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Description I like games and stuff!
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News Comments > Cities Skylines After Dark Expansion Announced
6. Re: Cities Skylines After Dark Expansion Announced Aug 6, 2015, 20:49 IgWannA
Kxmode wrote on Aug 6, 2015, 20:12:
Day and Night Cycle.


Except that feature is free for everyone!
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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: etc. Oct 11, 2010, 06:28 IgWannA
something tells me this is a revolt against the lack of dedicated servers in MW2, and infinity ward's general arrogance.  
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News Comments > Duke Nukem Forever Footage
16. Re: Duke Nukem Forever Footage Oct 3, 2010, 19:58 IgWannA
That has to be the worst demo showing ever... draws badly on a whiteboard, punches a wall and some boxes then blows himself up with the Devastator. The game does, however, look pretty cool. The stadium scene with the Devastator just brought back the memories...  
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News Comments > Test Drive Unlimited 2 Announced
14. Re: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Announced Mar 3, 2010, 19:45 IgWannA
i have to disagree. i thought police chases were excellent. i loved the game and can't wait for the sequel. cruising around with random people online was a really cool feature. however it does kind of look like the same island which would suck...  
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News Comments > Game Reviews
2. Re: Game Reviews Jan 18, 2010, 11:02 IgWannA
i just bought it for 2.50 based on this review  
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News Comments > Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 2's Length
21. Re: Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 2's Length Oct 20, 2009, 16:00 IgWannA
the biggest problem i had with MW1 was the pacing was far too fast. i'm all for the hollywood explosions and hundreds of bad guys, but as long as it's balanced with slower sections where you can take a breather and get soaked into the atmosphere and story (was there even a story in MW1?). i read a couple of reviews of uncharted 2 where they praised the fact there were a few slower sections and it was really well paced and not completely bombastic.

considering the insane bank IW will make from MW2 (and have already made from MW1) you would think they could afford to make a longer game. like GTA 4 was such a long, insanely detailed game and spent $100 million on it because they knew it would sell anyway, so they could afford to make it long. i think IW just want the money and don't care about giving the gamers actual content.
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News Comments > Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Patch Plans
7. Re: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Patch Plans Oct 14, 2009, 18:44 IgWannA
The game is woefully short. I've only played maybe 5 hours and I'm almost on mission 10 of 11. I've also completed all 5 bonus missions, each take about 15 minutes.

It's really as if the missions were a complete afterthought. No story, no planning, missions are incredibly linear... oh yeah, and bugs, I have already written about 4 pages worth on their forum. As yet no one from Codemasters has replied to say what bugs they are working on, or even to give a master list of bugs they are aware of. Reporting bugs to them feels like a complete waste of time.

But aside from that the game does have a certain something that could make it into a great game if they patch all the hundreds of bugs, keep adding missions with more dialogue, story, impact and suspense. It'll be interesting to see user-made missions.
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
2. Re: Gatherings & Competitions Jul 3, 2009, 15:34 IgWannA
no, you're not alone. what an unfortunate name for an event.  
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News Comments > Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Video
1. Re: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Video May 29, 2009, 12:19 IgWannA
after being drip fed shit videos for this game i was expecting something special. i was sorely disappointed. the game looks absolutely nothing like the screenshots, just really bad graphic quality overall (grass is only drawn to about 20 feet!).

seriously codemasters you better have produced something special with this license...
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News Comments > More on TRIBES-Like Footage
26. Re: 2008 Dec 25, 2007, 14:26 IgWannA
"I for one like to have a disc with my games because I fear that an online game will always require an online connection."

tribes is multiplayer only. what fool would want to play offline?

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News Comments > More on TRIBES-Like Footage
7. Re: True Dec 24, 2007, 19:20 IgWannA
tribes holds the fondest gaming memories for me and a few of my friends who got hooked too. it was just revolutionary at the time, the engine wasn't great looking even for its day but it ran silky smooth on almost any system and the netcode was unbelievable even on 56k. the whole idea of jetpacks and outdoor environments and deployable stations and customizable armour, etc was all a step beyond what any other multiplayer FPS offered at the time.

long live tribes.

