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News Comments > ATI DirectX 10.1 Support & Demo
4. When I think awesome graphics... Aug 25, 2008, 11:10 Will W
The first thing to come to mind is Ping-Pong.

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News Comments > Legal Briefs
7. Amazing.... Aug 22, 2008, 09:34 Will W
EA thinks people deserve to be paid for the content they create but only after a few years and a class action lawsuit. EA is the wrong mouthpiece for talking about proper compensation for people who actually put their "blood, sweat, and tears" into making games.

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News Comments > Age of Conan Still Popular
40. Re: I left it too... Jul 1, 2008, 11:09 Will W
That's true, DX10 was never in. Why wait until people had their pre-order copies in their hands before letting them know that the advertisement on the box was false? Or do you think they didn't know they wouldn't have DX10 functionality in the game till the Fall of this year by 2 days before hand? DX10 was a big selling point of this game, in fact I believe it was supposed to be a Vista release title to showcase DX10.

Did Gaming News sites put words in Gaute Godager's mouth to hype the game? It's possible I suppose. I always figured that he just answered the questions. I'm not even assuming that he "pre approved" the questions, just that he answered the questions, so he hyped the game.

Why would I care what MMO, besides this one, had a smooth launch? I bought this game based on the promises and features advertised by Funcom, not based on other companies launches of titles I didn't buy. I want what I'm promised when I make a purchase, what's the problem with know, getting what you pay for?

What sneaky dialog? How about the comment stating that sieges work great? Oh, but you can't build the city required to do them. Sorry, I suppose it's not sneaky, just "spin"...and then once the first siege happens they suddenly recognize there are no siege engines and walls can't stop people going around their edges. So does that make the spin into a lie? My opinion is that it does.

How full of yourself are you? Why do my reasons for not liking a game have to be "valid" for you? I didn't say you shouldn't like the game because of my reasons. If you disagree, that's great, but that doesn't make my reasons that I don't like the game invalid.

I don't really follow every MMO so I'm not even going to bother to try to find one that didn't have a mess up after a patch. Once again, I paid for this game. I have no idea why you insist on involving games I did not pay for.

How is their approach different? Quests? Please don't get into saying the combat is revolutionary, you're still button mashing. All they did is take Dance Dance revolution and slap it together with WoW and then claim that it's revolutionary. I'm glad you enjoy it, I'm sure there are many who do. I, however, do not view it as any different then other fantasy mmo's. You still use the same combos, you just decide which way to attack based on shields and you have to press multiple keys to get a special move. Oh, and there are boobs and blood. What other parts of this game deviate from the standard fantasy mmo?

The game feels like a bad WoW clone with elements of Dance Dance Revolution to me. If you disagree, that's great, but just because I have different expectations from the money I spend doesn't make my opinion invalid. You may not like my reasons, but they're MY reasons. The day I tell you that you should quit the game because of my reasons is the day your judgment of them will be warranted.

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News Comments > Age of Conan Still Popular
37. I left it too... Jul 1, 2008, 09:38 Will W
Myself and 3 friends were playing AoC and it wasn't a horrid game, but it certainly wasn't all it was hyped up to be IMO. The combat system was novel, but after a week or two it was still a button mashing fest.

I think it's a good game if you're into MMO's, but I don't like Funcom. They over-hyped their product, they "offically" removed promised features the day or two before launch (DX10 as an example), they don't seem to bother testing their patches before release, they have zero customer support, and they are plain sneaky with their information and dialog with customers.

All 4 of us canceled. If it wasn't for Funcom I'd be willing to give the game a try in the future, but I don't want to put any more money into supporting a company that treats their customers with the disrespect Funcom does.

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News Comments > Jumpgate Evolution Beta Sign-ups
2. Re: No subject Jun 26, 2008, 11:21 Will W
I'm really excited about new life being breathed into Jumpgate, but I'm a bit nervous about the changes they're proposing to the original. I suppose change is inevitable though, at least if they want to have more then 10 users on at once!

