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News Comments > Splash Damage Plans Big 2012 Splash
31. Re: Splash Damage Plans Big 2012 Splash Jan 24, 2012, 19:28 Draugr
yuastnav wrote on Jan 24, 2012, 13:34:
Sphinx wrote on Jan 24, 2012, 13:28:
yuastnav wrote on Jan 24, 2012, 11:05:
Please tell me you are not serious. TFC/TF2 are nothing like Enemy Territory, I even dare say that ET was rather unique in its gameplay, not only concerning how the maps were designed and how the game mechanics worked but that every map had some background i.e. a small story behind it.
Team Fortress on the other hand never seemed very interesting to me.

From the simple fact about how many hours I sunk into Enemy Territory and TF2 they are exactly the same. So many, many hours wasted

Plus, some of the game mechanics were pretty similar but that comes with the whole team shooter territory I suppose.

Well, I have to admit that I am not overly familiar with Team Fortress, I always assumed that it is mostly CTF based whereas Enemy Territory seems to be based on achieving objectives.
I guess I'm probably wrong.
Still, no game will ever be like Enemy Territory (because no game engine will ever have the same movement as the Quake 3 engine *sigh*).

No, you're evaluation was pretty spot on. If you consider ET and TF identical you'd probably say that about most, if not all FPS's that have objectives and classes.

They have similarities, sure. I don't think its fair to lump them together as the same game though, they play quite differently.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
30. Re: Out of the Blue Dec 22, 2011, 19:44 Draugr
Bhruic wrote on Dec 22, 2011, 17:39:
Skyrim CPU patch

This patch will improve your frame rate by up to 40% in all CPU-dependent situations, i.e. especially in cities.
It works mostly by rewriting some x87 FPU code and inlining a whole ton of useless getter functions along the critical paths because the developers at Bethesda, for some reason, compiled the game without using any of the optimization flags for release builds.

You're my hero.
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News Comments > Op Ed
81. Re: Op Ed Dec 19, 2011, 17:12 Draugr
Prez wrote on Dec 19, 2011, 16:49:

I appreciate you are concerned above all for equal treatment for all, but in my view you are letting easily manipulated stats give you a false sense of unfairness in the workplace that simply doesn't exist, and hasn't for a very long time.

Numbers are funny things. They could be made to dance a jig, and one set of data can be used to argue a point from both sides. Stats are worse - they don't ever tell the complete story, and are almost never represented honestly when used in discussions like these.

And the finger would point the same way, I would argue that the stats were being used to give a false sense of fairness. I've avoided using stats due to this particular weakness they can suffer from, I can only think of one stat I cited, and it was to prove a point, not provide evidence of privilege.

I will certainly agree with you. I've been very careful not to get too statistic heavy for that very reason,which is the same reason I was being critical of his post to begin with. I wasn't using stats as the basis for my argument, that was someone else. I can only think of one stat which I cited, My only point in showing stats was that things were being cherry picked, so while we can see a bunch of stats supporting someones argument, there are plenty of stats that don't support it, and when bringing in stats we can run into the problems you covered. When we look at a stat, or collection thereof, and then draw conclusion such as 'priveledge doesn't exist.' Then the statistics are not being used for their intended purpose. The only conclusion we could factually draw from the stats is (for example) More men serve in the military than woman. Numbers can be misleading, and aren't the only factors when considering issues such as these.

None of the stats listed were really produced in any meaningful way, and discusses nothing of the methodology when gathering the stats, or the samples used, and far from encompass all the issues that men and women are subject to, so they are moot.
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News Comments > Op Ed
78. Re: Op Ed Dec 19, 2011, 16:13 Draugr
Morga wrote on Dec 19, 2011, 06:50:
Companies cannot get away with that, they could be sued for huge sums of money, and it also makes no sense at all, because if women did the exact same amount of work, worked similar amount of hours during their lives at companies, studies the same majors etc and cost less, then companies have no reason to hire male employees, if they cost more for they same work.

