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News Comments > The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom Announced
1. Re: The Settlers 7 Announced Sep 22, 2009, 14:03 nutshell42
How were the games from 5 onwards?

I loved Settlers 1 split-screen multiplayer (my first multiplayer experience so this is nostalgia talking). Loads of fun, especially the tricks you had to come up with to conceal your massive attack on the guy right next to you (unless you got a gift from the gods, aka toilet break. Only sissies pause the game when they have to go). =)

I tried a demo of one of the later ones (5?) but I missed the roads and traffic jams of the first one and the scale seemed so small compared to the first ones layer of fortresses and watchtowers.
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News Comments > MechWarrior Legal Conflict
25. Re: MechWarrior Legal Conflict Sep 4, 2009, 16:17 nutshell42
Stop being asstards.

1. The designs stolen from Macross were some of the best and most iconic Battletech mechs. Suddenly pretending that the Warhammer was ugly is juvenile.

2. Looking cool is the whole point of the mechs. There's nothing remotely practical or logical about putting yourself in a 30ft high target. Mechs will never rule any battlefield that's even close to reality and that's fine. They're fucking cool anyway.

3. HG are dicks but FASA stole those designs wholesale and rightfully lost the lawsuit. If they didn't have a license for the use in the new game then they were idiots.

4. They did come up with some nice original designs and they can do the same for the Unseen. Some of the previous replacement designs were childish but the focus of the Battletech timeline had shifted and there were other Mech designs. I have no doubt they can do high quality redesigns of Warhammer&Co
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News Comments > New Mass Effect 2 Character
9. Re: New Mass Effect 2 Character Aug 14, 2009, 20:28 nutshell42
Imho Mass Effect's story was pretty shitty. "The machines will kill us all" #439 and more or less one large cliché orgy.

But the presentation (as in pacing, use of cut scenes, balance of talking and shooting) of said story was top notch for a game (with some exceptions. The deaths were done pretty forgettable. Just some static talky talky. No real emotional impact for me. Wing Commanders cheesy space funerals were more effective imho). The gameplay as a whole was pretty great.

The long elevator rides and unskippable cut scenes are two strikes however. And the DRM with limited activations was a dealbreaker for me until recently (just "bought" it for 8€. At that price I look at it as a long time lease)

If the sequel gets rid of the DRM (or Steam's ridiculous euro prices -- 45€ instead of $20 what are they smoking?) I'm gonna buy it at launch even though Thane looks like a douchebag.
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News Comments > PC Gaming Alliance Grows
30. Re: PC Gaming Alliance Grows Aug 13, 2009, 04:19 nutshell42
It never crashed for me, but I'm sure there's people where it crashes like crazy, so that sucks. Some people play Fallout 3 for 24 hours straight, and I can't play for 30 minutes without it crashing. PC gaming sucks sometimes.

And it's Microsoft's fault for not providing a stable plattform across the board.

Remember when they announced GfW they said it would include console-style Quality Assurance. Had they actually gone through with it it might have been the killer feature for GfW. Instead they released the Shadowrun suckfest.

PC gaming could be almost as easy and reliable as consoles. All it would need would be a plattform owner that gives a damn.
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News Comments > World Supremacy Revealed
1. Re: World Supremacy Revealed Jul 13, 2009, 15:13 nutshell42
Microsoft Excel: The Game.

Oh well, you could probably say the same about Space Empires and I loved #4 =)
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News Comments > Blood Bowl Movie
5. Re: Blood Bowl Movie Jun 18, 2009, 19:44 nutshell42
Some of us like turn based games you know.

It's not like there's a shortage of mindless action games with lots of stuff blowing up.

And I also like how Blood Bowl forces you to choose between the likely-to-succeed and the important.

