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News Comments > On Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions
48. Re: On Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions Mar 21, 2012, 16:41 Endo
Teddy wrote on Mar 21, 2012, 16:03:
And again, no evidence produced by you. Your best claim was "they said there will be more MT's in GW2". More what? Of what type? Can you provide ANY examples whatsoever? No? Didn't think so. Can you provide ANY details on costs associated with the game and how much has to be made up by MT's? No? Didn't think so.

Apparently you STILL don't understand what conjecture is. You've tried to claim something true while providing absolutely zero evidence to back your claim up. THAT is conjecture.

As I said before, the only thing we can do is wait and see. Your claims to know otherwise are nothing but BS at this point and anyone with half a brain can see that.
You really don't get it do you? I was trying to be civil, but I guess you don't like that, so I'll stop. I'm not going to go out of my way to dig up the specific "evidence" and "proof" you want because frankly it's irrelevant and your disbelief on this doesn't mean jack fucking shit to me. I couldn't give half a rat's ass if you believe me or not. Whether you believe me or not doesn't change what they're going to have to do. Any idiot with two brain cells can figure it out.

So like I said: don't believe me. I really don't care. You'll see when they release the game. But for the love of sanity, please STFU and quit whining for evidence and proof where it's not needed. Also, any further responses from you will be ignored.
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News Comments > On Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions
43. Re: On Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions Mar 21, 2012, 15:53 Endo
Teddy wrote on Mar 21, 2012, 15:38:

&#8194; &#8194;[kuhn-jek-cher] noun, verb, -tured, -tur·ing.
the formation or expression of an opinion or theory without sufficient evidence for proof.
an opinion or theory so formed or expressed; guess; speculation.
Obsolete. the interpretation of signs or omens.
verb (used with object)
to conclude or suppose from grounds or evidence insufficient to ensure reliability.

Since you seem to lack an understanding of what conjecture is, I provided a definition for you.

You do not know how much operating costs are, you just declare them "not cheap" and assume that's somehow sufficient proof of your point. You do not know what the costs are, how much of each purchase is put toward those costs, or how those costs scale with population size. Again, the claim that they "have" to cross the line with MT's is 100% conjecture on your part.

Find some actual evidence that anything they're going to offer from MT's is going to detract from anyone's enjoyment of the game, and then I'll have reason to believe you. Until then, you've proven nothing and provided nothing to actually back up your argument outside of your own speculation on vague comments made by the developers.
I understand the definition of conjecture perfectly well. You however clearly don't understand the definition of "100%".

But hey, don't believe me. It's really nothing to me whether you do your you don't. You'll see soon enough when the game is released.
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News Comments > On Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions
41. Re: On Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions Mar 21, 2012, 15:36 Endo
Alamar wrote on Mar 21, 2012, 14:25:
Keilun wrote on Mar 21, 2012, 14:17:
Maybe I didn't explain myself as well as I could have. My point is that, if you earn gold while having fun going about regular in-game activities, is it really a grind?

No more or less than WoW, was the point I was eluding to...

I do really like the idea that everything may be available for gold, but their verbiage is a bit off... If I can unlock extra character slots with gold, even if it costs a 'lot' (subjective term), that's great, because I'm the type that wants to try every class (and never have to delete one).

However, I don't see it strictly stated that you can pay for microtransations with gold, because stuff on the store costs gems, and they state it is a player driven market that allows players to buy gems (with gold), but doesn't strictly say we can buy gems from them with gold. This is only a non-issue if there are always a ton of gems available for a consistent price, which seems unlikely to me (the success of gold selling over the last decade+ might argue with me).


Well give your fears a rest. In every other MMO I've played that had a similar system like these gems, there was never a shortage of the currency available to be purchased with in-game money. But in terms of grinding the in-game gold to buy the other currency, it's never cheap and easy, and you'll never get there doing regular in-game activities in such amounts as would be considered fun for most people.
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News Comments > On Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions
32. Re: On Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions Mar 21, 2012, 13:53 Endo
Teddy wrote on Mar 21, 2012, 13:39:
That's all very nice, but also 100% conjecture on your part. You have no idea how much anything costs the company or how many sales they require to provide service, or how much they expect to have to make from microtransactions to support the rest of the costs.