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News Comments > Evening Screenshots
3. Re: Op FP2 Dec 5, 2007, 09:09 IgWannA
the second shot is amusing because they put "flashpoint 2" under the flashpoint 1 screenshot and vice versa.

oh well it still looks lovely. good job codemasters

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News Comments > On Crysis 2
5. Re: No subject Nov 26, 2007, 22:03 IgWannA
and photos. photos are photorealistic

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News Comments > On Crysis 2
1. No subject Nov 26, 2007, 21:10 IgWannA
because everyone really needs to upgrade again

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News Comments > Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Patch
15. Re: No subject Nov 16, 2007, 07:24 IgWannA
this game has amazing multiplayer. lots of modes, shitload of guns and accessories, tons of achievements, and most importantly it's fun as hell!

i got the game yesterday and played it for about 7 hours. haven't even touched the single player.

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News Comments > Gold - Crysis
25. Re: No subject Oct 29, 2007, 15:20 IgWannA

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News Comments > Gold - Crysis
20. Re: Christianity Oct 29, 2007, 15:02 IgWannA
"I mean, there are soooooooo many servers with funny moral rules like no racism, no swearing, no porn; BUT IT'S OKAY TO SIMULATE MURDER!!!!!!!!!"

does that mean you don't watch any violent tv shows or movies? because i don't see how it's that far removed from playing a violent video game.

get out of my bluesnews jack thompson

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News Comments > Crysis Demo Released
157. Re: :) Oct 29, 2007, 11:07 IgWannA
as has already been said, einstein believed in spinoza's god which has nothing to do with christianity. it's actually a joke because he knew he would be persecuted if he said he "didn't believe in anything". so before you make an ass of yourself you should check your facts. other scientists such as newton and galileo galilei were religious only because that was what they were taught from birth and christianity was the norm, as it is in america. you're talking about scientists who lives hundreds of years ago who didn't understand the universe nearly as deeply as we do now. it is so utterly stupid to say that because these old great minds were christian they MUST be right and it MUST prove the general concensus among scientists..

it does not. just look at the proportion of current day scientists who believe in god - much lower than the world average. anyway i'm not going to debate anymore with people who can't have a proper discussion. get your religion out of my bluesnews.

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News Comments > Crysis Demo Released
134. The best crysis demo review evar Oct 28, 2007, 08:56 IgWannA
firstly, i shall state my specs are an athlon 3000 overclocked 40%, a radeon 2900pro which i got the other day, 1GB DDR and a whopping 24" samsung monitor. my processor is the choke point as it's not dual core and i know crysis loves the dual cores, and 1GB memory is pretty low for a game like this.

it runs at around 20fps in 1920x1200 (or "ridiculous resolution" as i like to call it) on medium detail, but i switched to 1440x900 which gets about 30-35. on high detail at that res i was getting way too much processor/memory lag and only about 10-15fps. i tried tricking about the settings and discovered the post processing high mode really just adds motion blur at the expense of about 10-15% fps, so utterly pointless. i put the shaders on high because it looks a bit better and is only about 5% slower.

as for the game, it's freakin awesome as far as i'm concerned. the open endedness is really apparent, moreso than farcry, especially because the nanosuit and gun attachments let you mix about your tactics so, for example, you can enter the objective cloaked and escape undetected, bypassing a huge firefight with about 15 guys. alternatively you could pick some of them off at a distance with the silencer, or just rush in with full armour and blast them in the head. i've played through the demo twice and it was quite different each time.