I think the original would have been MUCH more popular for a longer period of time if 3do didn't screw the pooch.

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News Comments > New York State of Game
1. Just to let you know..... Jun 24, 2008, 11:32 Will W
If you click the link for a NY resident, read the tiny letters at the bottom of the form...the "fine print" if you will:

"If you have not already done so, by submitting this form, you will also become a VGVN member and sign up to receive email updates."

While I support what they're saying and believe this is a waste of taxpayer money, I can't trust my personal info to an organization that tries to get you signed up for their newsletter in that manner. Bad Form, IMO.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
21. Re: No subject Jun 5, 2008, 13:31 Will W
Let it go? I'm not the one who edited my post....twice... I made one post. But, since you don't truly want me to let it go, or you wouldn't have felt the need to write the last section, I will indeed comment on it.

No, I do not feel the same about those other professions if they are not breaking the law whilst charged with enforcing it. This is a profession of people who can legally detain you. They can take you in handcuffs and put you in jail. The worker at EB can not do anything more then tell me not to shop there. I can report him to his boss, and worst case he can tell me not to shop there. What more would I have to fear from them?

You want me to tell you if I respect lawyers and politicians as much as police officers? I respect all of those professions similarly, which is to say very little.

I've never had a problem with a Judge, but considering they take the word of police above the word of an average citizen...all other evidence being equal, they don't receive the amount of respect from me they could, but I don't know any judges so I can't say if they can "badge out" of jail time with other judges. I would assume that since all of that is on the record and not random on the side of the road....they most likely can't. I would assume that since audits are generally random, always documented, and the audits are even audited that IRS agents can't do much for their friends.

Police have a power over people that you, by law, can not "resist". Police can break laws so long as it's a one-on-one with their brother officer on the side of the road....yes, I have a problem with that. Just because they're a cop doesn't make it any safer that they get in a car and drive drunk. Or that they do 90 MPH on the highway. I can shop in another store. I'm a citizen of 1 county. Official misconduct is a GROSS violation, be it by a judge, lawyer, or cop. My personal experience is with that misconduct with police. Per your #3 in your comment below, if I had a similar set of experiences with someone in a different profession who had the ability to severely alter my life then I would lose respect for that group, yes. Until I do, any response I give you on the other groups (apart from politicians and lawyers) would have to be based on hearsay, so I have to assume that your "long list of questions" you decided to post is simply to troll me into doing just that.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
16. Re: No subject Jun 5, 2008, 12:16 Will W
While I respect everyone's opinion to like and dislike police, I have a difficult time respecting them. I appreciate the work they do and I understand they put themselves in harms way on a regular basis.

I frequently see police officers I either know or have been pulled over by at the local bars drinking heavily. They then get into their cars and head home for the night, safe behind their badge should they get pulled over. The "Professional Courtesy" they receive allows them to break the law because their "brother officers" won't write them tickets or arrest them. In fact, I've been told stories where they shouldn't have been driving and when they were pulled over they were given a ride home.

Recently a new bar opened in the mall in my town and on the opening night a crew of the local cops went there after work. They were there all night drinking and began to get very rowdy. It got to the point where one of them even took of his shirt and was swinging it around over his head at the bar. Now how do you think this makes the bartender/manager feel knowing that she/he has to do something about these 5 cops sitting at the bar disturbing the other customers? Fear of retribution from the police officers cause them to get away with alot more then the rest of us would, and they treat it like a license to be assholes.

Now, if you report them to their supervisors and IF something is done about it, you have to fear the retribution from the other officers in the department who will have it in for you.

So, like I said, while I respect people's opinion to think cops are such great guys, I can't respect the police themselves unless they put a stop to the special treatment and poor behavior their officers give/get on a regular basis.

Admittedly, State Troopers have much lower instance of the immature behavior, but they are just as guilty of the "special treatment"....both giving and receiving.

