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News Comments > More on BF3 and Steam
43. Re: More on BF3 and Steam Jul 18, 2011, 12:18 CJ_Parker
Illumin wrote on Jul 18, 2011, 11:49:
Cheap deals for the customer, patches applied to games for the customer, a social service so you and your friends can play together... the ability to quickly and easily re install your games *and game codes are saved without having to write them down...all of this free. Not so much Stockholm syndrome as what some would call loyalty. Give me some examples please of where the customer is getting ass raped as you so intelligently put it?

Steam sucks because I have to download software that organizes my games into a neat list, shows me all updates and DLC that is available for it with out me having to scour the internet or wait in line on Fileplanet or something? Bunch of haters.

Let's see...

(-) Steamworks games that won't run without Steam (no game should force you to install a certain client that is technically not required to run the game)
(-) Steam DRM - often times on top of other DRM like SecuROM, doubling the annoyance
(-) Wonky offline mode
(-) Buggy and slow as fuck integrated browser
(-) Generally poor performance (it's gotten better over the years but still a far cry from a smooth, flawless user experience)
(-) Spyware features - Steam knows what you play, where you play, when you play, how often you play, with whom you play, what hardware you prefer playing on... you name it. In terms of gaming it knows everything about you
(-) Retarded region locking
(-) Censorship instead of age verification (big negative for Germans and Aussies and others with restrictive gov'ts)
(-) "Our servers are currently too busy to handle your request - Please try again in a few minutes" = Totally unacceptable message if I want to download and install a game I purchased and own. I must be able to play whenever I want to. I don't give a fuck whether they have to set up a server farm the size of Texas. Not being able to play a game is unacceptable.
(-) Mod compatibility not always ensured
(-) Delayed patches (sometimes massively)

If any other major player like EA or Microsoft had a negative list like that people would tar and feather them. But Valve gets aways with it "cuz HL was kewl" Rolleyes .
Steam does have its good sides, no doubt, but wouldn't it be much better if like GOG they would just be a decent digital sales platform without a client requirement and all the other peripheral bullshit? Yes, it would.

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News Comments > Quoteworthy - Ubisoft on PC Ghost Recon
7. Re: Quoteworthy - Ubisoft on PC Ghost Recon Jul 18, 2011, 11:47 CJ_Parker
wtf_man wrote on Jul 18, 2011, 10:11:
Darks wrote on Jul 18, 2011, 10:08:
I got a chance to check out Ghost Recon Online while at E3. All I can say is stay away from this utter crap of a game. Its nothing but run around and kill each other. No story at all. The Graphics were very bland and dated.

Uhh... not that I disagree, nor would I even consider purchasing this game... but WTF else are you supposed to do in a shooter?

Dude, l34Rn 2 r33d, he said "no story at all" so obviously he wants to at least have a pseudo-purpose for the running around and killing each other part. Besides, since this is Ghost Recon we are talking about here and not Serious Sam, it does seem like a reasonable expectation. The GR games did have pretty decent story-telling mechanics for a shooter series.

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News Comments > More on BF3 and Steam
33. Re: More on BF3 and Steam Jul 18, 2011, 11:41 CJ_Parker
Dades wrote on Jul 18, 2011, 11:35:
No one makes me use Steam

Really? No one? You're saying you can play a non-pirated version of, for example, CoD: Black Ops without running Steam? If so then please share the secret or just share your version of the story anyway so we can all have a good laugh.

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News Comments > More on BF3 and Steam
25. Re: More on BF3 and Steam Jul 18, 2011, 11:15 CJ_Parker
Tumbler wrote on Jul 18, 2011, 10:22:
Its not like steam strong armed consumers into using it. They chose to use it.

Wow. Is this stockholm syndrome?

HAHA that was a good one (and going by the follow-up comments apparently too intelligent for some of the dimmer bulbs around here). It always amazes me what Valve get away with where other publishers get tarred and feathered for much lesser "crimes". Must be something like Stockholm syndrome indeed where the ass rape victim falls in love with the rapist after a long enough period of abuse. And don'tcha gimme no "inappropriate comparison" bullshit you politically correct clown faces. Steam is ass raping at its finest. w3rD .

