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News Comments > NVIDIA Drivers & UT3 PhysX Pack
8. No subject Aug 12, 2008, 17:16 Aero
Warmonger is pretty silly. It's a decent little shooter and I had fun with it for a half-hour, but I don't see the benefit of PhysX really. The level destruction isn't anything special and could easily be done without it. The only thing I can really see where the PhysX stuff might come in handy is with the little sparks falling from the sky, but they're more annoying than anything else.

There was a FPS quite a while ago (like 2000, possibly earlier), Red-something, that had destructible levels done in pretty much the same way.

Also, the levels are already so screwed up that you barely notice the destructibility--I imagine this is probably intended to hide the shortcomings. It would be a lot cooler if the levels started off looking nice but were reduced to rubble heaps by the end of the round. That would make it worthwhile, but something like that is probably a ways off.

Anyways, I welcome PhysX support, but I don't really give a damn about it.

edit: The Folding@Home thing is pretty interesting though. I would like to see how it compares to a purely CPU based version.
This comment was edited on Aug 12, 17:22.
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News Comments > NVIDIA Drivers & UT3 PhysX Pack
5. No subject Aug 12, 2008, 15:41 Aero
Well... the fluid demo is pretty cool, I guess. If turning of and on hardware acceleration is actually representative of the difference, it's about a billion times faster with it on. Of course, that's probably the whole point of the demo, so I naturally don't read much into it.

It is very cool though, but as with all nVidia demos going back almost ten years, it's virtually guaranteed that it will be at least two years before we see something like this actually appear in a game.

So... neat tricks, nothing more.

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News Comments > NVIDIA Drivers & UT3 PhysX Pack
3. Hmmm... Aug 12, 2008, 15:21 Aero
Is there any reason I wouldn't want to use drivers that supported PhysX if I don't really give a damn about the PhysX (besides the obvious).

I'm interested in checking it out but if I'm just going to uninstall the drivers again, it's probably not worth the effort.

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News Comments > New Evochron Renegades
1. No subject Aug 8, 2008, 14:07 Aero
This is a really great game. It has tremendous old-school appeal. The community is fantastic and the developer, Vice, is a great guy and can implement features, fixes and requests with insane speed.

This comment was edited on Aug 8, 14:08.
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News Comments > 10TACLE Insolvent
1. No subject Aug 7, 2008, 17:41 Aero
I damn well hope Blimey isn't affected. That would be bad, bad news for the sim-racing crowd. I wonder if the unannounced project is Project Falcon--I've heard some very interesting rumors about that one.

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News Comments > NVIDIA PhysX Previews
30. No subject Aug 6, 2008, 21:06 Aero
I was really excited about the whole physics thing back when HL2 was about to come out. It seemed like a new direction that would actually change the fundamentals of game play that has otherwise been stagnant for many, many years now.

Being able to interact realistically with the environment would be a big step forward towards an experience that allowed actual creativity in your approach to the game as opposed to just figuring out how the developers intended you to negotiate a static level. Even the games that have destructible environments may as well have a big sign saying "you're supposed to blow up this wall."

I'm sure someday it will come--a game where rather than designing a 'level' they build, say, a building, with all of the properties of a building, and put the player and characters in it, and let you work out how to do things for yourself.

Ah, screw it... wishful thinking.

Anyways, more on topic:

If there was broad software support I could see this being a good thing. If they were to allow asymmetrical SLI setups so that I could buy a $70 320meg 8800GTS and plop it in next to my graphics card, I would certainly consider it. Of course, then we're sort of back to the physics accelerator card thing that never worked. If this nVidia thing, given how many people already have nVidia cards, can solve the chicken/egg problem that made the PhysX boards worthless, that's a Good Thing. I doubt it though.

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News Comments > More GTA IV PC Rumor Mongering
53. No subject Jul 27, 2008, 14:28 Aero
to me your whole argument just seemed like you were trying to justify the fact that you cant run your games at any higher resolutions to yourself.

You seem like you're just trying to justify your investment in hardware. Do other people's opinions threaten you for some reason? Are you okay?

Naturally, this is all a subjective thing, and I wouldn't say anyone's opinion is wrong. I have plugged it into my tv and played at 1920x1080 and was not particularly impressed that it made the scene appear any more realistic. Of course, it was nice in many ways particularly the size, and I do like the widescreen format, but the color accuracy is not suitable for my computer use. Naturally, this is an aesthetic thing so YMMV. You must remember that there are much more important things than simple numbers.

You might prefer it, and I'm not saying you're wrong, but you cannot deny there are limits to the benefit of increasing the resolution. A very large screen does need a high resolution, but this is just to keep the image from appearing pixelated at game-playing range.

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News Comments > More GTA IV PC Rumor Mongering
45. No subject Jul 27, 2008, 12:17 Aero
I play at 1024x768 with high-AA (8 or 16) most of the time (and depending on the game). On my 19-inch CRT, with high levels of AA, I'm hard pressed to see any improvement with the higher resolutions. If I'm limited to 4xAA, I'll run in 1280x1024 though. The improvement in framerate is often worth it.

Usually running something like 1600x1200 or higher just makes the limited graphics detail all the more apparent. Regardless of the resolution, there is a limited amount of detail in the actual scene--sort of like how you can only blow up a photograph (on film) so far before it just becomes blurry; if you were to digitize the photo, beyond a certain resolution you would have a higher resolution digital image but with no more actual detail in it.

