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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Titanfall; First Patch Released
10. Re: Ships Ahoy - Titanfall; First Patch Released Mar 11, 2014, 10:30 007Bistromath
InBlack wrote on Mar 11, 2014, 09:53:
So yeah, Im interested in this but Ill wait for the price to drop and or see how long it takes them to actually admit that 'support' for this game will be in the form of a fully priced sequel to be released 12-18 months from now....

That was always the plan from the beginning. Titanfall is supposed to be the franchise that gets released every other year between Call of Duty releases, since Medal of Honor got shitcanned.

You really don't need to wait, though. They've pulled off a miracle here; the launch is basically flawless. If they didn't support this one any further at all, it would still be one of the most solid play experiences I've had in several years.

Since EA is publishing it, I'm sure this IP is going to turn into a complete shitfest at some point. But right now? It's perfect. It's one of the best FPS I've ever played. It delivers on the promises Brink made.

I uninstalled BF4 to fit this on my hard drive. I need to put that in the proper context: I've been a huge Battlefield fan since 2142, always thought it was the best thing on the market, no question. Through Bad Company and BF3, I thought it was still there, though starting to slip. BF4 is... a massive disappointment, but still one of the better multiplayer FPS you can get.

I uninstalled it for Titanfall. This game is awesome. Buy it now before they fuck it up.

This comment was edited on Mar 11, 2014, 10:40.
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News Comments > Funcom Financials Fall
8. Re: Funcom Financials Fall Mar 6, 2014, 00:11 007Bistromath
woah woah woah


hold the phone

You're telling me that a company made a faux-freemium MMO, and it resulted in an initial period of massive growth as people jumped on, followed by a stable plateau of lower earnings?

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News Comments > Respawn Attacks Titanfall Bribery Claims
77. Re: Respawn Attacks Titanfall Bribery Claims Feb 20, 2014, 21:26 007Bistromath
jdreyer wrote on Feb 20, 2014, 20:51:
Redmask wrote on Feb 20, 2014, 19:31:
They also ripped the 'other team won but you can escape so you dont feel bad about losing maybe!' shit straight from BF2142. In fact this whole game is pretty much a miasma of derivative nerdisms.

Which is fine with me, IF it's good.

Unfortunately, they said they'd do an open PC beta, but they never did.

Yes they did. I played it. I saw the posts here about how it wasn't going open, and I figured that must be due to the website being mostly broken at the time. I read those posts in between rounds of the open PC beta.

You didn't need a key or anything, just like SpectralMeat said. It just showed up in my Origin menu one day. I'm sincerely sorry you missed it, it kicked ass.
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News Comments > Respawn Attacks Titanfall Bribery Claims
35. Re: Respawn Attacks Titanfall Bribery Claims Feb 20, 2014, 13:45 007Bistromath
descender wrote on Feb 20, 2014, 12:56:
Giving everyone cloak and a homing pistol is just about the stupidest thing I've ever seen in a multiplayer FPS.

You did something horribly wrong, dude. The cloak and smart pistol are both garbage against other pilots.

It says right in the cloak's description that it's still plenty visible to the naked eye, and it's not lying. That thing is for getting away from and/or on top of Titans. Only depressingly unobservant players will miss somebody near them who is cloaked.

The smart pistol, meanwhile, is almost strictly for farming mooks. It takes about ten years to line up a lethal attack on a pilot. You only have time to do that if the other guy is unaware of you, a terrible shot, or standing still. To use the smart pistol against other players, you either have to be sneaky as hell and very good with the parkour, or in a server full of morons.
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News Comments > Respawn Attacks Titanfall Bribery Claims
20. Re: Respawn Attacks Titanfall Bribery Claims Feb 20, 2014, 10:56 007Bistromath
ldonyo wrote on Feb 20, 2014, 09:15:
I was frustrated by having control of my avatar taken from me so I could watch for 45 - 60 seconds as someone else killed me.

What on earth are you talking about? Nothing in Titanfall does that. The only thing I can think of that takes control from you at all is getting ripped out of a doomed Titan, and that takes about five seconds, at most.

Glykon wrote on Feb 20, 2014, 08:52:
Hmm I dont believe EA will NOT pay sites for good reviews
Anyhow please DONT pay for 4v4 generic console shooters on PC !

Leaving aside that it's 6v6, Titanfall is the opposite of "generic console shooter" in nearly every way except for the persistent progression mechanics. The "bots" that people have made so much fun of serve a purpose completely different from substitute players. They give players genuinely productive, rewarding, and engaging things to do when not in direct combat with real opponents. This, along with players' high mobility, allows a "6v6" game to be fast-paced and well-balanced regardless of the size of the map. In fact, paying attention to this mechanic is key to success for both you and your team; it is comparable to "jungling" in a MOBA.

