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News Comments > Utah: Games = Pr0n
24. Re: No subject Feb 26, 2006, 12:53 Tom
Yah but they can have 20 wives though.....

Trolling or ignorance? Either way these comments are stupid.

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News Comments > rFactor Beta Patch
3. Re: awsome! Feb 18, 2006, 17:38 Tom
The only thing this game has going for it is moddability. For a real racing sim, pick up Live for Speed.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
4. Re: New Singleplayer game Feb 16, 2006, 13:41 Tom
I think it's great that he recognizes and admits that Ultima 7 was the pinnacle of his works. And wow, if Oblivion could approach that kind of world... well, I shouldn't get my hopes up.

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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
3. Re: No subject Feb 16, 2006, 01:19 Tom
KingKanji has been doing something similar on the Palm (and Windows) for awhile:

Great writing practice. But its judgement of similarity/accuracy is very basic. All it really tries to do is make sure the direction of each stroke is basically right. That's enough for learning, though.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Patch Soon
22. Re: No subject Feb 13, 2006, 20:51 Tom
1) Jump up into the air
2) Go prone
3) Stand back up
4) Come back down to the ground
5) Repeat 1-4

I do it while camping those helicopter spawns. It really does look funny. But using it in combat? That's just bad.

By the way, another funny looking thing you can do in BF2... Get in a raft and get onto the turret. Move the turret up and down to its extremes, as quickly as possible. And do it while turning left to right, or spinning around in 360's. It's a hilarious way to kill the time (and potentially yourself and your crew) during those long boring boat rides.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Patch Soon
18. misc. replies Feb 13, 2006, 19:02 Tom
Communities like that dont allow crap like dolphin diving or C4 buggy suicides.

Dolphin diving is kinda lame, can't argue with that. But no C4 buggy suicides?!?!? That's one of the funnest parts of the game, and it's good, clean fun.

where else would you put them

The only safe place to lay mines is RIGHT IN FRONT of enemy vehicles as they're moving. To do otherwise is just begging for a teamkill or four.

Last patch wanted 3 GB even though temporary location and game were not there.

The workaround for this was a simple registry edit to temporarily move your C:\Program Files dir to another drive. Yes, they want to store temp patch files in the Program Files dir, which is really dumb. But the workaround works - my friend who made his C: too small has patched this way twice now.

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News Comments > New NVIDIA ForceWare Drivers
12. Re: Extract the file with WinZip or what Feb 7, 2006, 16:22 Tom
Any opinions on the 7800GS? I wouldn't mind hanging onto my AGP system for awhile yet. But paying more for fewer pipelines (16 as compared to the 7800GT with 20) does not sit too well with me.

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News Comments > Sunday Metaverse
7. Re: Google death Penalty Feb 6, 2006, 08:56 Tom
Haha. Those are some funny responses. I think Google did the right thing here. But my thinking was just that they've accumulated so much power (and so many enemies) so quickly... can they handle it? It seems doubtful.

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News Comments > Sunday Metaverse
2. Re: Google death Penalty Feb 5, 2006, 21:54 Tom
Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Don't be evil?

Don't be ridiculous.

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News Comments > GTR 2 Announced
9. Re: Grand Theft Racing Jan 12, 2006, 16:56 Tom
Mmn, TD3 was a one of a kind game. Has any other high quality game provided such driving freedom? I think Mafia came closest. Somehow, I can't count GTA as being in the same class...

TD3 had some great easter eggs too. Remember the big ol' barn with the TIE fighter inside?

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News Comments > Serious Sam 3 Plans?
13. Re: I don't get the hate Dec 31, 2005, 12:35 Tom
For whatever reason the community decided they wanted to hate this game and people continue to rag on it for no reason at all, they can't even back up why they hate it.

Welcome to the Blue's News comment system. Please enjoy your stay.

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News Comments > America's Army Sequel
34. Re: Seriously though ... Dec 28, 2005, 08:10 Tom
Correct me if I'm wrong but he's only ever objected to games that portray petty criminal violence.

So murder is petty criminal violence?

