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News Comments > BlizzCon Hate-Speech Criticized
125. Re: BlizzCon Hate-Speech Criticized Oct 27, 2011, 19:21 Draugr
ventry wrote on Oct 27, 2011, 19:03:
Place 100,000 gay men (or women) on an island with NO access to adoption or IVF and that group of citizens will be dead and gone in around 50 years. No way to procreate you see.

The same thing could be said about placing 100 heterosexual men (or women) on an island. It's also a point that serves no purpose.
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News Comments > BlizzCon Hate-Speech Criticized
120. Re: BlizzCon Hate-Speech Criticized Oct 27, 2011, 19:10 Draugr
Kitkoan wrote on Oct 27, 2011, 19:05:
Hellbinder wrote on Oct 27, 2011, 18:40:
Here is some hate speech for you.

The fact that peoples perverted or mentally deranged sexual state needs to be identified by them literally in front of every single thing they do is a sign in itself of the truth im stating.

whats next want to share with everyone that you are a "gay" coffee drinker? bottom line is you are sexually attracted to the same sex wich is ABNORMAL! and not something you should be proud of, ok with, or trumpet as loud as you can associating it with literally everything you do.

it is an OBVIOUS mental disorder plain and simple and its time all of society recognized that and dealt with it accordingly.

Homosexuality is found in over 400 different animal species. Homo-phobia is only found in one. Which one would you consider "natural"?

Stop bringing facts into this!
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News Comments > Op Ed
9. Re: Op Ed Oct 26, 2011, 15:08 Draugr
what's so funny is that article that they reference pachters "90%" they also have this statement

"We looked at quantifying what the real losses are," says Christian Svensson of the PC Gaming Alliance and Capcom, "and it's incredibly hard to do, because you end up having to do a set of cascading assumptions that you have no real ability to validate in any meaningful away."

Which basically proves hes just talking out of his ass. Certainly piracy is an issue but for him to pretend like he can quanitify it is disingenuous at best. Are we really going to pretend that of the 4.5 million copies of starcraft 2 sold they really missed out on around 45 million sales? If that sounds absurd, it's because it is.
If pachter didn't basically potray himself as a shill for MS, and wasn't so anti-PC gaming he might have a leg to stand on, but every time he gets the chance he basically pretend like PC's are the red headed step child of gaming so his opinion on the matter really doesn't mean much to me. Why wouldnt they ask someone who was actually involved in the industry as opposed to someone who just bags on it whenever he is asked his opinion (which is wrong most of the time)

They did ask securom too, but that's like asking McDonald's about health concerns with fast food. They have a horse in the race, and they certainly aren't going to do themselves any favors by not pretending the issue isn't of epidemic proportions. I think it is obvious that if things were as bad as they say then the PC gaming market wouldn't exist. At least for this op-ed piece they actually ask someone about it who involved in developing and publishing in the industry (gabe,) not some jackass with his crystal ball of failure and some company whose existence is reliant on piracy being a huge issue.

edit: According to this article, SC2 was pirated of 2.1 million times...
While I'm sure its not entirely accurate, but at least there are some numbers involved instead of throwing things at a dart board. Looking at it I don't know how it works out to 90% of 45 million, but I'm sure pachter is willing to show his maths and methodology for how he came up with that 90% figure. oh, we also need to pretend those 2.1 million were all going to be sales if piracy wasn't an option, and that they were all downloaded by unique individuals!

This comment was edited on Oct 26, 2011, 15:47.
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News Comments > Op Ed
3. Re: Op Ed Oct 20, 2011, 19:59 Draugr
I'd say it would be a good idea, but possibly due to the way the assets are generated though, they might be dead in the water.

Since they were using motion capture, they'd need to hire actors for everything, do the mocap, etc. Granted when people do DLC they need to bring in voice actors but what they would need to do would certainly be a step up. Most DLCs come in and are able to reuse a lot of the assets from the original game and whatnot, while they would be able to use the environments a lot of things would need to be from scratch. It's possible that it just wasn't in the cards in terms of profitability, they'd need to invest way more than others would in DLC/Episodes. When only half of platform owners participate in DLC, that doesn't sound as profitable as to just moving on to other things.

