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News Comments > CDPR: "Too Early" to Discuss Cyberpunk 2077
35. Re: CDPR: May 27, 2015, 19:51 CJ_Parker
Also, let's not forget that CD Projekt (mother company of the RED guys) is a publicly listed corporation at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Investors and stockholders want to know about the company's future plans. They need a reason to invest or stay invested. That's why CDP revealed Cyberpunk 2077 that early.
It's pretty obvious that CDP is hoping to imitate the Bethesda model of two huge popular franchises with alternate releases (Elder Scrolls + Fallout vs. The Witcher + Cyberpunk).

Here (from CDP's corporate website... well, I guess after today's news it should read Plans for 2014 to 2017)

Plans for 2014-2016:

  • Releasing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2014) and Cyberpunk 2077. Both are triple-A titles with extensive development budgets, top-of-the-line production values and excellent marketing potential.

  • Releasing two additional midrange games (ca. 20 hours of gameplay) representing one of the studio's core franchises. Both games will feature high production values.

  • Licensing REDengine to third-party developers

  • Establishing support for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt using novel mechanisms

  • The long-term goal of CD PROJEKT RED is to be counted among the three foremost RPG developers in the world and to manage two top-selling global franchises based on proprietary technologies.
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    News Comments > CDPR: "Too Early" to Discuss Cyberpunk 2077
    31. Re: CDPR: May 27, 2015, 18:33 CJ_Parker
    Slashman wrote on May 27, 2015, 15:42:
    Also, please let's all note that Ubisoft and EA are not studios. They are publishers. They control the huge amount of money needed to get those yearly releases rolling out the door on demand.

    CDPR is a studio. It isn't a publisher. It doesn't have the kind of financial weight to it that large publishers do.

    Complete bullshit. Ubi and EA are not just publishers but they also have many internal development studios. Likewise, CD Projekt (including the division) is a huge publisher in Eastern Europe and CD Projekt RED is their internal development studio. They also have 300 employees across two studios in Warsaw and Cracow so they aren't exactly a small gig.

    This comment was edited on May 27, 2015, 18:46.
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    News Comments > Overwatch Video
    6. Re: Overwatch Video May 27, 2015, 18:29 CJ_Parker
    Now that was thoroughly retarded looking. Well done, Blizzard.  
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    News Comments > Fraudulent ESO Keys Banned
    26. Re: Fraudulent ESO Keys Banned May 27, 2015, 18:23 CJ_Parker
    Verno wrote on May 27, 2015, 08:52:
    Why is it wrong that the buyers share some blame? Shouldn't the consumer have some responsibility to what they're buying and where they're obtaining it from? I regularly avoid doing business with shady establishments for that reason.

    +1 and extra-huge LULZ @ all the stupid cheapskates who got their accounts closed. Well deserved.
    Next time buy the game for a reasonable price and support your hobby and the people making these shinies for you. Cheapskate assclowns.
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    News Comments > Fraudulent ESO Keys Banned
    17. Re: Fraudulent ESO Keys Banned May 27, 2015, 02:27 CJ_Parker
    InBlack wrote on May 27, 2015, 02:14:
    Mordecai Walfish wrote on May 26, 2015, 20:39:
    I personally dont think theyre going far enough here. I think they should be calling out the online key resellers that these fraudulent keys originated from.

    There is a reason for that. The keys are valid, and the resellers are legit. Someone hit the nail on the head, these are NA or EU customers buying valid keys intended for the Asian or African market at a large discount. I don't see how anyone could get a hold of 'stolen' keys without some serious hacking of the ESO publisher, is that something that they are claiming that happened?

    Dude, read the story and the thread? As has been pointed out this whole shebang is about FRAUDULENTLY obtained keys that were THEN sold on via key sites. A fraudulently obtained key is by its very definition not a legit key. They even explicitly say "STOLEN" in the official post.

    This has absolutely NOTHING to do with your wild imaginations about regional price wars. Maybe at least read the story before tossing around unjust accusations.

    Finally, many of those key portals only serve as middlemen so it is very easy for people who steal a credit card and use it to buy copies of the game in bulk to sell keys to unsuspecting (as far as you can call it "unsuspecting" when an offer is looking too good to be true anyway) third parties.

    Here. Full quote minus the very long list of officially endorsed retailers. So you don't even have to click the link which apparently seems to be too hard to do...
    We’ve recently seen an increase in the sale of fraudulently obtained digital game keys for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

    We want to remind gamers to shop wisely and only purchase online keys from a reputable source. Fraudulently obtained keys obtained via Steam and then re-sold via third-party websites is a violation of both our and Steam’s Terms of Service. We will be deactivating all game accounts created with such stolen keys starting on Tuesday, May 26th. Affected users will receive an email with instructions on how to regain access to their game account via a valid game purchase.