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News Comments > The Mod Squads - Goldeneye: Source
3. Re: No subject Dec 25, 2005, 22:25 Tom
How is this not foxed? Shouldn't MS/Rare, EA, or someone be jumping all over this?

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News Comments > New NVIDIA ForceWare and ATI Catalyst Drivers
11. Re: No subject Dec 21, 2005, 23:48 Tom
Sad to hear that you are deprived of a middle mouse button. But there is hope for you yet. If you can't middle-click, then hold down Control and click. Or right-click and choose "Open Link in New Tab". Or plug a mouse into the laptop.

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News Comments > New NVIDIA ForceWare and ATI Catalyst Drivers
6. How to browse the web Dec 21, 2005, 23:24 Tom
1. Get Firefox.
2. Middle-click on links like mad.
3. Watch as they open in new tabs, while Blue's News remains in focus.
4. Go to the various tabs to view what you want, when you want, with no delays.
5. Set up some ad blocking while you're at it.

This has worked since September of 2002, btw. (Phoenix)

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News Comments > Loki Revealed
22. Re: No subject Dec 19, 2005, 19:09 Tom
DrEvil: Read your post again, but imagine that you're back in the 90's and talking about a 3D accelerator add-in card instead of a physics card. Then fast forward a little bit and think about Quake vs. GLQuake. Then fast forward to today and consider what the market is like for 3D accelerators. See why these guys are making the attempt?

And sure, multi-core CPUs could help with this stuff, but in the end no matter how many cores you have, they're still general-purpose. Ya, they have some instruction sets like SSE and 3DNow that can help a lot, but they're still general-purpose. Special-purpose hardware can be extremely potent.

The real problem with these things is something you touched on: making games support them in a way that is cool enough to make people plunk down the cash and buy them, but of course the game could not REQUIRE it. Just as no 3D game in the early days of 3D acceleration could REQUIRE a 3Dfx card. What they need are dramatic examples of things that simply can't be done with general-purpose hardware. And so far, that fluid dynamics video is the only thing I've seen that comes close to being such an example. And even it is quite far from being a real game showing a real benefit from the technology.

Personally I'd like to see these things get incorporated into graphics cards or motherboards as a $5-10 chip. But if it takes a generation or two of standalone cards to get there, I think they have a shot. Maybe an outside shot.

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News Comments > Loki Revealed
20. Re: MOM Dec 19, 2005, 18:46 Tom
Thanks for the Airtight links. Now I've finally seen something that looks like it could be worthy of a dedicated physics processor: the fluid dynamics simulation. That actually looked pretty good. The rest of the Airtight videos were ok, but really I don't see why they would need a dedicated processor. And those Ageia videos are just plain awful. Good thing they got Airtight to start making good looking videos.

I still won't be convinced enough to buy a dedicated card with one of these until I see videos of a real game with and without the PhysX being used...

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News Comments > V8 Supercars 3 Demo
7. Re: AI?? Dec 16, 2005, 22:36 Tom
Live for Speed:

Multiplayer so good, you'll never need AI.
No Starforce.
No CD!
Better physics than RBR and GTR combined.
Tons of different kinds of cars.
Tons of different kinds of tracks.

Where is the love?

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News Comments > Dear Diaries
3. Re: design by statistics Nov 30, 2005, 08:40 Tom
Y'know, if there's a negative way to look at something, Blue's News commenters will find it.

What's wrong with finding out what your customers want and designing your product around that? All too often we have games with a "creative vision" that deliver stupid stuff that's not fun and not what people want. Why must market research and creative vision be mutually exclusive?

I'm not too hopeful about this game being good, but I think this kind of analysis will do more good than harm.

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News Comments > Lord British Honored
2. Re: No subject Nov 9, 2005, 00:12 Tom
It's been a long time since we saw something good from him. But he deserves this if only for his work prior to Ultima 8. Ultimas 6, 7, and SI in particular were brilliant RPGs. Today we hear about how one of Oblivion's big features is NPCs that live on a schedule. They tend shop, go out to eat, sleep at home, and so on. Well, that was done in Ultima 6, and that game ran on my 286 with EGA.

Here's to Lord British. I had a great time trying to murder you with powder kegs and glass swords.

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