This comment was edited on Oct 20, 2011, 20:08.
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News Comments > BF3 Norwegian Review Shenanigans Alleged [Updated]
6. Re: BF3 Norwegian Review Shenanigans Alleged Oct 18, 2011, 18:10 Draugr
I just assume stuff like this was the norm, EA just moved it from the realm of the unspoken into the daylight.

Why else does so much garbage get good coverage and/or scores when it isn't worthy, Bad taste can only accounts for so much.
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News Comments > Dragon Age II DLC Released; Web Series Begins
13. Re: Dragon Age II DLC Released; Web Series Begins Oct 12, 2011, 04:01 Draugr
Jerykk wrote on Oct 12, 2011, 03:53:
As for DX:HR, I don't recall them ever saying that the game would be PC-exclusive. I vaguely recall them claiming PC was the lead SKU, which was a lie, but the final product ended up being a worthy entry into the series anyway, unlike DX2.

The only thing I remember them saying in regards to the PC release is they realize that some attention needs to be given to the PC release that the console releases don't. I think they did a fine job. I also remember seeing some videos with the dev discussing PC features as well, so clearly it was something they put some thought into. After DX2 I'm sure they were concerned with making sure they didn't have the same issues DX2 had, and wanted to assure it's potential customers as well
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News Comments > Dragon Age II DLC Released; Web Series Begins
12. Re: Dragon Age II DLC Released; Web Series Begins Oct 12, 2011, 03:53 Draugr
Acleacius wrote on Oct 12, 2011, 03:21:
That maybe true, though I feel like *Port* is an afterthought. After thinking about the development of DA. I recall them starting the game description with PC DESIGNED GAME, but by the end it was clear (at least to me) the hype slowly started changing to consoles. Remember near the end of development all those videos with the nonstop action, nothing was really about PC RPG interests, it was to attract console gamers.

Same thing happened to DX3, they started off saying PC only. Then in the end, it was clear PC version was the Port (afterthought).

Just saying the games could be better with less cost. It's poor management of resources, marketing and gameplay features. The worst part is they are throwing away this money and fan good will for *perception*. The perception that consoles are as good as PC.

Oh and m$ funding (remember those billions of dollars m$ is willing to throwaway lose to make their console mandatory viable?) which requires consoles be the lead platform.

DA:O had a seperate SKU for PC, I don't know how much more clearly that could be made. I've certainly had no issue with the way Bioware handles their PC releases. DX:HR was also well done on the PC, I had no issues or complaints (that come to mind, I could be missing something.) DA2 wasn't worked on separately, and certainly has things going against it, but a bad PC release isn't on the list for me, in that regard it has little issue.
It's not odd at all to see the marketing geared more towards the console market, there is more money to be made there.

To me, the issue I have is not with the PC releases, but just bad work we have seen from them lately, hopefully its an issue that rests more with the DA team itself, the ME series seems to be doing okay (I would have liked ME2 to be more RPG/exploration heavy, basically I wanted it to be more like ME1, but it's still not a bad game, it looks like I'll say the same thing of ME3.)
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News Comments > Dragon Age II Web Series Begins
1. Re: Dragon Age II Web Series Begins Oct 11, 2011, 18:30 Draugr
The writing and directing for this are absolutely terrible, even for a web series

Production values as well, but I'm not going to hold that against a web series, as it's par for the course.
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News Comments > More on Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer
9. Re: More on Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Oct 11, 2011, 00:31 Draugr
More Info:

Still lame!
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
12. Re: Morning Tech Bits Oct 10, 2011, 17:14 Draugr
I wish people would stop pretending Steve Jobs, a person who made toys for adults, is some paragon of humanity. I'm certainly not happy that he died, but it's just as ridiculous as when Michael Jackson died.

