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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
1. Re: Morning Metaverse Dec 16, 2014, 17:18 timesten
If it doesn't go well, will they PP, or QQ?  
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News Comments > Sunday Safety Dance
2. Re: Sunday Safety Dance Sep 21, 2014, 17:46 timesten
meh. You know how you know that viruses exist and that you should be proactive? Same thing. If you have a credit card, you should kinda expect that it isnt secure. Just request a new number from your provider and move on.

Ill trade that for the convenience of using a plastic card to buy real things.
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News Comments > Saturday Tech Bits
8. Re: Saturday Tech Bits Sep 14, 2014, 08:11 timesten
flechett3 wrote on Sep 14, 2014, 04:21:

The last time this happened to me it was when I was in need of a male/male audio cable to hook an ipod nano up to a car aux input. They wanted 13 dollars for the cable. Ordered it instead from Amazon and had it shipped from China for a grand total of 1 dollar.

This is the root of the issue. Radio Shack is essentially a middle man. The internet is cutting out middle men. No need for an artist to pay a label or a chinese manufacturer to use a retailer. Radio Shack buys the same connector for a dollar too. It sucks because they are the only people that will sell you resistors or other small components locally, but it is the future.

In business, you have to compete. Price is the last place you want to try that. First you want to have a better product. They cant do that because you can buy direct. Second you have to have a better "offering", like ras pi classes mentioned below. something that says "it may be a bit more, but we are worth it". Third you have to be cheaper.

Radio Shack fails all three of these tests.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
1. Re: Evening Metaverse Sep 11, 2014, 21:08 timesten
I'm not only a google voice user, but ive advocated for it to several people. The integration with hangouts seemed pretty obvious for a while, so im glad they finally pulled the trigger. Currently when I get a text, it dings on my gaming pc, my tablet, and my 2 phones 3 different ways.  
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News Comments > NVIDIA Steam Streaming Support
5. Re: NVIDIA Steam Streaming Support Aug 29, 2014, 08:19 timesten
I have a shield tablet and their native streaming doesn't work with my gtx 570. I did not realize this when I got the tablet. I do plan on getting an 800 series card, but ive been planning on that for a year now ;).

That said, nvidia's grid service is very cool. I was playing street fighter 4 streamed to the tablet from across the country. it looked great and was "unplayable", probably 600ms lag, but I played it anyway.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
4. Re: Steam Top 10 Aug 17, 2014, 14:13 timesten
Luke wrote on Aug 17, 2014, 13:05:
shitty games on a shitty spyware system fits

I thought the "Steam is spyware" angle died down 5 years ago.

As for shitty games, I haven't played all of the ones on this list, but original sin is good/fun and most of the others are insanely popular if they are already out.

If you know of a better digital distribution system, I would definitely like to know about it.
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News Comments > EVE Online Kronos Next Month
2. Re: EVE Online Kronos Next Month May 3, 2014, 13:25 timesten
I never got into PI and I have a fundamental problem with mining, but every time I see a new update, I want to start up my sub again. I have a very old account that doesnt have nearly the skills that people think it should. When I look for a corp, they see my start date and start salivating, then I tell them my skills and they wander off disappointed.

Im not sure what I actually like about the game, the scope I guess, because after I resub, Im left wondering why I did and what I think im actually going to do.

I sometimes think i should go pirate and see how that suits me, but Im not evil...
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News Comments > Steam Controller Demonstration Video
21. Re: Steam Controller Demonstration Video Oct 11, 2013, 18:19 timesten
If You don't like lifting and swiping, just up the sensitivity. Seems like an honest effort at making PC games living room friendly. I hope I get picked for the beta. The only thing I was thinking was that I may want to be able to kinda roll the right pad around in fps or 3ps based action games. To sort of balance direction between your thumb tip and first knuckle. This video didn't seem to show that exactly.  
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News Comments > Shadowrun Returns Tomorrow, New Harebrained Kickstarter Next Month
6. Re: Shadowrun Returns Tomorrow, New Harebrained Kickstarter Next Month Jul 24, 2013, 22:10 timesten
I like the look of this game, but i really want to play with my friends. is there any plan for multiplayer campaigns? i know they are supporting mods, are there any in the works?  
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
1. Re: Evening Tech Bits Jun 21, 2013, 22:41 timesten
I use it successfully to share a drive on my windows 8 htpc which I access with my older macbook, 10.4 maybe, and my girlfriends newer mb pro.. whatever the latest version is. It seems to work pretty effortlessly, though she cant use time machine with it. I also have it mapped to my regular gaming pc running windows 8. I have heard that it takes a bit more work if you are using anything pre win 7, but I think that's expected if you are using xp, which is 10+ years old at this point.  
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News Comments > NVIDIA Face Rendering Demoed
13. Re: NVIDIA Face Rendering Demoed Mar 21, 2013, 10:50 timesten
just watched a 470/480 copilation and it seems like most of what that card added was physics stuff, lighting and overlay stuff and tesseslation, all of which are pretty ubiquitous in todays games. maybe we will see this sooner than we think.  
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News Comments > NVIDIA Face Rendering Demoed
11. Re: NVIDIA Face Rendering Demoed Mar 21, 2013, 10:44 timesten
SpectralMeat wrote on Mar 21, 2013, 10:23:
Well that was sort of my point in an exaggerated way.
Sure you can use a Titan now for that one or 2 games out there on multiple monitors or super HD displays but does that justify the cost of the Titan? For most people it won't.
To see graphics like this in games the consoles will have to be able to do this as well, otherwise devs will not put the extra effort and work for PC gamers.
I did not look at the PS4-Xbox720 specs but I doubt they will be close to anything like a modern PC with a Titan video card or even a 680 GTX.

