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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
1. Oy! Jul 29, 2005, 22:13 Tom
So that's what happened to em...

This comment was edited on Jul 29, 22:14.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
1. H.264 Jul 29, 2005, 21:46 Tom
What about the hardware acceleration of ENCODING they promised awhile back? Just another case of "sure the hardware will do it, but, uh, it kinda needs the drivers to support it, and they don't..."

Who cares about decoding?

I want to be able to encode 640x480 at 30fps with < 5% CPU usage. Preferably XviD. Would settle for H.264 or WMV9.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
32. Re: DVD Audio Ripping? Jul 27, 2005, 19:37 Tom
Is there a program out there where you can rip audio from a DVD - like sound clips?



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News Comments > Take-Two on FTC Probe
17. Re: Rockstar = Dumb Jul 27, 2005, 07:13 Tom
Also is this particular thing in America where violence and killing is okay but sex is a no no ? Even though you guys have one of biggest porno industries in the World.

It's pure politics + media. This has nothing to do with what the average person in America thinks.

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News Comments > GT Legends Dated
8. Re: No subject Jul 24, 2005, 13:38 Tom
If you're sliding around a lot, check these things:

1) Throttle control. You need to have smooth, analog control over the throttle. Putting the pedal to the floor instantly with all but the weakest of cars is asking for a spin. You need to put the power down quickly but smoothly. Also, make sure you're moving straight ahead before attempting full throttle. Flooring it in the middle of a corner is asking for a spin. Finally, remember that the throttle position is just as important as the steering wheel position (if not moreso) in determining how the car turns and moves through a corner. You should try to be on the throttle just a little bit ( 10-25% ) as you're turning, then gradually increase to full throttle as the car straightens out. You should find that it's much more stable to do brake->slight throttle->turn->full throttle than brake->turn->full throttle.

2) Speed. In a simulation, it's easy to think you're going slower than you really are. This leads to trying to take corners too fast. You MUST slow down enough for a corner, otherwise you'll start sliding when you try to take it.

One technique for getting used to these things really works well, but requires a bit of patience. Do at least one whole lap around the track going slow, maybe half speed. Shift early and keep the RPMs low. Imagine you're in your own crappy road car instead of something set up for racing. Get to know the track a bit. If you're going slow, you should never slide around at all. After you can do a lap like that, start gradually speeding up, taking it to higher RPMs before you shift.

Setups can make a big difference in handling, but these principles apply no matter what car or setup you're using. In LFS S2, the default setups are ok for learning - it makes the car easy to drive but not as fast as it could be. The race_1 setups are really nicely tuned and I often only adjust the brake bias and max strength to suit my preference.

Anyway, if I were to pick one critical piece of advice out of all this, I'd say it's to make sure the car is moving straight ahead before you try to accelerate. The quicker you want to accelerate, the straighter the car needs to be.
This comment was edited on Jul 24, 13:41.
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News Comments > GT Legends Dated
5. Re: No subject Jul 24, 2005, 11:14 Tom
I guess you haven't played LFS S2.

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News Comments > Retail Group on GTA
6. Re: Even though... Jul 20, 2005, 22:02 Tom
I'm puzzled to why Rockstar hasn't tracked down the original author(s) of Hot Coffee and sue them for breaching the "Terms of Agreement" before installing the game? I don't know about the PS2 version because I don't recall such a thing. The author(s) are the ones who are causing the damage, not Rockstar unless this was an inside job.

Damage? C'mon. The more controversy, the more $$$. This is exactly what they want. More profit for them, at the expense of the industry.

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News Comments > Romero Departs Midway
44. Re: Asshole Jul 13, 2005, 14:40 Tom
Wow you people are a bunch of assholes. Making snide remarks about his personal relationships and employment when you have never even met the guy or have any clue about his life.

Grow up and get your own life.


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News Comments > Live for Speed S2 Alpha
10. Re: Finally! Jun 25, 2005, 00:28 Tom
Actually, I think LFS is as forgiving as a sim can be and still be a sim. Many of the cars are downright easy to drive. Of course, you can't drive like it's NFS, with the gas floored all the time and never touching the brakes. If you really want sadism, try GPL or a Papy NASCAR sim on a road course.

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News Comments > Live for Speed S2 Alpha
8. Re: Finally! Jun 24, 2005, 15:26 Tom
Well, playing a racing sim with a keyboard is kind of like playing Quake with only a keyboard. Except Quake would probably be much easier.

It's not the same with a racing sim as it is with arcadish games like NFS. Just try it, and you'll see what I mean. You really need analog control over the gas pedal to properly experience a racing sim. Analog control over steering is also important. If you use the keyboard, then software has to do most of the driving for you. Doesn't seem fun to me.

