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News Comments > On Sale
1. Re: On Sale Sep 5, 2014, 22:41 NewMaxx
I pre-ordered a coop game for my friend and I from GameStop several years ago. The experience has entered legend to the point where he tells everybody the story, that's how bad it was. I can't even rehash the details as it still blows my mind but the short of it is...never f'n pre-order a game from GameStop, especially not a Limited Edition, and especially not two at once you take days off of work to enjoy immediately after launch.

P.S. We did get to play but we had to con the store manager to do so, making multiple trips involving varying degrees of deception
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News Comments > ArcheAge Open Beta
15. Re: ArcheAge Open Beta Sep 5, 2014, 16:42 NewMaxx
I wouldn't go so far as to lump it in with the other "grindy asian MMOs" I've played, but neither is it my cup of tea. All things considered it felt pretty polished and definitely had some good, old school vibes, but...I'm done with MMOs and especially "Eastern" ones.  
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News Comments > ArcheAge Open Beta
9. Re: ArcheAge Open Beta Sep 5, 2014, 13:53 NewMaxx
Played the beta a bit, as I do all MMO betas...I was impressed at the performance and the fact SLI scaled so well, can't remember the last MMO I played even after launch with proper support (ESO and Wildstar, most recently, took forever).

Shame you're on Waterson, I play TR on Connery and could use a good outfit.
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News Comments > Ryse: Son of Rome Next Month; Specs Revealed
32. Re: Ryse: Son of Rome Next Month; Specs Revealed Sep 4, 2014, 17:33 NewMaxx
Fantaz wrote on Sep 4, 2014, 14:46:
this actually worries me... i bought two 2GB GTX 770's for SLI and i'm wondering if it will be enough to play future games at all.

Your use is legitimate, but it actually touches on one of my pet peeves: people who get more memory on a video card then they need and act like it was a good choice. Drives me nuts because not only does it waste memory (and thus energy and heat), but it also wears out the memory controller faster (and often won't overclock as well) and raises prices of memory for everybody else. Wake up, people...companies sell these thicker cards to make a bigger profit from you.

I say your use is legitimate because SLI/Crossfire is one of the few places you really need that extra memory. In most cases a GPU's core won't be able to keep up with the memory at the settings required to use enough memory to make a difference. Actually, HARDOCP did a review about the differences of 2GB and 4GB on the GTX 670 (equivalent to GTX 760). Their findings?

"To make the 4GB of VRAM on the GTX 670 work for you, you are going to need at least three of them for 3-way SLI, to give you the performance to back up the VRAM."

Yet I've seen people on this very site praise their (single) 4GB GTX 760...yeah, thanks for driving up GDDR5 prices.

This comment was edited on Sep 4, 2014, 17:38.
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News Comments > Sims 4 Pirate Copies Pixelated
17. Re: Sims 4 Pirate Copies Pixelated Sep 4, 2014, 11:47 NewMaxx
The release of the first game was an amazing event for me. When I was younger I played games like Little Computer People, so I followed The Sims development very closely for years. My entire neighborhood came over to check the game out at my place, we made a shared neighborhood where everybody lived, it was pretty awesome. That being said I really feel that after TS2 they started to get away from what made the game great and started pandering to geeks.

By that I mean, Will Wright's initial vision was for a house builder that turned into a life simulator, but it in no way was ever meant to be Facebookesque. I bring that up to Sims fans and they just point at Spore as one of his debacles. To be honest I think Spore was an awesome idea - how far away, really, was its idea from being a kickstarter on the level of SC? In fact it only supports my point that EA turned both games into what we have today.
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News Comments > Sims 4 Pirate Copies Pixelated
15. Re: Sims 4 Pirate Copies Pixelated Sep 4, 2014, 11:42 NewMaxx
harlock wrote on Sep 4, 2014, 11:22:
i almost got interested in playing this back when cracked ran that article from Seanbaby detailing his Sims experiment... named his guy "turbo sexophonic" or something..

