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News Comments > Microsoft's Steamy Ambitions
13. Re: Microsoft's Steamy Ambitions Nov 13, 2008, 09:14 CJ_Parker
When it comes to an interface between you and your games it needs to be tight and mostly fluff free. Steam has more or less achieved this.

Rather less than more. Steam still takes up to a minute or more to start up after you click the shortcut. WTF is up with that? It should open up instantly or at least give you some indication that it is running and trying to connect. Instead there's nothing at all going on until after a minute or so the login window finally pops up saying "conncecting Steam account xxx". And then you get the same laggy BS when you launch a game... "preparing to launch xxx" for half a minute before the game is executed. That's complete bullshit.
The game should start immediately but no... of course Steam first has to transfer our user statistics (can you say spyware?) to Valve before it will let us play.
Steam after all these years still sucks giant loads of ass.

Seriously. The question isn't whether MS could do better. The question is how could they possibly fuck up more than Valve?

Steam games are more expensive than retail games, Steam games come with built-in spyware ("user statistics" - yeah, right), and Steam itself is laggy and intrusive (you need to disable a whole lot of shit before it becomes bearable).

That sounds exactly like something Microsoft could or would do as well. It's funny how people are willing to give Valve a free pass for all this shit though just "cuz their kewl cuz tehy liek made Count0r Str1Ke d00d!!111!!!one!!

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News Comments > Battlefield Heroes Beta Closes Tomorrow
11. Re: Battlefield Heroes Beta Closes Tomorrow Nov 13, 2008, 08:50 CJ_Parker
I wish they would close this shitty game and work on Battlefield 3 like everyone wants. Fucking assholes. I mean they can't look at this game and see it's totally worthless, even though it's free, it's waste of money and resources that could be put to something worthwhile like Battlefield 3.

Caveman not good at brainy stuff. Caveman live in cave and be very stupid, yes?

Just because Battlefield 3 hasn't been announced yet doesn't mean it's not in development already. I would bet both my testicles that a sequel to BF 2142 is already in the works in parallel to Heroes. Where did you get the retarded idea that EA is always only working on one game at a time, Caveman? Oh well, nevermind. Back to the cave you go. Dumbass Neanderthal.

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News Comments > Dungeons and Dragons Online Plans
6. Re: Dungeons and Dragons Online Plans Nov 12, 2008, 12:08 CJ_Parker
Jesus fucking christ, another fantasy based MMO? D&D or not, we need another fantasy game like we need a hole in the head.

You, Sir, already seem to have a hole in the head. And it's apparently leaking a lot of brain, too...


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News Comments > Alpha Protocol Interview
3. Re: Alpha Protocol Interview Nov 8, 2008, 12:58 CJ_Parker
Avellone is probably the best game writer alive

Not untrue but it's certainly a very sad state of affairs when we have to refer to Mr. Chris "Generic-Fantasy-Story-Now-Only-A-Dime-A-Dozen" Avellone as the "best game writer". The mediocre stuff he puts out would be dumped in the trash bin by the lectorate intern at any half-serious book publishing house. Really sad. Gaming desperately needs better writers and more creativity.

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News Comments > Sunday Q&A Roundup
1. Hotness factor of Alison Carroll Nov 2, 2008, 16:46 CJ_Parker
An Interview with Lara Croft on talks with Lara Croft model Alison Carroll about how hot she is.

Ummm... WTF? If I would of conducted that interview about "how hot she is" there woulda been ONE question. "Can I fuck you?". OK. Make that two questions. "When?".
Those bit-tech tards wasted a perfect opportunity to get laid here. Dumbfucks.

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News Comments > Crysis Wars 64-Bit Client & Linux Server Next Week
8. Re: Crysis Warhead 64-Bit Client & Linux Server Next Week Nov 2, 2008, 09:56 CJ_Parker
What's the actual relevance of a 64-bit version?

The most obvious advantage is that the game client will be able to make use of 4GB+ RAM (or ~3.25GB+ RAM in practice since that is the practical limit of WinXP 32-bit due to reserved system memory) in a full 64-bit environment (64-bit client and OS).
The big question in that context obviously is whether the game client is made to perform better (= scaling) when there is more free memory available. Only time and benchmarks will tell.

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News Comments > EA: Forum Ban Equals Game Bans - Updated
112. Re: EA Forum/Game Bans Oct 30, 2008, 18:49 CJ_Parker
So you act like a little child that needs his ass wiped because you know Blue is less likely to ban you? Good on ya.

Actually, yup, that's what I said down there. Thank you, Mr. Parrot, Sir! You seem to be a quick learner and a smart cookie.