It has the side effect that the fun and interesting stuff happens at the end of turns unlike other TBS games where you have to force yourself to complete the turn because you've already done everything that was interesting.
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News Comments > Empire Total War Patch Next Week
11. Re: Empire Total War Patch Next Week Jun 18, 2009, 19:24 nutshell42
Hopefully this will finally solve the three major fleet bugs:

-The Untouchables-
Selecting some fleets, especially in harbors, will crash the game. *The* reason my first campaign is on hold and that I haven't launched another one. They said it's fixed so this patch is a major win in my book.

-The Flying Dutchmen-
Sometimes fleets end up on land when changing theaters. Disbanding seems to be the only solution.

-Schrödingers Tradefleets-
Sometimes trade fleets on resources end up in superposition and are either there or not depending on the constellation of Orion in conjunction with Venus and the time of day.

Apart from that:
Imho the AI is the most competent one since Medieval. It's not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination but the campaign AI manages to gather units in stacks and doesn't waste its troops (if there's one problem it is its unwillingness to end wars against other AI nations. By mid game everyone's still in 40 different wars that stopped having a point 20 years ago) and the battle AI mostly succeeds in taking all its troops and sending them in your general direction.

Neither is good by any definition but given the sheer incompetence of the Rome and Medieval2 AIs it's a big improvement.

The campaign plays a lot better. Bigger movement range for units means no more decade-long trips across Europe. You can intercept enemy armies so it's no longer a complete siege fest. Taxes are centralized and minor unrest is crushed by local troops (i.e. it just costs you some money) so you don't have to check every single province. And I like the tech system, as well as the interceptable trade routes. Although some values for income, taxes and unrest need tweaking, but that's what mods are for. Especially large empires are a lot easier and a lot more fun to manage.

Sea battles are fun. Grape shot and chain shot's too ineffective though. At least it was before the last round of patches.

I like small land battles (always been a sucker for muskets) but imho managing large armies of musket wielding troops isn't that much fun. Autoresolving anything above 10 units per side, unless it's a desperate situation. Oh and cannons are too useless.

Better than M2TW. Whether I'm gonna like it more or less than RTW will depend on the upcoming mods. Probably the most well rounded TW game since Shogun but at a higher complexity level.
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News Comments > On Blizzard's New IP
36. Re: On Blizzard's New IP May 15, 2009, 08:57 nutshell42
Considering that Blizzard's 100% original IPs often bear a slight coincidental resemblance to Games Workshop stuff, how about a Necromunda MMO.

Squad based, focused on loot, the usual classes and an unusual setting for an MMORPG. Sounds like win.

A strike against anything like that is of course that after WoWs runaway success they're probably gonna try to come up with something similarly girl and casual friendly to replace WoW long term, once its past its prime.

So say hi to Barby Dragon Adventures Online.
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News Comments > On PC Battlefield 1943
36. Re: On PC Battlefield 1943 Apr 27, 2009, 03:15 nutshell42
A great example of this is actually another DICE game, Mirror's Edge. The quality of that port is actually enough for me to give DICE a little benfit of the doubt here.

How would I know? Everyone said it was hit or miss so I was waiting for the demo. Which doesn't exist.

I don't care about the title enough to pirate it just so I can try it out which is exactly what EA wants. And the result is

no pirated copy + no demo = no sale.
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News Comments > Demigod Piracy Follow-up
47. Re: Demigod Piracy Follow-up Apr 18, 2009, 12:54 nutshell42
That's a pretty stupid comparison, Gerstmann was fired for giving K&L too low of a score. Demigod got a low score so that means another reviewer will be fired? What you said might make sense if they had given it a 9.9 or something.

Huh? Given what a 9.9?

And all I said was that gamespot are a corrupt bunch of asshats and any correlation between their scores and quality of a game is coincidential.
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News Comments > Demigod Piracy Follow-up
43. Re: Demigod Piracy Follow-up Apr 18, 2009, 07:59 nutshell42
hey, DirkDaring how about you become DirkReading and read the 5 replies that already said that the CD key is not authenticated, it was about the game checking for updates.