As I said, time will tell. Doom and gloom conjecture is neither proof, nor fact.

Not 100% conjecture at all. We know operating costs aren't cheap. We know they're putting in a cash shop with more than what GW1 had, they've already given away that much.

And what makes you think it's doom and gloom? It's simply looking at things realistically. It's certainly not going to drive me away from the game. I've played other cash shop games before, and it's never been the cash shop that caused me to stop. It's always been the gameplay. Personally, I prefer the cash shop model (even if it's somewhat P2W) simply because it lets me keep an account active without paying when I'm not actively playing. Then when I DO play, I can pay to maximize my time. The only time I've ever been pissed off about a cash shop was when City of Heroes went to that model, and they took away perks and chracter slots I'd already paid for.
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News Comments > On Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions
25. Re: On Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions Mar 21, 2012, 13:16 Endo
Teddy wrote on Mar 21, 2012, 13:04:
Having played (or rather still playing) the original Guild Wars, I've seen what they did with the microtransactions (MT's) in that and it gives some hope. Most of the MT's in that were related to costumes or polymorphs that had no impact on the game itself. Another big one was the ability to bring one of your previous characters along as a hero character when creating/leveling an alt. The most questionable one was the ability to unlock huge chunks of skills in game, though you still had to spend the time/effort in game to buy them after they were unlocked. It just saved you the grind of running around looking for mobs that had those skills to capture for yourself.

They may cross the line with GW2, but I found what was there in GW1 to be fairly well balanced, nothing that dramatically changed the way you played the game. Most of the things I thought were absurdly overpriced as well, but that's me.
Of course they're going to have to "cross the line" with GW2. It's an actual MMO. It's going to cost a lot more money to run than GW1 does. You say you're still playing GW, how can you not see this? It's the same move as Blizzard going from Diablo 2 to WoW. I fully expect to see most of the standard fare you see in totally F2P MMOs. Going by what other MMOs charge in subscription fees or what they make you want to buy in cash shops, $60 per player should be enough for about 3-6 months, maybe 8 tops. We all know they won't have a new expansion ready by then (and even if they did, expansions aren't cheap to develop either). So with no subscription fee, where the hell do you think the money is going to come from? An extra character slot or recustomization now and then? You know that's not enough revenue to keep things going.
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News Comments > On Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions
22. Re: On Guild Wars 2 Microtransactions Mar 21, 2012, 13:07 Endo
InBlack wrote on Mar 21, 2012, 11:16:

But they are still using the F2P model...

LoL guys, did any of you really, REALLY believe that they can keep an MMO the size and scope of GW2 running on the initial purchase price alone?? Well in theory maybe they could. Apparently it worked for GW1. Afaik the first was basically a slightly more expanded version of Diablo2. This second one is supposed to be a persistent world MMO right??

Its Microstransactions all the way to the bank for Arenanet. I dont understand the nerdrage, they gotta make the money somehow...

Exactly. All stuff I've been saying for a while now. You can't fund a full-scale MMO on $60 per player for more than a few months. It's just not enough money. GW1 was not a full scale MMO, in fact it wasn't actually an MMO at all. And you are correct, the way it was designed was very much like DiabloII - which also never had a monthly subscription fee.

So yes, there will be a cash shop. And yes, you will be spending money on cash shop items every month or two, or spend a LOT of time grinding in-game gold for it instead. It's not going to be just fluff or extra character slots like in GW1. Count on it. But that doesn't make any of this bad. Money to run an MMO has to come from somewhere. At least this way you have the choice to pay every month or just get what you need more slowly.
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News Comments > The Elder Scrolls MMOG Announcement in May?
46. Re: The Elder Scrolls MMOG Announcement in May? Mar 16, 2012, 16:13 Endo
venomhed wrote on Mar 16, 2012, 13:02:
Also this MMO could benefit greatly from the game Mount & Blade. Ditch the idea of "levels" where people become too powerful.