yep, i got ya. i think i heard that the ps4 will output 4k, but who knows what that will actually mean. the current consoles all say they do hd, but its not 60 fps awesome 1080. we all seem to be saying the same thing, its killer, but wheres the game.

now that i think back on all the nvidia demos, im not sure any of them translated into a game even years after.. i may have to go back and look some up. what is the best looking game out? crysis 3? not sure that looks like even a tech demo from 2 cards back.
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News Comments > NVIDIA Face Rendering Demoed
6. Re: NVIDIA Face Rendering Demoed Mar 21, 2013, 10:13 timesten
SpectralMeat wrote on Mar 21, 2013, 10:00:
By the time devs will take advantage of this tech we will have Titan3 on store shelves.
I wouldn't worry much about what that card costs today, unless you run 20 monitors you won't need a card like that for a while.

Im not sure about that. you can buy a 4k tv today, and this card supports that. I know its high end, but there are some 680 benchmarks for battlefield 3 that suggest 20 fps at 4k on ultra settings. i realize that's luxurious, but its not like there isnt a reason to get a titan now.
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News Comments > NVIDIA Face Rendering Demoed
2. Re: NVIDIA Face Rendering Demoed Mar 21, 2013, 09:25 timesten
Pretty fancy. I'm not buying a thousand dollar video card to make this happen on my machine, but it is neat. Along the lines of the final fantasy movie at the time.

I doubt it will be used in any games for a while, but i wonder if it scales. If not, it cant be put into play for a few years.
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
2. Re: Evening Mobilization Jul 14, 2012, 10:45 timesten
they sent an email confirming shipping at 2:30am last night, so i will have it by mon/tue. not terrible in the scheme of things.  
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
1. Re: Evening Mobilization Jul 13, 2012, 23:00 timesten
count me among the slightly miffed. not that i want any kind of apology or compensation, just sucks to have put in an order the morning of the first day they were up and drive past a gamestop where i could have one today for 3 dollars more. 14 shipping vs 17 tax. the word is that all the preorders should ship within 3 bus. days, which means i should have it no later than friday next.

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News Comments > Evening Screenshots
2. Re: Evening Screenshots Mar 1, 2012, 22:06 timesten
you mean to say battletech and it looks like it. the hexes are a pretty dead giveaway.  
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News Comments > 1.5 M Battlefield 3 Preorders
14. Re: 1.5 M Battlefield 3 Preorders Sep 21, 2011, 18:52 timesten
His opinion is pretty much the same as mine.

I would have already preordered this if it were available thru steam, or if it didnt require a bunch of drm bs, and or if it didnt appear like a milk you for all its worth sales platform rather than a great pc game.

As it it, i am taking the wait and see approach also. A lot of the videos make it look very cool, but there does seem to be a shady element to what is going on.
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News Comments > Castle Empire Beta Signups
2. Re: Castle Empire Beta Signups Jul 20, 2011, 21:21 timesten
Acleacius wrote on Jul 20, 2011, 20:55:
Oh hell yeah, sign me up for some of that sweet sweet, drm!

Whats funny about that is that I have generally low interest in ubi games so I don't buy them at full price ever, but when a steam sale has them for 10 or less, I still don't buy them because of the drm. I buy a bunch of games that I never play but when it come to ubi games i think "ya its only 7 dollars, but maybe i never play it, and that stupid rootkit is on my machhine forever.."
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News Comments > Battlefield 3 Trailer
21. Re: Battlefield 3 Trailer Mar 16, 2011, 19:34 timesten
Teddy wrote on Mar 16, 2011, 17:05:
Wallshadows wrote on Mar 16, 2011, 16:23:
You cannot call a sniper someone who consistently misses and fires wildly. It's a stupid way to build tension for the player when you realize your enemy suffers from Parkinson's disease while looking through the scope.

Despite what movies and video games have sold you, not all snipers are especially skilled. While the common thought is that snipers are high level marksman, that's simply because in a high level military organization, they are. Rogue factions, Terrorists, etc, don't necessarily have the same level training.

All that's required for one to meet the definition of "sniper" is to be one who fires from a concealed place.

It also doesn't require the use of weapons people like to label as "sniper rifles". A 10 year old hidden in a building taking pot shots at people with an AK47 is still a sniper.

my csb:

my uncle tells a story of when he was in vietnam. there was a sniper that was hassling the camp for the first week he was there. one day he sees the muzzle flash when the sniper fires at his general position. my uncle grabs a rifle and starts to take aim. a superior yells at my uncle not to fire, saying " that guy has been shooting at us for 2 months and not hit a thing, if you kill him they may replace him with one that can aim."

also, the video does look great. i liked the multiplayer of bc2, but i miss the random objectives of enemy territory. its still just a box to arm, but it adds to the feel.
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