How many headlines is Martin Cooper going to generate when he passes away? My guess is there will be little to no buzz about it, and I would consider his contributions far more significant.

I guess the moral of the story is celebrity is ridiculous, really.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Confirmed
39. Re: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Confirmed Oct 10, 2011, 15:44 Draugr
Creston wrote on Oct 10, 2011, 13:51:
Pineapple Ferguson wrote on Oct 10, 2011, 13:39:
I was totally underwhelmed with ME2, and the addition of multiplayer to ME3 only makes me less interested because it means they are taking away resources that could have been making the single player game better to work on a feature that I don't care about. Plus, fuck EA. Might pick it up when all the ineveitable DLC has been trickled out and they have bundled up for dirt cheap. Maybe.

Did ME2 ever have an edition with all the DLC bundled?


Well said.

And just like with DA2, it's something not few people were asking for, but it's getting put in anyway, an extension of trying to please people who have no desire to play their game. No Gears of War player who already isn't in to mass effect is going to be sold on it. They will still look at it, say 'all this dialogue is stupid, why can't i be shooting things' and then go back to a game that isn't trying to straddle a fence. Just like how in DA2 they tried appealing players who (generally)didn't wanna play their game to begin with, and they ended up with less sales than before.

Personally, they should have just held off on this and made it DLC or something. For a lot of people, if ME3 doesn't turn out they way they want, this will be the scapegoat, (whether it is deserving or not.)

The only way this could have been appealing to me is if it was drop in/out co-op, so a friend could play a party member. As it is though it looks like standalone missions, which has little to no appeal for me.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 9, 2011, 18:20 Draugr
I can't believe I've been going to this site for nearly 15 years.

I think it's the only website I go to that can hold that honor.
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News Comments > id On RAGE "Cluster!@#$" and Lead Platforms
8. Re: id On RAGE Oct 7, 2011, 22:01 Draugr
Witcher 2 was PC exclusive and it managed to have the quality one can expect from any other AAA title.  
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News Comments > Unlock RAGE Hi-Rez Textures
42. Re: Unlock RAGE Hi-Rez Textures Oct 5, 2011, 17:45 Draugr
Darks wrote on Oct 5, 2011, 17:36:
Dmitri_M wrote on Oct 5, 2011, 17:26:
Elessar wrote on Oct 5, 2011, 16:52:
Thankfully indies are still putting out fun titles, but corporatism has completely fucked this industry.

Urg. I wish people would stop bringing indies up as the salvation of PC gaming. PC gamers are complaining about a lack of "serious" high budget PC titles. A two man indie title cannot return us to 2000. Most indie titles are designed to sell well on XBLA as cheap purchases. I have no idea what that has to do with wishing that mid to large size studios were producing "proper" PC titles uncorrupted by all the cookie cutter console influenced titles. Is it that indies are somehow "cool" and apart from the studios? Ok great, but they're still not the sorts of games we wish were produced today.

You know what cracks me up Dmitri_M, is that people are pissing and moaning over the textures in this game bitching and whining about indie games. But, they will spend hours playing Minecraft and not utter one word about how shitty those textures are.

Ill just add, that yes Minecraft is fun for those people, so they over look the textures becasue its fun and an intersting game.

Well, I think RAGE is a very fun and intertesting game too, and the textures look 100 times better.

Boggles my mind!!

They aren't the same thing, not by a long shot.

When you look at a screenshot for minecraft, thats what you expect it to look like. when you look at one for rage, the same applies. The difference is for some people rage doesn't look like the screenshots some of those people, its their computer, for others, it's ID's shoddy work that is causing the issue.

The complaint isn't 'omg everything needs teh uber grafix' it's 'the game should operate correctly'
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News Comments > Op Ed
19. Re: Op Ed Oct 5, 2011, 16:49 Draugr
Newer forms of media being treated as a scapegoat for societal woes? Well, isn't that new.