And as for gamespot.
says it all.
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News Comments > Op Ed
3. Re: Op Ed Apr 4, 2009, 20:01 nutshell42
[i]For me, it is very hard to believe that a game running on a local console can have the same or higher response time than achieved with the same game running on a remote computer streamed through an Internet connection from potentially hundreds of kilometers (and several Internet router hops) away[/i]

All that his tests prove is that consoles have really bad input lag.

Considering that people noticed the difference between vsync and no vsync on a PC, I'd say input lags of <20ms is achievable. But somehow it never occurred to him to test the input lag of PC games for a game service that's gonna be running, you know, PC games.

My DSL doesn't have fast path (= no interleaving) but my ping to's nevertheless a steady 50ms, which should be at least 500 miles from here is at 60ms.

They say their video encoders do a frame in 1ms and a decoder has to be able to decode 1080i (which has more pixels than 720p) in less than 17 (because there are 60 frames a second and it has to be done with one before it can go on to the next).

So, all together for a server 500 miles away that's 98ms, substract about 40ms for fast path and you're at 60ms. That's definitely playable.

I don't know about costs. Whether the service is viable or not depends mostly on how well they're able to do load balancing. If they can switch servers and threads quickly it should be relatively easy to have 6 demanding games run on one ~$1500 server on average (at 720p), add that in MMORPGS peak users are generally less than 20% of total users and you can split those $1500 across 30 people which leaves enough money for bandwidth and other stuff. Things look even better if you consider that a lot of people still play Counter Strike, the non-Source version.

Long story short: it's doable. Whether it actually works depends on a lot of stuff we can't know and we'll just have to wait and see. Steam's started out as a sick joke, too, you know.
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News Comments > Creative Assembly on Piracy
50. Re: Creative Assembly on Piracy Feb 26, 2009, 20:08 nutshell42
I just saw that the release date is March 31st. Are you guys on crack?!

Who the fsck at SEGA had the brilliant idea to release Empire and this at the same time. Yes, they're not all that similar but they're the same genre and DoW2's just been released, too.

I couldn't name a single RTS that's gonna be released in the second half of 2009, so how about releasing it then?
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News Comments > Dawn of War II Trailers
9. Re: Dawn of War II Trailers Feb 12, 2009, 17:49 nutshell42
I tried the multiplayer beta but matchmaking and game browser suck so hard they almost swallowed my house before I could cut the connection.

1) I don't know what possessed relic to use Crap for Windows Live. I assume technical questions were involved. Like: "How the fsck do we get all those dollar notes to the bank". When a game can seriously match a Lvl 1, 2 and 5 on one side and 16, 14 and 16 on the other the algorithm isn't worth the bits it takes up on a hd. And no, it doesn't match races, I was playing Space Wolves (ftw!) and with an Ork against another Space Marine.

2) I don't how MS did it. Apparently it works for other games (on Xbox). After I'd done a needlessly complicated registration (looking like on an Xbox and like ass on a PC), logged in (into Xbox Live according to the dialog), clicked through 400 adverts (for Xbox) and chose my favorite games (from a list of Xbox titles) and an avatar (from a list of Xbox themed characters) it dawned (of war) on me that perhaps the fact that DoWII isn't for the 360 might have something to do with it.
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News Comments > No PC PoP DLC
32. Re: No PC PoP DLC Feb 3, 2009, 07:11 nutshell42
This is just mindblowingly stupid.

The successful game companies on the PC show again and again that the solution is continued support and additional content.

Ubisoft OTOH went through the (expensive - porting DLC should be almost free) effort to do the original port and now just leaves the PC hanging even though PC games - with the support mentioned above - can keep selling a lot longer than console games.

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News Comments > Empire: Total War Delay
5. Re: Empire: Total War Delay Dec 12, 2008, 14:01 nutshell42
Hopefully it's the first of as many delays as are necessary to make the game great when it's released.