“If they can pay women less, why don't they just hire all women.” This argument – or some variation of it – is commonplace among anti-feminists
This argument sounds logical enough – so long as we assume that no other factors aside from the wage gap are operating. But in the real-world economy, other factors are always operating. (Curiously enough, this flawed logic can be used to “prove” not only that discrimination against women doesn’t exist, but also that racial discrimination doesn’t exist, and furthermore that neither racial nor sexual discrimination has ever existed.)

There are many reasons a workforce wouldn't/couldnt be replaced by all women, the biggest reason being discrimination. Another reason is the female workforce is not infinite; there aren’t enough women to fill all the jobs in the US currently held by men, in addition to the jobs women already have. Lets also not forget the transition costs of replacing all one’s male employees (especially in male-dominated workplaces) may well be higher than the costs of the wage gap; hiring and training new workers is very expensive. Those transition costs are even higher when you consider how unhappy and unmotivated the men will be to train their female replacements. Of course, The employer may simply be prejudiced, and thus willing to pay the extra price to avoid employing women in some positions (a conservative economist Gary Becker's, Theory). Ultimately, the employer has community relations – and customer relations – to worry about. Practicising discrimininating policies won't help those aspects.

There's various health departments for women, coalition for women and girls. Where are the male equivalents? Why is there no national coalition for men and boys? And still you believe in the fantasy that men are privileged lmao. - that is the website for the National Coalition for Men, started in 1977. First hit on google when you type it in. Also the boyscouts have existed for ages, Before that (and for a while after) most institutions didn't allow women in, so most everything was a 'boys club.'

As for Health services for women, Men don't really need to go to special places to get medical care for procedures their insurance refuses to cover, (for example, terminating a pregnancy, or depending on your insurer, having access to birth control or vaccinations for HPV, just to name a few) Men don't really have anything like this because men don't have people fighting to take away their reproductive rights.

Regardless, I never said men didn't suffer, and don't suffer from sexism as well. At no point did I make that assertion. Sexism is something both Genders are subject to,and both genders participate in, both to their own gender, and to the other gender. I completely agree with you that more should be done for men in situations like those, though as to WHAT should be done, we would certainly have out differences. I would also argue that sexism plays into those institutions and orginizations like those, and the lack of their formation. The patriarchal society recgonizes that women need help, stereotypically men have always felt the need to protect their women (who once used to be property, and in some cases it's still the case)
'Women get the help because they need protection but all of us men are so strong and badass we don't need help!'

IN regards to incarcerated people being raped. It certainly an issue, one I would like to see adressed in a meaningful way. No one should be subjected to that, as they weren't sent to prison to be sexually assaulted, though some tacitly endorse it, hence the lack of reform.
I didn't count these among the rape stats i provided for a couple of reasons, the first being, I see it as an institutional problem. Since this is a demographic made up solely of men (this happens in womens prison too actually, to a smaller degree, but it applies in both sexes during inacarceration), in what is essentially a closed society with its own rules, laws, hierarchy etc. Counting it as part of the normal statistics would be misleading, as the people who are in these institutions live such a different life in there from what the average person has they need to be 'reintegrated' into society.

Regardless of how particular individuals feel, I'm glad the gaming community is finally starting to wisen up, albiet slowly.
Hopefully the threatened-by-women crowd gets weeded out.

This comment was edited on Dec 19, 2011, 16:30.
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News Comments > Op Ed
56. Re: Op Ed Dec 19, 2011, 06:02 Draugr
Morga wrote on Dec 19, 2011, 05:29:

Well what privileges? When comparing all the stats, looking across the board, it isn't men who are privileged in society, but women.

Your statistics was far from comprehensive, or 'across the board' Those are cherry picked to support his argument. The list is far-far from comprehensive.

What handed to them? You think all men have sugar daddies who come save them when they're in trouble? Hell no, for example the far majority of homeless people in every country are men.

