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News Comments > Morning Interviews
4. Re: Morning Interviews Jul 29, 2014, 19:45 Numinar
eRe4s3r wrote on Jul 29, 2014, 08:53:
I hope it doesn't look like anything, since it's called BEYOND EARTH and plays on a world beyond earth, no?

To suggest Australia will ever get a space program or unite with pacific-rim nations is quite humorous though. I am sure even Australians would laugh at THAT projection.

Highly unlikely, but it's Sci Fi!

Especially since population is a bit hamstrung by xenophobia and a lack of water/arable land.

There is no reason a stable, safe continent nation landmass of that size with enough immigration, cannot climb up a weight class or two though like how you Yanks did it. NZ is in one of our founding documents, they were just smart enough to never sign on. We also have a history of semi-colonization of New Guinea and have had peace keepers/police forces in several of the islands so there is a bit of precedent. GDP is approaching that of countries with real Space Programs, but others take our Satellites up so cheaply voters do not think it's worth the tax dollars to have our own.

I think the story behind the Australian Syndicate from that Bullfrog classic is still the best though.
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News Comments > Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion New Frontiers Edition
10. Re: Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion New Frontiers Edition Jul 25, 2014, 16:01 Numinar
OG SOS is one of my favorite games ever! (Circa 2008 or so) Couldn't get into Rebellion, seems better but such a noisey, busy game that I cannot be bothered with it given it only has skirmish/MP. Anyone want to comp stomp noob thrash it in style let me know, I am up for it!  
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News Comments > On Sale
1. Re: On Sale Jul 22, 2014, 03:22 Numinar
Do you even Kerbal brah? Now is the time to start!  
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
3. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Jul 17, 2014, 05:08 Numinar
Noriega you tool! Now where is my copy of Janes AH-64D Longbow... really feel like a cruise down to panama city with a full load of Hellfires.

It's been a while since I felt good about a military intervention.
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News Comments > Steamships Ahoy - Magic 2015 Duels of the Planeswalkers
3. Re: Future of PC Magic Jul 17, 2014, 04:49 Numinar
Taliseian wrote on Jul 16, 2014, 16:06:
The series is sounding better each iteration...

...but I'm honestly wanting to see a more RPG style game like the Microprose Duels of the Planeswalkers.

Maybe once they get all the pieces in place, that will be the next step.

Like all good Microprose properties, this property is best given back to Sid and his mates at Firaxis.

Holy shit, Civ V engine running a MtG strategy game? It would be like Master of Magic but not 20 years old!

Come on Wizards of the Coast, get it done!
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
8. Re: Morning Consolidation Jul 17, 2014, 03:57 Numinar
Apparently 4 Story missions as opposed to the 1 we got.

I imagine this starts us at the beginning of the game, with missions set before and maybe a little after the mission in the Alpha. Good stuff, but not so replayable unless they have that same difficulty slider the Strike had last time.

4 MP maps total as well, so 2 more if they re-use the alpha stuff.

Not too annoyed about it being a slightly bigger Alpha, as that was an unexpected surprise and it is what sold me on the game.

Good thing that Kerbal update is out soon, that will keep me busy till the final game.

I caught the tail end of the IGN stream as well, and the Bungie CM said the beta will evolve and have "Surprises". So who knows what else is hiding in that 12.4 GB of AAA preview.

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News Comments > GRID Autosport Boost Pack Released, Because "It Sells"
16. Re: GRID Autosport Boost Pack Released, Because Jul 17, 2014, 03:35 Numinar
Cheats and boosts are fine. Go for it.

As long as they in no way influence the progression or difficulty of the main game.

The most recent Forza is apparently guilty of this, which is an absolute tragedy. All F2P games are based on this which is probably ok as you know that going in (It's refreshingly absent from Dota 2).

