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News Comments > Half-Life 2 versus Mac Round II
11. Advance Oct 7, 2007, 22:09 Aero
I bet it wouldn't be too hard to make a million bucks back with as well known a property as Half-Life. Also, porting HL2 to the Mac would go a long way toward porting Counter Strike, Team Fortress and all the other source games.

I think it's accurate to say Apple isn't interested in gaming though. Windows has them beat in that department period, and it would take a whole lot of catching up to be competitive. Certainly, nobody buys a Mac to play games. Their market would be people who already bought Macs for general use but might be tempted to play games if they were available. Also, people who bought Macs for general use probably didn't buy the fancy hardware that's necessary (and more or less only useful for) playing games.

At this point, Apple probably doesn't want to start a battle with Microsoft over gaming considering how far behind they'd have to start. It wouldn't look good. No matter how seriously they took it, they'd be behind for years.

Considering you can boot Windows on a Mac these days, there doesn't seem like much of a point to me. I do bet they'd make their million back, though.


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News Comments > Call of Duty 4 Demo Thursday
28. Re: No subject Oct 7, 2007, 01:32 Aero
"The bullet passed threw the bedroom wall into bathroom next to them just missing the girl using it, continued on threw the other bathroom wall into the kitchen missing several people sitting/standing there, then on threw a open bedroom door and lodged in the outside wall at the opposite end!"

Yeah, unfortunately here where I live, people, often children, are killed every year just sitting in their homes when some worthless gang punks shoot it out in the street.

I imagine it's usually just pistol rounds too. Rifle rounds will go a long way, through a lot of stuff, before stopping.


This comment was edited on Oct 7, 01:32.
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News Comments > Call of Duty 4 Demo Thursday
22. Camping Oct 6, 2007, 20:12 Aero
I can see this actually being used to help with camping. Take all the popular camping spots and ensure they aren't protected by thick enough cover.

That way you could just sneak along, pull out your rifle and fire a few rounds through that little nook that's always got some punk camping out in it.

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News Comments > Call of Duty 4 Demo Thursday
14. Re: No subject Oct 6, 2007, 16:22 Aero
So long as the walls reduce the damage caused by the bullets, that sounds good to me. It would be cool if affected their trajectories too, though.

I understand in real-life a .30 cal round can penetrate a single-layer brick wall and still have enough energy left to kill. I've certainly shot a .30-06 through a stack of bricks from 100yds away before, I dunno how fast it was going coming out the other side, though.

It is silly in games when something like a wood slat fence stops rifle-rounds. Penetration calculations (that sounds dirty, in a nerdy sort of way) adds an interesting element having to differentiate between cover and concealment.

When it comes to indoor environments though, rifle rounds probably could easily go clear through a house made with just sheetrock or plaster. They do have to be careful with balancing though. I'd prefer a little cut-back in realism to some fool getting a lot of kills just randomly spraying the walls with a machine-gun- even if it is realistic.


This comment was edited on Oct 6, 16:23.
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News Comments > No Assassin's Creed Demo
2. Re: No subject Oct 4, 2007, 21:58 Aero
No demo usually isn't a good sign. The E3 showing looked sort of cool to me, but it could have been cut-scenes for all we know. I'm always hesitant about upcoming games when you get no feeling for the actual game-play mechanics from watching their trailers.

The animations just fit together a little too well. In my experience that usually means the animations are given precedence over control- meaning you hit some button or combination of buttons and an animation plays of the move. It looks cool, but loses it's appeal once you've seen everything.

We'll see. It has been done well in the past. I still want something with a similar system to Die by the Sword. Lord, sword fighting in that game was fun.

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News Comments > Bungie Splitting From Microsoft?
7. No subject Oct 1, 2007, 23:58 Aero
That's odd. I wonder if there is any substance to the story, they seem pretty successful doing what they're doing now. I find it relatively hard to believe they'd be all that unhappy considering the ridiculous about of money they must have made. They've come a long way since Marathon.

I'm sure there is a lot of nasty politics involved in console development and the royalties are disturbing, but they do seem to have a pretty sweet deal.

Of course, they may have damned themselves to a lifetime of developing nothing but Halo sequels. I can see how that would be depressing.

ed: I hadn't actually read the article yet when I posted the above. Now that I have, I think it's BS. I don't see Microsoft "showing their appreciation" by "letting them leave." That sounds pretty silly right there. Microsoft isn't that kind of company. I kind of doubt that kind of company even exists.

Besides, they should know better than to believe the old "I've got a friend that works at X and he told me..."

They also mention the upcoming quarterly reports, something about that screams pump-and-dump to me.

We'll see...