Just because one has privilege, doesn't mean they will retain said privilege all through their life,

Of course women are not the enemy, and men are not the enemy either! Misandric feminists such as the author who wrote that article on kotaku can be considered as such though.
Don't confuse feminism with women, in general, feminists don't really represent the interests of women, such as their lack of respect for housewives.

I find it slightly amusing that you think feminism requires animosity towards stay at home moms/housewives. In this case, The point of feminism is, just like males, women would have the ability to choose how they live their lives. Most people I know that would consider themselves feminists would not agree with you that feminists are people that hate housewives. If thats what they choose to do with their life than so be it, that was THEIR choice.
Also, to call this article misandric is just false. You might not like what it has to say, but at no point does it strike a tone that is disparaging towards the male gender.

If you're looking for a website that really does a good job truly tackling subjects like real misandry, misogyny, etc. I'd recommend,
Certainly not perfect, but what is. Of course, some might not like it because it doesn't pretend its us vs them.
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News Comments > Op Ed
53. Re: Op Ed Dec 19, 2011, 04:09 Draugr
Morga wrote on Dec 19, 2011, 02:10:
This is a sad attempt by a Male feminist from Jezebel (they are under the same blog community banner with Kotaku. Notice how they link to each other) to put their hate filled propaganda into the gaming community.

Indeed, not only is the theory of “male privilege” dead wrong, if we were to use their arguments and definitions, we could say with statistical data that the opposite, or “female privilege,” would be a much more accurate conclusion. Truth is, feminist arguments hardly ever back up their claims of “male privilege” with anything more than superficial hyperbole or emotional tantrums. Sadly, all they can fall back on is the role of the oppressed victim in need of special treatment.

Yes, Priveledge can play out in several ways. You can be privileged in one area and not have privilege in another. These cherry-picked statistics aren't really indicative of privilege, and doesn't provide all the information, so it paints a skewed picture. for example, he could have included in his listing of stats that One in Four college women(25%) report surviving rape or attempted rape since their fourteenth birthday, compared to males at 3%, (on a side note did you know that women can be punished for being raped in some countries,) but then he wouldn't get a pretty post where everything listed is there solely to support his argument, providing an illusion of validity to his argument. The numbers don't tell the whole story, and all the numbers aren't even there.

Another example, they list unemployment rates in these stats, which shows women are more likely to be employed than men. What they left out of these statisics is that women are paid less for doing the same work men do. More women than men being employed is a result of the failing economy and stems from companies knowing they can get away with this, they are inclined to hire women instead of men or lay off male workers instead of women. If we looked at employment stats before the economy started taking a dump you would actually see that more men than women were employed then. They also leave out that men are more likely to be hired for higher-paying jobs. You'd be a fool to think that women don't have privilege as well, but you'd also be a fool to think that men also don't have privilege, and that in a patriarchal society, due to history, male privilege tends to be more readily apparent, and prevalent. Especially if you aren't part of the people who get to have that priviledge.
I think the wage gap is a great example of how male priveledge plays out.

Of course, the article you quoted had a classic dismissal of feminism as calling them all emotional, Because we all know how women are, right?!

Also, I don't see what was hate filled propaganda about the article, No one is saying men are evil or anything like that, to deny that people have privilege (for example, males) and then talk about how their privilege influences something, I don't see as hateful at all. I mean, I guess you could see it as being hateful that he wants the gaming community to be more inclusive than we are as being threatening, but I certainly don't see it that way.
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News Comments > Op Ed
17. Re: nerds are sexist Dec 18, 2011, 15:42 Draugr
space captain wrote on Dec 18, 2011, 15:08:
Mashiki Amiketo wrote on Dec 18, 2011, 14:44:
I mean why pick on geeks, which was my exact point. A shit stain has more substance.

its got "substance", just not the kind we are looking for.. if you cant see that then the only thing you got is a shit stain as well

there is definitely a reason why this good dr. decided to "pick on geeks"... but who gives a fuck? let him rot in the grave he chose

I'd say he is 'picking on nerds' because he has a horse in the race, and it's an industry he appears to at least be loosely involved in. Addressing Sexism in a culture, I don't see as a bad thing,

For example, When Sexual harassment actually became a punishable offense in the work place, Sexism was/is still an issue outside of the workplace, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be addressed. I'm not saying some sort of punitive measure should be in place, (though sometimes that should be the case, getting banned from a server for being that guy who thinks everyone is a African american, Homosexual, Jewish, or female. It's something I certainly don't have a problem with.