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News Comments > New PCIe Sound Blaster Cards
14. Re: I already have an XFI PCIe May 16, 2008, 13:03 Will W
I've got to agree with ShavenUK on this one. I'm disappointed in how Creative dealt with Daniel_K, whatever their reasons. I also will not buy a Creative card again. I would say "ever", but if they're the only ones to come out with some super new technology, that would make me a liar. So long as there are comparable choices, however, I will avoid Creative even if it hurts my wallet a bit more.

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News Comments > Age of Conan Getting Very Testy
14. Re: Age of Conan Forums.... May 13, 2008, 11:58 Will W
Beaver -> I haven't read the WoW forums in well over a year. There was a good amount of crap posting on there too, but in the early days of the game it seemed like it was alot less...or moderated better, not sure which. Of course, that was a LONG time ago, and my memory dies grow bad with old age and alcohol, so I could just be remembering it differently.

I played for a while, enjoyed the game up till the end of Duskwood, but then it felt like it became a chore to level...and most people I ended up grouping with were more interested in zipping through the content then enjoying the quests. Anyhow, I did finally get to level 60 and then found that there was nothing left to keep my interest as I'm not very interested in the big raids and repeating the same content multiple times just to "gear up".

My opinion, and it is just an opinion, on why WoW is such a success is based on the number of users who have been in there for a long time perceiving a value in what their character owns. I think it's hard for alot of people to just stop playing and move on to a new game, using the logic of how much time and effort they've put into a game, how geared up their character is, and how well they know the content. I'm sure there's a social aspect to it to; although it's not my type of socializing. So if whole guilds move, then I suppose that could happen too.

In general, I think MMO's are an interesting statement on modern human interaction. I bet in 5 or 10 years you'll see some serious research come out about online socialization and different social structures within MMO's. I've seen a couple papers so far, but nothing I found truly noteworthy.

Yeah...I tend to ramble.

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News Comments > Age of Conan Getting Very Testy
12. Re: I got the open beta key. May 13, 2008, 11:41 Will W
Ant, correct me if I'm wrong...and I frequently am....but I thought the open beta ended over this past weekend...admittedly they also have "general beta" and "Technical Beta" or some other names, so you could be referring to a different beta. If you're DLing the open beta client I wouldn't bother at this point.

The Torrent really did suck, I was only pulling 250 K/sec at home. I would have preferred it if they gave us a .torrent file we could have used with our own choice of torrent clients. I have a few friends on a Hamachi VPN with me and most Bittorrent clients will recognize the private address and share with my friends over it, thus bumping all of our time to download as we each pull a part and then share it across to the others...a few of them are behind firewalls that we can't really poke holes in.

The campus I work at is in Finals right now so there's alot of research/last minute stuff going on and it's choking the pipe out to the net. We normally throttle bittorrent traffic in both directions, but we had a few guys on campus call up about this torrent so I ended up opening myself up to the net and was able to get it off of the torrent at about 20 Mb/sec somehow, and I left my upload open to be fair (means I was sending 10 Mb/sec since I cap myself at 30 total). Anyhow, I just blocked the traffic to the AoC torrent from going off-campus and redirected everyone to a server on campus where I hosted the files for internal users. It was simple to implement and all the kids were able to get the full client in under an hour each. Plus it kept them from choking up our network during an important time academically and most likely kept their mind more on their studies since they weren't checking the progress every 5 minutes.

I wish more ISP's out there would do something like this. All they'd have to do is dedicate an internal server for file hosting for these types of games and they'd greatly reduce the amount of duplicate traffic that has to leave their private networks. Seems to me it would make more sense the putting caps on connections, it's alot cheaper and less headache to just mirror it locally! IMO at least.

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News Comments > Age of Conan Getting Very Testy
4. Re: Well... May 13, 2008, 10:06 Will W

This comment was edited on Jul 1, 15:58.
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News Comments > Age of Conan Getting Very Testy
2. Age of Conan Forums.... May 13, 2008, 09:55 Will W
Are prob. the worst MMO forums I've ever had the displeasure of reading. Out of 115,000 posts, I'd challange Funcom to find me 100 useful ones that don't rehash the same topic, troll to no end, or complain about new people to the forums asking questions that were answered in another thread....perhaps on page 5 or 10.

