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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
5. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Oct 19, 2015, 14:11 Bundy
I'm a little split on this one. On one hand fake reviews are surely misleading and invalidate the entire system. On the other, as an indie dev myself, I know how impossible it is to compete with the likes of the big companies. King, Disney and Zynga get free advertising right from Amazon/Apple/Google as their apps are always featured right there first and foremost on the device's store page. The little guy has very few options in getting themselves noticed.

Plus, it works. Flappy Bird didn't go viral because it was awesome. The dude paid one of those Chinese companies to install it on tens of thousands of devices. The game flew up the listings and as soon as it was in the top 50, that was it. The store did all the rest.

Success in the mobile app world these days primarily comes down to one thing. Visibility. And it's commonly known that the number of reviews and the strength of those reviews raises your ranking in the store.

This comment was edited on Oct 19, 2015, 14:32.
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News Comments > Endless Series Sells 2M
3. Re: Endless Series Sells 2M Oct 16, 2015, 14:39 Bundy
I wish Endless Space had better combat. Very good space 4X otherwise.  
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News Comments > Elite Dangerous Horizons Landing Video
14. Re: Elite Dangerous Horizons Landing Video Oct 16, 2015, 14:26 Bundy
Dagnamit wrote on Oct 16, 2015, 10:24:
That's some seriously cool stuff. I don't know how they'll fix texture pop-in issues.

I really started off not caring that this game couldn't be modded by the community due to being tethered to the cloud.

The more they add to this game, the more I believe it's a crime for the community to not be able to get their hands on the, at this point, seriously impressive framework that Frontier has created. First thing I thought of is that someone could remake Starflight in this engine. Or something else! man, that would be amazing. Come on Frontier, make this happen! Seriously.

Edit: added more seriouslys.

Starflight 2 and King's Quest were the first two games that really opened my eyes to the possibilities in gaming.
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News Comments > The Park Trailer
6. Re: The Park Trailer Oct 10, 2015, 03:17 Bundy
The Half Elf wrote on Oct 9, 2015, 14:07:
Um in the video they say it's 1 to 2 hours long?!?
And how exactly do you connect to 18-30 year old male demographic playing as a mother looking for their son?

A 1 to 2 hr narrative driven game similar to Gone Home and Vanishing of Ethan Carter probably doesn't have an 18-30 yr old male demo target.

Personally, I applaud this choice. Very few games have a female lead, even less have a female lead where she isn't packing an assortment of guns and leaving bodies in her wake.

Any parent wouldn't have much trouble connecting to a character searching for their child. Not really a gender thing.
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News Comments > More Star Wars Battlefront Beta Servers
14. Re: More Star Wars Battlefront Beta Servers Oct 9, 2015, 14:40 Bundy
jdreyer wrote on Oct 9, 2015, 14:38:
Is it just me, or does it seem like there's a lot less of a learning curve here compared to a Battlefield game? Whether it's flying a jet or helo or just lining up a sniper shot, this feels a lot simpler to me.

It's definitely more accessible. Which personally I enjoyed. I can't compete with the twitchy BF/CS cyborgs on the internets. Not that I didn't die fast and often here too. But at least I managed to take people down from time to time.

There weren't people bouncing around like jackrabbits one shoting everyone with the shotgun.
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News Comments > More Star Wars Battlefront Beta Servers
12. Re: More Star Wars Battlefront Beta Servers Oct 9, 2015, 14:28 Bundy
On the XB1 there were connection issues. We couldn't get into a game last night while we tried. PC had no issues, queues were fast.

And yeah the game seemed alright, it was an easy way to waste some time while inbetween periods of the Oilers game (dat McDavid!!!). I'm hoping for more though. Would have been neat if there were monsters on some of the maps. Like the snow yeti in the Hoth map, something like that.

There's definitely some balance issues. I played 8 games on Hoth yesterday. Regardless of what team I was on, the Empire won every single one. It's crazy hard to stop those AT AT's. But maybe that's just cause everyone was fucking around and nobody really knew what they were doing. I'll probably end up picking this one up cause my boys really enjoyed it. Only question is PC vs XB1. Clearly the PC has better performance and won't demand the TV, but as I learned in Titanfall, apparently nobody plays MP only PC shooters.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
6. Re: Evening Tech Bits Oct 7, 2015, 09:51 Bundy
jdreyer wrote on Oct 7, 2015, 01:55:
HorrorScope wrote on Oct 7, 2015, 00:00:
What are we thinking of MS's HoloLens demo? Milo2 or Legit?

Seemed kind of gimmicky to me.

