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News Comments > Lord British Honored
2. Re: No subject Nov 9, 2005, 00:12 Tom
It's been a long time since we saw something good from him. But he deserves this if only for his work prior to Ultima 8. Ultimas 6, 7, and SI in particular were brilliant RPGs. Today we hear about how one of Oblivion's big features is NPCs that live on a schedule. They tend shop, go out to eat, sleep at home, and so on. Well, that was done in Ultima 6, and that game ran on my 286 with EGA.

Here's to Lord British. I had a great time trying to murder you with powder kegs and glass swords.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
17. Re: LCD Guide Nov 7, 2005, 19:21 Tom
Yeah, whats up with that anyways? I found many 19" LCDs for just over $250, while the 20"s are over $500. Thats just crazy. I guess the higher resolution may have something to do with that.

Check out You can sign up to get emails when a 20" LCD goes on sale, and they tell you what coupon codes to use (if needed). I've bought two Dell 2001FP's this way for an average of $440/ea shipped. Very nice display for a nice price.

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News Comments > On the Oblivion Delay
62. Re: No subject Nov 7, 2005, 18:31 Tom
people who spout off on things they have no clue about, or can't even be bothered to make a simple calculation or form a logical train of thought about

the fiction you believe

Christ. Someone has really no idea about how technology works.

You haven't the faintest clue

I call calling bollocks on an obvious untruth to be as civil as I can get

People like you are the reason that places like this are so devoid of intelligent conversation.


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News Comments > On the Oblivion Delay
60. Re: No subject Nov 7, 2005, 16:27 Tom
You're the one confusing my statements, not me. I never said that I could match the 360's capabilities in $300. I specifically stated I could exceed current consoles. Note that the 360 is not a current console.

Last I checked, a PS2 doesn't go for $300. So what's the point of saying you can exceed the specs of current consoles by spending much more than they cost?

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News Comments > On the Oblivion Delay
56. Re: No subject Nov 7, 2005, 15:54 Tom
Agreed. I'm just sick and tired of the console fanbois claiming a mythical cost advantage. Sure, a console is cheaper right now, but I can build a PC that meets (and vastly exceeds) the specs of current consoles for ~$300.

How is there not a cost advantage? Are you saying that you can build a $300 PC with better specs than the XBox360? Or a $150 PC with better specs than a PS2?

I'm not a console fanboi btw. The only console I ever bought was a Dreamcast, and that was for Soul Calibur. I've been a PC gamer since my XT clone.

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News Comments > On the Oblivion Delay
50. Re: No subject Nov 7, 2005, 14:06 Tom
I thought it was discovered that most/all of the 360 launch titles were using single threading?

Maybe not...

This was later debunked. Supposedly the guy who said that at MS was only referring to an early review of a limited number of titles, and now the developers (and MS) are saying that most of the games are multithreaded. Oblivion in particular is supposedly heavily multithreaded, according to Bethesda... I wonder if we'll be able to see some benchmarks of it on single core vs. dual core CPUs. That would be very interesting.

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News Comments > On the Oblivion Delay
49. Re: No subject Nov 7, 2005, 14:03 Tom
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Morrowind was made on the PC first and only later did they do the XBox port. (It was not developed for both simultaneously.)

True...this however only makes the tv acceptable from a distance as that makes for a better diffusion and blurring of the individual 'pixels' of the tv. This does not mean that image quality is better, or even the same. Image quality is MUCH worse, for one due to the lower rezolution, and that is compounded by distance; you are confusing acceptable quality with what actually makes for better quality. This is a really elementary fact, the proof being that if you replaced your tv with HDTV (or a monitor), you would get a much better image.

Absolute untruth. Common standards (PAL/NTSC) were designed to do the best work with the technologies which were available at the time. What you call low rez wasn't at the time. TV's are designed to deliver the standard (PAL/NTSC) agreed upon over co-axial cable. This statement also shows ignorance about how old/modern standards are formed.

In my opinion, it's all about perception and the end result : a very human and subjective judgement. It sounds like you think it's all about the numbers. Numbers and theory are great, but they mean little if they don't make a significant enough difference in practice. Also, standards and the devices that implement them evolve, by the way. Do you think TVs of today are the same as the ones made decades ago? And I don't appreciate your accusations of ignorance. I kept my arguments civil and it would be nice if you did the same.

Anyway,if you really want to pare this down to cost, ponder this: if you have a recent-ish pc, it's cheaper to just buy the game. If you have an older pc, get some ram and a midrange gfx card for 150 bucks total (to get it playable, maybe $250 to get it running quite nicely), and you're still cheaper off than getting an xbox.

$150 for the RAM and the gfx card? Even for just the gfx card, $150 is only going to get you performance that's 2 generations behind the latest. $250 (for just a gfx card) will get you about one generation behind, which just might be acceptable. When you throw in the cost of RAM, you're at the same level as the XBox 360.

There's no denying that the XBox 360 gives you tremendous hardware for the money. Given this, some people are going to decide it's easier and cheaper for them to just buy the console than to get their computer up to speed. Do you dispute this line of reasoning?

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News Comments > On the Oblivion Delay
43. Re: No subject Nov 7, 2005, 12:35 Tom
TV doesn't need as high resolution to look as good as a PC CRT or LCD. This is because 1) you sit farther away from the TV and 2) TVs are absolutely designed to make low-res content look good, and they do a very good job of it.

