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News Comments > Steve Ballmer to Retire
40. Re: Steve Ballmer to Retire Aug 23, 2013, 18:32 CJ_Parker
Good. Now get a CEO that shuts down the entire fucking Xbox travesty and bring back the PC to pre-Shitbox strength. kthx.  
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News Comments > Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Expansion Announced
33. Re: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Expansion Announced Aug 21, 2013, 12:25 CJ_Parker
Saying that Diablo ever was a "horror" experience makes me laugh real hard. How old were y'all back then? Four years old? Because that's just about the max age at which Diablo might provoke minor emotions of "horror".
Just like Warcraft Humans & Orcs and every single other Blizzard game in the history of that company it's always been very cartoony and light-hearted.
And don't give me The Butcher. The name of that guy alone ("Da Butchaaaahhh") is so ridiculous and obviously meant in a satirical way that you can't seriously claim that that guy evoked any "horror".
Or if he did I'd make sure you get an appointment with an urologist and let them check where your balls went or if you're one of those people who just has male sexual organs but is genetically a pussy.

Seriously, guys. Anyone out of elementary school would have to be a very strange critter to consider anything Blizzard EVER did as even remotely adult, let alone "horror".
And now don't gimme the stupid 'M' rating. It only got an 'M' because of the succubus half-nekkidness. Can't have any titties in puritan America, of course.
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News Comments > Thief in February
28. Re: Thief in February Aug 16, 2013, 20:19 CJ_Parker
At least the cinematics are purty... but they are going to have to show us some gameplay to really raise some interest.  
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News Comments > Morning Interviews
3. Re: Morning Interviews Aug 16, 2013, 20:05 CJ_Parker
Cutter wrote on Aug 16, 2013, 11:43:
Also it'll depend on their sales as well. Let's say they do make a fantastic game and it goes on to sell like gangbusters. Well, if they can finance it themselves I won't be inclined to back them either. Same reason as I never even considered giving dime one to guys like Gariott, Molyneux, et al.

Fully agree. They are really going to have to be very open about why they need to raise money from the community again. It will be interesting to see how many of these KS devs will be honest and forthcoming when the second round is up.
After all it is Kick-starter . It's supposed to help them get off the ground, kick things off and get started. It's not really meant to be a perpetual source of income.
In regular old school economics: Your earnings drive the investment in future growth so the KS devs should have to become self-sustaining if their projects are successful.

How many of these studios will be able to sustain themselves just from the initial KS and the following sales success?
Actually, I would almost go as far as saying that any studio that fails to be self-sustaining needs to shut down because then the business model is terminally flawed.

It will be interesting to see what is going to happen with regard to follow-up projects but I'm sure that many of us will be way more hesitant to donate if we know that the devs are bathing in money.
The only way I would consider a contribution in such cases is if the dev is as open and forthcoming as e.g. Larian Studios who raised money for Divinity Original Sin saying that they won't need the funds to finish the game but that they want to put the KS funds towards extra polishing and the marketing budget to make the game a success.
They laid down a clear plan and it was easy to support them on these grounds.
Let's hope other devs will be equally smart so KS doesn't get tarnished in the fallout of greedy second helpings.

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News Comments > NVIDIA Unleaks GTA5 PC Comment - New Trailers Released
28. Re: NVIDIA Unleaks GTA5 PC Comment - New Trailers Released Aug 14, 2013, 19:28 CJ_Parker
nin wrote on Aug 14, 2013, 19:00:
Considering the PC and both "next gen" consoles have very similar hardware, they'd be crazy to leave that money on the table...

Depends... if the fucking assholes from Microsoft are offering them millions for a console exclusive to undermine PC gaming even further then Rockstar/Take 2 would certainly not hesitate one second to help fuck the PC in the ass even deeper.
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News Comments > The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Cinematic Trailer
9. Re: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Cinematic Trailer Aug 14, 2013, 19:14 CJ_Parker
No offense, Creston, but assuming that you are from the US and a regular TV/movies consumer: What exactly makes this trailer scene different from just about any rape or domestic or random violence scene against women?

I have seen many, many, many much worse scenes of violence and I'm from a bleeding heart country where violent stuff gets edited out and where we get cut versions of movies and games.

This is completely harmless in comparison with just hints of violence. It's not even bordering on sexual violence (probably because CDP wanted to avoid bans of the trailer in the US/Australia where sexual rape themes are insta-ban territory if too explicit).

Honestly, I really don't see an issue here. If anything the deaths of the Nilfgaard guys are fairly gruesome (though I don't feel any sympathy for them, of course... they got what they deserved).