Everything I've read till now about ETW shows that it has the potential to be the game that eclipses the first MTW as the best in the series (e.g. they put a lot more emphasis on how they've improved the AI compared to RTW and M2TW where they didn't talk about it at all, ship battles are gonna rock =), now all it needs is enough polishing to be playable without 3 patches.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
3. Re: Morning Consolidation Dec 11, 2008, 12:08 nutshell42
I call bullshit on anyone giving a percentage of the system's "power" that a game uses.

Uncharted is over 9000!!!!!!!!1oneoneone
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News Comments > SecuROM Lawsuits Status
30. Re: SecuROM Lawsuits Status Dec 3, 2008, 15:54 nutshell42
I wouldn't quite say that activation doesn't do anything about piracy... if it didn't, then I doubt Microsoft or Adobe would have been using it all these years.

It was MS' and Adobe's version of the CD check because that system obviously would never work with an OS or something like Photoshop. Steam allows you to do something similar with your games.

In fact, the activation system for Windows XP (which is now almost seven and a half years old!) or Photoshop CS3 is far more draconian than even Mass Effect or Spore, the usual whipping boys of gaming DRM.

And there's been a huge outcry and lots and lots of hate for both. The difference is that if you don't like it you're gonna use Win or Photoshop anyway. They're monopolies.

(of course, it tends to move PC gamers over to console titles that have higher profit margins for the developer, so maybe there's a backhanded economic argument to be made there as well).

It also tends to move PC gamers over to torrent sites. For popular releases you can see more than 100000 peers per game at any time. We're talking about millions of stolen copies and even if most of them wouldn't have bought the game without DRM either, it certainly doesn't help, because the pirated copies are more likely to work flawlessly and less likely to contain malware than store-bought ones.

I won't buy Mass Effect or Red Alert until the activation is removed. If it isn't then I won't buy it at all. I have d/led neither but if we were talking about games I really, really wanted...

(btw. I did download RTW because the discs of the first pressing were broken and I didn't wanna wait 4 weeks until Activision got their asses in gear and sent me replacements. It's funny that the QA of some random guys on the internet cracking games is a lot better than that of huge corporations with billions of dollars in revenues)
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News Comments > SecuROM Lawsuits Status
22. Re: SecuROM Lawsuits Status Dec 3, 2008, 11:46 nutshell42

the problem with PC DRM is that it's not about piracy.

I see how you need a system to prevent casual piracy, but that would mean either a DVD check or a steam-like system (the obvious best solution would be to give consumers a choice between the two).

All that activation crap, mostly without the possibility to deactivate copies offers no additional benefits (torrent sites are full with cracked copies, superior to a store-bought one), it doesn't stop hardcore pirates, and that's not its goal.

The companies use pirates as an excuse to kill used copy sales; they can't do it on consoles because the platform owner would refuse to accept their games but they can do it on PCs. Therefore for true equality the price for e.g. Red Alert would have to be

360 game price
- what you can get if you sell it later on
+ PC bonus for being the better version
- PC penalty for DRM+Driver+Windows troubles
- PC penalty for subsidized console hardware

For some games (RTS being an example) the PC bonus still is big enough, but for a lot of games the PC version is late, buggy and plays like crap because it's a console port, so even this bonus isn't there.

Add to that American stupidity (PCs outside the US, even in some "developing" countries are more likely to have a graphics card) and you get the current sorry state of your average PC retail release.

Some companies prove that by releasing quality games that scale well you can make boatloads of money (Valve, Blizzard), or they cater to European or Asian tastes (the X series, Anno, all the micro-payment games in Korea) but the economics aren't there for the idiocy most of the large publishers exhibit.
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News Comments > On Football Manager 2009 DRM
6. Re: On Football Manager 2009 DRM Nov 13, 2008, 10:13 nutshell42
The bigger question is...who the fuck wants to play Football Manager 2009, and how is it different than Football Manager 2008?

From a lot of the posts in threads I think most people here play games for their DRM.

I hope SEGA's gonna use the same DRM for Empire and the rest of their games btw. The thing really doesn't sound too bad, especially the part that it won't infect your system for all eternity, and I understand why companies'd want some kind of DRM.
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