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News Comments > Sam & Max Season Two DVD Nears
1. No subject Jul 23, 2008, 13:56 Aero

I haven't been doing the episodic content thing, but I bought the full first season when it came out, and I'm sure I'll do the same for the second. Very amusing games and I hear the second series solves some of the annoyances of the first.

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News Comments > Project Origin Details
30. No subject Jul 19, 2008, 16:13 Aero
You guys need some action.

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News Comments > Project Origin Details
24. No subject Jul 19, 2008, 12:57 Aero
Maintains the authenticity of the Alma storyline and players will know this is the only place to continue the saga

Does this imply some other company is going to be making a FEAR 2 like OFP2 and FarCry 2?

I liked the first one. It had good AI and the effects made the gunfights ridiculous, and the horror, "boo!" stuff was better than most. It did have its problems though, the repetitive levels, the sort of goofy story. It probably would have been better as a straight action-shooter without all of the supernatural stuff.

Monolith is a pretty good outfit. Minus a couple misfires, they've been making some of the best fps games since the mid nineties. I also appreciate the fact that after BUILD, they've been rolling their own engines rather than using the off-the-shelf stuff that makes too many FPSes the same games with different graphics.

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News Comments > Spore to Feature an Ending
5. No subject Jul 17, 2008, 11:39 Aero
The more I see of it, the less 'innovative' it becomes. It seems like they started with a cool premise, but then realized they had to actually make it into a game--you know, with gameplay and stuff.

So, what I'm seeing is a simple little 2d action game, that becomes a 3D action game, then pretty standard looking, simple RTS, then a slightly more complicated RTS... and then it's over.

So the only real part you could consider innovative is the creature creator. The rest is just a way to shoehorn it into an actual game.

I'll still might buy it, if the reviews are good. I'm going to guess they're mediocre though. Only the advertiser's bitch sites (you know the ones) will give it high ratings. Ultimately, it will be a cool looking, highly polished game, but one that has jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none gameplay.

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News Comments > Wolfenstein Trailer
14. No subject Jul 16, 2008, 14:12 Aero
I dunno. I'm not terribly impressed. I'll probably keep an eye on it though.

Raven used to be best pals with id. heretic was the first game to use the Doom engine, and probably the beginning of the whole fps game-engines as a middleware product popularity. That got a lot of play over the network, Gameconn and DWANGO. Hexen was even better.

Er... what was I saying again? Memory lane I suppose.

Anyways, the fact that they're developing it gives me a bit more hope. Of course, Quake 4 didn't do it for me at all.

We'll see.

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News Comments > Wheelman Trailer
2. Driver? Jul 15, 2008, 21:14 Aero
Does this have any connection with the Driver games?

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News Comments > Flock Announced
2. No subject Jul 15, 2008, 13:34 Aero
Sounds interesting enough. I'll keep an eye on it.

I want a remake of The Incredible Machine. I bet they could use all of the modern whatsits to actually improve upon the original, which so few remakes seem to do these days.

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News Comments > No DX10 Call of Duty: World at War
7. No subject Jul 14, 2008, 23:35 Aero
D10 probably won't be really useful for another hardware generation yet. Using all of the fancy features DX9 was capable of really wasn't practical until the 7000 series nVidia cards.

That's sort of the way it's always been though. The API is a couple years ahead of the hardware that supports it.

Not to mention the Vista requirement headache.

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News Comments > Apogee Comeback
17. No subject Jul 14, 2008, 21:00 Aero
You guys must have been into that shroom mode a little too much. ROTT was terrible. It did have a few redeeming features though. I liked the gibs and the begging enemies.

I'd be down with an old-school side-scrolling Duke Nukem or Commander Keen on a handheld though.

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News Comments > Consolidation
1. No subject Jul 12, 2008, 15:14 Aero
I don't get Rock Band.

Why would you spend $300 on a pretend drum kit when you can buy real drum kit for the same price, albeit a cheap one? If you can play the song perfectly in Rock Band, then you would probably have a decent foundation for learning to actually play the drums. It does say you can hook it up to a synth though, so that does make it a little more reasonable.

Dance Revolution was fun because all it told you was where you had to put your feet and when, how you went about doing that was up to you. This was good fun, especially if you were drunk. You were actually dancing. You could be creative.

Rock Band and Guitar Hero are basically the same as that Simon thing we played when we were kids.

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News Comments > Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory Patch
1. No subject Jul 12, 2008, 12:58 Aero
They really supported the hell out of this game. Good thing too, I couldn't play the original release for 10 minutes without it crashing. Neither could anyone else.

They've made a ton of improvements though, not just bug fixing but added features, improved AI, improved performance, improved graphics. It's an excellent single-player WW2 flight sim. It can really stuff the sky full of airplanes and make it feel like a true large scale aerial battle.

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News Comments > New Wolfenstein Details
16. No subject Jul 12, 2008, 12:51 Aero
Return to Castle Wolfenstein was a decent enough game, but it really didn't have the flavor of the original Wolf3D. They need to make it a simple, fun shooter with hordes of relatively stupid enemies.

I could actually deal with the one large city (though it really should be one large castle, so long as they fill it up with a tremendous amount of enemies and make it a pure action game from beginning to end. No sneaking, no dark hallways with monsters jumping out and saying boo! Just tons of enemies for you to mow down with a machine gun and a lot of unnecessary gore.

I'm not to keen on the magic bit either. It could potentially be okay, but I doubt it. The supernatural elements of Wolf3D took the form of three armed zombies and robotic bosses, not so much supernatural powers like you'd see in Bioshock. The supernatural bit is sort wrong for BJ. BJ is supposed to be a red blooded American, normal every-day-Joe, Nazi killing machine.

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