This comment was edited on Oct 2, 00:03.
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News Comments > Söldner 2 Cancelled
3. Shame... Oct 1, 2007, 23:50 Aero
That's kind of a shame. I really wanted to like the first one, but the bugs and the awful single player campaign more or less killed it. I checked out a few of the patches after a while, and it got a little better, but it just wasn't the game it was hyped to be.

I often wonder what happens to these canceled games. Perhaps their claims of progress were BS. I imagine that out there somewhere there are a lot of great games, 50-80% done, slowly deteriorating on hard drives and tapes.

They ought to set these games free, give the source to the community and see what they come up with. At the very least, I hope they use what they've got to start off other projects.

Soldner could have been a great game, if only they'd done it right the first time. I'm willing to bet whatever alpha or beta version gEasy has can't be much more unfinished than the original release of Soldner.

Oh well.

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News Comments > Team Fortress 2 Movies Coming
17. Pyro Sep 29, 2007, 21:23 Aero
It would be cool if the Pyro could spray fuel that would (temporarily: evaporation) cover other players or parts of the level to be ignited at a later date. That could make for some interesting strategies. Was that done in some other game?

Anyways, I haven't actually played it yet so I'm just musing.


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News Comments > Evochron Renegades Ships, Demo
13. Re: cool Sep 28, 2007, 18:46 Aero
I'm liking it too, I don't know how this whole Evochron thing managed to pass me by.

I think the graphics are excellent. They aren't very technically advanced, of course, but they're tasteful and do their job very well. I like the fact that it doesn't require the latest hardware as so many tech-demo cum games do these days. It's also impressive what they managed to fit into a 25 meg download.

The interface usually makes or breaks these sorts of games, and Evochron has a pretty decent set-up. It's very straightforward but it's not always obvious where you should (or can) click. The 'Launch' button in the navigation system, for instance, doesn't exactly pop out at you.

Overall, I'm very impressed. It has most of the features I'm after in a nice package. I'll mess around with the demo some more and probably end up buying it.

It seems like such a trivial thing, but the background radio-chatter in Freelancer somehow really livened up the atmosphere. I'd like to see something like that implemented in this game.

So far, I'm pretty impressed.

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News Comments > X Motor Racing Ships, Demo
1. Okay... Sep 28, 2007, 15:38 Aero
This is not a bad start. It's still a little rough around the edges, and the UI is a tad confusing- I had a little trouble setting up my wheel- but the cars feel pretty good which is the most important thing.

I hope they continue to develop it. It's sort or reminiscent of very early versions of LFS. Still a ways to go though, but I hope they stick with it. The world has been a little short of good racing simulators as of late.


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News Comments > Sam & Max Season 2 Details
14. Re: No subject Sep 27, 2007, 13:35 Aero
If you like pointy-clicky adventure games, I'd check Season 1 out for sure. It's not quite as good as Hit the Road, but the fact that I'd even mention them in the same sentence says a lot. I wasn't disspointed, and Hit the Road is one of my all time favorites.

I just picked up it last weekend as a matter of fact. It's true though that it starts off a little slow, but it picks up quickly. I haven't finished it yet, but I understand it doesn't quite come together as well as it could.

Based upon how the quality progressed throughout the season, I have pretty high hopes for season 2. They seem to have found their stride.

Here's hoping.


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News Comments > UO Tenth Anniversary Amnesty
9. Re: 10 Years Already? Sep 26, 2007, 01:50 Aero
I beta tested UO too, I was under the impression that was in 1996. I remember getting the disk in the mail around the same time the Quake test-demo was released.

Good times.

Never could get the beta to work properly though in the end. Something to do with my TCP/IP stack not being compatible. I never bothered with it again.

I wouldn't mind another Ultima single-player game. It's a shame, Origin really kicked ass. Wouldn't mind another Crusader either, come to think of it, not to mention Wing Commander.

Anyone know what Chris Roberts is up to these days?

Ah, nevermind. Producing crappy movies. I didn't know he directed the Wing Commander movie. I might even see it because of that even though I know I really shouldn't. I'd hate to have my opinion of him tarnished.


This comment was edited on Sep 26, 01:57.
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News Comments > New DANCE Beta
1. WTF Sep 22, 2007, 21:07 Aero
Seriously, WTF?

I can understand the appeal of games like DDR. I can also understand the appeal of MMOGs like Warcraft. I can almost, but not quite, understand the appeal of chat-games like Second Life.

Why would anyone play this? Why don't they go to a real club and dance for real with real people? It's pushing things a little too far if you ask me. I don't think there is anything wrong with someone wanting to play it, but it strikes me as a little strange.

I could see a leader-board type thing for people who like dancing games. That would probably be fun for the people who take it seriouisly, and I suppose that really is what this boils down to... I don't know, I guess.