The Witcher, especially with part 2, has always aimed at portraying a fairly realistic medieval setting. You know, no colorful, fairy tale Disney medieval crap but the way that the middle ages actually were. Which was zero fun. From terminal diseases like the black plague to dying from a simple flu or giving birth to rape to witch hunts to selling of indulgences to just about any random violence of the strong vs. the weak... the middle ages were the dark ages with absolutely no place for the romanticism that is often portrayed in books and movies.

And that's why I love the Witcher. Because it's not fucking Grimm's fairytale world but the real deal (OK, except for the presence of "real" monsters maybe ).
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News Comments > StarCraft Universe Kickstarter
4. Re: StarCraft Universe Kickstarter Aug 14, 2013, 07:02 CJ_Parker
"Full" support, eh? Then why doesn't Actiblizz take some of their WoW billions from their treasure chest and truly show some "full support" for these guys?
Definitely not even beginning to consider spending a single cent on this crap.

There's also the issue that these guys are making it sound like "meh going back to work sucked so please throw some money our way so we can quit our jobs and go back to being lazy game modders". And the line about motivation through money sounds cheesy as hell, too. You either do this because you have the passion and dedication required or you don't.
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News Comments > The Witcher 3 Countdown
2. Re: The Witcher 3 Countdown Aug 13, 2013, 10:32 CJ_Parker
With the stupid 'killing monsters' tag line it's probably a browser game tie-in or something like that.  
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
18. Re: Morning Tech Bits Aug 12, 2013, 18:51 CJ_Parker
Ummm... excusez moi but just because some dude creatively named 'Flying Penguin' posts about supposedly having driver issues to some random forum this stuff gets posted on Blue's as if it were gospel? WTF? So if I go and make a random post about how my iPhone just blew up when I was talking to my girlfriend can I get a post about how female voices make the iPhone go kaboom, please? kthx!

Seriously, does anyone know how much this has been researched except this Penguin dude having a hunch about a common pattern? Has nVidia acknowledged the issue and are they working on a fix?

Man, this fact-ification of random shit that gets posted on blogs really needs to DIAF. Yesterday.
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News Comments > Wasteland Re-release Plans
36. Re: Wasteland Re-release Plans Aug 11, 2013, 20:48 CJ_Parker
Redmask wrote on Aug 11, 2013, 11:48:
Pacific Strike was really underrated but I tried replaying it recently and there are some games you just can't go back to anymore.

Yep. Same goes for Strike Commander. I grabbed Strike as soon as it popped up on GOG even though I still have my boxed copy (I actually bought the Privateer/Strike Commander bundle that EA was selling some time after both games were released).
I didn't even make it to the first waypoint. It was impossible to identify anything in that pixel soup. Seriously. I tried hard but no way. It was unplayable. At least on my 2560x1440 screen. Maybe if someone owns a fairly old 15" or 17" LCD with max 1280x1024 or 1024x768 resolution it might be a different story but on big screens it is literally mission impossible.
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News Comments > Wasteland Re-release Plans
31. Re: Wasteland Re-release Plans Aug 11, 2013, 07:23 CJ_Parker
Creston wrote on Aug 11, 2013, 01:47:
eRe4s3r wrote on Aug 10, 2013, 23:59:
The 1 game I loved, and still own the manual for, was Strike Commander. Now *that* was a manual worth keeping. Although the copy prompts were infuriating. My English in my early school/gaming days was no good so I was often just guessing what they meant.

Strike Commander was awesome. Good flight sim, great story (being betrayed by the chick really stunned me), cool wingmen.

Pacific Strike was even cooler. Your ginger wingman buddy from the start (forgot his name) was the best with his one liners. "Hot DAWG I'm going to shoot me a Jap Zero!"

And then he'd always get gunned down because he sucked as a pilot. But at least he was funny.

Ah, finally someone else with at least an equal love for Pacific Strike! A lot of people seem to always mention Strike Commander but Pacific Strike rarely gets any love though it was easily just as awesome.
I l-o-v-e-d doing torpedo bombing runs. Dive bombing was fun, too, but it didn't hold a candle to dropping torpedoes.
Unfortunately, I don't really seem to remember Pacific Strike's wingmen. I do remember the Strike Commander chick though and the old guy (squadron leader) that was shot down a few missions into the game when you had to take over as commander. And I remember Tex. He was funny, too, when he ejected he always went "Cya all later folks, I'm punching out." ... and he ejected a lot because he wasn't really all that good either .
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News Comments > Wasteland Re-release Plans
22. Re: Wasteland Re-release Plans Aug 10, 2013, 21:18 CJ_Parker
eRe4s3r wrote on Aug 10, 2013, 18:28:
A game where you need a physical manual to get ANYWHERE is not a good game, 25 years ago or now. Good games are intuitive and explain what's needed. And yeah, I was alive back then, although I played PC games only starting 92 .. if you know what east Germany is, you know why. ^^

HAHA so you are an Ossi huh?

