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News Comments > Dear Diaries
6. Re: Partly Epic's fault for using a cd c Mar 20, 2004, 16:58 DrEvil
I love the heavily modified in photoshop screenshots... I guess blatent lies are now common place in videogames. I'm going to start worrying when they stop doing demos, then we're all fucked.

I don't see *ANY* photoshopped screenshots. I do however see some *ARTWORK*. Perhaps you should review your false accusations. I don't see any claims that the pictures presented are screenshots.

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News Comments > Epic & Cheaters
23. Re: Partly Epic's fault for using a cd c Mar 20, 2004, 10:19 DrEvil
Guess I Wont be buying 2004 then.. any game that requires cd in drive to play wont be BOUGHT here...

Guess you won't be buying any games then. I don't know of any recent games that don't require the CD to be in the drive.

Of course, the catch with UT2004 is that you only need the CD in the drive to start the game (as far as I can tell). So you don't have to keep it in the whole time.

Aditionally, the drive doesn't spin the whole time the CD is in the drive. It checks it once at startup and then eventually it spins down completely and you never hear it again while running the game.

This comment was edited on Mar 20, 10:21.
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News Comments > SimCity 5 Revealed
5. Performance Jan 21, 2004, 16:10 DrEvil
I'd just be happy if they doubled the performance of SimCity 4. It's atrociously slow sometimes.

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News Comments > UT2003 & UT2004 Incompatible
38. Re: No subject Jan 20, 2004, 16:13 DrEvil
I really despise the fact that two people can have the same nick but be two different people :p

The other guy really makes my name look evil. Oh, wait...

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News Comments > NWN Patches Return
3. No subject Dec 17, 2003, 00:41 DrEvil
As announced on the forums, they will NOT be adding multiplayer support for the OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN of Hordes of the Underdark. You can however create modules based on HoTU material that are multiplayer.

Look in the HoTU General discussion forum for a long official explanation about this.

They have never said that HoTU would be multiplayer, people just assumed (wrongly), even when the HoTU website has always said it was a single-player adventure.

In fact, the survey they sent out plus the number of downloads of single player modules on their site indicated that the majority of online NWN users preferred great single player modules.

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News Comments > Riftrunner = Beyond Divinity?
3. Re: Shouldn't that be... Dec 13, 2003, 02:23 DrEvil
Actually, the original game was called 'Divinity: The Sword of Lies', then CDV (their oh so wondrous publisher) got ahold of it and called it 'Divine Divinity' and forced Larian to rename it per their contract.

However, I was extremely disappointed with Larian, because as great as Divine Divinity was, it had several bugs that took them almost a *YEAR* to fix without so much as a peep from them for almost a 6 month period. Really hacked me off.

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News Comments > Steam Update
5. No subject Dec 11, 2003, 00:21 DrEvil

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News Comments > NVIDIA ForceWare Drivers
27. Re: Are these the drivers Dec 9, 2003, 17:32 DrEvil
"I don't know about that, but at least these aren't the drivers that overheat our GPUs and f-up our monitor."

Um. No such thing ever happened. It was a bunch of ATi haters that started this rumour. It was disproven by ATi's head of driver support, several review sites, and hundreds of independent conformations. A lot of hot air was all that was behind it. The drivers have never overheated GPU's or destroyed monitors. Only idiot users have caused that so far.

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News Comments > NWN: HotU Release Date
16. Re: Gah. Nov 20, 2003, 10:36 DrEvil
I'm not sure about what you're saying about the spellcaster levels, Bioware seems to say different, here are some quotes from them:

"Palemasters get access to epic spells at level 15 under the same rules as any other high level spellcasting class."

"I think the +1 spellcaster level only applies to the first spellcasting class you took when creating your character, so a wiz/sor/pm would get +1 wiz spells every odd pm level."

"He has quite a lot of HP for a caster (deathless vigor, d6 hd, add toughness for even more) for each 2 levels of PM, your spell progression from the original caster class you picked first is continued by one level."