You made me do it...
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News Comments > The Elder Scrolls Online Layoffs; Struggling Financially?
2. Re: The Elder Scrolls Online Layoffs; Struggling Financially? Sep 3, 2014, 21:12 NewMaxx
ESO has been selling surprisingly well (check the UK charts) and most developers these days (and especially MMO developers) cut staff after launch. That being said, the reason I left the game is because I felt they weren't addressing key issues because they were too wrapped up in the development of the console version. This was a fairly predictable outcome as they really released the PC version too early (I said as much even when I was praising the game in months past). Many of the people on the team were actually great with the community, but ZeniMax itself really just shot themselves in the foot with some of the decisions they made.

I had a blast with the game. I even managed VR10 without going crazy. That's when the bone-headed changes were made (and ones that were needed, not made). So, what options did I have at that point? Well, I had to grind VR1-VR10 due to dumb end-game decisions. PVP was ridiculously broken (vampires, DKs, ridiculous lag issues, etc). PVE wasn't that bad, immediately, typical dungeon-farming fare, but as someone who liked solo space (and many TES fans do) I found them increasingly nerfing the ability for a single person to get anything done (nerfed farming multiple times, buffed VR mobs "by accident," put out the first new area too soon without balance, etc).

I stated before and I stick by my comments...they needed momentum to maintain until console release, and they had the right team to do it, but instead ZeniMax completely f'n blew it.
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News Comments > Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition Announced
9. Re: Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition Announced Aug 31, 2014, 18:24 NewMaxx
Scottish Martial Arts wrote on Aug 31, 2014, 16:05:
Icewind Dale 1 was superb. Easily the best dungeon design of the IE series, and among the best of CRPGs in general.

If I recall correctly, during Matt Chat's interview with Chris Avellone the latter stated that Icewind Dale was his favorite. High praise.
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News Comments > West Games' License Expires
7. Re: West Games' License Expires Aug 23, 2014, 21:39 NewMaxx
Task wrote on Aug 23, 2014, 20:45:
I hurd Obama backed these guys.

Considering how the healthcare website (among other things) went, you might be right.
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News Comments > MMOGs Under Attack
11. Re: MMOGs Under Attack Aug 22, 2014, 20:45 NewMaxx
Tjold wrote on Aug 22, 2014, 17:20:
Who the fuck goes around packeting MMOs?
And, like, why?

To find and exploit vulnerabilities in the systems for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to hacking accounts and designing cheats. It's actually a substantial trade in Asia (read: Russia and China), criminals sell rolled-up information like that the same way US banks trade mortgages. Botnets are directly attached to this, of course.

Check this out:

Interesting that they call it a "business feud," yet somehow the system came online just ONE DAY before the attacks began and just happened to have sufficient capacity to handle it.

I won't go into my theory about how corporations are taking over the role that states have since abandoned (through progression and evolution) but simply put, there's more than meets the eye going on in cyberland these days.
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News Comments > Borderlands 2 Free Weekend; Pre-Sequel Pre-Purchases
20. Re: Borderlands 2 Free Weekend; Pre-Sequel Pre-Purchases Aug 20, 2014, 23:45 NewMaxx
It's been $48 at Gamefly for a while now and I'm sure it'll be that price on GMG, too. Previously they did say they would like to price it less than the past two games but that it was up to the publisher. It really should be cheaper.

As far as BL2 vs BL1 goes, both had their moments. BL2 had many improvements but there are some areas that weren't addressed to my satisfaction, and also I feel that BL1 was better in many ways. I also feel that depending on how you approach the series - whether as solo, coop, console or PC - determines your take on it.
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News Comments > Notch Softens View on Oculus Minecraft
44. Re: Notch Softens View on Oculus Minecraft Aug 18, 2014, 19:58 NewMaxx
Tom wrote on Aug 18, 2014, 19:13:
What I'm saying is that niche technologies sometimes go mainstream. ... who knows what technologies VR may contribute to in the future.