Um, anyway, many PC games back in the day were way too complex to not require a manual. A lot of flight sims absolutely required a manual. The technology back then wasn't at the point yet where you could include tutorials on disk or the game that already shipped on eight floppy disks all of a sudden would have required a dozen+ disks.
Or if you look at RPGs like the (awesome) Realms of Arkania series, that required a manual, too, just to explain the rule set and provide the background info that was needed to really get into the games. It would have been impossible at that time to include all of that in the game.
Remember: We are talking DOS days here. Games back then did not even have the most basic functionality like e.g. right-clicking on stuff for an explanation since a lot of games did not even have mouse support. Most games were played with a keyboard and maybe a joystick and that was it.

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News Comments > Gone Gold - Splinter Cell: Blacklist; System Specs Revealed
4. Re: Gone Gold - Splinter Cell: Blacklist; System Specs Revealed Aug 10, 2013, 03:16 CJ_Parker
Jerykk wrote on Aug 10, 2013, 02:24:
Blacklist already looks significantly better than Conviction. They're actually trying to make multiple playstyles viable, as opposed to just "run in and kill everyone." The series started going downhill after Chaos Theory but this looks like it may buck the trend.

Aaahhh the hopeful one. Disappointed, he will be, but see for himself he shall.

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News Comments > Gone Gold - Splinter Cell: Blacklist; System Specs Revealed
1. Re: Gone Gold - Splinter Cell: Blacklist; System Specs Revealed Aug 9, 2013, 23:50 CJ_Parker
Console Shit.  
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
8. Re: Evening Consolidation Aug 8, 2013, 20:47 CJ_Parker
What a piece of SHIT...  
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News Comments > Project Eternity Art & Screenshot
53. Re: Project Eternity Art & Screenshot Aug 8, 2013, 10:57 CJ_Parker
Necrophob wrote on Aug 8, 2013, 10:24:
Mashiki Amiketo wrote on Aug 7, 2013, 14:42:
KS wrote on Aug 7, 2013, 13:02:

Quite frankly, the isometric aspect, forced by painted backgrounds, was overrated as an important component of this type of game. I'd love to, at a minimum, have a freely-rotating camera, as well as tilt down and up and even a limited zoom range.
Well you know there man, kickstarter is right over there. If you're not a fan of it just make your own game. I'm a huge fan of isometric games. Rotatable 3d is okay, but there are occasionally some very human touches that can be done with the static isometric, instead of copy and paste texture maps for rotatable 3d.

I love isometric games, and I love the fact that it WON'T be rotatable. I've tried to get into NWN 2, and can't get over the horrid controls. The controls should NOT be part of the "experience". I don't think you should remember a game because of its poor controls.

Yeah but that's only because Obsidian is just about the only developer on this planet who could not make a workable control scheme for a 3D top-down/OTS perspective in NWN 2. There are literally thousands of games (like just about every MMO) where that kind of perspective and the controls work like a charm. As usual it was just Obsidian's inability to code and design their way out of a wet paper bag getting in the way.
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News Comments > Project Eternity Art & Screenshot
47. Re: Project Eternity Art & Screenshot Aug 7, 2013, 21:21 CJ_Parker
Blackhawk wrote on Aug 7, 2013, 20:25:
What screenshots are you looking at?

The right ones.

I count nine light sources without even trying, and some can be assumed on the walls pointing away from us.

That's why I said "visible light sources". Though it's hard to identify in the pixel puke what stuff is even supposed to be at all. Oh, and where the feck are the shadows? None of the characters casts a single shadow.

There are no black borders, only black in the negative space.

Semantics and nitpicking. There's a big fat black ugly fucking border right there which shouldn't be there if the developer gave half a shit about improving their engine from a decade ago.

Flat floor tiles? Look at the lighting - the worn floor tiles and bricks are very clearly uneven.

