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News Comments > Star Citizen Arena Commander Released
26. Re: Star Citizen Arena Commander Released Jun 4, 2014, 10:50 CJ_Parker
1badmf wrote on Jun 4, 2014, 09:27:
really? communication is your gripe? as far as i'm concerned they've communicated the state of the game far better than any previous developer. who else would've made daily posts about the bug list until release? they really can't do better than that unless you're such a needy personality that you have to be personally satisfied even at the expense of actual work they have to do.

You have obviously not been following the development of this game too closely because what you're saying is sounding very uneducated.

First, there was the Xmas delay. Chris Roberts previously stated that AC (DFM) would be out -and I quote literally- "in 2013, no matter what".
Everyone was hoping that AC would be our Xmas surprise because CIG kept silent all the way until December 22 when Chris Roberts finally admitted that the DFM was not ready for release yet and that it would be -and I quote again- "a couple of weeks" before it would be ready for prime time. The -as is very obvious by now- bullshit excuse was that the backend (net code) was not finished yet. The truth is more like shit just wasn't finished yet all across the board.

This was a sleazy move to announce the delay at the last minute before Xmas. They must have known this much sooner but obviously did not want to risk stalling the final LTI sale (ships with lifetime insurance) in November and people's general willingness and ability to spend more towards the end of the year holiday season.

Then came the Xmas break and an interview with Chris Roberts around New Year's on when we (backers) found out via this 3rd party site that "a couple of weeks" in reality meant -and I quote Chris Roberts again- "March, late March, early April".
I don't know about you but to me this is not good communication with your community if the truth slips out bit by bit via a 3rd party and not in direct statements/letters to the community. I mean he obviously has time to write lengthy letters every time another million dollars is reached so why not take some time to share the bad news as well?
Also, CR promised in the December 22 delay announcement that they would update us on the state of the DFM when they got back to work in January. That never happened.

Instead it took them until early February when we finally found out that the game was delayed to "shortly after" PAX East which contrary to the previous statements was not early but more like mid to late April.
This was communicated via the official Wingman's Hangar weekly web show so not a 3rd party but still less than ideal because many people just don't watch the show. They should have used the website or sent out a mail to all backers with the click of a button.
Then the game got delayed again to May 29. On May 28 Chris Roberts dropped the bomb that there'd be yet another delay.
Finally he at least had the sense to post this as official news though I'm sure many people would have welcomed a significantly earlier heads-up.
And they only started the daily bug news on May 29 so I wouldn't give them too much credit for that.

In summary they could have and should have done a much better job of keeping the community informed. There is a website with an official news section called "Comm Link" and they are able to reach all backers directly via a mailing list with the click of a button.
It also gives a bad impression with regards to honesty and openness if they plaster advertising and good news (YAY ANOTHER MILLION!!!11) all over the place but keep "bad news" like delays hush-hush.
Just tell us what's up and if/when you're unsure just give us "when it's done" but don't issue concrete dates if you can't keep them.
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News Comments > DCS: F-86F Sabre Announced
35. Re: DCS: F-86F Sabre Announced Jun 1, 2014, 04:27 CJ_Parker
Makes me wonder how the F-86 is supposed to fit in. The way I understood previous announcements was they wanted to establish a modern day platform for the A-10, the Su-25, the Blackshark, the Huey, the Mi-28 and lots of upcoming stuff like the F-18 Super Hornet or the F-35 Lightning.
And the P-51 Mustang was supposed to be moved over to the upcoming WW2 1944 module, right?

So... where does the Sabre fit in? Are they going to work on yet another (Korean, early Nam) 1950s/1960s theater?
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News Comments > Star Citizen Arena Commander Delayed
85. Re: Star Citizen Arena Commander Delayed May 29, 2014, 16:56 CJ_Parker
Not sure what some of you guys are talking about re DCS.

First, the entire DCS stuff goes on sale on a very regular basis, both on Steam and on their own site so you definitely don't "have to" spend hundreds of bucks.

Secondly, it would be foolish to buy all of the modules just to own them all. This ain't WoW DLC. Each module (minus Combined Arms which is a special module) is an extremely complex simulation of the aircraft in question. The Flaming Cliffs stuff like the F-15 is quite a bit less complex than e.g. the A-10, the Huey or the Blacksharks but you can still spend a lot of time learning to fly and especially learning to put all of the weapons and avionics systems to use.
In essence, you can spend months/years playing a single module like the A-10 and you will still learn new stuff every day.
On a cost vs time spent (or potentially to be spent) basis there is probably hardly any cheaper "flight games" than the DCS modules. Seriously.

