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News Comments > Prince of Persia Subtitle: None
4. No subject Jun 2, 2008, 20:06 Aero
Sands of Time was a pretty good game, but I still think I'd prefer a quasi-2D side-scrolling implementation closer to the original. I imagine it probably wouldn't impress the younger console generation, but I'm willing to bet the gameplay would actually be more fun. Even at it's best, the camera and control implementation in third person platformers, makes me feel pretty disconnected from the acrobatics. When judging distances is a key part of the gameplay, a 3D world represented on a 2D screen tends to make things sort of clunky.

Maybe it's just nostalgia though. Given the task of creating a 3D platformer version of PoP, they did a pretty damn good job with Sands of Time. I didn't like the others at all though, and it's good news that they're taking this route.

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News Comments > Dark Horizon Announced
23. Re: Now please wake up LucasArts!! May 29, 2008, 15:26 Aero
The funny thing is if LucasArts got Lawrence Holland to head the development of a new X-Wing/Tie Fighter sequel, a real one, for all of the platforms, it would probably sell fantastically well.

Even the console kids would probably love it because the one thing that these games, particularly Tie Fighter, did very well was having a ton of action all the time.

I don't see how they could lose- unless they stuck Jar Jar Binks or insisted on making it about the prequels. Nobody likes the prequels George, get over it.

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News Comments > Warhammer Online Crafting Details
4. No subject May 29, 2008, 15:03 Aero
This reminds me- we need a sequel to Space Hulk please.

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News Comments > Far Cry 2 is Long
7. No subject May 28, 2008, 23:08 Aero
If most of that 50 hours consists of walking somewhere, and then walking back again, and then walking somewhere, and then walking back again etc., I don't think it counts.

Boo to the no co-op thing. Crysis would have been a much better game if it had co-op. Four player co-op would have made all the difference in the world, and Crysis would probably have been a classic rather than just a mediocre shooter with lovely graphics.

In future, developers, please remember to include co-op. Thanks. Co-op Doom was one of my all time best video game memories.

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News Comments > PC Street Fighter IV
15. No subject May 28, 2008, 16:00 Aero
If it's going to be 2D (and please god, let it not be 3D), I think it ought to work out fine on the PC. Frame rate shouldn't be a problem. Going to need some gamepads though.

Looking forward to it. Of course if I had a console, I'd probably buy that version instead.

I never played Street Fighter 3, but the amount of time I spent at the arcade playing Street Fighter 2 is absurd.

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News Comments > Far Cry 2 Movie
5. Re: yay! May 27, 2008, 20:46 Aero
Looks like it might be a good game, but I don't see what it has to do with Far Cry. I guess we'll find out.

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News Comments > Gunrox Beta
4. Re: Weird Looking May 27, 2008, 13:21 Aero
Looks like X-Com. Might be fun.

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News Comments > Space Shuttle Mission 2007 Demo, Free Add-on
1. No subject May 26, 2008, 16:34 Aero
I hear this is pretty good, if that's your thing. It models all the avionics and whatnot... virtual cockpits and that jazz. Of course, the thing has a ridiculous number of buttons, knobs, computers and gizmos in it, so I imagine it takes a while to master.

Not a bad looker either.

I have trouble with sims that don't allow me to blow stuff up though.

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News Comments > Free Postal 2: Share the Pain
2. No subject May 25, 2008, 20:22 Aero

There's nothing to say, really. Nothing at all.

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News Comments > New PCIe Sound Blaster Cards
20. No subject May 16, 2008, 14:42 Aero
I hear good things about the Auzentech soundcards. I really can't see any way to justify $150+ for a sound card though. Especially now since digital output is so common fancy SNRs, frequency response, harmonic distortion and all of that jazz doesn't mean anything.

Basically, all that matters is how much it affects performance, whether it has the features that you want, and the implementation of EAX-style effects.

You'd be a lot better off spending the extra money on speakers.

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News Comments > WoW Graphics Reboot Coming?
25. No subject May 16, 2008, 14:19 Aero
It seems to me you could take the graphics just as they are now, bung some fancier lighting/shadowing, some pretty shaders, and some post processing on it and it would look pretty good. Maybe some higher-res textures too--

I too am sick of the gaming industry putting more effort into technical bling than hiring some good artists and making better use of what we've got now.

This is the dark side of continuously progressing processing power and a hugely variable platform. The console games that come out towards the end of the life-cycle usually look significantly better than those that were available at release. We ought to be advancing graphics that way rather than just throwing more transistors at it.

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News Comments > Op Ed
4. No subject May 11, 2008, 15:47 Aero
As I understand it you've given a certain number of activations and you can revoke these activations. Why couldn't you just revoke your activation and transfer them to the next owner?

