eternity" ? I don't. What a cheesy title. I don't even feel like clicking the website link to see.

That's not the actual game name, right? Placeholder title? At least that was my impression.

This Kickstarter seems to be ballooning out of control, by the way. I just hope they don't forget the core focus of this, releasing a game in our lifetimes.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > XCOM: Enemy Unknown Launch Trailer
29. Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Launch Trailer Oct 4, 2012, 23:42 MoreLuckThanSkill
Whoa, what? Only ~30 missions in a playthrough?

That sounds... too low, possibly.

That said, I already preordered, and thought the Demo was pretty good. Still I remember my X-Com and X-Com Terror From the Deep veterans having like 100+ missions under their belts. Oh well, multiple playthroughs it is, instead of giant marathon single playthrough followed by uninstall/reinstall a month later.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > XCOM Shooter Going Third-Person?
12. Re: XCOM Shooter Going Third-Person? Oct 1, 2012, 12:13 MoreLuckThanSkill
Hrm, I had mostly forgotten about this game. I actually was under the impression it had come out and bombed utterly. I was waiting to see it on a Steam sale for 5 bucks or something.

What a shame they are going the consolized crap route, the screenshots from way back when looked more interesting than whatever this new version is going to be.

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > XCOM: Enemy Unknown Interactive Trailer
1. Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Interactive Trailer Sep 29, 2012, 13:48 MoreLuckThanSkill
Cool use of youtube, and the playable demo (1 tutorial mission, 1 fully playable mission) is on Steam.

The game is good. Rejoice!
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Blackspace Kickstarter
2. Re: Blackspace Kickstarter Sep 29, 2012, 13:46 MoreLuckThanSkill
Wow, this game actually looks pretty amazing. Obviously the video has some placeholder 3d models instead of final product models, but the basics of the game look solid.

Looking forward to this, considering backing yet another Kickstarter. Dammit.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Jagged Alliance: Crossfire
1. Re: Ships Ahoy - Jagged Alliance: Crossfire Sep 27, 2012, 11:59 MoreLuckThanSkill
Uh, is this story a typo/misprint? I've had Crossfire, at least the Steam version, for about a month now.

Or is this some sort of standalone no-steam version?

*EDIT* Typo. Also, I am in North America.

*EDIT* Oh yeah, boxed version.

This comment was edited on Sep 27, 2012, 23:39.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Project Eternity Passes $2M; Adds $2.3M Goal
4. Re: Project Eternity Passes $2M; Adds $2.3M Goal Sep 26, 2012, 15:10 MoreLuckThanSkill
Deathhead wrote on Sep 26, 2012, 15:06:
It does say that the expected delivery date is April 2014 on the kickstarter page

Ugh, figures. Also I've already self-hyped this game up so much it cannot possibly live up to my imagination.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Diablo III 1.0.5 Notes; PTR Coming
25. Re: Diablo III 1.0.5 Notes; PTR Coming Sep 21, 2012, 15:30 MoreLuckThanSkill
descender wrote on Sep 21, 2012, 15:08:
It irritates me that people can't get their head around the fact that you don't have to touch the auction house (real money or gold) to play diablo 3.

If you DO touch it, that means you are changing the bell curve for your equipment upgrades, and basically removing thejoy of finding any upgrades from the realm of possibility.

It begs the question... did you people ever actually PLAY diablo 2? It was way more like diablo 3 than torchlight 2 in an incredible amount of ways.

I fear the general public is looking for a nostalgic experience that they never actually had.

Well, I have not used the RMAH at all, and only tried (and failed) to sell my junk on the GAH for like 20k a piece. Yet I've completed Inferno, no skipped elites, on my WD, who can comfortably farm Act 3. Still, it was post patch 1.04, and my gear looks like the gear of somebody who has nothing from the AHs, it's horrible.

Accomplishing the same(or comparable) feat in D2 was far, far more enjoyable and I actually saw Uniques/Legendaries in that game without 400+ hours of farming at max MF. I have found 1 Legendary, level 51 shield, since 1.04.

For the record, I didn't D2JSP or even trade for any gear(aside from just sharing drops with my 3-4 coop partners) in D2 either, but I'm guessing I'm a bit of anomaly.

Let's not even get into the offline/modding that were done with D2 that truly made the game enjoyable to me. That's where D3 is really screwed in my opinion. Blizzard might eventually tweak drops enough to make the game fun for the majority of players, but it's already over to me, for the most part. I beat Inferno on my WD, my Barb and Monk currently lack the gear to progress, and I probably won't have it without a few more hundred hours of farming, since I avoid the AHs.