If you compromise on your base design to support this, you are not making a game as fun as it can be for whatever budget you have anymore, you are tweaking for profit.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
6. Re: Morning Consolidation Jul 16, 2014, 18:48 Numinar
This game looks terrible in all these previews, especially some of these marketing fluff pieces. Gross.

But Alpha impressions then my own time with it got me to pre-order! Cannot wait! PSN let me grab all 12.4 GB already!

Looks like the Beta is just the same content as the Alpha though, so probably wont dedicate my life to it like last time.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 4 Survey
17. Re: Mass Effect 4 Survey Jul 15, 2014, 15:45 Numinar
The ending in ME3 was as disappointing as what it ripped off, the end of the Foundation series by Asimov.

I like how Halo did it, unoriginal maybe but at least some of that literature made it into the game instead of dudebro space marine vs space nazis or whatever the current template is.

So, what I want... hmmm... the narrative from Star Control 2 interpreted by Mass Effect. Dozens of homeworlds, mildly branching storyline with the freedom to approach out of order in most cases and not at all in others, a crew of hundreds in an up-gradable ship.

Will have to rewrite it so Shepard does all the diplomacy face to face/at space shotgun point instead of with videoscreens and 2d space combat though.

Would be awesome. Alien design and sex with blue alien lady sequence was way better than the daytime soap action Shepard gets up to as well.

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News Comments > Battlefield 4 Battlefest
6. Re: Battlefield 4 Battlefest Jul 10, 2014, 07:57 Numinar
Trying to take the wind out of the Destiny Beta's sails methinks? Good luck!  
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News Comments > Dead Island 2 Collector's Edition Survey
6. Re: Dead Island 2 Collector's Edition Survey Jul 10, 2014, 06:12 Numinar
Beer Cooler guys, get it together. This is one of those many choices, only one real candidate ballots.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
11. Re: Out of the Blue Jul 8, 2014, 13:45 Numinar
I play Payday mostly in PUGS, because my friends already have crews or don't play often enough.

One of the few games that this works for, although I can go for hours without a decent payday I always have fun trying. Monaco is the other game that crap teammates are also not the end of the world for. The incompetence and unpredictability of strangers works into the whole heist movie/dynamic gameplay vibe (And sometimes you will get matched with tripple prestige gods who will show you how it's done/earn you a million bucks and a few levels XP from a single mission).

I think I spent the first 10 hours watching the street, running bags and hiding bodies for better players. Never stopped being satisfying though. Game has barely enough geometry to keep a linear shooter going for an hour, but no map ever plays the same way twice with rooms, vaults, cameras, patrols, loot all randomized.

Anyone who thinks this is L4D is kind of right, for the gunfight missions/when things go bad. Most missions allow for full, or benefit from partial, stealth and planning. The turkey shoot happens as a form of punishment, to slow you down and stop you from winning.

Someone will invariably fuck up a stealth mission and it's hilarious, but it feels like a really good anti-SWAT4 procedural. When you do play with friends, trying to come to a consensus on what risks to take when you are half dead, out of ammo and under fire is brilliant, as is on the spot planning for a series of guards, cameras and security room positions you were not expecting.

This is up there with Gears of War 2 Horde and OFP/ARMA123 as my favorite co-op game ever. I recommend without reservation.

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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
1. Re: Sunday Consolidation Jul 6, 2014, 12:39 Numinar
Oooooh... was worried they had thrown Kieth "The Arbiter" David under the bus after Halo 3...

Such a cool character. Commits genocide on billions of humans then becomes our greatest ally helping save us from the edge of extinction.
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News Comments > Saturday Safety Dance
16. Re: Saturday Safety Dance Jul 6, 2014, 11:12 Numinar
I love that every minute I spend reading about TOR or lurking on wingnut conspiracy websites is wasting American dollars.

Nothing against you guys, cultural output is second to none. Love it. But as the dominant economy on the planet I need to do my bit to bring you down a peg!

UED, UFO, ISIS, Don't tread on me! etc.