Sexism may be an issue in other communities, but that doesn't mean we can't work on these issues in our own community.

I don't know if sports is a good example either, due to the inherent gender seperation and seperation there (for example, any gender can play any game, in the NFL only men get to play. Basketball has separate leagues for men and women.

Quboid brings up some good points too. A lot of the time this is supposedly being done to 'pander' to the target demographics. I would argue that generally they don't need to be pandered to in such a fashion and those people will still be around and that in doing so they would be get themselves more customers. Commenting on privilege was a good idea as well, a lot of people don't seem to understand how privilege can play into ones world view.
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News Comments > C&C Tiberium Alliances Announced
23. Re: C&C Tiberium Alliances Announced Dec 14, 2011, 21:12 Draugr
Just ignore their comments altogether if you hate them with such a burning passion.  
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News Comments > Vietnamese Shooter 7554 Announced
14. Re: Vietnamese Shooter 7554 Announced Dec 9, 2011, 01:32 Draugr
Jerykk wrote on Dec 9, 2011, 01:05:
jacobvandy wrote on Dec 9, 2011, 00:25:
Kosumo wrote on Dec 8, 2011, 23:55:
A game in which the French surrender? WTF And I thought CoD:MW was unrealistic. This just would never happen.


I'm only buying it if there is a level in which you jump a shark on a motorbike.

Er, 30 seconds on Wikipedia tells me the French DID surrender on May 7th, 1954, at the end of the Battle of Dien Bien Phu. Only, the French considered it a "ceasefire" because they didn't wave a white flag when they were overwhelmed and stopped fighting. They were still defeated, it was still the end of the war.

I'm pretty sure Kosuma was being sarcastic. The French are known for surrendering throughout history, which is why everyone mocks them as such.

It's because of WW2, where they surrendered quite quickly, which surprised everyone, but that's what happens when you get caught with your pants down. They don't have a record of surrendering constantly.
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News Comments > New Epic IP Reveal Saturday
28. Re: New Epic IP Reveal Saturday Dec 7, 2011, 15:33 Draugr
My guess is something dragon age 2 like, with less RPG and more action. I guess more like god of war with some RPG-lite elements. Though, this is obviously pure speculation.

Its cool they are trying new things, the saddest part about this news is where Mike Capps let's everyone know after this game they will be getting back to making the same crap they always do.

"I can't wait for [the team] to get back to something like Gears in the future," he continued, "because it's sort of our bread and butter, and they're going to be more energized for it."

Guess we'll find out saturday
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News Comments > New Epic IP Reveal Saturday
13. Re: New Epic IP Reveal Saturday Dec 6, 2011, 00:57 Draugr
That's because they basically get to run commercials in the middle of the program. Which is the main reason people watch it. The awards are still something no one cares about.  
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News Comments > New Epic IP Reveal Saturday
2. Re: New Epic IP Reveal Saturday Dec 5, 2011, 21:59 Draugr
I will be genuinely surprised if something 'entirely fresh and new' came out of Epic, considering their track record.

What will be even more surprising will be if they manage to eschew their favorite archetype of cookie-cutter-protagonist, but that would qualify as fresh and new. For Epic, anyway.

Bulletstorm was made by people can fly, not epic, but you can definitely see their influence from when they did get involved in the project.

These bigger studios are hardly known for trying something new, I see whatever they roll out being more of a safe bet, I'm suspecting by fresh and new they meant 'fresh and new to those who sit around and play gears of war all day.'