Imagine and MMO without levels, but maybe with skills? This would force people to stick and work together because someone that plays the game 1 year would be really good, but he could get ganked by 3-4 players that have just started the game the past week.

Don't think this is possible? Ultima Online was this way for about 6-9 months. At first it was chaos. You left a town, people would hide in the tree's and kick your ass in. Eventually mobs of real people would go out and murder the real bandits and hunt them down. It was incredibly tense and fun, people would help you, heal you etc. etc. The other aspect is that you ACTUALLY LOST THE ITEMS YOU HAD ON YOU! None of this zero death penalty. So when you got snuffed you could lose that sweet armor, weapon, gold, your horse. Made you think twice.

MMO's today are a friggin treadmill of grinding with no penalty for jack all. BORING

I would like to introduce you to a game I play called Eve Online. You may have heard of it. It usually has about 25-50 thousand people online at any given moment. It has all the features you mentioned in your post.
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News Comments > Diablo III May 15th
133. Re: Diablo III May 15th Mar 15, 2012, 18:56 Endo
Prez wrote on Mar 15, 2012, 17:20:

I'll admit ignorance here because I never played Diablo online. But let's look at Dungeon Defenders, which in some ways is very similar to Diablo. They have an online single-player and an offline single-player. You can mod, cheat, use trainers, etc to your heart's content in the "Open" mode (offline single-player and coop). But if you want to have your stats tracked, and want to play in sanctioned tournaments and events, coop or singleplayer, you need a completely separate set of characters and equipment, and as far as I've seen this works perfectly. I certainly won't accept that a cash-strapped indie with a fraction of the talent and resources of a mega-studio like Blizzard is capable of pulling off what Blizzard can't. Eliminating "They can't do it", which seems logical to do, leaves "They refuse to do it", which I find irksome to say the least.

I know this is a bit of a late reply, but I found it interesting you referenced Dungeon Defenders. Last time I played that game (several months ago) it was just as easy to hack in one mode as the other. All the relevant data was easily found unencrypted in RAM on the local machine.
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchases Get Beta and Early Access
39. Re: The Old Republic Patch Plans, Friends Trial Mar 13, 2012, 17:23 Endo
Darks wrote on Mar 13, 2012, 10:12:
Ripperjack wrote on Mar 13, 2012, 10:05:
Since when did games start at $60?? Bloody EA and their price gouging!

Yea, the whole 60 dollar thing is getting out of hand. And yes EA and Activision are fricking responsible for this happening. Greedy bastards!!

Actually, the first PC game I remember hitting that price was Warcraft III which was well before Blizzard merged with Activision.

Verno wrote on Mar 13, 2012, 10:07:
Ripperjack wrote on Mar 13, 2012, 10:05:
A friends trial offer, so soon after release? This game WILL go F2P within 6 months, if this keeps up. Then you can play your WoW with glow sticks for free, each month.

Every game should have a friends trial at launch IMO, most don't because they want the launch copy money so badly. The Guild Wars model is pretty close to F2P already so that wouldn't be a bad thing or something. I'm still amazed they subsidize monthly fees with how crazy expensive it is to make an MMO.
They won't be subsidizing monthly fees. They'll have a cash shop that while not quite as necessary as in most F2P titles, will still be necessary enough to influence many players to spend money every month. They were able to get by without that in the first GW because of the instanced design (it was basically Diablo II but with 3D towns instead of text lobbies for meeting up with other players). A persistent world is going to take a lot more hardware and a lot more bandwidth, and their previous revenue model isn't going to be sufficient.
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News Comments > The Old Republic Patch Plans, Friends Trial
20. Re: The Old Republic Patch Plans, Friends Trial Mar 7, 2012, 18:57 Endo
I'm still playing and enjoying this game, but I think that's because I approached this game completely differently from how I normally approach MMOs. And that is, from the start I have been considering it basically another KotR type of game, except with multiplayer. So I've been taking it slow and playing through the story line on multiple characters. As a result, my highest level character is only lvl 38 (whereas in Rift by this point I was already doing end-game raids). But then, once I hit 50 with a character and run a few end-game flash points once or twice, I'll be done with that character. I expect to be finished with this game some time in the next 3-6 months.