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News Comments > On the Star Wars Galaxies Closure
16. Re: On the Star Wars Galaxies Closure Jul 12, 2011, 18:57 CJ_Parker
scratz wrote on Jul 12, 2011, 14:21:
I'm genuinely surprised SWG lasted this long. The tiny numbers of core players it has retained for the last half decade or so is testament to the lack of interest in a "sandbox" game.

I don't think that there is a general lack of interest in a sandbox game (for reference see Oblivion or Skyrim which are offline RPGs but sandboxes about as pure as they get and very popular obviously).
There is, however, a general lack of interest in a sandbox game that is run by a totally incompetent developer who couldn't code their way out of a wet paper bag and an even more clueless utterly retarded publisher.

The game could have worked out if they would have addressed all of the post-launch issues properly. But they didn't. They were too busy working on new "exciting" (I hate reading that word in dev interviews or press releases thanks to SOE's/LA's over the top abuse of that poor word) content like mounts, vehicles, player cities and the Jump to Lightspeed space expansion.
The problem was they kept on piling more and more broken and buggy content on top of a broken and buggy base game.
Then you had issues like item and credit duping which incredibly took them weeks to fix and that completely ruined one of the fundamental game systems, i.e. the player-driven economy. Then there was enormous lag, especially after the addition of player cities. Then you had this super unimaginative unlock system for Jedi (grind to master multiple professions) which was not even in at launch (the first Jedi were unlocked manually) instead of a proper quest-based system that involved a bit of mystery.
And there was pretty much no trace of any Galactic Civil War (GCW) going on, you know, the whole "minor" Rebels vs. Empire thingie which they completely overlooked because of its apparent insignificance. Additionally the system was retarded. Anyone remember the dreaded Temporary Enemy Flag (TEF)? That one was dumb as hell...
And don't even get me started on Smugglers. This other really insignificant issue where thousands of wanna-be Han Solos waited for years for them to finally fix the profession which NEVER happened until the NGE hit. And that was a "fix" that no one wanted.
Or Creature Handlers... since everyone and their mom running around with three rancors in tow was sooo iconic and Star Wars-y.
The list goes on... every single one of the 32 original professions was FUBAR in one way or another with broken skills or rampant exploits (FOTM professions FTW!) that reared their ugly head whenever SOE tried to "fix" something or bugs that rendered a class nigh unplayable.

Nah. Seriously. All in all there was so much really, really fundamentally messed up, wrong, buggy, broken, poorly (or actually unearthly shitty) designed, laggy, dopey, non-Star-Wars-y content and gameplay in this game that it is no surprise it failed, sandbox or not. This game was destined to fail the way it was "handled" by the mentally and technically very weak powers that were.

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News Comments > CD Projekt RED Sued for Removing The Witcher 2 DRM
15. Re: CD Projekt RED Sued for Removing The Witcher 2 DRM Jul 9, 2011, 10:25 CJ_Parker
Acleacius wrote on Jul 9, 2011, 09:54:
Actually could be an important case, a developer will be telling the truth about DRM (e.g. it's bad and it hurts customers ability to play the game) in court. Publicly open and available to the public to hear.

Could be really bad and messy for all publishers. So count me in the backlash.

Have we been hitting the pipe again? I hope that everyone remembers that CDP did not remove the DRM from the retail version because DRM is "teh suck" or because it hurts honest customers but because they were too lazy and incompetent to fix the issues with their launcher and the DRM. So instead of fixing shit they just removed the DRM wholesale.
Apparently they did so without getting approval from Namco Bandai and were hoping to get away with it.
I very much doubt that the contract is ambiguous in that regard since this is about standard contractual stuff so CDP will very likely lose this case and rightfully so if they can't read.

