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News Comments > Blizzard Gets (Updated)
29. Re: No subject May 2, 2008, 19:39 CJ_Parker
CJ, as usual, STFU.

As usual: How about umm... no, dickhead? Hahahahaha...

Anyway, I don't know about U.S. law but in the country where I live, if Blizz had sued these guys, Blizz would've been successful and these guys would've been forced to surrender the domain. Our courts established that ruling a long time ago (around the year 2000 or so) when a lot of n00b-ish idiots thought they were clever registering well known brand names to sell them for shitloads of cash. Our judicial system quickly put an end to that by giving the brand owners first dibs on the same domain name as the brand.
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News Comments > Blizzard Gets (Updated)
27. Re: No subject May 2, 2008, 15:13 CJ_Parker
Blizzard is super aware of their image. They wouldn't want the PR hit of suing someone.

They wouldn't? You mean like the guys with their alternative service who got the living fuck sued outta their asses by Blizzard? Ho-hummm... some real "super awareness" right there, man.

Seriously, get real. Blizzard are by far not the holy, little saints that people are making them out to be. Like any other business they have in the past and will continue to defend their (intellectual) property. By legal means if necessary. End of story.

Now grow the fuck up and quit your meth dreams about Blizzard Holy Land. Yes, and cancel that WoW sub and get outta your parents' basement, too.
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News Comments > Crytek to End PC Exclusives
102. Re: No subject Apr 30, 2008, 14:21 CJ_Parker
They have sold above expectations

Whose expectations? Yours? One million units (and a lot of those not even at full price because they lowered the price pretty soon after release... remember those Amazon "Buy a full price game and get Crysis for free" deals?) is nothing for a game the scope of Crysis. Nothing. At all. It's a fucking joke.

The rest of your post is even more retarded. So, pirates are not potential customers, huh? Ho-hum. I'm sure that there are millions of pirates who just download a few gig for fun cuz they ain't got nuttin' better to do and not to, you know, play the game for free. 'Course not. What was I even thinking?

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News Comments > Two Worlds: The Temptation a Sequel
3. Re: No subject Apr 28, 2008, 08:49 CJ_Parker
Translation: We really, really want to charge you fuckers full price for this shit since if Ubi can get away with calling Vegas 2 a sequel then so can we calling Temptation that.

Master Interpreter Of Game Dev Bullshit Talk,

C.J. Parker
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News Comments > Gothic 4 Subtitle, Details
5. Re: No subject Apr 26, 2008, 17:05 CJ_Parker
Spellbound certainly has skillz and it's not their fault the publisher stole the Gothic IP

They didn't steal it, you dumbfuck. Unless in the retard country that you come from, acquiring an IP via a mutual (mutual is the keyword here, moron) contract is the same as stealing. If it is then you might want to look into emigration options and move to a country with actual laws and shit. No wait. Don't. No country deserves to be polluted by someone as retarded as you. Nevermind.
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News Comments > Gothic 4 Subtitle, Details
4. Re: No subject Apr 26, 2008, 16:57 CJ_Parker
I suspect the interface will be even worse than the previous iterations.

The interface was awesome in the previous iterations. lurn 2 pL4y u n00b!!111!!

This comment was edited on Apr 26, 16:57.
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News Comments > International Steam Issues
8. Re: Heh... Apr 23, 2008, 11:43 CJ_Parker
Steam = an online rip-off machine. Always has been. Always will be.  
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News Comments > Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Disk Space Issue
3. Re: No subject Apr 23, 2008, 11:39 CJ_Parker
Just avoid ubi pc ports. I learned that lesson after the last Splinter Cell.

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News Comments > EA Extends, Lowers Take-Two Offer
14. Re: $ Apr 19, 2008, 09:41 CJ_Parker
It was to protect T2.
To make EA NOT want T2.

Ahahahahahahaaaa you really believe that shit? Bwahahaha. Some people are even more retarded than I coulda possibly imagined. Congrats on being one of 'em!
Look, BattyShitCrayzDude, ummm... why don't you give me all your money so I can, um, "protect" you from spending it all, hm? Do we have a deal?
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News Comments > Age of Conan Presales
38. Re: First 20 Apr 17, 2008, 09:53 CJ_Parker
Dude, I believe they dropped the single player crap like years ago. It's fully MMO now.  
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News Comments > Fallout 3: Collectors Edition
40. Re: No subject Apr 12, 2008, 17:10 CJ_Parker
If you weren't born before 1980, you wouldn't I'm afraid. Having the sweetest lunchbox meant you were the coolest kid among all your severely retarded nerd friends in school.

There, I fixed that for ya .
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News Comments > Thief 4 Hint?
26. Re: No subject Apr 4, 2008, 17:58 CJ_Parker
Wouldn't that just make it a Splinter Cell game?