I absolutely have to support you here, as when the OR came up most recently I made a post about it explaining that my work in AI and robotics had opened me up to the possibilities of VR. I included a few links to relevant topics in Google Scholar, as well. I fully understand that people have opinions about the technology but very few of them have intimate knowledge with it and even fewer have an engineering background to back it up. I'd also say that most people like jumping to easily containable conclusions that fit their mental archetype that have nothing to do with the validity of a technology for things beyond its initial intended scope.

The technology the OC is harnessing has already been explored in an academic setting, in NASA, in DARPA, and in many other places as well. The foundation of not only HUDs for military weaponry and drones but also information-sifting technologies is, for the future, rooted in VR. Psychologists even believe there is an analogue between our perception of reality and the connection we will have with AI through VR. I could go on.

My personal experience with robotics has shown that the basic way we program their navigation and sensory apparati is "virtual" while not being very different than the way life interacts with the world. Indeed, our brain processes tons of information at any given moment and makes sense of it through various tricks and illusions, things no different than VR would become. To suggest this is an isolated, useless technology that won't be embraced by the average person is...well, short-sighted. Chances are very good that within 20-30 years, for example, our surgeries will be done through the use of VR (with potentially very distant surgeons) and robotics.

As far as the OR goes, know, tons of people told me the Raspberry Pi would be niche when I first brought it up.
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News Comments > Wargaming Boasts 100M Registered Players
14. Re: Wargaming Boasts 100M Registered Players Aug 13, 2014, 06:34 NewMaxx
Armengar wrote on Aug 13, 2014, 04:59:
I simply played T5/T6 instead of trying to move up to T9.

I felt the same way. Once I got some decent T6 tanks I really felt satisfied. The friend of mine I mentioned in my original post, the one I introduced the game to...he has tons of tanks including T9 and T10. He tells me that it's an entirely different game at that level. I don't doubt it...I just never found it compelling past T6, and that's what I keep telling him when he tries to get me back into it.

It's a bit crazy since I'm a hardened, old school player, but once I hit the real part of that grind...and especially when I start dealing with more competitive people, I just lose interest. I guess when it comes to online games I feel a little like Satre: hell is other people. I remember having a blast playing in LAN parties where no one knew or cared about the score at the end of the weekend. Now I just feel pressured any time I take up a game anymore.

tl;dr - the game is fun to learn and even master but the grind gets crazy past a certain stage and, at least IMHO, the game becomes a lot less about what makes it initially fun and begins feeling like a job
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News Comments > Wargaming Boasts 100M Registered Players
4. Re: Wargaming Boasts 100M Registered Players Aug 12, 2014, 18:27 NewMaxx
MDB wrote on Aug 12, 2014, 17:45:
Always been a little baffled by World of Tanks' apparent success. Doesn't seem like the kind of thing that would have any kind of mass appeal.

As someone who put a lot of hours into World of Tanks (I haven't played in a long time, though) and who introduced a lot of friends to the game (many of whom are still addicted), let me say that it's largely due to broad appeal and, more importantly, instant gratification. Do you ever question why MOBAs are so popular? It's a similar question.

For example, my one friend who still plays...he has a tough job, three kids, and although he loves gaming he has little free time. The ability for him to just pop in for a match or two is a godsend. He'll even play at work during breaks for 15-30 minute sessions. I know a lot of people who play World of Tanks who do the same thing.

That kind of quick game is nothing new in the industry, of course, but it has become streamlined with other things like achievements, monetization, etc. The broad appeal comes from the fact that professional squads of players can compete against each other even as the majority of players are relative newbs. Again, nothing new.

If you're asking "why tanks," well shit...why dragons? Why zombies? People like what they like. Tanks have a cool mystique about them, they're the modern "knight" on the battlefield in the minds of people who have never seen a battle. I mean I played World of Warcraft for years and honestly disliked the mythos and didn't even play Warcraft 3, I enjoyed it for the gameplay. So you get a lot of people who like the tanks and the history, but others that just like the quick, FPS mentality. World of Tanks has both, it's free, it's easy to get, you get quick battles that are over quickly (average deaths are 3-4 minutes), lots of cool explosions and big machines duking it out, etc. What's not to love?