It's just a little strange.

Besides, wouldn't lag be a HUGE problem in a game based upon rhythm? Certainly for co-op style play.

I don't know. I guess I'm just out of it. I guess I just couldn't resist sticking in my 2¢ about this one.

Just thinking aloud (in text)...

This comment was edited on Sep 22, 21:08.
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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Pirates Beta
3. Re: So,,, Sep 20, 2007, 15:24 Aero
I could actually see this working out pretty well. Ship to ship combat with cannon while using the SF grappling hook to swing over to the enemy vessel, cutlass between your teeth.

Of course, it could be crap too. Avast!!

The Wiki has some screenshots, it actually looks pretty good too. It's not quite what I had in mind though.


This is a little more like it:

This comment was edited on Sep 20, 15:32.
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News Comments > Evochron Renegades Announced
3. Re: No subject Sep 14, 2007, 23:09 Aero
This is, overall, my favorite genre for computer games. There hasn't been a really good one in a while though. X3's interface is a little clunky and the universe feels sterile; Freelancer had a great universe but the game play was too simplified (there were some mods that improved it though); I didn't try Dark Star (is that it?) but heard bad things.

I imagine it's a little harder these days to create a good one. Older classics like Elite and Privateer worked because it was just accepted that you would have to use your imagination in lieu of fancy graphics. These days we have the graphics, but that means they need a huge library of art and media assets. They actually need to build a universe in its entirety which, I imagine, is no small feat.

However, I believe there is the potential to create an amazing space-sim, but it would take a lot of work. From their description, it sounds like they are on the right track. I've never played an Evochron game, but I have high hopes and I hope I'm not disappointed.

I'd heard rumors a new version of Elite was in the works, does anybody know anything about this? Of course, I've been hearing those rumors for years now.


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News Comments > FASA Closes
49. Mechs Sep 13, 2007, 23:55 Aero
Mechwarrior sort of lost me after the second one. I didn't play enough of the others to really pass judgement, but it seemed to me they started to lose depth.

Mechwarrior and Mechwarrior2 were cool because they felt and looked a lot like simulators. The later games I played seemed more like shooters with mechs.

All that being said, I think you could make a pretty impressive mech-combat game without a license. Nobody owns the rights to giant-killer-biped-tanks in general. A 'spiritual successor' a la Bioshock as someone mentioned earlier, could be excellent even without the FASA license.

It's a shame these guys lost their jobs, but hopefully they'll find new, better ones. I didn't follow the goings on for the most part, but the studio closing came as no surprise.

Really, I think DX10 and Games For Windows is just a scam to kill off PC gaming. They'd rather just collect royalties on Xbox games.

Oh well, I hope they fail.


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News Comments > White Gold: War in Paradise Website
2. Re: Same guys who did Boiling Point Sep 5, 2007, 15:33 Aero
Boiling Point was so close to being a fantastic game. Interesting environment, hilarious dialogue- a cool idea overall. It just didn't work right, and the one or two patches they released didn't sort it out properly.

If they've managed to sort out the technical aspects White Gold could be a classic. Considering the mess that Boiling Point was though, they've got a lot of work to do. I hope they've sorted it out. I'd buy it for sure in that case.

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News Comments > Wing Commander Soundtrack
11. Re: Wow... Aug 28, 2007, 16:06 Aero
Seems a little ridiculous to pay for this. I already bought the games. The Fat Man was a big deal back then, they did the 7th Guest soundtrack as well among others.

I had the WaveBlaster addon for the SB16 around that time (not quite, a year or so after WC2)which did MT-32 compatibility. Before that, I had a GUS which actually sounded considerably better but wouldn't do MT-32 (or even General Midi, if I recall). I think Roland still has a Sound Canvas line- or at least they did a few years ago.

Still, brings back some memories. I actually think the FM AdLib redproduction sounds better these days. It's not trying to be anything but a synth.


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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Patch
8. Re: No subject Aug 22, 2007, 23:02 Aero
I don't know, that's a pretty good list. 10-15% overall performance improvements and particularly 50-100% network efficiency improvements are pretty impressive. From what I recall, the biggest grip was performance on multicore processors which it appears they have had a stab at.

What exactly were you expecting?


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News Comments > Mafia 2 Announcement Nears
18. Cars Aug 17, 2007, 15:18 Aero
Very excited about this as well. I'd like to see the next one take place in the late 50's or 60's though. The cars in Mafia were painfully slow at times. The physics modeling had a really nice feel, you could actually drive the cars with a proper wheel and pedal set and it felt relatively realistic.

That alone made it far more interesting than cruising around in GTA (which was still fun in it's own way, of course). I'd just like to see some meatier sixties cars.


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