And as far as the complaint about summoning undead, one person asks:

"Does that list of creatures summoned by Summon Greater undead apply to epic clerics who cast create greater undead?"

"No, this is a pale master only ability."

Or another question:
"Spell progression, does this imply access to higher level spells?

If you go the minimum sorc level of 6, then palemaster up to 16, do you get 5th level spells? You know, as a sorc 6/pale master 10?"

"You get the same spells as a sorceror level 11
(6 [sorc] + (10 [pale master] /2)). (rough calculation)"

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News Comments > NWN: HotU Release Date
15. Re: Gah. Nov 20, 2003, 10:21 DrEvil
"Additional spell-casting ability is sacrificed for a stronger melee presence."

As far as "proper" prestige classes. Obviously Wizards of the Coast agrees with the change since they've put their stamp of approval on the game. I think they're slightly more qualified to judge what is "proper".

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy II - NWN Gold
20. Re: Does anyone... Nov 5, 2003, 00:00 DrEvil
"A word of warning: buy this game for the multiplayer and you'll be happy. Buy this game for the singleplayer and you'll have wasted $50."

That's rather subjective. Both I and a friend bought it and played it and enjoyed the single player and have done extremely little multiplayer.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy II - NWN Gold
11. Re: Does anyone... Nov 4, 2003, 18:04 DrEvil
"Thanks for your wordy retort, Herr Evil, but I happen to BE a game developer."

I could be considered a game developer too. Depends on what your definition is.

"I have personal experience with the development of online role playing games and know first hand what the development costs are for the support of such games. Guess what? They make MUCH more money than you can possibly conceive of and take MUCH less of that money than you think to support."

Bzzzzt...wrong. I know several people that work at Triple AAA title companies, and a few who deal with some of the big name game publishers directly. The costs are a lot more than you would have me believe. In addition i've also worked in the Fortune 500 Technical Support division at gateway.

"Being a member of the development community myself, I still vigorously stand by my statement that the model Bioware adopts is outdated and smacks of corporate greed (the impetus of which probably falls more on the shoulders of
Atari than Bioware)."

Well then, how about we say that Valve, Epic Games, Ensemble Studios, iD Software, Maxis and a few other companies are just as evil while you're at it by your standards. The reality is you're just a spoiled person who's used to getting things in life for free apparently.

"...reinforce the minds of the Ferrari driving sycophants that are decimating the industry for those of us that are in this for the love of what we do."

Hahahahaha. /wipes tears from eyes. Of the people I know in the industry that are involved because they love it, none of them can even afford a Ferrari, and most of them make just enough to support their families.

Extremely few game developers make that much money, of course you would have known this if you read a magazine like Game Developer who just recently did a salary survey. Game artists, developers, etc. simply don't make as much as you would have us believe. I think you're just jealous of those who make more or something. Almost 97% of game developers are male. Of those 97% the *average* yearly salary is between $59,000-$62,000 US dollars. Hardly enough to buy a Ferrari to me. In fact, most programmers consider 40,000 a entry level pay tier.

There's only one unnamed company that I personally know of that pays their employees salaries of six figures. I don't know of any others that do that. ALthough it's certainly possible.

"Take a look at what is happening with the current mutual fund mismanagement and the series of closures of game company after game company in the US, UK, and even Japan... its all symptoms of unmitigated GREED!"

Actually, in a lot of those circumstances if you've read the postmortems on several of those titles. It's not greed, it's just poor management and organization period. Greed plays a part on the publisher side sometimes from what I've seen, but hardly all on the Developer side.

"I've seen behind the curtain and maybe someday mundanes such as yourself will turn a glazed fanboy eye away from the high poly, rag-doll physics enabled, real time per pixel shaded wizard and see the money grubbing corporate crony operating the controls."

I've seen behind the curtain too, I'm just wondering what curtain you looked behind. Because it sure doesn't sound like the same one.

