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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
2. Re: Evening Metaverse Dec 9, 2014, 14:38 Bundy
Cutter wrote on Dec 8, 2014, 20:16:
She's obviously made some decent cake if she could quit her job, but 100 mils? Uh no.

My cat needs to pick up the slack!
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News Comments > No Elite: Dangerous Launch Wipe
45. Re: No Elite: Dangerous Launch Wipe Dec 9, 2014, 14:27 Bundy
SpectralMeat wrote on Dec 9, 2014, 14:11:
Bundy wrote on Dec 9, 2014, 14:04:
you'll still make quite a bit more money just hauling fish around the galaxy.
Planning to do that tonight, haven't had time to play much lately but will do now since there is no more wipe

Me too, I saved enough to buy a Hauler and then a Cobra. Then I quit b/c it's a long grind for the next big upgrade after the Cobra and there was no way I'd get before Dec 16.

But now I can start again. I'm still concerned though. The lack of things to do is still there. They never really addressed it. All we have is the promise that they'll be injecting some life into the galaxy at some unknown future date.
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News Comments > No Elite: Dangerous Launch Wipe
41. Re: No Elite: Dangerous Launch Wipe Dec 9, 2014, 14:04 Bundy
Creston wrote on Dec 9, 2014, 12:49:
Arithon wrote on Dec 9, 2014, 10:18:
Those of us who have been playing the game are fairly pleased by the news we get to keep the assets we've traded hard to get since November.

Cheaters will have their accounts wiped if they are found to be using exploits and anyone who wants to "reset" can at any time.

Moaners love to moan.

Half the complaints are based on the absurd notion that there is some kind of finish line. There is NO PRIZE for the first one to a billion credits, no medal for owning the largest ship. It's a sandbox, not a drag race.

Just out of curiosity, would this mean they also don't reset the exploration stuff? As in the guy who first explores solar system A-12345 gets paid for that, and then it can't be explored anymore.

You'll still get paid for exploring systems that are unexplored to you. You just got some bonus cash for being the first to explore it ever. But given how much exploring pays in general, you'll still make quite a bit more money just hauling fish around the galaxy.
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News Comments > Leaked Street Fighter V Trailer Suggests PC/PS4 Exclusive
4. Re: Leaked Street Fighter V Trailer Suggests PC/PS4 Exclusive Dec 5, 2014, 09:56 Bundy
Microsoft does this with Tomb Raider and the internet explodes. Sony does it with Street Fighter and nobody gives damn.  
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News Comments > Peter Molyneux Hitting The Trail
20. Re: Peter Molyneux Hitting The Trail Dec 2, 2014, 14:52 Bundy
Prez wrote on Dec 2, 2014, 10:23:
What we will be told:

'The Trail' cannot be explained in mere human language. It is simply too awesome to explain within the strict primitive confines of human communication. In fact, its incalcuable greatness will not be able to be fully appreciated by any normal human mind. Only transcendent beings of divine intelligence will be able to grasp the supreme angelic perfection of "The Trail". The term "game" is an insultingly insufficient term to explain what "The Trail" actually is. To play "The Trail" is to look at the face of God Himself, bask in His endless glory, and live, forever changed by his divine omnipotence.

What it will be:

An obtuse, impenetrable, barely interactive point and click fest about mundane themes.

Your description there kinda reminds me of an old Darwinia review that Eurogamer had back in like 2005, you could barely understand it. I think Something Awful lambasted them over the pretentiousness of the whole thing.

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News Comments > The Crew Ships; Day One Patch Released
7. Re: The Crew Ships; Day One Patch Released Dec 2, 2014, 14:46 Bundy
I liked the beta, but I already have Forza Horizon 2. Maybe next Xmas I'll grab this one.  
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News Comments > Game of Thrones Launch Trailer
4. Re: Game of Thrones Launch Trailer Dec 2, 2014, 09:44 Bundy
I'll wait until all the episodes are out before getting this, it'll be cheaper then anyway.

I'll probably like it being a fan of Telltale and the GoT show/books. But my only problem is in the time line. This takes place after the Red Wedding with the Bolton's in power in the north. In the trailer they show Ramsey being his usual creepy self, but what's the point in making him the villain? I know I won't get the chance to kill him, I know he survives. At least with Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us I could make some deadly choices with the antagonists, but here they can't even tease it. Cersie lives. Ramsey lives. Roose lives. We already know who comes out of it alive.