There is a miniscule fake effect of variations in ground height. Look at a game like Company of Heroes 2 which has a similar perspective but offers infinitely more detail per scene and even deformable terrain (another one of those features you'd think that maybe after a decade they would adopt for a RPG like PE so e.g. a meteor shower spell would leave visible terrain deformation etc. or you would creatively add terrain deformation as a gameplay feature like pools of water that could be turned into impenetrable walls or shields of ice... blahblahblah... basically creative shit, you know, so stuff that is not like what Obsidian are doing here with their rehash...).
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News Comments > Project Eternity Art & Screenshot
44. Re: Project Eternity Art & Screenshot Aug 7, 2013, 20:12 CJ_Parker
eRe4s3r wrote on Aug 7, 2013, 18:43:
And this is, again, exactly what we pledged for. Clearly you are not a huge BG2 fan like I am so I can't explain it to you, but to me, what you see as a bad thing is to me the greatest thing to ever come out of a Kickstarter. That is, BG 2.5 in a non DnD setting with Obsidian's writing behind it.

Scratch the .5. This is BG 2.0 and it is non DnD but let's imitate DnD as close as we can w/o getting sued
I wouldn't complain if I would actually see any progress or advancements here but there just plain isn't.

It has the same...

- pixelated, crappy looking cardboard characters
- bland and generic backgrounds randomly pieced together from set pieces -> I mean look at it. It's sterile like a CPU fab with a very profound lack of detail
- why are there no burn/scratch/use marks on the floor tiles
- where are the torches and light sources (there are only two visible light sources that would realistically never create this level of lighting)
- where is the impression of an uneven surface... the ground is flat and clean as a mirror, it looks like Obsidian doesn't even know how to spell bump and parallax mapping
- what's with the black borders? Is it still too much to ask in 2013 that a game engine scales to full screen correctly?
- what's with the omniscient point of view? Why can you see what's going on behind the door when the door is closed? Wouldn't one possible cool advancement from 1998 to 2013 be to sit down on your creative ass and solve issues like this?

You know, after the great success of the campaign, I was expecting Obsidian to actually improve upon BG/BG2. If they would have barely met their goal I might be more understanding of a cloned version from a decade ago. But with the smashing success of the PE campaign this is simply too little for my taste. They could at least try to fake an interest in improving upon BG/BG2.

Oh, and their campaign updates are a joke, too. Look at Cloud Imperium Games and Star Citizen. That's how it's done and I'm sure it's not just a question of budget but also one of interest in what your community is thinking of you and your work and one of dedication. Obsidian is sorely lacking in all of these regards.
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News Comments > Project Eternity Art & Screenshot
41. Re: Project Eternity Art & Screenshot Aug 7, 2013, 18:17 CJ_Parker
jdreyer wrote on Aug 7, 2013, 13:34:
That was the point, to create a modern version of that kind of game.

See, that was my point earlier in the thread. If that was indeed the point then Obsidian (as usual) horribly missed the point. Because what's been shown so far is not a modern version of that kind of game but it is that kind of game verbatim. They are not making a modern version. They are making the exact same fucking game as 15 years ago.

It even has the same ugly black borders as can bee seen in the screens. Why not really aim for modern and scale everything better so you always have a more immersing full screen view of the scene? Nope. This looks like the same cardboard pixelated puppet show as 1998's Baldur's Gate. The only thing missing is the interface covering 50% of the screen but I'm sure they are hard at work on that.

Nah. Very disappointing. I, for one, am not going to be funding another KS of Obsidian ever again. PE was their last chance to prove what they can do without the "evil corporate overlord" and the result is... not so much more than with them, obviously, since this is the exact same stuff they have been producing under Interplay's and Atari's lead a decade+ ago.
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News Comments > Project Eternity Art & Screenshot
3. Re: Project Eternity Art & Screenshot Aug 7, 2013, 09:28 CJ_Parker
Lame. I was hoping that they would get at least a little bit more creative than just rebooting BG. Yes, I know that the whole pitch was to bring back the Infinity engine gameplay but I hope I'm not the only one who was expecting them to not just do an exact copy of their previous work.
This doesn't just go for the visuals but also for the mechanics. You'd think they'd be happy to be rid of the D&D corset. Not so. Instead they seem to be constantly looking for creative ways to make an exact copy of the D&D mechanics while tip-toeing around copyright issues.

OK, the problem is my expectations, of course. Obsidian always like to portray themselves as the genius developer who is held back by evil publishers. So freed from these shackles I guess I was expecting them to get creative, advance the isometric RPG genre, move forward, introduce new concepts and features, dump the whole legacy and all that stuff.
None of that to be seen anywhere unfortunately. It's a mere BG rehash. It's the exact same meal from 1998 rehashed. Yes. Lame.
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