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News Comments > Morning Q&As
5. Re: No subject Aug 25, 2006, 14:32 Tom
I guess you haven't heard what Sweeny and co. have been saying about next-gen Unreal engine development tools. It's their own tools that are happy to benefit from 4GB+ RAM, hence their early enthusiasm for the Athlon 64.

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News Comments > Verizon Lures Gamers
3. Re: Cute... Aug 10, 2006, 20:55 Tom
Verizon wired my town and the surrounding towns for FiOS. But they decided my street wasn't worth it... So I'm stuck paying $15 more for an unreliable cable modem service that gives 1/4th the speed. Who should I hate more? Verizon or my crappy cable modem company?

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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Patch
18. Re: GRAW Aug 3, 2006, 20:11 Tom
Wow, Igor. That's the most obnoxious post I've seen here in awhile. And that's really saying something. Congrats.

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News Comments > Help Wanted
1. Correction Jul 27, 2006, 11:08 Tom
Iron Lore's office is not in Boston, MA. It's in Maynard, MA. Home of the once-great DEC!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
11. Re: LCD Insight Jul 18, 2006, 11:42 Tom
how good are LCDs at interpolating for lower resolutions? Is the blurring tolerable or unbearable?

Depends on the LCD, how far down you're going from native, and the kind of stuff you're displaying. I'm currently running Oblivion at 1280x960 on a Dell 2001FP (native 1600x1200) and the quality is pretty good - it doesn't seem blurry, and it's almost like a free low quality FSAA. However, it does introduce a certain kind of aliasing effect. It didn't affect text or small details, but rather long, straight edges that were at slight angles. The effect was very noticible to me at first, but the framerate difference going from 1600x1200 to 1280x960 was so enormous that I decided to stick it out. After a few hours I got totally used to it and it's rarely noticible anymore.

However, going down to 1024x768 or lower is too much of a stretch for me. There's too much aliasing/pixelation, even though it's done in a smooth way. It looks bad in motion.

*Maybe* 1280x1024 to 1024x768 is not too much of a stretch. However, be careful about the aspect ratio. 1280x1024 is not the standard 4:3. If you run the LCD at 1024x768 or 800x600, the picture will either get stretched or there will be some blank area.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Beta Patch
7. Re: Sigh Jul 15, 2006, 01:44 Tom
why is it whenever there is a news item about this game it gets like 20,000 fucking replies?

It's because the game is popular, and with good reason. Despite the bugs it's fun. People enjoy playing it. Although you would never know it from the posts around here.

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News Comments > New Oblivion Quest Coming
21. wah wah wah Jun 2, 2006, 08:50 Tom
Every Oblivion thread here is the same.. you guys are such a bunch of whiners. The game is great. It comes with a huge amount of content and a lot of *fun* quests. These add-ons are NOT stuff that should've been in the game but was excluded. If you don't like this strategy, show them by not buying it. If you think future games are going to abuse this strategy by leaving stuff out of the game, then those games will suck and there will be corresponding backlash. Oblivion is not such a game.

And has it ever occurred to you idiots that the people working on the extra content are not the same people who are working on the patch?


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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
1. Nvidia posts Vista beta driver May 24, 2006, 10:13 Tom
the driver comes with a Vista "inspired" control panel

Translation: it sucks.

a feature that allows switching between a classic (legacy) and the new interface

Translation: they know it sucks.

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News Comments > Nintendo: Why Ask Wii?
23. Archaic kana Apr 27, 2006, 15:55 Tom
Anyone know if this is the name being used in Japan also? Would it be written with the archaic kana 'wi' then?

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News Comments > Wizard's Tower for Oblivion
3. Re: and soon... Apr 24, 2006, 23:42 Tom
There is nothing new for Bethesda to learn. YOU are the one who needs to learn. Bethesda already knew lots of people would steal their stuff. They also knew lots of people would buy it. If they keep on releasing it, it means enough people are buying it to make it worth their while.

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News Comments > New Live for Speed
8. Sauber F1 Apr 22, 2006, 11:41 Tom
Wow. I never expected that a modern F1 car could be so fun to drive. I spent about 3 hours with my teammates on voice last night just driving the heck out of that F1 car. It's so fast... but so controllable. Even with the traction control turned off, I could do 10 consecutive laps without a spin, despite being new to the car. At first I thought maybe the new physics were too easy? But it still feels extremely realistic, and you DO have to be careful with that throttle. Launches sure are interesting without traction control on.