They should have focused entirely on characters that did not exist in the show/books.
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News Comments > Star Citizen at $65M
22. Re: Star Citizen at $65M Nov 30, 2014, 20:41 Bundy
Wildone wrote on Nov 30, 2014, 20:35: can get all this stuff in game? WTF are people paying $400+ for a virtual ship..*shakes head* even with time is more valuable

Pretty sure that Chris Roberts has said that everything you can buy for real money is available for in-game money too. However, I think you can count on it being super expensive. I would hope it would be anyway. Imagine the rage if a $2500 ship could be attained in a couple weeks of casual gaming.
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News Comments > Thanksgiving Consolidation
5. Re: Thanksgiving Consolidation Nov 28, 2014, 11:37 Bundy
I like how when the XB1 gets downgraded visuals and the internet blogs are all "lolololol". When it appears to happen to the PS4 they say, "GET THE LAWYERS!!!!!!"  
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News Comments > Steam Autumn Sale
4. Re: Steam Autumn Sale Nov 26, 2014, 14:04 Bundy
Oooooh no, my wallet!  
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News Comments > Assassin's Creed Unity Patch Three This Week
6. Re: Assassin's Creed unity Patch Three This Week Nov 26, 2014, 09:59 Bundy
ForgedReality wrote on Nov 26, 2014, 09:23:
I've only played AC1 and 2, and didn't bother finishing 2. Why did they come out with two Creeds on basically the same day (Unity and Rogue), yet the only one you ever hear about is Unity, and it's all bad? Rogue actually looks to be far more fun, since it's not all landlocked.

Probably just b/c Unity runs on the newer systems, and is higher profile. Looks like Rogue can pretty much be an expansion to Black Flag.
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News Comments > Assassin's Creed Unity Patch Three This Week
5. Re: Assassin's Creed unity Patch Three This Week Nov 26, 2014, 09:58 Bundy
durandal wrote on Nov 26, 2014, 07:22:
So is the game like Assassin's Creed 3 all over again?

I liked AC3, I know I'm the only one, but other than the lame ass ending, I really liked it.
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News Comments > The Crew Reviews Delay
32. Re: The Crew Reviews Delay Nov 25, 2014, 22:24 Bundy
Parallax Abstraction wrote on Nov 25, 2014, 16:09:
nin wrote on Nov 25, 2014, 13:59:
Agent.X7 wrote on Nov 25, 2014, 13:56:
I've been waiting on a decent racing game for next gen, but nobody seems able to deliver. Too much emphasis on letting the game post to Facebook for you, not enough on racing and cars.

Totally agree. Looked at NFS last fall, but it seemed more focused on online. Driveclub also looked pretty focused on online, and they still can't get the servers working, apparently. And now this...

Maybe Project Cars? It looks so good it's almost too good to be true...

I've been enjoying the Hell out of Forza Horizon 2, if you have an Xbox One of course. It has some social hooks but they're all easily ignored and the single player open-world racing stuff is fantastic fun.

FH2 is great. I just played some of The Crew open beta. So far my early impressions are fairly positive. Kinda hesitant about it given this embargo crap, but given the chance to try the game alleviates it somewhat. What I can say, keeping in mind this is an open beta, and I only played for a couple hrs. FH2 definitely plays better. Your cars just feel like there's weight to them, they have a strong momentum and you can't help but grip the controller hard when you're really flying. Kinda makes me wish for Oculus support. In any case, The Crew still is pretty good, I really can't complain, there's nothing I can pinpoint in particular. FH2 is just better at it. FH2 also definitely looks better. I'm not sure what resolution this is running at but, visually it does fall short, but not by much. But it runs smooth and quick, so no troubles on the framerate front. Maybe the release will up the resolution and assets, not sure.

What The Crew does win out in over FH2 is scale. It's definitely far larger than FH2, or any other open racer I've tried. It's huge, massively huge. And also, and I really wish racer's would catch on to this, b/c I think this is a huge bonus. A single player storyline. Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice showed us that fighting games can be interesting as well as fun. They don't have to have a AI ladder with a weak story tacked on between fights (looking at you street fighter IV). I went through all the battles cause I wanted to see more of the story. I think it's about time racers caught on to this too. I have to say, I don't care for the rave theme of FH2. I'm not 19 years old. I could care less about clubbing, I'd rather sit at home with a hot chocolate and watch movies. Give me a open world racer with tight controls and diverse environments and a solid, engaging single player storyline and I'll race all night long. Probably longer than I will with FH2 which has a better driving model and stronger visuals.

Just playing the first 10m of The Crew will make you wish FH2 had a similar story mode. Even if the rest of the story in The Crew turns out to be weak and lazy, it's a step in the right direction. Racers need to incorporate this. It's not use giving us 300 cars and a 1000 races if we get bored 10 races in.
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News Comments > Elite: Dangerous Goes "Gamma"
60. Re: Elite: Dangerous Goes Nov 24, 2014, 14:14 Bundy
SpectralMeat wrote on Nov 24, 2014, 09:38:
Armengar wrote on Nov 24, 2014, 08:57:
The sheer fact that refunds are being offered at all is a plus.
Definitely since the other space game doesn't offer any. It will be interesting to see the drama from those $10,000+ backers when something they wanted to have in that game won't make it in.
Then Chris will give us a washing machine or clothes hanger for our hanger and it will be all good, like a Jedi mind trick.