It's not that it's a bad game, it's just not built to be a long-term MMO.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
5. Re: Can Windows 8 satisfy desktop and tablet? Mar 5, 2012, 12:33 Endo
DrEvil wrote on Mar 5, 2012, 11:02:
Creston wrote on Mar 5, 2012, 10:52:


Indeed, and it looks like Windows 8 is the new Windows ME / Vista disaster for desktops.

Maybe Windows 9 will actually be suitable for desktops.
Maybe. I'm starting to wonder if Windows 7 will be the last Microsoft OS I use.

But yeah, every new piece of information I see on Windows 8 just makes me that much more sure I'll never willingly use it.
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News Comments > Origin Auto-Adds Steam EA Games
113. Re: Origin Auto-Adds Steam EA Games Mar 1, 2012, 10:04 Endo
Teddy wrote on Feb 29, 2012, 18:54:
Prez wrote on Feb 29, 2012, 15:02:
Except that I'm not the one that said it. I'm repeating what someone else brought as their argument. To be a strawman argument, I'd have to be misrepresenting what was said. I'm not.

You deliberately used it in a manner completely out of context from the way it was said, so yeah, strawman. In fact, I can't think of a more perfect illustration of the deliberate misrepresentation of an argument that constitutes the exact kind of unfair debating that makes the internet such a waste of time to debate on.

I took nothing out of context. I stated previously that he had agreed to a software agreement wherein the provider had given themselves the 'right' to scan a system to provide better service. He then attempted to oversimplify and draw an ad absurdum argument wherein rape was equivalent to scanning hard drives within the context of a software agreement.

That's the exact context the argument was made, and the exact context I took it when I stated that EA was being made out to be the equivalent of rapists.

If you can't see that in obvious clarity, then yes, debating is a waste of time.
Clearly you didn't even bother to read the post you quoted. You briefly skimmed it, saw the word "rape" and promptly started constructing your straw man.

But hey, you sure are giving that straw man hell! Way to go!
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News Comments > Game of Thrones Web MMORPG Details
10. Re: Game of Thrones Web MMORPG Details Feb 29, 2012, 18:33 Endo
Asmo wrote on Feb 29, 2012, 17:57:
GoT would work with a game format like Mortal Online, but atm it just seems they're wringing every last concept out of it purely because it's popular on TV (rather than preserving the integrity of the franchise...). How bloody unusual... Rolleyes
I stand by what I said earlier. It doesn't translate well to any video game, because what makes it great is the story and the characters. As soon as you change either one, it's no longer the same thing. The fantasy world of A Song of Fire and Ice has nothing really all that interesting or unique about it compared to any other of dozens of fantasy worlds to make it a compelling backdrop for a video game.
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News Comments > Origin Auto-Adds Steam EA Games
106. Re: Origin Auto-Adds Steam EA Games Feb 29, 2012, 18:23 Endo
The pickle wrote on Feb 29, 2012, 18:03:
people who complain about Orgins & use steam = Hyprocrites!!
nuff said!!!
First, it's neither "Orgins" nor "Origins".

Second, Origin the PC game distribution platform is a complete steaming pile of horseshit compared to Steam. (Just as EA is compared to Valve.) Not that Steam is perfect, mind you, but there's plenty of reasons to like Steam and despize Origin.
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News Comments > Game of Thrones Web MMORPG Details
3. Re: Game of Thrones Web MMORPG Details Feb 29, 2012, 11:54 Endo
Slashman wrote on Feb 29, 2012, 10:51:
I just don't see this working out.

I love Martin's work...but it doesn't really make me want to play games based on it.
Exactly. What makes his work great is the characters, the drama, the story. None of it translates all that well really to any video game format, and particularly not an MMO.

But as for his books, he's probably my favorite author and has been for quite some time.
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News Comments > Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch Plans
57. Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch Plans Feb 27, 2012, 19:04 Endo
Creston wrote on Feb 27, 2012, 14:25:
Lorcin wrote on Feb 27, 2012, 02:16:
Creston wrote on Feb 26, 2012, 23:51:
On topic : Has anyone played through several of the classes' storylines? Are they different enough to warrant playing through them, or are even those just variations of "go here and kill X of Y?"