I've also been playing LFS since the very beginning, and it's undoubtedly the best racing sim ever created. For max fun, make sure you 1) use a wheel and 2) get on voice with some friends while you're racing. What a blast.

The only weakness is that the netcode is TCP-based, which means that if your network connection craps out for more than a few seconds, you get booted from the server. This really sucks when you're an hour into a two hour league race...

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
5. Re: forced ad viewing Apr 19, 2006, 12:11 Tom
You know, nobody is forcing you to sit there and watch TV. It is possible to lead a life without TV. I've been TV-free since 1998. You might not feel like much of an American anymore, but you will be free...

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News Comments > Another World Remake
24. Re: Another World Remake Apr 17, 2006, 00:55 Tom
Wowsers, on the French (complete) version of the site, check out the box art for "Profanation". Sure, games may have gotten more violent over the years, but you'd never see a box like that on the shelf in Best Buy.

Ya, I saw that too. Hilarious! And a bit disturbing. Did you read Eric's comment about it? Pretty funny.

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News Comments > Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and Reign of Chaos Patches
2. Re: No subject Apr 13, 2006, 09:55 Tom
It doesn't take a dedicated department to release a fix like this once every couple of months. Did you look at the patch notes? It's simply:

Fixed an exploit that could happen in multiplayer games.

There are still tons of people playing Warcraft 3 online (myself included) and, while the game is pretty solid at this point, there are still some annoying bugs that could be fixed. For example, splits and sudden disconnects when playing custom maps.

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News Comments > New CATALYST Drivers
2. Re: Acer Apr 12, 2006, 16:54 Tom
That's what you get for trying to game on a laptop. Laptops are not meant for gaming! Get a real computer!

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News Comments > ATI Oblivion Beta Driver
14. Re: ... Apr 6, 2006, 22:10 Tom
I've been playing on a 9800 Pro with Cat 5.8's. The only time the game has ever crashed was on exit. Then I found out that if you exit to the menu first, then exit the game from there, it doesn't crash. Since I started doing that, no crashes.

I'm about 16 hours into it and haven't come across any gameplay bugs except getting stuck in things. One time I went to open a door but it was locked. I backed out of the minigame and found myself inside the walls to the building, looking out into the world. I fast-travelled out of that one. The other time I got stuck was when I decided to exercise my acrobatic skills and jump over to a coffin to see what might be behind it. It soon became clear that I wasn't meant to be there, as I got stuck and had to reload. But thanks to the lightning fast quicksaves, I quicksave a LOT so it was fine.

What a great game. You're right about the health warning. There should definitely be one. I just wish I had more time to play it...

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News Comments > Oblivion Downloads
7. Re: Bend over Apr 4, 2006, 18:59 Tom
Remember Lost Coast? Remember how it was a whole map with new technology integrated? And remember how that was totally free? Yeah, real similar.

What's your point here with Lost Coast? Lost Coast was a tech demo, not a game. It had maybe 15-20 minutes of "gameplay" at best. The highlights were getting a look at their new HDR tech and listening to the commentary.

I liked Lost Coast, but seeing as how it had no significant gameplay, I don't see what point you're trying to make by bringing it up here.

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News Comments > Why No KOTOR3?
3. Re: ... Mar 31, 2006, 10:41 Tom
Ya, 2 was bad. The first 2/3 of the game was wonderful. But then the ending... oh, it was so bad! Time was obviously a factor, but I have to wonder if they also just couldn't figure out a good way to wrap up the story.

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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
3. Re: hmm Mar 16, 2006, 12:15 Tom
If you look at the source for this web page, you'll see that the character set for the page is explicitly specified as windows-1252. This rules out posting anything in a Japanese encoding such as Shift-JIS, EUC, or Unicode encodings such as UTF-8.

If it was possible to use HTML in posts, then the character set wouldn't matter. You could just post using HTML escape codes which specify the character values in Unicode. (Web browsers are smart enough to do this for you when you submit a form on a page with an incompatible charact set.)

For example:


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