I'm getting strong vibes here that they generally need to improve on their professional conduct and business relationships. The whole mystery around the cancellation of the console version of the first Witcher game was pretty fishy as well with conflicting statements from CDP and the guys who were working on the port. It can hardly be a coincidence that they get in trouble with every one of their releases.
Also seemed kind of strange when one of their lead devs left the team shortly after TW2 was released, supposedly because of "burn-out". Do you leave right after the successful launch of a major AAA title instead of reaping the rewards if everything is in order at the company? I don't think so...
The unfunny stunt where they faked the closure of GOG also comes to mind. It was in poor taste and just plain dumb and unoriginal. Any four year old has a better business sense than these guys.
It will bite them majorly in the ass one day if they don't get more professional.

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News Comments > Deus Ex: Human Revolution Leak Lawsuit
91. Re: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Leak Lawsuit Jul 7, 2011, 17:45 CJ_Parker
Jerykk wrote on Jul 7, 2011, 12:18:
Your points seem a bit silly. For one, you don't actually have to play a game in order to steal its ideas. Anybody who's watched videos or read previews can do the exact same thing.

No, they don't. You might want to do a bit of research on reverse engineering and how memory dumps/footprints or analyzing file structures and formats etc. is going to take things to a whole new level for someone in the know. It's one thing to look at something and to find it cool but it's a totally different story to figure out how to do (or imitate) it properly.

Nothing DX:HR does is particularly innovative. It's not the first game to combine stealth, action and dialogue, nor will it be the last. Even if there was an idea that another developer stole, there was only a few month gap between the leak and DX:HR's retail release. It's not like you can make a AAA game in less than three months. As for dissecting the game and stealing code, there's only so much you can do without the source code. And the game is going to use Steamworks, which has already been cracked countless times.

A head start is a head start and any serious game developer is going to burn mucho dinero even in just three months. I never said that anyone would code a full game in three months. Stop pulling stuff that I never said out of your ass, kthx.

Also: The positive reception of the leak alone is a very valuable information asset for third parties (and thus a potential problem for Square Enix). It is true that other games have combined stealth, action and dialogue but some games worked for the audience and some games didn't. It seems like DXHR is going to be one of the working cases. That info alone is worth a lot because it's going to make copying the essentials much easier. I'm almost tempted to bet real money that some Eastern European or Russian devs are all over the DXHR leak already to produce one of their infamous clones.

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News Comments > Deus Ex: Human Revolution Leak Lawsuit
83. Re: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Leak Lawsuit Jul 7, 2011, 07:33 CJ_Parker
These fuckers deserve to get their dumb asses sued to hell and back. With that out of the way it ain't too hard to come up with reasons why this is hurting Square Enix. Whether the negatives outweigh the positives is anyone's guess but here's a few negatives to consider:

- Any game developing third party can begin now to analyze the game (like which gameplay systems work well and how and why etc.?) instead of having to wait for the full version.
- Any third party interested in reverse engineering the game to learn about its architectural design has gotten a nice head start as a result of the leak.
- Innovative ideas, gameplay elements or systems, can be taken from the leak and copied into other games, again yielding a nice head start.
- Any third party interested in releasing a zero day crack has gotten a head start as far as analyzing the *.exe and looking for possible DRM anchors is concerned.

A lot of bad could potentially come from this leak for Square Enix so they have every right in the world to sue these dipshits. In fact, they even have an obligation to take legal action in order to protect their IP. If they would sport an "oh well" attitude then this could be construed as carelessness with regard to their intellectual property rights and hurt them in similar situations. As a corporation you don't want to set a precedence for "our stuff is free for all".
Nope. Sue the living shit outta these assholes. My fingers are crossed for an epic success for Square Enix.

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News Comments > Deus Ex: Human Revolution Leak Lawsuit
49. Re: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Leak Lawsuit Jul 6, 2011, 17:08 CJ_Parker
NoBS wrote on Jul 6, 2011, 16:56:
I thought if you opted out of Steam's hardware/software spyware survey, your information was not tracked and stored.