I'm not convinced that most people who are considering XBox360+Oblivion vs. upgraded PC+Oblivion have a need (real or imagined) to buy a new TV to get a good experience.

But anyway, the question I was trying to answer was: "Why would anyone consider getting the console version of the game when they can get it on the PC?" And my answer was only: "Some people may do it because it's cheaper for them." If you want to argue this point, then do it. But you don't have to convince me that the PC version is the better choice for all kinds of other reasons.

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News Comments > On the Oblivion Delay
40. Re: No subject Nov 7, 2005, 09:57 Tom
You missed my point. I'm not saying that the console version will provide a better experience or is a better value than upgrading a PC to run this game. I'm prepared to shell out $1500 to build a new computer for this game (and others, but this one being the trigger).

What I'm saying is that some people will choose the console version because it's cheaper and they know it will run better. And y'know, if you buy a 360, you can play other games on it too.

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News Comments > On the Oblivion Delay
37. Re: No subject Nov 7, 2005, 09:18 Tom
well, lets see, 99.9% of the folks on here have computers, so that would be $0 vs. $299-399 for the 360.

Ok, what percentage of those people do you think have computers that will run Oblivion to their liking? And what percentage of those people are in a position to make a low-cost upgrade (i.e. only a gfx card, which by itself is likely to be more than half the cost of the 360)?

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News Comments > On the Oblivion Delay
33. Re: No subject Nov 7, 2005, 08:27 Tom
Although I deem this a must buy for me...for the PC, why would this be a reason to purchase a console? It's coming out on both platforms, whats the draw to the 360 version?

Any way you slice it, it would cost at least twice as much as the 360 to build a PC that will run Oblivion well. You could very easily spend 3-4 times as much. I think that would be the main draw to getting the console version.

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News Comments > On the Oblivion Delay
24. Re: No subject Nov 6, 2005, 23:57 Tom
I think you'd need an AMD64 4Ghz with 2GB of ram and dual 7800s in SLI to run it comfortably at that resolution. Well, maybe I exaggerated a little, but you get the idea. Most people probably expect to run at 1024 or 1280 with AA.

With dual 7800's in SLI I would expect to run at 1600x1200 with AA. Even a single 7800 oughta be able to do that, actually.

My 2.8GHz P4 and 9800 Pro are still able to do 1600x1200 in Battlefield 2. Sure, the settings aren't maxed, but it still looks good.

I expect Oblivion will be more demanding than BF2, overall, but if it has the scalability that BF2 has, it might just work. Those forests kinda scare me, though.

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News Comments > On the Oblivion Delay
10. Re: No subject Nov 6, 2005, 20:01 Tom
This is good - I don't really want to build a new computer just yet, but I think my 2.8GHz P4 and 9800 Pro won't be enough to run this comfortably at 1600x1200. Putting a newer AGP card in here is not a very attractive solution. So it seems I need a new motherboard, CPU, memory, gfx card, power supply... which is pretty much a new system. And if I'm going to do that, I might as well upgrade the main drive from a 36GB Raptor to a 74GB Raptor w/ the NCQ goodness. (Actually, anyone know if there's a better performing non-SCSI hard drive than the 74GB Raptor? It seems like it's been around for awhile now.)

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News Comments > Source Map Plans
10. Re: No subject Nov 6, 2005, 01:01 Tom
mmmmmnn siege... definitely the best.

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News Comments > New America's Army
8. Re: Game any good? Oct 13, 2005, 19:21 Tom
I thought the training was the best part of the first.

I have to agree. I really enjoyed some of that training and did it many more times than was necessary. It was the most memorable part of the experience for me, along with lobbing grenades back and forth on that foggy bridge map.


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News Comments > Cyan Turnaround
5. Re: No subject Sep 29, 2005, 21:39 Tom
Alright Ray, enough with the secret text already.

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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
2. Acrobat Sep 25, 2005, 17:03 Tom
Seriously, Acrobat is the king of bloat. No matter how good of a computer you build, it STILL takes forever to start Acrobat just to look at the simplest 1 page PDF file!

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News Comments > Op Ed
2. Re: Offshoring Sep 23, 2005, 09:09 Tom
Whatever. There are still plenty of programming jobs in the US, and most of them require a degree. I got one, and I wasn't even looking.

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News Comments > Gold - GT Legends
9. Re: GTR Sep 22, 2005, 19:04 Tom
The physics in GTR really don't seem that good. The problem is the ISI engine the game is built on, which was designed for twitchy F1 cars. I race in LFS at least twice a week, but lately I've picked up GTR again to cruise around the Nurburgring. The difference in the physics is really striking. Even in something slow and stable like the Lotus, the car is next to impossible to recover when you start pushing the limits. It's tolerable, but I will be so happy when the Nurburgring is available in LFS. It has to happen!

Hopefully Simbin just needs some time to mature and get their priorities straight. They show potential but they're not off to the kind of start that the LFS devs have done. At least, from a community and product quality standpoint.

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News Comments > New ATI CATALYST Drivers
15. Release notes Sep 21, 2005, 19:42 Tom
Is anyone able to get to the release notes? Even when I go through the ATI site 100% to get to them, when I click on the Release Notes link...
it instead brings me to:

I'm not doing any referral blocking or any of that stuff.

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