(this isn't rhetorical, I don't know how it works)

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News Comments > Op Ed
2. No subject May 11, 2008, 15:04 Aero
It did use a lot of words to say not much at all, but I agree with the gist of it. I'm not terribly happy with it phoning home, but I'm not particularly bothered by it either. Eventually we'll go full SaaS anyways. Just as well get used to it now.

These are just video-games. If I install it and it works, that's all that matters to me. Provided they meet that criteria, they're welcome to try to defend against piracy however they see fit, and good luck to them.

I don't care for them installing drivers on my system and I rather not have to jump through these hoops, but them's the breaks. It's a shame that there are freeloading little brats in this world mucking it up for everyone.

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News Comments > Ghostbusters Movie/Preview
1. No subject May 11, 2008, 14:38 Aero
The more I see of Ghostbusters, the more pessimistic I become. It looks like a pretty mediocre, run of the mill third-person shooter. What attracts me to it is the contribution by the cast (getting Bill Murray to do this is incredible). Originally, they had said it was written by Dan Akroyd, but from the trailer it looks more like it was written by some guy at Terminal Reality and they asked Akroyd if it was good, and he gave some input. Not quite the same thing.

Anyways, Gears of War 2 looks pretty cool.

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News Comments > Codemasters and F1 Racing
8. No subject May 10, 2008, 17:25 Aero
You're pretty mad there Porn. You ought to take it easy.

Go download CTDP 2005 for rFactor and relax a little. 2006 will be out soon. There's even MMG F1 2007 if you aren't a stickler for realism.

Don't forget GPC F1 1979 and Carrera's F1 1988 (both available for GTR2 as well).

Kunos and co. just released SingtelSim which has a pretty accurate F1 car, though the track it comes with sucks. You can just stick your NKP tracks in there instead. Word has it the 1.03 NKP patch (if it ever comes out) will have it in there.

You could race the F1 in Live For Speed too for good measure.

And for god's sake, don't forget about iRacing!! It's coming out next month.

We'll be okay.

ed: Oh, and I almost forgot. Blimey will be releasing their Ferrari Project (including their F1 cars) and Project Falcon in not too long and SimBin are about to release a GT-R Race07 expansion with a professionally done version of The Mother.

This comment was edited on May 10, 17:30.
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News Comments > Everyday Shooter & Portal Demo
13. No subject May 10, 2008, 17:16 Aero
It was very depressing when AMD bought ATI.

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News Comments > Fury League
1. No subject May 9, 2008, 23:17 Aero
I originally read that as "Furry league" and it made me blink.

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News Comments > Race Driver GRID Demo
5. Re: No subject May 9, 2008, 19:26 Aero
Yeah, not impressed. Has too much arcade in it. I'm not asking for a hard-core simulation necessarily, but I would like it to at least approximate it. They ought to build a solid vehicle-dynamics simulation first (the tire simulation doesn't necessarily have to be fancy though) and then tweak it to make it more controllable on a gamepad or for those looking for a more relaxed experience.

It seems as though weight-transfer isn't modeled at all, nor is the balance between front and rear grip. It seems to boil down to your turning ability being just a function of your speed which is no fun at all.

I highly doubt this will be popular even with the people who are just looking for an arcade experience. It's difficult to control, but not in a good way. It's frustrating rather than challenging.

Maybe they'll get it sorted by the time the full game is released. In my opinion, this is a step backward even from TRD3.

The graphics are nice though, a little heavy on the effects, but it's pretty to be sure. I understand it runs pretty well on older hardware too, which is nice and a big improvement from Dirt.

ed: It does have an in-cockpit cam. At least that's what it defaulted to for me. I think I selected "lock camera to driver" or something like that.

This comment was edited on May 9, 19:28.
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News Comments > Codemasters and F1 Racing
3. No subject May 9, 2008, 13:49 Aero
Meh. It will probably suck but there's a chance, a very small chance, that given the subject matter Codemasters will be forced to take the realism a little more seriously.

This is presupposing they don't already take realism seriously and they just suck at it.

Anyways, this means there might be a PC version which is better than not having one at all. Not much better mind, but at least it's something.

ed: Unless you own a PS3. I understand the last F1 game was decent enough.

This comment was edited on May 9, 13:50.
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News Comments > Call of Duty 5 Revealed
6. No subject May 9, 2008, 11:19 Aero
Given what it is, I'd rather see it released as an expansion. I would be happy to buy more COD4 'episodes' and I suspect that's pretty much what it's going to be. $50 for more of the same wouldn't interest me a whole lot. Maybe if rather than the six or so hours of COD4 they gave you 20+ hours of the same quality it might be worth it.

It does seem like they're just breaking out the industrial milking rig.

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