Thirdly, on topic re the AC delay: Chris Roberts is an idiot. Project management-wise this is starting to turn into the same clusterfuck that was Freelancer except this time there is unfortunately no one who can degrade him from project lead to consultant.
Quite the contrary. It sounds more like he's even wishing to be promoted for being so awesome to share the news of yet another delay.
Remember when you said that AC would be "out in 2013 no matter what", Chris? Yeah. You're an idiot, man. You suck at managing large scale gaming projects. One can only begin to imagine how long it will take before your "vision" (hallucinations more like) will become reality. A decade, two? 100 star systems filled with meaningful content my ass... L to the O to the L.
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News Comments > Steam Machines Delayed
12. Re: Steam Machines Delayed May 28, 2014, 11:31 CJ_Parker
Cancel this shit already, kthx  
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News Comments > EA Still Investigating GameSpy Workarounds
7. Re: EA Still Investigating GameSpy Workarounds May 10, 2014, 14:19 CJ_Parker
"Investigating" = EA speak for "would you fuckers kindly forget about the existence of our GameSpy games already?!?"  
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News Comments > Wolfenstein: The New Order German Censorship Plans
6. Re: Wolfenstein: The New Order German Censorship Plans May 6, 2014, 00:35 CJ_Parker
Fuck my country's retard laws! Yaaarrr matey! I'm a pirate dis fugger!!!  
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
9. Re: Evening Interviews May 3, 2014, 07:37 CJ_Parker
shihonage wrote on May 3, 2014, 00:05:
Clearly you haven't been to my spiritual home, the RPG Codex. The Wasteland 2 dislike is strong over there, and we pity the outside world, for it has no taste in RPGs.

Your "spiritual home" is retard central so why should anyone give a shit if a few fucktards are unhappy about WL2?
As stated before the vast majority of gamers around the web seem to love the game so feel free to crawl back to your "spiritual home" and cry more, n00b! kthxbai!
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News Comments > Wolfenstein Gameplay Trailer
7. Re: Wolfenstein Gameplay Trailer Apr 29, 2014, 19:11 CJ_Parker
nin wrote on Apr 29, 2014, 18:19:
I had zero interest in this when it was announced. But now, the more I see of it? I think it looks fun...

^ this... too bad the uncut and uncensored version is unavailable in my country (thanks a lot Steam region lock... NOT) so I'm gonna have to pirate this fucker!
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News Comments > Star Citizen Hits $43 Million
67. Re: Star Citizen Hits $43 Million Apr 29, 2014, 19:08 CJ_Parker
Cutter wrote on Apr 29, 2014, 17:55:
Quboid wrote on Apr 29, 2014, 17:47:
There are subscriptions? Not just that, but the subscriptions are for nothing? Hmm.

Has he stated unequivocally anywhere that there won't be a monthly fee for multiplayer? Because if I was a bettin' man I'd bet very heavily there will be. You better hope against hope the SP portion of the game fucking rocks your socks because I'm for thinkin' the MP portion of it is going to be heavy P2W monthly-sub MMO shite. Don't be surprised when those "personal" servers disappear.

Yes, he has denied monthly subs but it would by far not be the first and only promise that goes out the window so it ain't worth shit.
The fanbois will accept any excuse like "sorry we had to because of the increased scope of the game and higher infrastructure expenses blabla". There are enough people on the official forums who would let Chris Roberts shit on their head and thank him for keeping them warm.

With that said, I don't think they'll ever need mandatory subs. They said they would probably keep optional subs going for people who wanted to give a little extra each month but if you look at this game's pledging history all they need is a few ship sales every now and then to keep things going.
And, of course, there'll be the cash shop where, in addition to other game related stuff, you can buy the in-game currency UEC for real money. There are certainly more than enough tards in the world who will be using that shortcut to buy bigger ships, buggies, hangar fishtanks, guns, spoilers, bling-bling, dashboard crapola and all the useless shit that money can buy.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Hits $43 Million
62. Re: Star Citizen Hits $43 Million Apr 29, 2014, 17:35 CJ_Parker
Kosumo wrote on Apr 29, 2014, 17:07:
Hold up, they are sell a monthly $10 sub already as well? OMG - I'm stunned.

They've been offering a $10 (Centurion) and $20 (Imperator) sub since before the KS campaign even ended. People who subbed on day 1 have nearly 18 months of sub time on their account by now.

In the beginning it was advertised as a way to support the game development in small chunks instead of one bigger payment which many people supposedly asked for because they could not afford larger sums.

Today it is instead marketed as only contributing to the marketing budget, PR, Wingman's Hangar web show, Jump Point magazine and other community related stuff.