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News Comments > EA: Forum Ban Equals Game Bans - Updated
107. Re: EA Forum/Game Bans Oct 30, 2008, 18:31 CJ_Parker
This comment was deleted on Oct 30, 2008, 18:41.
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News Comments > The Million Witcher March
26. Re: The Million Witcher March Oct 30, 2008, 17:49 CJ_Parker
@necrosis: Did you even read my whole post, idiot? I even said it's their premier title as a developer but to someone who "stays on top of gaming every day" the name seriously should have rung more than one bell. They are a very well known publisher and the name has often times come up even on US sites well before The Witcher was even conceived. It doesn't really surprise me though that for someone from the US the horizon ends at New Jersey beach.

This comment was edited on Oct 30, 2008, 17:51.
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News Comments > EA: Forum Ban Equals Game Bans - Updated
97. Re: EA Forum/Game Bans Oct 30, 2008, 17:36 CJ_Parker
Funny. All you people usually do is bitch about how EA is dumbing down their games and how there is no choice and consequence to your actions and all that shit. Now they do give you plenty of choice and some really "nice" consequences on top of it, too, and it's still not right? WTF is wrong with you guys?

BTW, I honestly and sincerely welcome this move. It will make all the retarded fuckwits out there think twice before posting any retarded crap on the forums. Well, or maybe not since they are fuckwits but at least it'll help get rid of them .
Thank you for this modern version of euthanasia, EA! I can see the next EA ads already... "EA. Weeding out the mentally weak since 2008". Awesome. I support this mucho.

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News Comments > The Million Witcher March
23. Re: The Million Witcher March Oct 30, 2008, 17:08 CJ_Parker
Seriously CD Projekt, you came out of nowhere...

Get a clue. They didn't come "out of nowhere" (but maybe you did... Bumfuck, OH, resident by chance? ).
Uh, anyway, CD Projekt has been around since the early 90s and is the no. 1 video game publisher throughout all of Eastern Europe. They self-funded The Witcher out of their own pockets and didn't have any trouble doing so due to their publishing activities. They are a big player in this business and already were before The Witcher was even conceived.
OK, sure, this is their premier title as a developer but saying they "came out of nowhere" would be like saying Atari "came out of nowhere" if Atari would all of a sudden begin to develop games instead of just publishing and distributing them.

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News Comments > Fallout 3 (and Far Cry 2) DRM Follow-up
23. Re: Fallout 3 (and Far Cry 2) DRM Follow-up Oct 29, 2008, 18:07 CJ_Parker
The game shouldn't need any troubleshooting at all!

Hmmm... pipedreams must be a nice thing.

These 1st day patches is such bullshit.

Yup. I mean WTF are they thinking?!? They should really wait at least a YEAR before addressing any issues that come up after the game has gone gold.

I've been PC gaming for 15 years.

Wow! Really?

I do remember a time when I bought a game and installed it, it actually worked!

I do remember a time when people actually used their brains before posting retarded shit. I don't think I seriously need to tell you about the reasons why some(!) games were less buggy in the old days do I? If you do a little bit of thinking along the lines of how the quantity of code might affect the quality of code and how the quantity of code might have changed over the course of the years (a possible clue here might be the complexity of modern games compared to the simplicity of old sk00L games) then you might just be able to figure it out on your own. I don't really give it much hope to be honest since anyone with a couple brain cells would've realized this BEFORE posting that retarded shit.

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News Comments > Stardock's DRM Plans
57. Re: Stardock's DRM Plans Oct 26, 2008, 15:31 CJ_Parker
Infantile? Whaddya mean INFANTILE? Sir, that post was like my magnum opus of intellectuality!

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News Comments > Stardock's DRM Plans
55. Re: Stardock's DRM Plans Oct 25, 2008, 22:27 CJ_Parker
Had to put a CD into the computer to play a game that already installed all its data to the hard drive?

Yeah, I mean that's just plain outrageous, maaan!!! How the hell are you supposed to find a frickin' CD under all those pr0n mags and shit?!? And then once you have finally found it you actually have to push a button, maybe even remove another CD from the drive (I'm starting to fucking SWEAT just thinking about all this, duuude!) and then you have to actually, you know, aiiiiim for the center of the tray to place the goddamn CD into the drive. Wow! That's pure madness, man! But it gets better. At the end you actually have to PUSH the SAME button from earlier AGAIN or like if you're like reeeeaaaaaallllllyyy DARING you can also just give the tray a gay little pushy-push! OMFG!!! How crazy is all that?!? CRAAAAZZZEEE!

Had to 'authenticate' a game online?

Wow! YEAH@! I've totally done this before, dude!! No really. I have! It was sooo exhausting and sooo much work, you know! And it was really DRACONIAN, too!!! I felt right like a SLAVE whoze RIGHTZ were taken AWAY! Seriously! I mean there was this pop-up window at the end of the setup program and you know what the fucker wanted from miii?!? It wanted me to actually CLICK on ***ACTIVATE NOW***!! OUTFUCKINGRAGEOUS, DUDE! First I was LIKE FUCK U but then I CLICKED the button anyway and you know wot happened?!? The game fucking ACTIVATED itself!! Can you believe that shit?!? I clicked a button consuming like 0.00000017kJ in the process and teh game ACTIVATED! ONLINE! And then it let me PLAY! CRAAAAAZZZZEEEE!!