There's a Class plot line per planet but that is maybe 5 missions which is specfic to the class. The other missions you pick up on each planet are the same as the other classes.

Shit. So much for this being 8 single player games in one...

Thanks Lorcin. Edit : Thanks as well Jonny!


It's not quite that simple. The class missions, while a bit sparse, are in fact well worth it to me to create characters of each class. But there's more than that. There's also interactions with all of the 6 companions each of the 4 base classes comes with, which can vary from simple conversation missions to full-fledged unique quests. And then there's also things that make all the other common quests different for your different characters. First, there's always several choices (some of which actually make a real difference depending on how you choose) and you'll find yourself choosing different options for different characters based on whether you decide to play light side or dark side, but also based on what your companion of choice is probably going to like or dislike. You also get some different options and cutscenes depending on whether you're a sith/jedi or not, and you also get different options depending on gender.

There's also alternatives to questing for leveling. If you've already leveled one character and you're not finding the differences in repeat quests to be different enough, you'll find you can level very quickly by doing your class & companion quests, space combat misssions, and flashpoints. The downside here is that space combat gets very repetitive and it can be difficult to find a group for flashpoints due to dwindling populations. Things that were easy to find a group for in the first month are now basically a crapshoot.

It's still worth the monthly sub for me at this point, because I'm still enjoying playing my various alts (I have at least 1 of each base class on empire side). That being said, I'm fairly certain I'll be permanently done with the game in another 3-6 months.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 3 = 40 Hours
13. Re: Mass Effect 3 = 40 Hours Feb 27, 2012, 12:50 Endo
, MCV also points out that Destructoid recently put on a green visor to do some accounting to tally up what it would cost to get all the DLC planned for Mass Effect 3. This results in an eye-popping $869.91 price tag

And people think subscription games are expensive. LOL.
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News Comments > Blizzard's Free-to-Play Plans?
21. Re: Blizzard's Free-to-Play Plans? Feb 24, 2012, 15:05 Endo
Fion wrote on Feb 24, 2012, 01:44:
eunichron wrote on Feb 23, 2012, 23:15:

I'm sure that has absolutely nothing to do with the 1 year free Diablo 3 subscription plan they offered in that quarter. Mean

Funny thing is you could purchase Diablo III three times over for the price of a year of WoW. All those idiots bored to death of the game signed up for a year just to get it free, not even realizing that lol.
Or more likely they figured they're going to pay for another year of WoW anyway, may as well get a free game out of it.

Just because you and I have no interest in playing WoW any more doesn't mean no one else does.
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News Comments > EA Financials
13. Re: EA Financials Feb 2, 2012, 00:12 Endo
Creston wrote on Feb 1, 2012, 21:22:
I thought active subscribers meant people who signed up after their free month?

Normally that's how it gets tallied. But keep in mind, with SW:ToR you MUST subscribe to play the game at all, even for your first month. So technically, whatever number they hit for active accounts, that same number was also their active subscriptions.

I'm currently still playing and enjoying the game, but I highly doubt they've had 1.7 million who stuck around and paid for a second month. But that's just my guess.
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News Comments > The Lord of the Rings Online Expands This Fall
24. Re: The Lord of the Rings Online Expands This Fall Jan 26, 2012, 00:35 Endo
Alamar wrote on Jan 25, 2012, 19:02:

As if grinding for gear isn't bad enough, at least we don't have to grind for skills and abilities...

Obviously you've never played GW, but I'm still baffled just how you imagine people grinding for skills and abilities.

But that aside, let me assure you, there's no grinding for skills and abilities in GW. There's normal skills and elite skills. Normal skills can be purchased from various NPCs. Finding the NPC that has the skill you're looking for can be a bit of an adventure, but once you've found him, well, there you go. Elite skills are generally acquired by killing a special boss mob that has the skill, then capturing it from him. I could go on in detail about how grinding (and the lack thereof) works in GW, but this is not the right place for that.
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