I'm pretty sure what Beamer described has to do with SteamGuard which is indeed optional and allows you to bind your Steam account to certain physical machines, thus making it harder for haXX0rs to hack into Steam accounts.
No one can opt out of Steam's spyware survey as far as I know. Steam survey is an integral feature of Steam that can not be turned off.

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News Comments > Star Wars Galaxies Ending in December
35. Re: Star Wars Galaxies Ending in December Jun 25, 2011, 09:33 CJ_Parker
No need to speculate wildly guyz. SOE's head honcho John Smedley has stated in an interview on Massively that the SWG license would have expired in 2012 anyway and that LA and SOE amicably agreed upon ending the game in December of this year already. So they're pulling the plug a little earlier than they have to but regardless of The Old Republic SWG would have been toast in 2012 anyway.

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News Comments > Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer
2. Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer Jun 24, 2011, 23:01 CJ_Parker
Fion wrote on Jun 24, 2011, 22:38:
"We know we are forcing your beloved SWG to shut down. But look what our game is like, you should totally check it out!"

Dude, they've been releasing a new trailer every freaking Friday for like the past two years. It's one of those LucasArts traditions. They did the same for SWG (where it used to be explicitly called Friday Feature) so kindly STFU plz, kthx .

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
12. Re: Xbox 360 'about halfway through' its lifecycle Jun 24, 2011, 19:38 CJ_Parker
Fion wrote on Jun 24, 2011, 14:07:
Not when we start seeing big conventions showing off PC first games that look, sound, feel and play worlds better than their console counter parts.

So when do we start seeing that kind of stuff other than if we hit the pipe and succumb to dreamy land?

Considering this is already happening with this years crop of PC first titles,...

Huh? So what big convention would that be where we saw PC first games that looked, sounded, felt and played "worlds better" than their console counter parts? Was that E3 2011 in dreamy land?

As for the rest of your post, you will be proven wrong, and maybe one day if you lay off the dreamy land substances, you will join us in the real world where the consoles have won the war. The domination of the consoles can not and will not be reversed nor will the PC see much of a surge when the consoles reach the end of their respective life-cycles. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are keeping a very close eye on each other and market demands. Sony and Microsoft will try desperately to jump the gun on each other. They won't budge an inch to allow space for the PC. There'll be a PS4 or a X720 before the PC can even say the "me" part of "me too".

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News Comments > Star Wars Galaxies Ending in December
1. Re: Star Wars Galaxies Ending in December Jun 24, 2011, 17:45 CJ_Parker
Good. Fucking. Riddance.
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News Comments > Skyrim Map as Preorder Bonus
23. Re: Skyrim Map as Preorder Bonus Jun 23, 2011, 17:28 CJ_Parker
Beamer wrote on Jun 23, 2011, 15:56:
People actually want a 4" tall pewter Duke Nukem bust? What the hell will you do with that? Where are you going to display it? Will it actually go with you when you move?

C'mon if you had some imagination you'd know that people use it for mouth-fucking the Duke .

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News Comments > Portal 2 Sells 3 Million
30. Re: Portal Sells 3 Million Jun 23, 2011, 13:54 CJ_Parker
Beamer wrote on Jun 23, 2011, 13:10:
Don't see how. Are you denying that Valve does whatever the hell they want to do?

Yes, I'm denying that. They live in the same world with the same business realities as the rest of us mere mortals. I'm 100% sure that sometimes they are doing what the hell they have to do rather than what they want to do.
Or do you see Half-Life 2: Episode 3 anywhere, you know, a game they very much wanted to do?

Are you denying that they make what they think is fun for themselves?

Valve is a corporate entity employing over 250 people. I doubt very much that each and every one of their games meets the taste of each and every employee. So who is this mythical "they" we are talking about?
Regardless of that I'm naturally not denying that what they are making is fun for themselves because if they did anything else in their very independent luxury situation (nod@Steam) they'd be seriously frackin retarded. They don't have to be the mercenaries of the gaming world like Obsidian.
Still, even Valve isn't living in a box so any and all of their business decisions are certainly not just based on the "fun factor" but on the same factors that EA or Activision are basing their decisions on (ROI and all that bottom line stuff).