    The companies selling stolen keys make a practice of using stolen credit cards, or misappropriating credit card information from their own customers to buy codes from legitimate retailers. Often these companies have the lowest price available anywhere for the digital item they are selling. Customers who purchase from these vendors are at increased risk for identity theft.

    Extreme discounting below the published prices on our website may be a clue that the digital key purchased for the game may have been fraudulently obtained.

    We want to ensure that you have the best game experience possible. To avoid unknowingly purchasing a stolen game key we suggest that you purchase from our site or one of the official retailers listed below.
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    News Comments > The Witcher III Patched
    64. Re: The Witcher III Patched May 26, 2015, 23:03 CJ_Parker
    ForgedReality wrote on May 26, 2015, 22:29:
    Can someone with a brain please chime in here instead of this badass-on-the-internet troll?

    Duuuudde... the cool thing with me is that the one thing does not preclude the other. I'm a "badass-on-the-internet troll" as you call it and Einstein Junior in the same person. Dude! Seriously!!!!
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    News Comments > Fraudulent ESO Keys Banned
    11. Re: Fraudulent ESO Keys Banned May 26, 2015, 22:01 CJ_Parker
    kookaveetsa wrote on May 26, 2015, 20:19:
    Satoru wrote on May 26, 2015, 20:02:

    you don't scream that Sony ripped you off do you?

    It's alright, Sony rips off people on a daily basis, that's a no brainer.

    but... but... but... MIRKOSOFFT RIBS OF MOOOAAARRR!!!11
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    News Comments > The Witcher III Patched
    60. Re: The Witcher III Patched May 26, 2015, 20:48 CJ_Parker
    ForgedReality wrote on May 26, 2015, 20:30:
    Wait, so can someone explain to me why the rebinding that existed before the patch wasn't sufficient? I never felt the need to rebind anything. In fact, I never even went into that menu.

    You're right! Every developer should follow CD Projekt's shining example IMMEDIATELY and lock people into a fixed controls scheme!
    Let's go back to the 1990s where every game required you to learn a new control scheme that you could not change!
    Kickstarter is proof that people want old school anyway! So what a great idea to bring back the old school fun of locked control schemes! Rejoice everyone!

    I play the game as the devs intended.

    Wow! Really? You, Sir, are a hero and an exemplar!

    Remember back in the day when rebinding was not even a consideration? When movement keys were up, down, left, and right? When there was no jump or crouch or lean or ironsights? When you had to just take what you were given and fucking learn to press the right keys to do the right thing?

    Yeah, man, totally! Let's throw away a decade or more of what some dumbshits are calling "progress". What the hell do they know? Heretics! They wouldn't know an awesome fixed control scheme if it screwed them in the ass and called them Sally!

    It's just like learning anything new. You drive a car, if it's an automatic, you learn how that works, and you do it. Then, later, you want to drive a manual, so you change your technique a little bit, but you still learn how to do it, and it works. Then you learn to ride a motorcycle; it's got completely different controls and a whole new set of physics to consider, but you learn how and you just do it and it works. You don't call the manufacturer and go, "hey, this isn't the same as the car I'm used to driving. It would be great if I could press the right pedal to go faster, and if you could figure out a way to have a steering wheel and not have to clutch with my left hand and shift with my left foot..." You learn how to do it; you don't bitch about it.

    Ah, finally the overdue car analogy in this epic post of yours! Whew... glad we got that sorted out.

    Why is it a huge major catastrophe when you have keys you have to learn to use because it's not exactly the same as every other game you play? Man up. XD

    There you have it folks. Like most things in life it all boils down to the POWER OF THE MOST HAIRY BALLSACK at the end of the day.

    Or maybe I'm just way off base, and you all just want to use F1, F2, F3, F4 instead of WASD, and that's actually the new control scheme and I'm just out of the loop.

    Nah, dude. You're totally on top of things here. Everything is fine. Relax.
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    News Comments > The Witcher III Patched
    58. Re: The Witcher III Patched May 26, 2015, 19:17 CJ_Parker
    Quinn wrote on May 26, 2015, 18:19:
    I cannot understand that so many people like yourself can complain about the stuff you complain about it the majority of your comment. I play games for comfort, too, but I really don't give a solid shit that I have to waste a tad more energy pressing ESC or another button here and there. My goodness. I get it that a game is never good enough, but complaints about fonts and miscellaneous shite like micromanagement in RPG's is stuff I cannot sympathize with

    ^ this is why we can't have nice things. Because of complacent slobs like you who won't stand up and fight for their rights when something is shit
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    News Comments > Steam Top 10
    38. Re: Steam Top 10 May 25, 2015, 14:08 CJ_Parker
    Verno wrote on May 25, 2015, 09:42:
    I'm not surprised sales are only at 450k, I've only seen one other person on my friends list even playing it. It sucks but a lot of people just take a sale mentality to PC games these days, especially since many are running backlogs.