It was one of those silent changes where they went from "hey subscribe now because we can really use every cent to improve the game" to "thanks for paying for Wingman's Hangar".

I actually was a subscriber once but cancelled my sub when I realized that none of my sub money was any longer considered as a contribution to the game but only to "community content" (= advertising). I feel sorry for all the poor idiots who didn't get the memo and who are now solely paying for advertising the game.
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News Comments > Is Destiny Destined for PCs?
48. Re: Is Destiny Destined for PCs? Apr 29, 2014, 03:29 CJ_Parker
jdreyer wrote on Apr 28, 2014, 21:49:
CJ_Parker wrote on Apr 28, 2014, 21:08:
...wants to fuck PC gamers in the ass?

You say that like it's a bad thing...

yes cuz all my ass belong to me!!!
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News Comments > Is Destiny Destined for PCs?
19. Re: Is Destiny Destined for PCs? Apr 28, 2014, 21:08 CJ_Parker
What exactly is "pretty complicated" about admitting that Microsoft wants this for the Xbone and once again wants to fuck PC gamers in the ass?  
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News Comments > Star Citizen "Coming Together"
63. Re: Star Citizen Apr 28, 2014, 03:07 CJ_Parker
Nom4d wrote on Apr 27, 2014, 06:13:
Iurand wrote on Apr 27, 2014, 05:24:
Kosumo wrote on Apr 27, 2014, 05:20:
Iurand wrote on Apr 27, 2014, 05:17:
Flatline wrote on Apr 26, 2014, 19:19:
Bullshit we're what, 6 months past when we were supposed to have the multiplayer dogfight module?

4 months past when we were supposed to have the singleplayer dogfight module.

If it was a singleplayer dogfight module, why was the netcode the hold up?

They changed their plans and decided to do it in one pass and release both SP and MP together.

In addition to that, Chris Robberts adressed the delay in a letter saying since the expectations for the Dogfighting Module(DFM) were so high, he'd rather spend some more time on it along with making the netcode 'future proof'. So instead of hacking something together that would only work for the DFM, the netcode is already usable for future modules as well. That and the Cryengine netcode in it's default state is just not adequate for what the DFM and by extension Star Citizen needs.

Come on, guys. Let's finally put an end to regurgitating one of Roberts' most obvious lies. It's bad enough that the Church of Roberts cultists at the official forums keep repeating that line.

The truth of the matter is that shit all across the board was simply not finished yet in December. The exterior models were not finished and neither were the interiors, the HUD was work in progress, all of the spacecraft systems still needed a lot of work (essential stuff like being able to target people and stuff like that), whatever they had that was actually working at the time was in need of major bug fixing and the list goes on.

The net code was one in a million items (admittedly a crucial one, of course) that still needed to be addressed. And just a quick memo: We still don't have a date for the DFM release. It was originally supposed to be out in December, then "late March, early April" (Roberts in interview), then "shortly" after PAX and now [to be continued...]?
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News Comments > Obsidian: New Kickstarter Hopefully This Year
15. Re: Obsidian: New Kickstarter Hopefully This Year Apr 26, 2014, 04:47 CJ_Parker
Jerykk wrote on Apr 26, 2014, 04:25:
That logic is terribly flawed. Let's say that Obsidian did as you suggested. They finish PoE and release it. What if it sells poorly? What if the backers were the only ones interested in it?

Easy as pie to answer that one: Abandon the project and the business model since it didn't work out for them.

Now Obsidian is screwed because they have no revenue and nothing for the PoE devs to work on.

Obsidian have always been mercenaries. They'll get work for the team whether it's a Star Wars, Southpark, Fallout, Dungeon Siege or whatever RPG. Besides their teams always seem to be fluctuating a lot with a lot of crossover where e.g. dev A works on game A, B and C on and off depending on the phase of development that game A, B or C is in.
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News Comments > Obsidian: New Kickstarter Hopefully This Year
14. Re: Obsidian: New Kickstarter Hopefully This Year Apr 26, 2014, 04:38 CJ_Parker
jdreyer wrote on Apr 26, 2014, 03:04:
And you can be sure that in addition to the KS funds, they added whatever extra they had lying around. This is a passion project. They'll be lucky to cover that, especially in an era where no one wants to pay more than $5 for a game. It might be years before they make a profit, and you can guarantee it won't enough to fund their next game. Whatever they're doing next, if it's not mass market and publisher funded, they'll need to KS it.