This comment was edited on Nov 4, 18:05.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy II - NWN Gold
7. Re: Does anyone... Nov 4, 2003, 15:29 DrEvil
Supporting a game like this costs a lot of money, especially with the amount of community resource support they give which I might add is almost more than other company. They provide forums, internal file format information, contests, guild systems, new content and other things.

"Get with the times" is an insult to any game developer really. I don't hear you complaining about Valve requiring one CD key per gamer as they are now. Same with many other games.

The whole point of NWN is mainly the multiplayer and module component, giving away a free copy for every copy purchased doesn't even make good fiscal sense. Which is basically what you're proposing. Before you argue that War3 is the same way, I think Blizzard would disagree.

You also have to realize that Blizzard sells at least 3+ million copies of their games because real time strategy games are very popular. So they can afford to 'give away' free copies esentially by letting you do multiple clients per CD key, although there is a limit (3 or 4 I think per key).

Role Playing Games do not sell even nearly as much as that typically so it's a lot harder for them to afford the support and other resources you so readily dismiss.

Chances are you, like most people can afford the 2nd copy, you just don't want to have to purchase it. Make a few less visits to <insert favorite place to eat here> and eat at home instead or few less visits to the worthless drivel that's showing at places that dare to call themselves 'theatres'. Learn the value of a <insert monetary dollar standard here>.

This comment was edited on Nov 4, 15:30.
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News Comments > Steam Re-release
4. Steam this, steam that... Oct 29, 2003, 12:27 DrEvil
Steam this, steam reall hasn't been so bad since they fixed the major remaining issues for me a few weeks ago. I've been enjoying Deathmatch Classic quite a bit. I do find the interface pausing while updating rather annoying, but other than that, it seems to work alright.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy III - Chrome
5. Thinking Man's Game? Oct 29, 2003, 12:25 DrEvil
Thinking Man's Game, eh? To mis-quote a line from "Manos: The Hands of Fate":

"Steve is thinking always. Not in the way you know it. Steve is thinking always."

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News Comments > Romero & Hall to Midway
4. Re: Poor Midway Oct 13, 2003, 15:15 DrEvil
I dunno about a sinking ship, Romero and Hall's latest games have been quite fun. Especially Hyperspace Delivery Boy

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News Comments > New Devil Whiskey Demo
5. Re: No subject Oct 13, 2003, 14:45 DrEvil
I'll take that as your "Grade A" opinion. Not everyone likes Bard's Tale style games

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News Comments > NWN Gold Edition Announced
9. Save Your Money Oct 9, 2003, 15:31 DrEvil
Don't buy the gold edition, hunt around and buy the NWN Collector's Edition. You get a neat shirt, uber large cloth poster of Aribeth (whistle), an art of Neverwinter Nights book (lots of glossy high quality illustrations), the NWN soundtrack, a much better bound edition of the manual and a few other things I forget about.

I really enjoyed NWN. It was the first D&D based game I've really enjoyed because it didn't require that I know anything about D&D for it to be fun

While the first part of the original campaign moved a bit slowly, after that I really enjoyed it. I've also been playing Shadows of Undrentide at home, and I have to say I enjoyed the original campaign more so far. But I'm not very far in the expansion yet.

I think the thing that has always stuck out most to me about NWN is the character artwork and some of the voiceovers which are really awesome to me.

NWN is great for an RPG, because you can sit down and play it for an hour and feel like you've gotten somewhere. Unlike other ones I've played where it's only a 60 hour long game because the player has to backtrack over the same area a ridicolous amount of times.

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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Gold Friday
5. Re: And from our consolation department. Oct 8, 2003, 23:27 DrEvil

I find CS humorous in general. Condition Zero from what I see in the screenshot is just a prettied up version of the existing one. Why would I buy this? Innovation in gameplay, what's that? We don't need that!

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News Comments > New ATI CATALYST Drivers
8. Re: FS2004 Oct 8, 2003, 19:39 DrEvil
Don't forget to post this on their driver feedback form. The more feedback they get, the better chance the issue will be prioritized.

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