The only posts that stay on the first page....aside from the stickies...are the trolling or insulting posts people keep responding to. They bitch that it was posted...yet bump it to the top by posting a reply.

The forums will turn off plenty of prospective customers, I'm sure. Not to say other MMO forums haven't been bad....but Funcom needs to do some serious cleanup. Perhaps after the game goes live and the forums are subscriber only some of this mess will clear up.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
6. No subject Mar 29, 2008, 14:52 Will W
That was quite a PR blunder by Creative....what I glean from that post is that they REMOVED functionality from some of their cards in Vista...and he added it back.

Interesting timing for them to do this, I've been reading more and more about how add-on sound cards improve performance in many different games. I'm in the market for one, and creative (and sound blaster) are the names I would look at first. I can't say I won't buy one from creative now, but unless it's a kick-ass deal I won't.

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News Comments > Op Ed
2. Re: Videogame, addiction? Mar 26, 2008, 11:46 Will W
Are you responding to the author of that article on this forum or something? Or are you just schizophrenic?

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News Comments > Cryptic & Star Trek Online Clue
2. Re: it never ceases to amaze me ... Mar 13, 2008, 12:22 Will W
Trekkies who just won't let it die. :-)

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News Comments > StarCraft II Q&A
14. Re: No subject Feb 17, 2008, 13:02 Will W
How much revenue have I generated for myself? None. For Blizzard? I've bought it twice...once when it came out and again in a "battle chest type of thing"

If only "most" of the people you are referring to won't play against random people, then some will...hence my argument isn't "null and void". I'm guessing you didn't claim that ALL won't play against random people since you know it wouldn't be true. There's griefers in every game, and most of them are people who spend way too much time in the game and derive their enjoyment out of making the game unenjoyable to others. Maybe you and the people you know don't do that, but the ones that do are a whole hell of alot more visible because they DO play against random people. There are too many games out there for a company to think they can have that kind of crap going on in their multiplayer and get a good word of mouth going.

I'm glad you don't like "dumbed down" games. You seem like another person who thinks all games are written for you because you like the game. Publishers like Blizzard make games that appeal to the largest possible number of players since they make money on initial sales, this isn't an MMO.

I'm glad you don't bitch to your friends when you get beat at a game, I guess that makes you a bastion for the gaming industry. You should get a cape and a pair of tights for your contribution. But there's no fun in playing in a hopeless game against people who use "perfect" strategy and judge their play based on their "actions per minute".

And do you really think there are more of those people out there then there are people who just like to have a fun game against their friends of, god forbid, a random stranger of equal skill? I'd love to play golf against Tiger Woods once or twice, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to continually get matched against him in pick-up games at the local golf club.

If your life has a lot at stake in a video game that hasn't been released yet, I can't help you...I'm not a mental health professional.

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News Comments > StarCraft II Q&A
11. No subject Feb 17, 2008, 11:57 Will W
I love the comments that act like people who play a game 24 hours a day 7 days a week have more "at stake". We all pay the same price. Alot of "hardcore" RTS people hurt the game more then help it since they spend a good portion of their time beating on new players.

Change the units, make people come up with new strategies. How else do you expect to draw in a NEW audience and not just the "I'm more important because even though I spent the same $$ on the game I use it more!" people. Sadly enough for them....they don't have some mystical extra pull on new customers for Blizzard...someone who tells his friends "There's no point in playing that game multiplayer, the peopl will just trounce you" has alot more pull.

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News Comments > Sunday Legal Briefs
9. No subject Jan 28, 2008, 11:00 Will W
Someone needs to tell my wife that the buttocks are a sexual organ....she keeps telling me they're not made for that. I finally have government proof!

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