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News Comments > Blue's Diablo III Beta Preview
35. Re: Blue's Diablo III Beta Preview Oct 4, 2011, 19:34 Draugr
RogNog wrote on Oct 4, 2011, 18:16:
We are all talking about the lack of features for continued replayability. We seem to be missing the elephant in the room here namely activision. Their model life cycle for games now is 1 maybe 2 years top. They want you to get bored of it so you buy DLC throughout the year. Their recent form has been to sell a game for 49 quid and then release DLC through the year taking the price for the game to around 100, add to that the new market place and Ill bet you will get a lot of people spending 120 on this in a year. Maybe in 2 years along come D4 a slightly tweaked version of D3 adn it all starts again.

COD is the proof that this model works, and lets face it a fanboy and their money are soon parted.

The facts are that the bean counters would real in horror at the thought of longevity in a game. In fact I ahve a funny feeling that monthly subscription for Diablo 3 is not far away

Monthly fees aren't going to happen. They already have a revenue stream built into the game (IRL money for in game items, which people can put up via auction house, which they assumedly get a cut of,) and free to play has proven consistently that it can be just as profitable as subscription based services.

All of that aside though, I don't think it would be going subscription AFTER release, no chance.

While I understand some people have complaints about always online, I always played closed, so even Diablo 2 was an always online experience for me.

I'm not saying its okay that they do it, or that they should. but the experience certainly won't have changed for me, personally. That will not be the case for everyone, of course.
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News Comments > Fixed ATI RAGE Driver
7. Re: Fixed ATI RAGE Driver Oct 4, 2011, 19:28 Draugr
ledhead1969 wrote on Oct 4, 2011, 19:08:
I downloaded the drivers earlier today (had an Oct 3 date), installed, and the texture issue on the sides of the screen basically went away (can slightly see it on 5% of the screen instead of 40%). I then installed the drivers at the link above (Oct 4 date) and the game is basically broken. Texture issue is back and the game constantly locks. I guess I'll wait a bit.

I thought this game was supposed to be like Fallout3/Oblivion where you can roam around and happen across cool stuff. I don't understand why I would get that impression from the 100 movies they showed or the dozens of writeups and then the game and all the reviews would give the opposite impression. Maybe it was just wishful thinking...or...maybe I should just play the game (when it's ready) and make up my own mind.

Because consoles ruined almost all the potential this game had,

"Willits released a statement to clarify his earlier statements. He did admit that instead of having five or six wasteland environments as originally planned, Rage will now only have two because of the Xbox 360's DVD limitations (one wasteland for each Xbox 360 disc). However, these two wastelands will now encompass all the content from the five or six that were originally planned. So no content has technically been "removed" from the game -- but the Xbox 360's storage limitations did cause ID to rethink Rage's entire story structure."

I love this quote, because it says one thing and then contradicts itself.
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News Comments > RAGE Tweaks
22. Re: By Far The Best id Game To Date Oct 4, 2011, 17:51 Draugr
^Drag0n^ wrote on Oct 4, 2011, 17:42:
I'm guessing he meant "+cvaradd g_fov 120"; that, or he plays with his monitor in portrait mode....

Fixed AMD driver:
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News Comments > More id RAGE Midnight Madness
14. Re: More id RAGE Midnight Madness Oct 3, 2011, 21:48 Draugr
Surf wrote on Oct 3, 2011, 21:21:
Release in about 24/48 hours on Bit Torrent.

Unless it's the console version, then its already been available on a torrent for at least 3 days.
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News Comments > Multiplayer Mass Effect 3?
26. Re: Multiplayer Mass Effect 3? Oct 3, 2011, 18:52 Draugr
Rattlehead wrote on Oct 3, 2011, 17:49:
Destructoid confirms online passes for ME3

Too bad destructiod isn't bioware, otherwise that might be noteworthy.

Beyond that it's just more people looking at the same image and saying, 'see?'
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