Seemed carefully orchastrated to me. Everything was set up exactly as they needed it to be, I wonder how well it'll work in my messy ass house. The guy also seemed to have a hard time aiming, unless he was taking his time intentionally. But the field of vision problems are still there. In the end though my general opinion was, "I guess that looks pretty cool, I think we'll get one just to see how neat it is to... HOLY FUCK IT'S $3000!!!!!!!!"
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News Comments > CIG Demands Escapist Retraction; Threatens Lawsuit
103. Re: CIG Demands Escapist Retraction; Threatens Lawsuit Oct 5, 2015, 14:52 Bundy
jdreyer wrote on Oct 5, 2015, 14:39:
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Oct 5, 2015, 14:32:

If CIG needed to raise extra money it could release the game on Steam Early Access, which would easily bring in tens of millions of dollars;

That would be an interesting move. But they already have almost a million backers, and there's already a way to access SC "early" right on What exactly would they release? And how would putting it on Steam generate extra sales, when it's already available?

I think it worked out pretty good for Elite Dangerous, but they already had a game to play albiet, a rather boring one.
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News Comments > Titanfall Passes 10M [Updated]
8. Re: Titanfall Passes 10M Oct 3, 2015, 13:56 Bundy
The PC version is pretty barren. Not many people sitting in the matchmaking queue. You can jump right in on the Xbox though. My boys still play it from time to time. But we enjoy Destiny more for that though. There's no mechs, but at least we're earning loot and upgrades.  
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News Comments > SpeedRunners Free Weekend
3. Re: SpeedRunners Free Weekend Oct 2, 2015, 09:40 Bundy
Yes, this little game was quite interesting.  
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News Comments > Star Citizen's $900 Ship
14. Re: Star Citizen's $900 Ship Sep 30, 2015, 09:34 Bundy
yonder wrote on Sep 30, 2015, 09:26:
"Also, I think if this project collapses on itself as some think, it will be a blow to PC gaming in general, space sims in particular, and could poison the waters for future large-scale projects on Kickstarter."

^ This

Also, as fun as schadenfreude is, it's no fun when you're the collateral damage.

I've got NO problem with the people who can afford it and want this add their main game and main hobby. Investing a few grand in your main hobby is honestly no big deal.

I have a buddy who brings in nearly $100K. I go to his house on weekends to watch football on his 100 inch DLP screen while reclining in one of the rows of plush leather recliners.

Him investing/donating a few grand so he can have nicer toys is no big deal. He'll be building a dedicated three-monitor setup as his cockpit. Etcetera, etcetera.

HIM buying this stuff us no big deal (as long as he keeps providing pizza and Sunday NFL Ticket,obviously). Anyone else falls under the "a fool and his money" umbrella.

I make a little over $100K and I don't have any of that stuff. Damn. How come your buddy is living so large? Wait. Does he have a wife who spends all his money on stupid shit?
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
7. Re: Morning Tech Bits Sep 25, 2015, 09:53 Bundy
Yeah the Verge is essentially an Apple fan blog. Has been for a while. Business Insider is just as bad, and Techcrunch too. Although it's improved a tiny bit now that that hipster Seigler is gone.  
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News Comments > Source 2 Running on Vulkan
33. Re: Source 2 Running on Vulkan Sep 25, 2015, 08:48 Bundy
Actually, im more scared of the cloud service spying. My PC just has games on it.


See, I can be an asshole too.
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News Comments > Source 2 Running on Vulkan
30. Re: Source 2 Running on Vulkan Sep 25, 2015, 00:19 Bundy
ShadyPete wrote on Sep 24, 2015, 20:10:
So yeah... enjoy your normalcy bias, but I am looking forward to the near future.

i feel the same way as you do shihonage. last year i commited to running linux only on my machine after a couple years of dual booting.

i find most AAA games these days not interesting at all. it seems also that alot of PC gamers feel the same way. they are tired of the consolized ports, dumbed down bullshit, low texture quality and whatever the hell else is wrong. well that is all we are EVER going to get unless things get shaken up a bit.

Some game and hardware companies got together and came up with a plan to challenge the status quo and empower people to make some change in the industry and it appears alot of PC gamers feel threatened by this when they should embrace it. this will be good for PC gaming guys...

i very well could be wrong, time will tell but it sure feels like the winds are changing..

Despite me thinking that nothing will really change in the PC space, I do think Vulkan is a very good thing. We definitely need more competition here, strong competition with lots of support. When DX9 came out and OpenGL fell off the radar in PC gaming, MS just started calling it in. We've seen 3 new versions of DX in like 7 years. That's it. If Mantle had come out 5 years ago, there's no way MS would have waited until now to get DX12 doing the same thing. They haven't been pushing DX because they simply haven't needed to. Until now.

As for the change, until we see multiple AAA exclusives on Linux only, I don't see the bulk of PC gamers jumping over. The lot of these games might be console port trash, but it's all we've got.