the AI is great for the most part - something i wasn't expecting because of the bugs i saw in previous videos. they generally act very realistically, so you can catch people off guard if you uncloak infront of them, so they'll take a few seconds to reach for their weapon. they'll run about and try to flank you and it seems they use team work and sometimes group together. line of sight seems quite accurate, so you can hide behind rocks and go from cover to cover to sneak up on them, but if they spot you they'll be alerted quickly and will go looking for you. if they can't see you they will either move towards your last known position or shoot blindly. this is most apparent when you cloak and you can see them shooting where you were, shouting things like "i'm going to find you!". it's very satisfying to cloak and run up behind people who are slowly walking towards your last known location then shoot them in the back of the head, cloak and run away again.

the ingame cinematics were quite good, very well animated and the voice acting, contrary to what some people are saying, is really pretty good. the cinematic at the end was brilliant because the visual quality, animations and voice acting made it appear pre-rendered quality.

ok now for some not-so good stuff. something that most people are annoyed with is the number of hits enemies can take in the chest. it seems they can take about 10 or more bullets on medium difficulty which gives the annoying sense of "didnt i already kill that guy?", especially when tehre are several guys and you shoot 5 or so bullets in someone, turn on the next guy but realise the first guy is still alive and kicking, with no visible damage. i didn't notice anyone limp or hold their wounds or even run away. it seems the enemies are just as deadly after being shot 9 times, but one more bullet will put them to sleep. on the other hand it seems one headshot will kill, so keep that in mind.

the vehicles feel very realistic and have good weight and handle well, but one thing i noticed was when i drove a hummer past another car on a narrow path and i just clipped the side of the other car and my hummer blew up! it had taken no damage previously and i was only going about 15mph. pretty delicate vehicle indeed, i think they need to fix that. also it seems it takes about 5 bullets in the same location to cut down a tree, making the whole concept utterly useless because you just end up wasting ammo. in an early video i saw someone shoot trees which fell on enemies, but really i dont see this ever becoming a tactic. also, one time i shot down a bunch of trees with the hummer's gun and a tree fell on the hummer and it blew up!! again, it seems the hummer doesn't like things hitting it. i wouldn't have thought a tree falling on it could make it blow up.

i can't really think of anymore bad things about it, just a whole lot of awesome things which i haven't even mentioned. the demo lives up to the hype as far as i'm concerned - i just hope the rest of the game is the same quality and the campaign is a decent length. it seems too many first person shooters are being cut to 6-8 hours or worse, such as the case of COD4.

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News Comments > Crysis Demo Released
133. Re: No subject Oct 28, 2007, 08:28 IgWannA
i just read this whole discussion and i still have no idea where the religious debate came from. i'm sure i'm not the only one confused - i mean, how do you get religion from crysis? (maybe jesus had a nanosuit that could walk on water?)

anyway i really disliked this one comment:

"Christianity is the only logical conclusion to arrive at."

is that a non-biased conclusion made from extensive peer reviewed studies and research by the top minds of the world? no, it's a conclusion from someone who no doubt was born into a christian family, in a christian country. the ignorance of the many christians who really believe their religion is the only true one astounds me. it's like they don't even realise the stupidity of what they say. how can you say christianty is the one true religion when you haven't studied every other religion equally as much? obviously your opinions will be heavily tainted by the things you were taught from birth, things your family told you were fact, and anyone who denies that is a fool.

it's really as simple as this - imagine if you can you were born in india, to an indian family of hindu religion. you would be taught from an early age hindu scripture and all the lore and stories that go along with it - very much like the bible and all the stories that go with christianity. if you grew up in this country, surrounded by other people of the same belief, would you still think christianity is the "right" religion? of course not. and if you disagree with that logic you are a complete and utter twat - i.e. just another blind christian.

if only people opened their mind and saw things from other perspectives, and saw that religion is 99% based on WHERE you were born and WHAT your parents' believe. but obviously religion doesn't teach open mindedness - you don't exactly learn about buddhism, hinduism or islam when you go to a christian church, do you?

... anyway, crysis demo is fucking awesome, i shall write a mini review now...

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