And let's face it: Valve are not taking a lot of chances or risking much. They started out safe by making a shooter and if you look at all of their games they are (or rather were) almost exclusively amateur or hobby projects gone professional (CS/TF/Portal/DoD etc.). Valve always kept the risk very low by not investing big and obviously they had a really good sense for what would fly with people. Credit where credit is due. They did an awesome job on that front. They are an extremely efficient business venture.
But I'd be very hesitant to glorify them as the rebel yell hard rock idols of gaming because that's definitely not who or what they are.

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News Comments > Portal 2 Sells 3 Million
27. Re: Portal Sells 3 Million Jun 23, 2011, 12:36 CJ_Parker
Beamer wrote on Jun 23, 2011, 11:35:
It's Valve, for shit's sake. They're gamers, serious gamers, and they make the games THEY want to play.

Gaaaawwwwd... *sound of curling toenails*... fanboi much, dude?

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News Comments > Op Ed
47. Re: Op Ed Jun 22, 2011, 17:58 CJ_Parker
^Drag0n^ wrote on Jun 22, 2011, 17:50:
It's appears to be a common horror element as it is something that women find universally scary.

Not just women, dude, or how would you like a tentacle up your ass?
Oh. OK. I see. Sorry, I didn't know that. No, I have no problem with gay people, why? *backs off slowly*

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News Comments > FIFA 12 in September
5. Re: FIFA 12 in September Jun 22, 2011, 17:53 CJ_Parker
Optional nickname wrote on Jun 22, 2011, 15:12:
I was such an asshole. I gave up a weekend long opportunity of lovemaking to a sweet 18 yr old French chick, because...

That doesn't sound like you were an "asshole" but more like a first class retard .

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Dungeon Siege III, PC Control Fixes Planned
33. Re: Ships Ahoy - Dungeon Siege III, PC Control Fixes Planned Jun 21, 2011, 18:02 CJ_Parker
RollinThundr wrote on Jun 21, 2011, 17:45:
Oh yeah I'm sure they wanted to rush DA2 out the door in 18 months half baked making tons of game mechanics changes, streamlining the fuck out of it, and having a framed narrative that falls flat on it's face in many places.

That was Bioware's goal all along right? The idea that Bioware has any control at this point of it's release schedules is laughable at best.

Aw how cute. Touched the nerve of a BioWare fanboi there, did I? Oopsie.

First, you do realize that we were previously talking about Dragon Age: Origins, right? You also realize that there is a difference between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, namely that the second part is actually the sequel to the first part and thus they are not the same, right? Second, you do realize that I posted a developer quote, you know, a quote of a person working at BioWare in a high level position with actual insight which incidentally is the opposite of a foaming at the mouth EA hater like you? Ya gotz allz that? Wow. Good boy. Now let's do it 1 + 1 = ...?

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Dungeon Siege III, PC Control Fixes Planned
28. Re: Ships Ahoy - Dungeon Siege III, PC Control Fixes Planned Jun 21, 2011, 17:26 CJ_Parker
necrosis wrote on Jun 21, 2011, 17:14:
Then again it was a PC game from the ground up without a thought about a console version till EA bought Bioware, demanded a console version, and delayed the PC version 6 months when it was DONE because they were worried about console sales.

This, my poor uninformed friend, is 100% grade A bullshit. Here's the un-bullshitted version (scroll down to comment #48) straight from the horse's mouth with the horse being BioWare's Live Team Producer Derek French who posted on these very forums:

If you have had any experience with a BioWare game launch I can firmly state that all delays and target platforms rest solely at the discretion of BioWare. We chose to delay the game. We chose the platforms we want it to be on. EA acquired BioWare and Pandemic about 2 years ago and they have been supportive about our decisions, not the cause of them. We are doing exactly what we want to do on this project.

Derek French
Technical Producer, Live Team

Ya got that, n00b?

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