The Titans also serve an important function with respect to breaking the usual patterns of generic FPS: camping is almost non-existent, requires effective teamwork when it does happen, and never dominates a match regardless of how finely honed somebody's pointing skills are. This is something I've long thought basically insoluble. No matter how frantic and arcadey shooters got, there was always a significant number of people good enough at sniping to make certain maps boring for everybody else. Even games like Battlefield haven't completely fixed this, despite having significant threats on the field that simply can't be dealt with that way. Somehow, Titans manage what tanks haven't. You can snipe in Titanfall, but you can't camp.
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News Comments > Respawn Attacks Titanfall Bribery Claims
13. Re: Respawn Attacks Titanfall Bribery Claims Feb 20, 2014, 10:02 007Bistromath
I have not been paid to say that Titanfall is the best FPS that has ever been made, but based on my experiences with the beta, I am doing so. It is one of a few AAA games I can remember where the price tag doesn't piss me off. They deserve every cent. They have done something genuinely new and interesting with this genre, which is something that can be said about almost none of the rest of it for the past several years.

Verno wrote on Feb 20, 2014, 09:45:
I don't know, Titanfall didn't feel like a mech game to me. Maybe mech-lite. No deformation, really poor destruction decals, battles between them felt cartoony and fleeting. It was ok but I didn't really get all of the hoopla about that game. I had more fun ground pounding with wallrunning and double jumps.

It's not a mech game. I don't feel it's at all intended to be one, and people who call it one or expect it to be one are missing the point. The "hoopla" is that it's an FPS with a beautifully innovative reward system. The most common, interesting, powerful, and fun reward is that you can use a heavily armed giant robot, something which is definitely distinct from a mech because it doesn't turn like a pig or require a minimum of seventeen buttons to effectively operate.

Though you can probably guess I'm terrible at them, I like the idea of sims, but Titanfall is for when you're in a completely different mood. It's something that looks at Unreal or Call of Duty and says "wait, you didn't finish this idea. Let me fix that." Between the traversal system and what I understand the campaign mode is going to be, it's also going to pretty much be what Brink would've been if it ever worked properly. That is why people are excited about it. The big robots are an excellent game mechanic and an expression of the dev's design ethos, not the central focus of the game.

This comment was edited on Feb 20, 2014, 10:12.
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News Comments > Al Lowe Leaves Replay: Sex Actually Involved
15. Re: Al Lowe Leaves Replay: Sex Actually Involved Dec 12, 2013, 23:37 007Bistromath
Creston wrote on Dec 12, 2013, 23:17:

Not if you are over 18. As long as it involves a minor, you have to be within two years of their age, or it becomes felony 'sex with a minor'. The age of consent is merely the age at which the 'sex with a minor' charge doesn't automatically become statutory rape. (as in, the kind of thing they lock you up for 20+ years for.)

In Holland, the age of consent is 16... weeks... and it's pretty much a free-for-all after that. Get them high, get them drunk, gangrape them, Holland don't care. Great place...

I have never seen somebody be so stridently and impressively wrong. Bravo.
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News Comments > Stratego Games Planned
2. Re: Stratego Games Planned Dec 4, 2013, 16:16 007Bistromath
This is a sad day for boardgames. Thousands will be exposed to one of the most aggressively boring strategy games ever made, and turned off the hobby forever. Stratego could do what Monopoly failed to. Why are all the good games only on iOS and crappy websites?  
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News Comments > Endwar Online Announced
13. Re: Endwar Online Announced Sep 11, 2013, 17:26 007Bistromath
The players seem to control what would normally be called creeps. There don't seem to be any heroes.

Therefore, this isn't a MOBA. It's just a massively dumbed-down RTS. Considering how simplified the original EndWar was (despite being fun, mind you) I don't see how this will be worth even watching another video of.

Who the hell decided this was a good idea?
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News Comments > Steve Ballmer to Retire
38. Re: Steve Ballmer to Retire Aug 23, 2013, 17:10 007Bistromath
When I read this story on slashdot, me and my roommate went to the store and bought cookie dough and then baked and ate a batch of Steve Ballmer Is Retiring cookies.

True story.
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News Comments > Battlefield 4 Trailer
8. Re: Battlefield 4 Trailer Aug 23, 2013, 01:20 007Bistromath
This is neat and all, but I like how this guy "took responsibility" for the name, basically acknowledging it as a terrorist attack on our beloved language.  
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News Comments > Planetary Annihilation's $90 Alpha
48. Re: Planetary Annihilation's $90 Alpha Jun 15, 2013, 06:04 007Bistromath
These guys are doing it exactly right. More right than anyone else releasing in Steam's early access program, in fact.