I could be wrong, that'd be nice.
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News Comments > QUAKE No Longer Indexed in Germany
9. Re: QUAKE No Longer Indexed in Germany Dec 1, 2011, 16:47 Draugr
winnetou wrote on Dec 1, 2011, 12:46:
RTCW would probably be difficult to liberate from its regulations due to the placement of NS symbols throughout the game.

As I understand it, it shipped on release with almost all of the Nazi Symbolism removed and replaced with a different logo. (A wolf)
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News Comments > I Am Alive PC Follow-up
20. Re: I Am Alive PC Follow-up Nov 24, 2011, 16:54 Draugr
CJ_Parker wrote on Nov 24, 2011, 16:25:
gilly775 wrote on Nov 24, 2011, 15:33:
I wonder what excuse Ubisoft will use when they become Console-exclusive and all of their crap gets pirated.

Whaddya mean "become"? They already are de facto extremely close to being a console exclusive publisher. Only about 7% of Ubi's sales still happen on the PC. The rest of the party takes place on consoles and handheld devices.

It's funny though how in every thread a lot of you keep denying that PC piracy is a huge problem when we have industry insiders with access to sales data and statistics telling us the exact opposite all of the frickin' time.
From indies to AAA publishers, we are seeing comments in the dozens, if not hundreds recently, that PC piracy has gotten out of hand and that it is hurting the business of any company that is attempting to do business on the PC platform.

I'm finding it very curious why so many people on here at Blue's News and other places always scream LIES!!11 at these reports.
But then again this is also the place where everyone is openly talking about try-before-you-buy stealing or just outright entitlement to steal because [fill in a lame justification for thieving].
So I'm guessing that in the end it is just self-denial. A lot of you just don't want to realize or accept that you are a major part of a major problem. That's fine. But please stop whining about the demise of PC gaming when you are helping dig the grave at the rate of a bucket-wheel excavator.

My favorite quote form an article regarding piracy is this,

"We looked at quantifying what the real losses are," says Christian Svensson of the PC Gaming Alliance and Capcom, "and it's incredibly hard to do, because you end up having to do a set of cascading assumptions that you have no real ability to validate in any meaningful away."

I think it perfectly encapsulates the issue. We can all acknowledge its an issue, but at some point you just need to start guessing how bad it is effecting your business. Of course its easier with investors if your game fails because of someone else's fault, and not your own, so people seem to love having that be the issue.

There are examples of games that perform better sales-wise on PC, or PC exclusives which have sold quite well. The mistake people make is they worry about all the thieves who steal their games and not the customers who make them money. I honestly think that piracy is blown out of proportion in terms of sales lost DUE to piracy. Just because someone is a thief doesn't mean they would have been your customer, and this is where people really start muddying the waters with the effect it has on their sales.

Let's also take into account the lack of representation. Whenever there are concerns regarding piracy on a console, the console has a PR person who sits there and tells everyone piracy doesn't exist, has access to all of the numbers of sales, players etc. There are less gray areas when quantifying the effects. This is in contrast to PC, where anyone can make any claim like this, and its hard to dispute because quantifying their effects is also more difficult. You also then have companies like SecuROM, who release information regarding this, but their whole business exists based on the premise that piracy is an issue, so they really have no interest in anything but making it look like their program will be essential to the success of your product, they have a stake in the game so their information is quite suspect.

In closing, if PC gaming wasn't profitable than companies wouldn't be doing it, they aren't charities. In this case Ubisoft basically did everything to make sure they wouldn't 'get invited to the party' so they are 'taking their ball and going home'
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News Comments > More Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Records
15. Re: More Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Records Nov 17, 2011, 18:36 Draugr
Ventura wrote on Nov 17, 2011, 18:02:
I've played most of the CoD series, and clocked a lot of online hours with MW1, MW2 and BLOPs - but can someone please tell me what MW3 brings to the table? It is literally just a map pack for MW2 with a few minor tweaks.