This is bullshit, dude. Obsidian fully intends to establish Infinity engine v2.0 with PoE. Passion project my ass (OK, maybe a little but seriously...). They are hoping to capitalize on it big time by either making sequels or spin-offs themselves or licensing the engine to 3rd parties. They want all of the BG, Icewind Dale, PST multi-million $$$ action and then some. PoE is the showcase and if all goes well they'll make some major dough by laying the groundwork with PoE.

Good for them though that their "we're on bread and water, have a shirt to spare?" PR seems to be working on some people. They are going to need that kind of spin, too, when they return for second takings on KS.
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News Comments > Obsidian: New Kickstarter Hopefully This Year
8. Re: Obsidian: New Kickstarter Hopefully This Year Apr 26, 2014, 01:48 CJ_Parker
Agree with Cutter. Obsidian has used Kickstarter to fund PoE. That's fine but it needs to become self-sustaining from there on out. The whole point of KS should not be to raise money and burn it on a project with zero return on investment but to raise money and build a working business model from it.
Having to return to KS for more monies is a clear sign of incompetent leadership, poor budgeting and a profound lack of foresight.

I backed PoE but I'm sure as fuck not backing any other shit made by Obsidian. They need to create the new game from the income generated by PoE. Remember how all of this was supposed to be NOT like the publisher model? Here's a quick memo for starters: I'm not a cow. Don't try to milk me. Make your own milk. We fed you the clover. Now grow and prosper on your own.
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
11. Re: Gatherings & Competitions Apr 22, 2014, 02:26 CJ_Parker
There is never a time to ditch any babe, booth or not.  
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News Comments > Risen 3: Titan Lords Trailer
10. Re: Risen 3: Titan Lords Trailer Apr 18, 2014, 16:57 CJ_Parker
Jerykk wrote on Apr 18, 2014, 01:14:
Slashman wrote on Apr 18, 2014, 01:01:
Jerykk wrote on Apr 17, 2014, 23:01:
Shame that they're discarding the pirate setting in favor of a more generic fantasy setting. I thought Risen 2 did a great job with the pirate stuff.

You seem to be in a minority on that front. Doesn't seem like most folks liked it.

Most folks didn't like the combat, which is a fair criticism considering that it was pretty janky and there was no way to dodge attacks (though they later patched in a dodge move).

I didn't hear anyone complain about the pirate theme or its implementation, though. Quite the opposite, in fact. Many people who had never played the first game or any of the Gothic games were intrigued by the teaser trailer which showed off the pirate theme. Can't say the same for this teaser trailer, which is Generic Fantasy 101.

If you'd visit the typical RPG/PB fan websites like RPGCodex, RPGWatch or the WorldOfRisen you'd find quite a few posts of people who were turned off by the pirate setting. There is a reason why they are going back to a more traditional setting in Risen 3 and that is mostly the lack of popularity of the pirate setting among the Gothic/Risen fan base. The fans love pirates as a faction or NPCs but they apparently don't like being forced into the role of a pirate in a rather pure pirate setting.
Also, while a matter of taste, I would definitely abstain from calling the pirate setting in Risen 2 well done. It was a very poor man's ripoff of Disney PotC pirates with just about every lame cliche thrown in for good measure. It just wasn't a very convincing setting in the way they designed and executed it.
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News Comments > Risen 3: Titan Lords Trailer
2. Re: Risen 3: Titan Lords Trailer Apr 17, 2014, 20:10 CJ_Parker
That was retarded.  
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News Comments > Frontier Gains Elite Rights; Braben to Sell Frontier Stock
15. Re: Frontier Gains Elite Rights; Braben to Sell Frontier Stock Apr 17, 2014, 13:32 CJ_Parker
loomy wrote on Apr 17, 2014, 11:47:
Either way, hostile takeover. David Braben does seem cut throat and spiteful to me. He got his wish thanks to the backers. And his good work!

Where are you getting that impression from? Throughout the entire KS campaign of ED and the development process so far, Braben has come across as one of the most likable leading figures in video gaming history to me.
He is very smart, knows exactly what he is talking about, humble, down to earth and able to communicate his goals and vision very clearly.
It's funny how he is almost the exact opposite of Chris "Showboat" Roberts who went from a pale, chubby, grizzled nerd in a jumpsuit at the start of the KS to a change-jingling nouveaux riche yuppie in a suit with dyed hair as the millions kept rolling in.
Braben on the other hand has managed to stay grounded with his humble British understatement where actions seem to be much more important than words to him.

I hope that both games will be very successful to bring the space sim genre back to life but on a sympathy scale Braben ranks so much higher than Roberts it's not even funny. Just watch the progress diaries some time (ED YT channel) and I'm sure you'll agree in no time that Braben is a cool dude.
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