    Sale mentality? What sale mentality? Look at the no. 2 spot on the list which has been in the top 3 at full price for weeks now.

    Nah. It's mostly CD Projekt's own fault. Why do they chop up the game and announce 16 DLCs (and two expansions) before it's even released?
    For many people, myself included, the logical conclusion is to wait at the very least until the 16 DLCs are released. Some people might even wait for the two expansions or an Enhanced Edition (like me).

    Everyone knows about their excellent post-release support by now. People know that the game will be much better in a few weeks/months or in a year from now and everyone is expecting an Enhanced Edition.
    Only the very impatient overhyped herd mentality gamers are buying a game like this on release. Everyone with the slightest ability of self-restraint would be waiting for the inevitable Enhanced Edition to have a better experience.
    I know I am and from reading many comments on the net I know there are many, many, many more. As you said, people are working on their backlogs as they wait for CDP to release the 16 DLCs, the two expansions, patch the game and release the EE.

    Finally, the second quarter is traditionally weak in sales and many gamers are probably still busy with GTA V and have no open world RPG itch at the moment.
    Summer is approaching. The days are getting longer. People spend more time outside and a super-long epic RPG like TW3 may not seem so appealing to many at this time of year. TW3 is the kind of game that would most likely do quite a bit better in sales in fall/winter.

    Lastly, the one million dollar question is how much does DRM-free hurt their sales? Every average Joe can easily freeload the game with zero effort (not that cracked games would be that much harder to install/play but it just does not get any easier than with TW3).
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    News Comments > Steam Top 10
    36. Re: Steam Top 10 May 25, 2015, 13:51 CJ_Parker
    jomisab wrote on May 25, 2015, 09:38:
    InBlack wrote on May 25, 2015, 05:07:
    Good to see W3 topping the Steam lists. Well deserved, the game is fantastic. One should also take note that a lot of people are also buying the DRM free GOG version.

    Most likely GOTY. Can't think of anything else coming out this year that could potentially provide a challenge.

    Maybe Fallout 4 if Bethesda announce it at E3 and release it in November. I'm personally not overly interested in postapoc and TW3 would be my GOTY but objectively I could see FO4 dethrone TW3 if it comes out this year.
    Except for that, yeah, no contest. There'd have to be a huge surprise release out of the leftest of fields to touch TW3.
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    News Comments > Steam Top 10
    4. Re: Steam Top 10 May 24, 2015, 19:23 CJ_Parker
    Techie714 © wrote on May 24, 2015, 14:23:
    *Side note if you have not seen the Pillars Documentary yet it's REALLY interesting & good. Those guys poured their hearts & souls into that game.

    Oh yeah? Well, I wish they would have poured more ACTUAL WORK in it, too!
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    News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
    8. Re: Sunday Tech Bits May 24, 2015, 19:19 CJ_Parker
    If you look at AMD's latest financial reports you can see that they can afford about four more quarters of similar failure before they run out of their "cash and equivalents" reserves (running out of cash = insolvency).

    They have already slashed costs like mad and sold a bunch of assets so there is probably little room for generating cash outside of extreme measures like selling the entire GPU business unit ("ATI").
    So the only thing I'm surprised about here is that the analysts are giving AMD such a generous lifespan still. Personally I would say that unless they manage to very significantly raise their income, they will be gone by the end of next year.

    They either need Zen, their 14nm GPUs (early next year) or any product of their mobile divisions to become a smashing success or it's game over.
    It's seriously not looking good for AMD. With the already heavy cuts in R&D there is only so much they can do. It seems very unlikely that they will pull a magic winner product out of any of their hats any time soon. They definitely need another Athlon or it's bye-bye time.
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    News Comments > Game Reviews
    17. Re: Game Reviews May 23, 2015, 21:06 CJ_Parker
    Cutter wrote on May 23, 2015, 20:52:
    The one thing that's unforgivable however, and driving me fucking insane is the goddamned lack of camera controls. Seriously, there are points I've wanted to punch my monitor. I'd just love to know which no-talent-assclown thought that was a good idea. And no, I don't give a fuck if they had to do that for consoles because there's no reason for it on the PC. None. Whoever they are, bar them from ever making another PC game ever.