Had to connect to the internet to play a single-player game?

OMFGOMGFOMGOFMG!!! I sooooooooo had to do this that one time, dude!! It's still givin me teh fucking CREEPS just thinking about it! I mean I have this router and mii PC is connected to teh intarwebz 24/7 so I never really like REALLY noticed how the fucker went ONLINE but I swear it was so maaad when he finally DID!! CRAAAAAAZZZEEEEEE!!

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News Comments > Good Old Games Open Beta
31. Re: Good Old Games Open Beta Oct 23, 2008, 19:15 CJ_Parker
I thought Gothic was published by Jowood..?

No. Gothic was originally published by Shoebox Interactive in Europe (German speaking territories). Shoebox went out of business at some point during the early development of Gothic 2 and JoWooD picked up Piranha Bytes to publish Gothic 2 though they did not acquire the full rights to the original Gothic. Those rights have always remained with Piranha (Pluto13) as far as I know. JoWooD only owns everything from Gothic 2 going forward with Gothic 4 (and possibly G4 expansions) probably being the last title(s) that they have the rights to publish before the Gothic brand falls back into the hands of Piranha.

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News Comments > Good Old Games Open Beta
30. Re: Good Old Games Open Beta Oct 23, 2008, 19:01 CJ_Parker
The real accomplishment will be getting newer titles without DRM on there and that's what will draw me to the service if they can do it.

Um, you do realize that GOG stands for "Good Old Games", right? This is a platform for classic games. Why the hell would anyone even begin to consider offering "newer" DRM-free games on that particular service? Please. Get a sense of reality and grow a brain. kthx.

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News Comments > Fallout 4 Before 2018
14. Re: Payola Oct 23, 2008, 18:47 CJ_Parker
Generally a developer/publisher will release a game, see how successful it is, then decide to work on sequels. This is what CD Projekt is doing with The Witcher. Maybe I'm just being a conspiracy nut but this feels like it has some sort of payola connection between Bethesda and various high-profile media outlets to give better than average scores (regardless of what the actual score should be).

That is not true at all. Due to the long development cycles of video games, the development/pre-production of sequels (either expansions or full games) is often times started several months before the original game is even shipping. This approach is also necessary to avoid a hire & fire policy. Certain team members will be finished a long time before the game is shipping. You don't need a fully staffed art team anymore when the game goes into testing so you need to give those people something to do and usually that will be the (pre-)production of concept art or first art assets for a sequel/expansion.

You also need to remember that a publisher can at least get a pretty reliable estimate of a game's success from retailer preorders etc.
They don't need to wait and see how the game actually performs at retail.
Just like if an election takes place you usually get the first results within the first hour and those early results are most of the time only a few % off.
Publishers can make similarly accurate predictions from preorders (again: retailer preorders, not consumer preorders, although the prior is naturally influenced by the latter) and a variety of other factors like looking at the past performance of their games that were put out there in similar quantity in a similar timeframe to a similar target group and so on (you know, statistics and all that crap).
Of course there may always be the odd exception when a game somehow fails to meet the calculations and predictions but that doesn't happen too often.

Certainly no conspiracy though. Reviews aren't that influential anyway. Look at the crap in the top 10 best selling games every week. Not nearly every game on there is a high scorer. Marketing and advertising is much more important. And availability ("if you sell it they will come"). And popular licenses. And a combination of all of what I just mentioned.

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News Comments > Game Reviews
11. Re: GTA IV Oct 22, 2008, 11:25 CJ_Parker
This comment was deleted on Oct 22, 2008, 13:44.
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News Comments > Game Reviews
9. Re: GTA IV Oct 22, 2008, 10:24 CJ_Parker
Did you even follow the link, dumbass? It's first impressions of the -gasp- P C v e r s i o n! Imagine that! Granted, it's more of a preview than a review so you could have kindly pointed out to Blue that this belongs in the preview section but you can shove your wiseass "oh I didn't know that console stuff gets posted here as well" crap where the sun don't shine because it just ain't console stuff. Now go and learn how to use the Internet before making more retarded remarks.  
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News Comments > Star Wars: The Old Republic Announced
24. Re: The Good News is..... Oct 21, 2008, 22:31 CJ_Parker
If this game takes place 300 years after the first Knights of the Old Republic, there's still a chance Knights of the Old Republic 3 could be made.

Err.. what? Why would that chance not be there if the MMO would be set during the time of the original KotORs? Shouldn't be too hard to keep the games from interfering with each other. Besides Lucas has never really cared much for canon or continuity when there was money to be made. See SWG.
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