Wheels aren't THAT expensive, but they are an unfortunate barrier to entry for this type of game. Right now there seem to be roughly three classes of wheels out there:

1) Cheap crap - if it's $50 or less, forget about it.
2) Logitech Driving Force Pro (~$100) - decent, I've heard.
3) Expensive, non-FF ($300+) - for serious simmers only.

This comment was edited on Jun 24, 15:26.
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News Comments > Live for Speed S2 Alpha
4. Re: Finally! Jun 24, 2005, 14:06 Tom
It's not someone else.

To anyone considering trying LFS: Please use a wheel. There are very skilled and successful joystick (and even keyboard) drivers out there, but you probably don't have that kind of patience. A wheel is so much more fun anyway.

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News Comments > Live for Speed S2 Alpha
1. Finally! Jun 24, 2005, 12:19 Tom
It's been 2 years since the release of S1. This is one of the most important events in sim racing history! Live for Speed has traditionally been simulating less powerful cars, but this release opens it up to the really powerful stuff... while also offering new tracks, more realistic physics, fuel usage and pit stops, automatic car skin downloading, a totally revamped online stat-tracking site (LFS World), and so on.

Wish I wasn't stuck at the office right now, ARGH!!!!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
1. LFS S2 is out!! Jun 24, 2005, 11:38 Tom

This is big news!! Been waiting 2 years for this!

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News Comments > Stargunner Freeware
4. Re: SWEEEEET! Jun 22, 2005, 21:58 Tom
Mmmn.. what was so good about Terminal Velocity? I seem to remember that it was the cloud layer that you could fly through.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
3. Oblivion UI Jun 20, 2005, 20:30 Tom
Todd Howard: The two interfaces will be different. We designed the Oblivion interface with TVs in mind as well, unlike Morrowind where we really had to shoehorn it in about halfway through the project. Both versions will have a much more streamlined and easier-to-use interface than before.

Uh oh. Can we say IW, folks?

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
2. Re: What made CS so popular? Jun 20, 2005, 20:26 Tom
I think it was a mix of things that CS got right in a big way, in most cases before other games did. The gameplay was addictive and quirky. The maps were (mostly) small and simple and had soul. You could jump in and out of playing at any time. You could do other things (like homework) while you were dead and waiting for the next round. There was variety to the objectives, but they were still really simple. You could communicate with your teammates via the radio commands. You could try to work as a team or go it alone. The weapons were very nicely done, had unique feels to them, and were not totally generic like other games. It was usually fairly unpredictable as to exactly how each round would play out. It had amazing replay value.

So I think the fact that it was just plain good as a game was mostly responsible for its success. I don't know that the game got much (if any) marketing before it got really popular. And what seems more likely... cybercafes made CS popular, or CS made cybercafes popular?

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News Comments > Guild Wars Exploit Closed
20. Re: Hmmm Jun 20, 2005, 20:02 Tom
People who go out of their way to exploit should be banned from online games. Period. Paying $50 does not give you the right to play an online game on your own terms. You play on THEIR terms.

If it was a gray area issue, then warnings might have been nice, but this certainly doesn't sound like it was a gray area issue.

This talk about them being all too eager to ban people is dumb. Why would that be in their best interest? Because they got the $50 and there's no monthly fee, so they profit by eliminating as many players as possible? I don't think so. They want people to play, get their friends to play, and eventually buy expansions. They seem to have no trouble whatsoever meeting demand.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Demo
192. Re: 12 Minutes? Jun 10, 2005, 19:25 Tom
Maybe you should stop being a dumbass troll and use your own brain. There are demos that do this. And he said "there is a 12 min timelimit on the demo". He said nothing about rounds.

I knew they had impremented a round system but didnt know how long it was or I might have put the two together. Now do you care to actually contribute to this thread or you just going to be an asshole?

Heh, I kinda figured you wouldn't take too kindly to that. But really, this demo is a big one, the most significant demo in awhile. Lots of people have been frothing at the mouth for it. Don't you think the outcry would be pretty big if they limited it to 12 minutes total? Would it buy them anything? And what MULTIPLAYER demos have exited or expired after a short time period like 12 minutes?

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Demo
187. Re: 12 Minutes? Jun 10, 2005, 19:14 Tom
Ok, 12min round times is completely different from there being a 12min timelimit on the demo. Mad Max maybe you hsould be more clear next time eh?

Maybe you should use your brain next time. What did you think, that the demo would exit after 12 minutes and you'd have to restart it? Or perhaps your total playing time would be 12 minutes and then the thing would expire, leaving you with nothing to do but uninstall it?


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News Comments > Warcraft III Bans
4. Re: OMG Jun 2, 2005, 19:25 Tom
Also realize that they haven't "cut off" these Warcraft 3 players. They just closed the accounts. These people can just make new accounts. It's the CD key that matters. If that gets disabled, then you're cut off.

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