    ^ Bjjjuuuuuuttttiiiiiiifuuuullll

    Seriously. CD Projekt should frame this and after nailing it onto said no-talent-assclown's balls, nail it (with the dead balls dangling) to their front door so every morning they go to work they are reminded of not doing retarded shit like that.
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    News Comments > Evening Consolidation
    1. Re: The Witcher 3: bug corrupting saves on Xbox One to be addressed “as soon as possible.” May 22, 2015, 17:13 CJ_Parker
    Save game corruption? BwAaahahahahaaaa... and justice be done! Take that, console plebeians, for fucking up our graphics!!!  
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    News Comments > CDPR on Witcher 3 Graphics Downgrades
    64. Re: CDPR on Witcher 3 Graphics Downgrades May 21, 2015, 22:27 CJ_Parker
    Slick wrote on May 21, 2015, 19:06:
    and yes, EA currently makes the best FPS game on the market

    Dude? And you called *me* the biggest troll on this site? Seriously? WTF???
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    News Comments > CDPR on Witcher 3 Graphics Downgrades
    55. Re: CDPR on Witcher 3 Graphics Downgrades May 21, 2015, 16:43 CJ_Parker
    Slick wrote on May 21, 2015, 16:21:
    Great, so the only one on my side is the board's biggest troll ;P

    HAHAHA ROTFL ... thanks for the promotion but I'd say I'm still only second tier (at best, well, or worst depending on one's POV on trolling) behind Cutter et al!

    Agree with your assessment. The hypocrisy is ridiculous. CDP, Rockstar, Valve, Blizz and most indie devs can do whatever the fuck they want but EA or Ubi are the devil incarnate for the exact same offense.
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    News Comments > CDPR on Witcher 3 Graphics Downgrades
    52. Re: CDPR on Witcher 3 Graphics Downgrades May 21, 2015, 15:36 CJ_Parker
    Slick wrote on May 21, 2015, 12:16:
    what short memories you apologists have.

    "we're purposefully not showing PC footage, it just looks too good. Don't worry, the game on ultra will BLOW YOU AWAY."

    gameplay showing ultra being more or less identical to PS4

    they lied, and moreover, they lied up to the launch date, trying to squeeze more sales in. they purposefully didn't show off PC gameplay, because it was TOO GOOD. not my words, this is what they were saying a week before launch.

    it's fucking disgusting. and the fact that this, like all gaming forums is littered with people apologising for this behaviour is nothing short of ridiculous. BAIT AND SWITCH.

    It's hilarious that I was called an apologist with simcity (for being a fun game) but it was always-online, therefore i was a shill. even though the online DRM was WELL known for months ahead of launch. but CDPR pull this shit as a launch day surprise for all you pre-orders! and the whole internet explodes in apologies.

    What did you expect? It's the same crowd that gets screwed in the behind by Rockstar and then still lines up for GTA V preorders like the little sheep that they are. They are too addicted to their precious games to make a stand for once or give a game a pass or call out a developer/publisher for their lies. Can't have any of that.

    Yes, it's disgusting but what can ya do? People eating at McDonald's is disgusting for a large number of reasons (not just the disgusting food per se), too, but people will never change.
    Munch. Munch. Swallow. Swallow. Consume. Consume. Buuuurp. Wipe mouth. Rinse. Repeat.
    And fuck any kind of negative implications detracting from the consumerist experience of overindulgence. It's all way too yummy to activate one's brain for once.
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    News Comments > Torment: Tides of Numenera Trailer
    10. Re: Torment: Tides of Numenera Trailer May 21, 2015, 15:19 CJ_Parker
    Uuuuggghhh that looks very bland and sterile. Where the fuck is the detail in the environments and the world? Very disappointing looking compared to the now 16 years old PST which had extremely detailed characters and backgrounds. Maybe not as high res but still just more detailed and fleshed out in general.

    But this is making me wonder: Why the fuck did I pledge for this low quality crap?
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    News Comments > More NVIDIA Gameworks Controversy
    45. Re: More NVIDIA Gameworks Controversy May 19, 2015, 18:46 CJ_Parker
    bhcompy wrote on May 19, 2015, 18:34:
    CJ_Parker wrote on May 19, 2015, 18:04:
    Icewind wrote on May 19, 2015, 17:54:
    whenever a game adds an install of Physx during its launching routine
    I have always believed that nvidia does this knowing it screws up some AMD systems.

    So let me get this straight... you effectively believe that nVidia are the ones writing the setup routines for many games since they apparently have the magical sabotaging power to smuggle PhysX on AMD users' systems?

    BWWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA aaaaaahhhhh *wipes tears of laughter from cheeks* oh man that was a good one.

    Honestly, bro, are you retarded?

    More like nV bought PhysX and closed it up, and then provides awful software to emulate what nV cards provide in hardware(which they don't license to competitors). Similar to what Creative has done since EAX came out 15-20 years ago and ruined PC audio.

    No matter how you slice or dice it, it is still the fookin' GAME DEVELOPER'S incompetence at fault for either poor implementation or a poor choice of their physics engine (or both).
    To blame nVidia for sabotaging AMD systems by secretly smuggling PhysX onto AMD systems via setup routines that have not even been written by nVidia in the first place is a little... no, VERY dumb.
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