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News Comments > ImpulseTV Launched
5. Re: Game Reviews Feb 18, 2010, 17:34 BurntSoul

They are pulling from anything they sell inside the Impulse client; some of it is - of course - from Stardock. It looks like they have 32 previews coming up, and 8 are up right now. Examples of what's reviewing now: Star Trek Online, Gratuitous Space Battles, Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity, Spectromancer. Stuff in the future: Dragon Age: Origins, Command and Conquer 4, Mass Effect 2, Mirror's Edge.

It only makes sense that they will make reviews on products they are marketing through their client. The reviews are about 5 minutes in length. Remember this is ImpulseTV so you won't hear negative reviews at all, but at least you'll be able to see how the game looks, feels and plays - skewed opinions aside.

I don't think it's a bad thing they've done. Stardock/Impulse should do what it can with services like these to make for a better experience and draw sales.
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News Comments > On Ubisoft's Online DRM
27. Re: On Ubisoft's Online DRM Feb 17, 2010, 22:19 BurntSoul
The reason refunds aren't offered on PC games is simply greed not a technical limitation of DRM.

It has to be something specific along with greed - otherwise we'd also see the same for consoles.

Not allowing for a refund (please, just give me a day to see if I like it) and opening a crappy game just trains the consumer to wait until the price goes down.
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News Comments > On Ubisoft's Online DRM
19. Re: On Ubisoft's Online DRM Feb 17, 2010, 21:25 BurntSoul
With this kind of DRM, it will most certainly be cracked and pirated.

Well yes I entirely believe you are correct. What I was hinting at was since the DRM is so bad, no sales would be made and in turn Ubisoft would just switch off PC development entirely.

but like LMN8R said, Ubisoft will still try to sell to the PC market with crap DRM like this, and the effect will be that people will not buy their games - or they will pirate the hell out of it.

...Which gives Ubisoft the right to come out and say in a press release, "our sales were only X for our super awesome game, but could have been X*5billion. Unfortunately, that's because of all that massive pirating that happened", argument.

and so it goes, around and around.

Question for everyone: Do you think there will ever be a PC game (digital or boxed), that will have such GREAT DRM that I'll actually be able to get my money back if I don't like it - like I can with those pirate-proof console games? Yes, I'm being sarcastic here...

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News Comments > On Ubisoft's Online DRM
11. Re: On Ubisoft's Online DRM Feb 17, 2010, 21:00 BurntSoul
The conspiracy that this is a deliberate move to drive people to consoles is stupid. If they wanted people to only buy games on consoles, they wouldn't be making a PC version.

Conspiracy or no, they are doing a fantastic job of destroying their PC player base, aren't they? Yes, they really do embrace their customers...
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News Comments > On Ubisoft's Online DRM
9. Re: On Ubisoft's Online DRM Feb 17, 2010, 20:49 BurntSoul

I will not be buying these games, but I highly doubt anyone will be pirating them either, for a very long time.

With this kind of DRM, people won't be pirating these games because no one will be buying them.

Apparently, Ubisoft is driving home the fact that they want everyone to buy the console version.

If people don't make the switch to consoles, the next PC DRM Ubisoft implements will be a thug that watches you play your game: Not connected to the Internet? He hits you in the face with a sack of nickels.
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News Comments > Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Patch and DLC
3. Re: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Patch and DLC Jan 27, 2010, 10:04 BurntSoul

Is that Arma or Arma II? I'm curious because I was interested in picking up either one of those titles, now that I know Operation Flashpoint is too far gone.
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News Comments > Company of Heroes Soundtracks Free
4. Re: Company of Heroes Soundtracks Free Jan 22, 2010, 09:52 BurntSoul

Check this out. Not really free to download, but at least free to listen:

Game Music Jukebox
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News Comments > No MW2 Dedicated Server
77. Re: No MW2 Dedicated Server Oct 18, 2009, 19:53 BurntSoul
As of 7:53PM EST (US), the petition list on is now over 36,000

This comment was edited on Oct 18, 2009, 19:54.
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News Comments > Empire: Total War Patched
3. Re: Empire: Total War Patched Sep 22, 2009, 16:16 BurntSoul
Here, read this:

Hi everyone, please find below the features for the forthcoming 1.4 update to Empire: Total War.