If I was to say BF3 is a map pack for Bad Company 2 with a few tweaks thrown in, that would be no less true.

No, much like with BF3, you're pretty much just getting more of the same. There have been changes, and there's some new stuff, but on the whole, they're not going to mess with what is clearly a winning formula. $775 million in 5 days is why you don't try to fix what's not broken.

And yeah, the campaign is a riot. Much, much better than the quicktime event-infested crap that shipped with BF3. I've had several "woah" moments, because of the things that've happened while playing.

Oh yeah, and Spec Ops Survival is lots of fun when cooped with a mate over Steam.

But the last Battlefield game didn't come out last year, and there isn't one coming out next year, and while not much has changed gameplay wise, the Frostbyte 2 engine is quite the step up in graphic fidelity. It offers something new, even if it is only graphics. IM sure if battlefield 4 was announced for next year and offered nothing but new maps people would be just as upset. Perhaps we'll get a chance to experience that.

One of these things offer something that could be handled via DLC or expansions, the other actually involved development of a new engine and tools, so at least it offers SOMETHING new.

Finally, more FPS's exist than just battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, just because someone has a gripe with Modern Warfare 3 doesn't mean they are a bf3 fan, and visa versa. The argument 'well bf3 is just as guilty' doesn't make it any less of a complaint. It doesn't need to be an either/or decision.
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News Comments > MechWarrior Online Using CryENGINE 3
6. Re: MechWarrior Online Using CryENGINE 3 Nov 17, 2011, 18:19 Draugr
Bumpy wrote on Nov 17, 2011, 17:55:
When they change their mind and announce a SP campaign to go with this game, then I'll get interested.

Which is what they wanted to do, until nobody would give them funding to do it since it couldn't be released for the PS3 as well.

The most "single player" we'll see come out of this appears to be, "Not at launch. We're looking at ways to incorporate PVE post launch and withing the framework of the MWO concept."

Seems like they want a real Mechwarrior game as much as the rest of us, but funding is an issue.

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News Comments > Skyrim Soars
26. Re: Skyrim Soars Nov 12, 2011, 04:59 Draugr
Scottish Martial Arts wrote on Nov 12, 2011, 04:09:
The 1988 one. The 2001 sequel is supposed to be one of the worst games ever made afaik.

Well good on you then. And they are right about the 2001 Pool of radiance.
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News Comments > Skyrim Soars
7. Re: Skyrim Soars Nov 11, 2011, 23:11 Draugr
wtf_man wrote on Nov 11, 2011, 22:49:
Done for the day. So far, it's looking like the best game in the series (other than the UI and food needing to be more needed / meaningful). I progressed the main quest to the point of killing my first dragon / activating my first shout... then concentrated on side quests for the Companions (Warriors Guild).

I'm having an effin' blast!!!

I really hope they fix up the UI, but something tells me it's just a pipe dream. It's atrocious.
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News Comments > "Your customers hate DRM"
19. Re: Nov 11, 2011, 17:17 Draugr
jacobvandy wrote on Nov 11, 2011, 17:13:
CptStern wrote on Nov 11, 2011, 17:03:
"The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings sold something around 200,000 units on Steam, CD Projekt RED's action/RPG sequel sold more DRM-free units on than all other digital distributors combined. "

that's the opposite of this source:

"Roughly 240,000 copies of The Witcher 2 were sold across all digital distribution platforms between its May 17 launch and October 30, CD Projekt revealed. Steam accounted for over 195,000 of these (around 81%), while Good Old Games rung up "approximately" 35,000 (15%)."

so which one is it?

I think he's referring to the fact that, aside from Steam, sold more than Impulse, D2D, GamersGate, etc. combined. The number for "everyone but Steam and GOG" is less than 10,000 copies.

CDPr also removed their DRM from all copies of the game after the release date, so technically they are all DRM free.
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News Comments > Animating Skyrim
28. Re: Animating Skyrim Nov 11, 2011, 15:36 Draugr
edit- double post because Im smooth!  
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