When you release an unfinished product, people will inevitably judge the project as a whole by whatever they see right then, and will not look at it ever again if their opinion is negative. Which it will be, because it's not finished.

If you are crowdfunding your development, you need to restrict access to the part of your audience that is very committed to the idea of the product as they and you hope it will be when it is finished. If you don't, you get far more bad press than you ever would by asking a high price, because now a large portion of the people who would've bought your game at final release already have it and are complaining everywhere like a bunch of complete morons that they paid full normal price for a quarter-finished game.

tl; dr: A dev releasing an alpha does not want you to buy it unless you are so excited about the concept they're working on that you would definitely buy it when it's finished even if you knew it could be better. You have to want it that much, or else they are taking a stupid risk by selling it to you.
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News Comments > Paypal vs. Skullgirls
14. Re: Paypal vs. Skullgirls Apr 23, 2013, 17:44 007Bistromath
Before Paypal did this, very few people would've considered doing that. I mean, who the fuck would? You know that you bought a vote, not the content.

But this drama has put the idea in peoples' heads that they might be entitled to get their money back. They're going to come running. Paypal fucked this.

Considering how often they succeed when they unilaterally just decide to not give you your money, I'd say they did it on purpose.
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News Comments > Jay Wilson: Auction Houses "Really Hurt" Diablo III
43. Re: Jay Wilson: Auctions Houses Mar 29, 2013, 12:02 007Bistromath
Having an auction house wasn't the problem, it was their implementation. Everything they did with it was geared towards making it an income stream, rather than focusing on solving the problems caused by the black market in Diablo II. A game like this needs trade support, but the dev sticking their fingers in the pie will fuck it up every time.

ETA: I should note that a game like this needs trade support when there's any kind of competitive aspect to it. Torchlight's not my bag, but their solution of dispensing with all pretense of competition and not giving a damn about dupes is an entirely valid one.
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News Comments > EA Will "Look Into" Offline SimCity; New Patch Released
2. Re: EA Will Mar 10, 2013, 16:28 007Bistromath
This seems like a great opportunity for some enterprising hacker to work out exactly what needs to be done to dike out the online functionality, thus showing how lazy and obstinate EA is almost definitely being by "looking into it."  
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News Comments > Call of Duty: Black Ops II Patched
1. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops II Patched Feb 24, 2013, 10:56 007Bistromath
I like how the "improvements" to the matchmaking system do nothing to address the fact that the last patch completely beanbagged the matchmaking system, causing matchmaking to totally hose my network connection for no apparent reason.  
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News Comments > Notch Backtracks on Psychonauts 2 Support
47. Re: Notch Backtracks on Psychonauts 2 Support Feb 5, 2013, 19:14 007Bistromath
cento wrote on Feb 5, 2013, 16:06:
15-25mil is COMPLETELY inline with any kind of AAA console title.
I feel like we really need a good definition of AAA if we're going to swallow that. Psychonauts was excellent, and it was beautiful, and there needs to be more of it... but it did not feel at all like a big-budget game. It vastly outstrips other things that usually have the AAA label applied to them in terms of artistry and fun, but didn't feel like it had nearly the same level of polish. And that's fine. Polish is massively overrated, and hideously overpriced.

Knowing that it will carry the outstanding Double Fine flavor that they practically seem able to convey with two pencils and a ball of string, I'd much rather have a cheap Psychonauts 2 than wait 'til the end of never for a fancy expensive one.
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News Comments > Borderlands 2 Racism Discussion
20. Re: Borderlands 2 Racism Discussion Feb 3, 2013, 13:58 007Bistromath
Having been poor and around poor people pretty much forever, I can say with certainty that this isn't at all racist. Tiny Tina doesn't talk like a black girl, she talks like a poor girl. The underlying problem is the overlap between those in the real world.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
16. Re: Out of the Blue Dec 6, 2012, 15:53 007Bistromath
Creston wrote on Dec 6, 2012, 14:30:
Don't think this has been posted yet:

Former Madden Developer loses his shit against EA on Twitter.

That entire rant can be summarized (and improved by doing so) in one single sentence.

Why doesn't anybody want my bags anymore?
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News Comments > Nuketown 2025 II Map Pulled from Black Ops 2 Playlists
17. Re: Nuketown 2025 II Map Pulled from Black Ops 2 Playlists Nov 20, 2012, 03:01 007Bistromath
"Game Design Director" is not a title a messenger has, you disingenuous twat.  
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