That's where most people feel D3 has failed, whether or not the drop QUALITY is truly because of the AH or whatever(not drop rates, drop quality), it certainly SEEMS as though the AH has led D3 to have boring and extremely, extremely rare loot, for the actual good/great drops you need in the game.

All of that said, hopefully patch 1.05 is better, but their patch notes indicate they don't even grasp the basic problems most people have with the game.

ps. I died for the first time on my Berserker in TL2 this morning. Hard Difficulty, level 15. Killed by some sort of swarming DoT wolves and spider combo with some charging Yetis or whatever, they were disarmingly cute.

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Diablo III 1.0.5 Notes; PTR Coming
9. Re: Diablo III 1.0.5 Notes; PTR Coming Sep 21, 2012, 12:24 MoreLuckThanSkill
You guys are pretty harsh.

I am neck deep in Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2, loving both, but I'll definitely go back to Diablo 3 after a few patches, if only to see if Blizzard can ever get their act together.

Of course, X-Com: Enemy Unknown comes out what, October 9th? Lol. I might as well just take most of October off from work.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Steamships Ahoy - Tryst
7. Re: Steamships Ahoy - Tryst Sep 15, 2012, 21:03 MoreLuckThanSkill
RaZ0r! wrote on Sep 14, 2012, 22:31:
Their first RTS game APOX got really bad reviews so I never picked it up. I'm curious to see how this one turns out.

I foolishly ignored those reviews and bought APOX on one of the 75%+ steam sales. It wasn't worth it even then, in my opinion. Unfortunately it looks like they copied one of the worst features from APOX into Tryst, finite ammunition and thus resupplying of ammunition, to EVERY unit.

Some might find that level of 'realism' enjoyable, I do not. It really, REALLy slowed APOX down, and was really quite annoying. Attackers have a huge disadvantage due to simply having to wait for your resupply units to get to them from the home base, and the rest of the game wasn't good enough to make up for that hassle, at least to me. Other drawbacks included fairly hard counter units if I remember correctly. On the plus side, good micro was really rewarded by the game.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Obsidian Kickstarter
95. Re: Obsidian Kickstarter Sep 15, 2012, 11:50 MoreLuckThanSkill
Creston wrote on Sep 15, 2012, 02:39:
Yeah, because 1.1 million dollars is totally worth pissing off your entire fanbase and having to fold your studio next year when that 1.1 million dollars is gone?

Come on, this is an established studio with a huge fanbase. Avellone & Co aren't fucking stupid. They aren't going to just piss the money away and watch every single fan tell them to go fuck themselves. They'd be done making games for the rest of time, and could go get themselves 9 to 5 jobs. Sounds like a great idea!


Lol, it's obviously extremely unlikely, but you've never had that arguably suicidal urge to do things you KNOW you shouldn't do? Spit off an overpass as a kid, maybe spend a little of that 1 million dollars you made in ONE DAY, for 20 minutes of work on a webpage, on at least a round of sandwiches for the office? Of course they won't actually just flee the country on their new Icewind Dale themed motorcycles or something.

This studio in particular, out of all the Kickstarter projects, I expect to actually deliver. Still they are probably laughing their asses off at how easily and quickly they are earning the money, and kicking themselves for not asking for like 5 million.

Avatar 54863
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News Comments > Obsidian Kickstarter
78. Re: Obsidian Kickstarter Sep 14, 2012, 20:19 MoreLuckThanSkill
Looking forward to the hopefully DRM free version of this game, but I have no real incentive to contribute to their kickstarter though at this point. They seem to be years from having a playable public-ready build of the game. (They apparently are aiming for April 2014 according to the Kickstarter page)

Good luck, Obsidian. I'll check back in 6 months to a year.

I am sure they will deliver, but holy shit I'm sure the urge to just sit back and just cackle madly, blowing the 1.1 mil on anything BUT the game has already struck these guys several times... almost $600,000 as of this post, the first day. Ridiculous.
Avatar 54863
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News Comments > XCOM: Enemy Unknown Panel Video
14. Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Panel Video Sep 13, 2012, 16:16 MoreLuckThanSkill
Wow, watched the whole video... very interesting. I assume every studio goes through a similar iteration process, but it was cool to see some of the earlier versions. Also interesting to hear about Sid Meyer stepping in a little bit. That must be great to have Sid Meyer as a resource, even to just bounce ideas off of, etc.

Looking forward to this greatly, now who has a 20-50% off code for Greenmangaming, Steam, Gamersgate, or Direct2Drive?

Avatar 54863
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