The focus for the update has been AI, both campaign and battle along with improvements to sieges and the naval rebalancing. A lot of work has been put into the campaign and diplomacy AI, focusing on how it wages war, makes alliances and peace as well as use of naval invasions. Battle side improvements have been made to most areas of the AI with the focus on the siege AI which has had major changes made to it. Sieges have also had a lot of work done on them with a lot of bugs fixed, improvements made to pathfinding and how guns and troops on walls work.

Below is a list of some of the fixes that will be in 1.4:

- Fix for auto unlimbering causing the attack order to terminate prematurely resulting in an inability to stop the unit from firing.
- Fix for troops on fort walls not using fort gun range when judging when to fire on enemy troops.
- Fix for fort guns using wrong targeting formula.
- Fixes to fort pathfinding and use of ropes.
- Multiplayer soft lock fixes.
- Fix crash in quotes table.
- Improved AI diplomacy.
- Cumulative updates to improve AI invasion behaviour.
- Added tooltips for alliance button in diplomacy.
- Bug fixes and improvements to AI counter offers.
- Improvements to AI diplomatic valuation of military access and alliances.
- Fix for wind sounds not working in naval battles
- Fixed ship wakes not always working.
- Fixed disembarking subsets of armies and agents from navies.
- Fixed potential crash disembarking agents from navies.
- Fixed armies not being booted out of regions when losing military access gained by joining an ally in war.
- Improved AI diplomacy valuation of technologies.
- Fix for bug where general’s unit for an upper class rebellion was coming from the region owning faction rather than the faction rebelling, even if a suitable unit was available - eg, Cherokee owning a region that rebels to American Rebels, the general’s unit was a Native American chief.
- Fixed reinforcements from unreachable positions.
- Fixed bug preventing disembarking.
- Balance of power fix for attack of opportunity.
- Fixed bug that was causing issues with embarking an army containing multiple characters.
- Minor tweak to stop some ship sails endlessly play furling sound.
- Fixed path blocked bug.
- Diplomacy counter-offer improvements.
- Fix for fast forward not working as intended on some PCs. Will always speed up if camera is still, if camera moves fast forward will be as fast as possible on each PC.

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News Comments > CEO Bets Hair Victoria 2 is a Loser
24. Re: CEO Bets Hair Victoria 2 is a Loser Aug 23, 2009, 10:46 BurntSoul
Any "leader" that bets against his own team is no leader I'd like to work for, it will be interesting to see the exodus of staff in the near future.
Bad or good idea, a leader should back their team, everytime.

I totally agree on this. You never hear stories of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs crapping on any product/project their companies have made(before or after production). We know they've made some crap in their day...

What the CEO said really sounds like an inside bet he should be making in the privacy of his own company, NOT in a public forum. You know, he's probably great as a CEO - but he honestly needs to hire some PR people to keep his own ass in line.

In any event, the people at the forums are eating it up and do not seem pissed by his remarks. The fans will love him no matter what, and people (non-fans) that heard about this 'incident' will most likely forget it by tomorrow.
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News Comments > Gaming's Retail Decline
15. Re: Gaming's Retail Decline Aug 10, 2009, 19:25 BurntSoul

RANTAGE coming!

Some of this may be wrong (tell me I am wrong, okay please clarify), but hey it looks like it’s right on the money to me. It’s not a perfect essay and things probably in different order than it should, but you’ll get the gist of what I’m talking about.

Console makers use PR marketing to target developers of PC Games, tell them that piracy on consoles is very controlled/not really there, and so sales are easy to quantify. Tell devs that it is cheaper/easier/quicker (lower hardware requirement testing) to make games because it’s only for one homogeneous piece of hardware sold to a wide, captive audience - and that because of this they are guaranteed sales. This info is ‘mostly true’, and is a no brainer for devs. That’s the first strike against the PC gaming market, for in order for these money poor developers to keep a job, they will go where the money is. I don't hold a grudge to them for that.

Console Makers also have (I'm guessing) control over DLC and can charge for it, without the market even making a peep about it. The quicker they get gamers to forget that DLC was originally free (for the most part) on PCs – and the community made awesome mods, the more money they can make with microtransactions, and the more iterations of the game they can sell each year (instead of having one game for the community to actually focus and flourish on for 3 years, they’ll have 3 new games based on the same world over the course of 4 years).