(I quit playing because it was too much fun, addiction to it was ruining my weekends as I would just get plastered and play until 6 AM with my squadmates)
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News Comments > Steam TV and Film Support Hints?
9. Re: Steam TV and Film Support Hints? Aug 12, 2014, 18:06 NewMaxx
I already use their in-home streaming feature for all kinds of stuff...not just gaming (similar to Shield) but also applications (Rosetta Stone) and media (you can add Plex/XBMC as an application). Runs pretty well on 2.4 GHz wifi. I haven't tested it with a VLAN yet, although it would limit gaming to things that can tolerate latency.  
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News Comments > Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox Exclusive; Skipping PCs
40. Re: Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox Exclusive; Skipping PCs Aug 12, 2014, 18:00 NewMaxx
SimplyMonk wrote on Aug 12, 2014, 13:14:
Guaranteed cash is better than estimated cash.

I seem to recall it being explicitly stated that the last Tomb Raider failed to meet its sales target, so I'd have to say that guaranteed cash is quite a motivator.
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News Comments > Metro Redux Uncovered Trailer
10. Re: Metro Redux Uncovered Trailer Aug 9, 2014, 01:44 NewMaxx
Metro Last Light was awesome and ran great for me, but Metro 2033 ran like shit. At the time it came out it ran like shit, but when I went back to try again after beating Last Light with a much more powerful system it still ran like shit. (i5 @ 4.6 GHz, 12GB RAM, 2x760, SSD RAID)

So if it looks and runs like Last Light did, it's a victory in my book since I might be able to finish it now. I expect maximum quality and 60+ FPS in my games when my system should clobber an engine like that.
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News Comments > Casey Hudson Departs BioWare
24. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 8, 2014, 06:29 NewMaxx
Mashiki Amiketo wrote on Aug 8, 2014, 05:50:
Correction: Mistakes are only on everyone, when everyone agrees to it. When the lead designer says: "this is good, we'll go with it." The mistake is clearly on them, and only them. That's the whole point behind a lead designer, to sort out the crap and make the best choices, not the expedient ones.

That is a variation of Sun Tzu's thoughts on leadership, and I'd agree. I see people complaining all the time about how CEOs get massive salaries and can just move to another job if shit hits the fan, and yet when it comes to game design suddenly it's "mistakes are on everyone." The guy gets paid more to make decisions and take responsibility for the outcomes.

If you want to see how a lead designer properly manages a team, check out Chris Avellone. I actually worked briefly as an assistant designer for what passed as an indie gaming company over 15 years ago and while I had a lot of leeway, it was clear what was allowable and what was not. My point is to loop back to the Sun Tzu saying which is basically that the leader must not be vague about what is acceptable and it sounds awfully like this guy was vague.
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News Comments > Ryse: Son of Rome Roaming onto PCs
28. Re: Ryse: Son of Rome Roaming onto PCs Aug 7, 2014, 17:22 NewMaxx
ViRGE wrote on Aug 7, 2014, 16:53:
Huh? What the heck does Deep Silver have to do with this?

"Amid turmoil, Crytek plans to publish Ryse for PC with Deep Silver"
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News Comments > July Steam Hardware & Software Survey
14. Re: July Steam Hardware & Software Survey Aug 6, 2014, 17:34 NewMaxx
NKD wrote on Aug 6, 2014, 16:30:
The only thing wrong with Vista was a rocky launch. It's fundamentally the same under the hood as 7 and 8 and works just as well.

I see Vista vs. 7 in the same light I saw 2K vs. XP. I was one of those guys who preferred the former in each case, but I am also a power user (Windows 7 and XP both removed power features and made others more difficult to find or use). Of course you won't see that anywhere...everybody loved XP and 7. The funniest part of all is that people treated 7 as the second coming over Vista despite the fact that the leap from XP to Vista was far, far greater than Vista to 7. Likewise the difference between 7 and 8 is along the same lines and yet due to Metro it is suddenly ME part II. This is why people in technology like myself just throw our hands up in the air and then just nod in agreement to whatever the users want to use and pray at night for progress.
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