And you are being somewhat condescending shihonage, I mean, come on. Look at your language, "that's precious". You're being that Linux elitist jerk. The fact of the matter is that nobody really cares if Win10 is spying, I mean, it sucks, but after the headlines went away a couple weeks ago, so did the story. There was no mass outrage from the smallfolk. Because Google's already on your phone spying, 10 years ago they flat out said they had scripts reading your gmail, that didn't stop it from being one of the most massively used email systems, their entire company's strategy is rooted in targeted ads. Nobody cared. Facebook is sniffing through every post and picture, spying and selling your info, and a billion people are on that. Nobody cared. And then we have the NSA spying on everyone. Let's not pretend MS invented this.
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News Comments > Source 2 Running on Vulkan
24. Re: Source 2 Running on Vulkan Sep 24, 2015, 19:30 Bundy
shihonage wrote on Sep 24, 2015, 19:00:
Wilson! wrote on Sep 24, 2015, 18:17:
shihonage wrote on Sep 24, 2015, 15:49:
There are 1500 games on Linux already... Valve is undermining Microsoft, and it's doing all the right things. Linux is the future that's been taking its time coming, but it is inevitable... Mr. Anderson.

So you're running Linux instead of Windows then right?

Did I say "future" or "present"? :\

I am acknowledging trends - both in Microsoft's stupidity and Linux's improving software and driver support. Given how I am jaded with 99.999999% games out there, it wouldn't be too difficult for me to dump Windows software base if the push comes to shove.

I pretty much don't play anything anymore, but the creative and technological stagnation of the industry is an entirely different topic.

A game I am working on now is using SDL, which is a cross-platform 2D/sound/input/timer library.

This "push" to switch OSes may happen when Windows 7 becomes unsupported. Meanwhile, regardless, I applaud any attempt to negate Microsoft's shitty forced upgrade tactics (with stuff like Vulkan), and to undermine Windows as the go-to PC operating system.

Because Microsoft has gone fu&#1089;king nuts. First it happened when they made Office 2007 and onward unusable by sane human beings with their "ribbon interface".

Then, somehow they got away with making Vista a memory-eating monster, by essentially renaming Vista SP2 into Windows 7. Same exact performance, same almost everything, but a new name, classic Start Menu is gone, and voila, Windows 7 is suddenly great!

Then Windows 8, explanation not required. I spent 20 minutes figuring out how to restart the computer with that horror.

Windows 8.1, where start menu is not actually a start menu.

And Windows 10, the Freemium OS that mines data and keystrokes and doesn't really turn it off when you check all the "right boxes". The OS that in its common editions doesn't let you turn off Automatic Updates, either. You gotta start messing with editing registry and disabling services and hoping that some stray Windows update doesn't turn all the garbage back on.

Because Microsoft is doing that, too. They're now slipping "metrics" updates into Windows 7 and 8.

So yeah... enjoy your normalcy bias, but I am looking forward to the near future.

Honestly, if Vista and Windows 8 weren't the straw that the broke the back and started the consumer desktop Linux revolution, nothing ever will.

Like someone said earlier, every year we hear that this will be the year. MS did something people didn't like and we'd see a mass flocking to Linux, but it never happens. You can't blame people for doubting it will ever happen.

But Linux has it's strong places in the market, server farms and Android foremost among them.
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News Comments > Street Fighter V Specs
7. Re: Street Fighter V Specs Sep 23, 2015, 09:39 Bundy
I'm just happy PC games have finally started dropping 32 bit support. Seems fishy that 6GB is absolutely necessary for this type of game, but honestly I can't imagine any PC gamer doesn't have that.  
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
4. Re: Morning Mobilization Sep 17, 2015, 12:02 Bundy
Oh there is a community, but it's small, it's like the Mac community back in the 80's and 90's. But with MS laying off entire phone divisions and porting some of their best exclusive stuff to Android and iOS, the community's disintegrating. It's being made worse by the state of W10 mobile. It's very far from ready. Currently it's not even at parity with W8.1.
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News Comments > Five Nights at Freddy's World Announced
10. Re: Five Nights at Freddy's World Announced Sep 16, 2015, 18:54 Bundy
I've released several indie games. All failures. But believe me, if any of them got any kind of traction, I'd ride that wave until the wave was no more. But as long as there was interest I'd keep at it. And so would everyone else. Nobody wins the lottery and gives it away. Except for crazy people.  
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News Comments > Nordic Games Acquires Nexus
4. Re: Nordic Games Acquires Nexus Sep 16, 2015, 18:50 Bundy
That was such a great game.  
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News Comments > Dungeons 2 A Song of Sand and Fire Released
1. Re: Dungeons 2 A Song of Sand and Fire Released Sep 10, 2015, 14:31 Bundy
Anyone try Dungeons 2? I have Dungeons 1, because it seemed like the video game version of the board game Dungeon Lords. But I just couldn't find my groove with it.  
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