They can make more money with shovelware on the consoles because the market there has a great number of casual gamers who are not as discerning of crap as PC gamers are (or have not woken up to it yet). Why? Because they have not gone through the DRM crap that PC gamers have had deal with. Hell, with a console game, you can get a refund if you don’t like it! Not only that, but there is a huge buy/sell market that has grown for consoles, so you can usually buy something at a discount (this is the one thing the console industry probably DON’T like – if they had a choice they'd put the kybosh on it, unless they could get a piece of that action. Maybe they already do). Console gamers don’t have to think twice. PC Gamers are way more discerning because they will lose that $50 to a crap game. Space Siege anyone? Don’t even tell me the publishers really thought the game was awesome enough/ready to ship. It was a rip off and they knew it when they pushed it to market. Just go and take a look at the developer reviews and look at Chris Taylor + GPG’S faces while they talk about their ‘baby’. Hey I like GPG and Chris Taylor's previous stuff, but this is nuts. Here’s the corporate push, go with the ‘morals angle’ and put a smile on your face. Yeah, push the whole thing about moral dilemmas between being a cyborg and losing your humanity - a major component of the story of the game – but it’s more of an action game than RPG game, so who gives a flying shit? Don’t push us console crap on PCs - we’ll reject it, idiots. Sega blows monkey balls!

PC Gamers mostly stopped buying the product after 2 weeks, yet they still sold that crap for a year (at least) at full price. At that point they probably didn’t tell devs to devote any time to patches or DLC or the multiplayer component that could have made the game better and last longer. And they ignored their community. No real mod tools either. They could have turned it around just a little bit, but instead they destroyed the ‘Siege’ universe in one fell swoop for quick cash in and out.

This case is just one out of (probably) 20-25 major gaming lines in the PC vector.

Console makers buy more space on the stores, squeezing out PC game aisles.

Console makers can leverage their products with the myths that tons of sales are going out the window in the PC market because of all the ‘rampant piracy’, but consoles are ‘free’ of this. Hence initial justification to have DRM and all its kind on PC games, so as to make PC Gaming market less appealing and have tighter control of the direction of PC Gaming market.

Retailers can use this line of reasoning as well, so they put down the ‘law’ that you cannot get your money back on a PC Game if you don’t like it, because odds are, if you want your money back on a PC Game, to them you’ve either played it through already or you’ve copied it. Holy shit, I can get my money back on half-eaten food, and not for a PC Game (bad example, I know)? Great way to make money! Wage war on your buyers…

…and you know what they say about prophesies. If you tell enough people, whether it’s a lie or not, prophesies will come true because people will just accept it as true.

Let the media keep pumping out sensationalist, skewed crap about the PC industry going down the tubes and the big wigs will think its true, changing their business strategy likewise.
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News Comments > Dawn of War II Beta Update Plans
2. Re: Dawn of War II Beta Update Plans Jul 9, 2009, 14:58 BurntSoul

The 1.42 beta patch has been recently implemented on Steam.
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News Comments > Demigod Patch & Demo Plans
4. Re: Demigod Patch & Demo Plans Jun 13, 2009, 07:31 BurntSoul
They patch this game so often the community is asking them to stop on the forums because it often breaks as much it helps.

Yeah, but I do believe that should be over now. The mad scramble for the updates over the course of the first 1-2 months was mainly because of the multiplayer connectivity issues.
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News Comments > Demigod Patched
3. Re: Demigod Patched Jun 2, 2009, 20:39 BurntSoul
I don't know, Dades. I just connected to a 3vs3 in about 7 seconds, which has never happened to me. Something must be going right with this particular patch...  
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News Comments > Demigod Demo & DLC Plans
29. Re: Demigod Demo & DLC Plans May 20, 2009, 15:24 BurntSoul

I'm looking for YannaSilv in the name directory because I want to check out the post. Is the username spelt correctly, because I cannot find him/her? Which post was it for? Send the link.

And if it's not in the forums, is there anyplace I can see that developer chat? Just curious...