By the way the gamma is pretty buggy, using TrackIR and mouse controls the menus are just all screwed up. TrackIR moves the menus around and I think it causes issues with the mouse. Even with the joystick controls in the menu the "enter" key doesn't register I actually have to hit enter on my keyboard. Hope that will get patched up because it is pretty annoying.
I also have to learn how to navigate the map, took on a mission to deliver some booze and I've had no clue where to go. Checked the mission blurb but couldn't find the station I was supposed to deliver to.

Definitely still buggy. The game told me I have a ship parked in a station in this one system, so I go there and check it out. It's my eagle, all well and good. Then I notice another system is flagged as having a ship parked. So I check out the system view. Nope, no stations have a ship for me waiting. Galaxy map says otherwise, but there you go.

Also, it's going around the forums, some blokes have found an exploit available from the very start of the game that let's you create infinite credits. They're not sharing how, but in a couple hrs you can have the best ship in the game fully decked out.

Given that, there's gonna be another save game wipe before release.
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News Comments > Morning Interviews
7. Re: Morning Interviews Nov 21, 2014, 14:07 Bundy
Cutter wrote on Nov 21, 2014, 13:46:
I'd just like to see the zones transition into each other organically like they do in WoW.

That would be neat but there is a pretty large texture quality difference between WoW and DA:I. Skyrim is the better comparison when it is running an HD mod. But even Skyrim has zone loading, and the outdoor open world doesn't have a lot of variety in its art.

It would be cool, I agree. But in the end, I guess the FrostBite engine was never designed for massive high quality open world. Would be neat though, yes.
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
1. Re: Evening Consolidation Nov 21, 2014, 09:40 Bundy
Watched this last night, we enjoyed it. I was never an Atari kid myself. Intellivision all the way baby! In fact I usually pick the underdog in the console wars. Intellivision, Sega Master System, Genesis, PS2 (not the underdog) and XB1.  
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Dragon Age: Inquisition
100. Re: Ships Ahoy - Dragon Age: Inquisition Nov 19, 2014, 15:51 Bundy
Verno wrote on Nov 19, 2014, 15:11:
The weird AI for companions and lack of tactics wouldn't be such a big deal if controlling your companions wasn't so annoying due to the interface problems. The PC control problems are not as simple as adjusting to differences IMO, there are a bunch of small things that keep adding up. I feel like this is a good game awaiting a patch to make it a great game, its a shame its being dragged down by easily foreseeable problems. I really have no idea how some of these made it through play testing.

I think I will give it a whirl with a gamepad later for kicks and see if its any easier because KB/M use is just frustrating for me right now. Too many missing quality of life things and weird design issues.

The controller is easier in some aspects. Like holding the right trigger to auto attack. It feels more natural cause that's how all fps games work. But using the tactical mode is just as futile.
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News Comments > Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick Kickstarter
6. Re: Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick Kickstarter Nov 19, 2014, 14:59 Bundy
I know lots of ppl were disappointed with The Cave. I didn't mind it, but admit there's basically no replayablility beyond the 3rd time through.

But then I saw my boy playing it one day, and then the next day, and the next week, and more after that. He's won it probably 2 dozen times. Apparently he sees something I don't. Maybe Gilbert tapped into something afterall.
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News Comments > Assassin's Creed Unity Optimization Plans
16. Re: Assassin's Creed Unity Optimization Plans Nov 19, 2014, 14:54 Bundy
Creston wrote on Nov 19, 2014, 14:03:
Brumbek wrote on Nov 19, 2014, 13:48:
At the risk of being flamed I will say this is why I respect Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and think it is worth support with our money. It comes out on schedule with a very solid PC version. Moreover, it doesn't require dumb uPlay or Origin but simply connects online to fetch your profile when playing MP. And it simply works.

No need to get flamed for that, it's a very true opinion. I was on the fence for COD:AW, but I generally don't do well in twitch MP shooters on my slow internet connection, and I'd never get 60 bucks worth of enjoyment out of the SP campaign. In five years, when it's 30 bucks, I'll pick it up.

Anyway, my point is...we as gamers should boycott terrible business practices such as releasing Unity in such a state. It is a messed up world when the new Call of Duty is the benchmark for reasonable and quality business practices.

I agree. I deliberately didn't buy Unity because of that. I'll get it when it's five bucks next year. Enjoy the cup of coffee, Ubisoft!

I was on the fence about Unity as well. But then I saw an XB1 sale where you could get it and Black Flag for $50. I figured I'll toss them in with the Xmas presents.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Dragon Age: Inquisition
95. Re: Ships Ahoy - Dragon Age Inquisition Nov 19, 2014, 14:42 Bundy
I told my buddy that they need to fix up the PC controls and listed the problems we're having. He'll ignore it and probably tell me to fuck off, but I did it anyway. I'm going to try that cutscene fix, I was thinking they looked a little clunky compared to the rest of the game.  
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