There. Gotta keep 'em busy!
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News Comments > Divinity: Original Sin Sells Like the Devil
39. Re: Divinity: Original Sin Sells Like the Devil Jul 6, 2014, 07:51 Numinar
Big thumbs up from me. As with most games I comment on, probably because I don't buy the crappy ones.

The world isn't as interesting to me as those old Forgotten Realms ones were, but the combat is if anything MORE traditional DnD with initiative based sequential order than the infinity games were. Really feels like a PnP game with the discussions about strategy, move by move. So good.

Cannot play single player after many hours in co-op, but it might still be good if you haven't tasted the collaborative mode (And maybe easier!). Been stuck many times until managing to solve a puzzle for certain gear or worked out a new way to approach an encounter using certain counters/order of battle/environmental elements to defeat mobs that seem impossible at first.

Feels a little linear, as in, go anwhere you want but get your ass handed to you if you have not levels/attuned right. Most fights feel like a boss fight which is a-ok with me.

Of course, full understanding of the character creation, skill system, enemy types and available party members that will exist throughout the game will probably allow for optimum builds but for now I am really enjoying the challenge and ignorance of working it out for ourselves with the hand we were dealt. (Under-specialised at character creation I think, which should alleviate itself as we level). As it is one cool sword or spell changes everything and it's really hard to log out of once you get momentum.

Stayed up till 3.30am doing co-op last night, good stuff!
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News Comments > Underworld Ascension Announced
8. Re: Underworld Ascension Announced Jul 1, 2014, 10:58 Numinar
Yeah. Not much too it yet, might get active on those forums!

Such an amazing title. Never really worked out the sequel though.

Could really see something with combat mechanics like chivalry or better thought out Dead Island doing this justice. Co-op would be nice as well.

I've got a bit of hope for Hellraid but I doubt that will have much in the way of exploration/utility magic/conversation trees/sense of wonderment.
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News Comments > Planetary Annihilation Early Access Spotted at Retail
4. Re: Planetary Annihilation Early Access Spotted at Retail Jun 30, 2014, 10:05 Numinar
Who cares if they sold it for 1 million?

No need to protect consumers who cannot do a simple cost benefit on an EA title.

I payed steam sale price for this at Xmas... seems alright. It's no TA/Supcom yet though (And maybe never). But they can sell it for whatever they want as long as they let everyone know it's a WIP.

I bet they got a small number of enthusiastic community testers as well, much better than a horde of impatient demanding backseat designers.

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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
1. Re: Saturday Consolidation Jun 29, 2014, 08:52 Numinar
Good to know the voicework was not final, The Dink didn't bother me but that MP announcer was placeholder levels of bad.  
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
8. Re: Morning Consolidation Jun 27, 2014, 09:04 Numinar
Ok, 40 is not plenty, that would make even me vomit... but 60 vertical for 16/9 is fine for people who don't sit 1m away from a monster telle. Stuff still ships with less then this?

Only examples I can think of are PS3 ports desperate to get a playable frame rate in comparison to their 360 version.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
6. Re: Morning Consolidation Jun 27, 2014, 04:00 Numinar
xXBatmanXx wrote on Jun 26, 2014, 18:24:
I just don't understand why consoles on a 60inch TV still have a FOV of 40. Can someone please explain this to me? Is it because they suck at processing and can't do 90 FOV?

The argument of sitting on the couch bla bla bla not near it bla bla bla doesn't fly. TVs are now far to large to accept that answer.

Because that is plenty for a 60" several meters away.

But agreed, they will get bigger, some people sit closer, and if it is a cross platform game they need to design it so that it works at up to 110. I do so balance issues though with wider FOV, so maybe locking it in isn't all bad.

Problem I've found in FPS is that it is trivial to increase FOV, but all your first person animations will be fucked up, bad, unless designed for it. That work is expensive, especially if the feedback doesn't come in till beta, it's just not going to happen. Dev's need to plan for it from the start.
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