This comment was edited on May 20, 2009, 15:28.
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News Comments > Demigod Demo & DLC Plans
25. Re: Demigod-Demo May 19, 2009, 19:40 BurntSoul
Hopefully the demo will play well for those looking into the game. I'm sure people will enjoy it. DemiGod is quite interesting. I'm not sure for those that have played DotA before it, but it's worth a shot. I'm assuming the majority of DotA folks will probably say no go because they wouldn't want to fracture their playerbase. However, I'm glad I have it. It's got depth but matches don't take too long. It's a total team game experience. The AI is very forgiving for newcomers and a nice way to learn the game quickly; once you've gone through them a few times it's readily apparent you'll want to sink your teeth into human opponents.  
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News Comments > Demigod Demo & DLC Plans
24. Re: Demigod-We need perspective, folks May 19, 2009, 19:28 BurntSoul

these stupid fucks got what they deserved. if you haven't done something before and you don't release a demo, you're going to get fucked on release day.

hubris man, thats a common downfall. they think they're so great that all the testing they need is some private test with some nerds. think again.

Dude, why so negative? You almost sound like someone who is jealous as well. What gives?

Not only that, but to shit on a company that has been totally honest about their issues up front. I mean really.

Well, I guess it's your own personal right to be 'pissed' at them for not having a pristine product on release (um, does anyone?).

Please, let's put things in perspective. It's been the first 30 days and they haven't quit on the users. Read that line again...

Not something EA or Ubisoft would characteristically do, right?

Not only that, but being honest with the player base? Actively asking for input for additions for DLC?

I've seen games that come out, zero communication with the community - ever. Then the Patch (singular) would come out Waaaaaay later than it should have, which adds fluff and no fixes. That breaks another part of the game. And then when the game tanks, they blame it on piracy for the low numbers and then make a plan to focus their efforts just on consoles from that point forward.

What Stardock is doing with DemiGod right now = Breath of Fresh Air, brotha'.

But there must be something that really got you upset about DemiGod. Please tell us, what would it be?

Or are you just a Troll?

Oh, and you can call me a bleeding heart fanboy if you like, I'm not ashamed by the way. Call me names as well - since I'm not going to reply to your rant. I purchased DemiGod and I am satisfied - my connection is good, it's $10 cheaper than other titles and the developers are active and I know I'm going to get more from the title soon.
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News Comments > Spaceships Ahoy - Tomorrow War
2. Re: Spaceships Ahoy - Tomorrow War May 6, 2009, 11:10 BurntSoul
What a bummer! This game is like $29.99 on Gamersgate, which, after seeing the screens grabbed my interest. For about 5 seconds after I started reading the forums.

Check out this link to users with bugs/issues for this game in their forums:

hmmm, let me weigh the options: fight the bugs in the game or fight the furballs in the game? Looks like I'll be fighting the bugs first.

There's no way I'm going to chance losing money on a game with so many whacked out bugs upon release. Especially since you know you cannot get your money back for a refund. I will wait and see until further notice.

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News Comments > Demigod Updates
10. Re: Demigod Updates Apr 25, 2009, 13:03 BurntSoul
Yup. The only reason why it may take longer is because I'm waiting for someone else to authenticate with everyone while I'm in the match lobby.

After my previous post, I connected to a 4vs4 game. Took me 30 seconds to get into the lobby. The last person was trying to get into the lobby and it took like 2-3 minutes for him. 2 people quit at the end, but I don't think anyone dropped. I think they left because they were on the losing team and getting crushed(rage quitters!).
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News Comments > Demigod Updates
8. Re: Demigod Updates Apr 25, 2009, 10:05 BurntSoul
It takes me about half an hour to actually get a game going.

Just so others know, it takes me about 2 minutes to get a game going. I have a Netgear router + NAT. Yes there are still issues for others, but this puts things into perspective. Issues are getting resolved almost daily and I feel safe and confident by this fact. The lead is making everything known to everyone - he is demonstrably open and honest and fixes are moving along at a noticeable pace. No one is sitting on a patch and things that need to be patched are being done in a logical manner (i.e. just the stuff that needs to be focused on, no fluff).

In short, we are getting daily/every other day updates. Understand that when that happens, not everything is fully regression tested so it makes sense that sometimes they'll have to roll a patch back. I'm all for it as long as they keep it up!

This comment was edited on Apr 25, 2009, 10:07.
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