Ummm... no. Splinter Cell is console crap of the highest order which a Thief sequel hopefully would NOT be (please!).
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
8. Re: BF: Bad Company Mar 25, 2008, 05:57 CJ_Parker
The best horse in the game (as far as I know) is the one you get from the Dark Brotherhood quest line. Its name is Shadowmere and it is in fact invincible. If it ever gets "killed" (or just lost) then you will always find it back at the place where you first got it (can't think of the name of the place right now). All you need to do is fast-travel to that location and -voilá- a new Shadowmere in all its black beauty will be waiting for you.
So, yeah, horse armor was fairly pointless if you got the "right" horse.
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News Comments > The Graveyard Released, Demo
7. Re: No subject Mar 22, 2008, 03:18 CJ_Parker
ummmmmmm..... kthxbutno  
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News Comments > Prey 2 Art
31. Re: ... Mar 16, 2008, 09:27 CJ_Parker
I don't get why people are saying that Prey was too short for them. I actually felt like it really dragged towards the end. It was just getting totally repetitive and there was nothing new anymore. I definitely couldn't have taken much more of the same. I'd say it had just about the exact right length but then I got the game at a budget price of under $30 so maybe that's why I didn't feel betrayed by Prey's length.
I wouldn't want any sequel to be much longer unless it would offer something/anything genuinely new and different each level. But if it's anything like the 1st Prey then ~10 hours or even less than that is just fine.
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News Comments > Iron Lore Entertainment Closes
31. Re: Blamed partly on piracy Feb 28, 2008, 19:46 CJ_Parker
Where did you get those numbers? I'm willing to bet my videocard that they don't include Digital Distribution sales, which are rarely disclosed. Nor do I think it is entirely accurate, seeing as how I read an EA press release stating that Crysis has surpassed 1 million. I have also read that the Witcher has sold about 700,000.
Stalker sold 1.65 million copies, and it isn't on the list. Nor is the Orange Box, which sold about the same. I think this list is bogus.

The posted list is for US sales or North America (whichever it is that NPD covers). The numbers you quoted are worldwide sales. The European market is the PCs saving grace since PC game sales are traditionally a lot stronger in Europe compared to the US. The cold, harsh truth is: PC games sell like shit in the US. Fact.

And, no, digital distribution doesn't change this fact. It's still a niche market. 'Cept for some hardcore geeks barely anyone has the bandwidth that is required to download multi-gigabyte games like the AAA titles in the top 10. There might be quite a bit of activity in the casual games market (lots of people downloading card games and crap like that that is just a few megs) but it would be foolish to think that any significant number of people are seriously into downloading several GB of data.
The fact that major players like EA are pretty lackluster in pursuing digital download portals is fairly good proof that the market is still rather small. If there would be any serious money to be made (yet), EA, Microsoft and ActiBlizz would be all over it but they aren't. They are in wait and see mode. Waiting and seeing how well Valve, D2D and others are doing. Then when the time has come they will surely start their acquistion sprees to enter the market. However the time for digital distribution to make a real difference has not arrived yet. I would guess that downloads add an additional 3% to 5% to the sales numbers of any given top 10 game. Maybe a little more in the Orange Box' case since it's being marketed so heavily via Steam but that would be the exception.
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News Comments > PC Gaming Alliance Formed
85. Re: No subject Feb 21, 2008, 12:12 CJ_Parker
Um, no. The last thing we need are more retards for developers to cater to.

Yup. Instead we need more glorious fuckheads like Jerykk who torrent all of their games under the pretense of "try-before-you-buy" and then end up never buying a game because once they have finished their pirated copy for the 6th time in a row they decide that the game is not worthy of their cash due to some bullshit reason.
Please. Shut the fuck up, dude. It's sickening to read all that crap from you who is only contributing to the problem by not even buying his games. You have the balls to demand more quality games? What the fuck would give you, a thief, that right? Start buying games instead of downloading them. Then speak. Asshole.
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News Comments > Evening Screenshots
2. Re: No subject Feb 21, 2008, 06:25 CJ_Parker
am I gay?

Yes, Sir. Very much so, Sir!
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News Comments > PC Gaming Alliance Formed
20. Re: No subject Feb 20, 2008, 12:45 CJ_Parker
I like that a middle man like Dell is involved (never thought i'd say the words liking a middleman involved), atleast their motives should be more in line with what the consumer wants without some side agenda to cell GPU's, CPU's, Vista, etc.

Ummm... you do realize that Dell spent quite a little fortune on acquiring Alienware not too long ago, right? Dell very much has a very profound interest in selling all of these thingies that you mentioned up there.

I sincerely hope that you also realize that every single company entering into any type of alliance always is pursuing one form of agenda or another.
Or what kind of fairytale world do you live in that you seriously believe in what you wrote up there? Or are you four years old and still have this romantic vision of everyone in the world being buddies? Then you are excused, of course...
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
3. Re: No subject Feb 19, 2008, 16:25 CJ_Parker
however it does fit in with man's infantile propensity to inflate his personal ego to a gargantuan, cosmic scope.. i mean, how could he ever be wrong about anything?

Speak for yourself, bitch. I'm never wrong about nothing.

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