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News Comments > Oblivion Downloads
66. Cost of downloads and other stuff... Apr 5, 2006, 15:04 BurntSoul
My opinion on the downloads:

If this is the way they want to handle it, so be it. The people will make the final decision. The people with consoles really don't have much of a choice do they (if they do, someone tell me - 'cause I have no idea)? So if it's a little mod for $1.99 like horse armor - whatever, no biggee. It is nice that the 360 community should have something to choose from in the future. Anyway, lot's of people will think $2 sucks for a price. Some people may want to show off their horse 'cause they like the Role-playing style more than others - and because it's an 'official mod'. Fine by me.

I think some people like mods that are 'official' because that may mean (to the buyer) the mod is (hopefully) tested and will be a high quality piece of work as opposed to community made quality. If they want to live a sheltered life, that's fine - it's not my $$$! Now, if you get 3 new areas with 10 quests, some new weapons and some new spells, how much would you pay then? $5.99? $9.99? If it got great reviews, would you spend the cash? That's probably as high as I'd buy for an 'official' online mod.

NeverWinter Nights (Bioware) did it, and I believe they are successful because the mods they created were definitely high quality work. However, I will admit their modules are selling cheaper and play much longer than a $2 horse armor mod...

I think Bethesda is looking for extra $$$ with these smallish mods mainly from the 360 console community, because they know that the PC community could whip this stuff up for free in a few hours. Seriously. I mean, there are PC mods already out for the game and it's been only 2 weeks...

...So they are following the business model that Bioware have created. Okay. We get it.

Now, understand that the (PC) Bioware community have made FAR more mods and modules than Bioware (NeverWinter Nights) could ever possibly imagine when they first created the game!!

That said, Bioware has proven that it can sell expansion packs and single modules alongside the huge, free community offering.

The free stuff isn't going away people. It's just going to sit along side the pay stuff. Bethesda gave the PC community the tools to do what they want. I do not believe they will pull the rug out from their client base to force people to buy only their mods...

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News Comments > Oblivion Downloads
63. Re: No subject Apr 5, 2006, 14:31 BurntSoul
On the other hand, I would need to buy or build an Alienware level PC to play Oblivion at the same level as my $400 xbox 360. And even then, I'd still get crashes and hardware compatibility issues. That extra $10 sure seems small compared to the extra $1500+ I'd have to spend on the PC hardware.

That's funny, I didn't have to build an Alienware level PC. I didn't spend a penny. My computer is about 2 years old. I also have zero hardware and/or compatibility issues. When I built my machine, I didn't have to spend $1500, either. Not only that, but I'm hitting 30 FPS or higher 'outside' and 50 or higher 'inside' at 1280x960 with most settings on the heavy side. That's plenty playable to me.

It's okay to blast the guy about the $50-$60 thing. I could care less about that. However, don't trash the game, PCs or the guy because you don't know one end of a computer from another.

Dual or Quad SLI... are you on smack?

Why is it people create this bogus information? Lies do not help substantiate your story, my friend.

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News Comments > Star Wars: Empire at War Patch
5. Heh...NOTE! Mar 21, 2006, 20:23 BurntSoul
This patch is having issues big time at the moment in multiplayer...

This comment was edited on Mar 21, 20:23.
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News Comments > No StarForce in NA SpellForce 2
66. Re: HAHA Mar 13, 2006, 21:36 BurntSoul
hehehe good one!

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News Comments > No StarForce in NA SpellForce 2
10. Re: HAHA Mar 13, 2006, 13:37 BurntSoul
Ahhh, MeatFarts - just read your post.

I agree with your view. Makes sense.

PS: I had Taco Bell for lunch today. Looking at your handle makes me queasy...yikes.

This comment was edited on Mar 13, 13:39.
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News Comments > No StarForce in NA SpellForce 2
9. Re: HAHA Mar 13, 2006, 13:34 BurntSoul
Darks: First off, don't think because I posed a different opinion on the matter that I'm attacking you in any way. Chill man, no offense.

Anyway, I in fact haven't read up on the recent crap they've pulled. Another nail in the coffin I guess. I figure something has to give, given the sloppiness of their product.

If they pulled this stunt on Bit Torrent, why didn't the devs/publshers pull out in Europe as well I wonder? Anyone know the answer to that? Just curious...

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News Comments > No StarForce in NA SpellForce 2
6. Re: HAHA Mar 13, 2006, 13:18 BurntSoul
Let's put this into perspective. I wouldn't say that it was StarForce that caused 'strong arm tactics' (unless you have some other info I don't know about?). Rather, I believe it is the community that probably impressed on the developer/publisher that they would experience a loss in product sales if they had it implemented in North America.

Which is to say, that's a good thing! Democracy and Capitalism working together for the right reasons (for once)!

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News Comments > Guild Wars Factions in April
13. Re: I wonder Mar 10, 2006, 20:33 BurntSoul
I've read somewhere that they are going to have 12vs12 PvP battles in Factions. That's not much larger than what they have now for maximum battles. I'd wish to see how a 32vs32 would play out, but unfortunately that's not in the cards at the moment...

Okay - not only that, but a small Guild of players can hook up into an 'alliance' with other guilds in Factions, so you are not going to miss your small group feeling. When you feel like getting more interesting PvP gaming content, you can hook up with your guild alliance cousins. They also mention that the best guild alliance will be a mixture of PvE and PvP players...

I hope that brightens your day!

This comment was edited on Mar 10, 20:39.
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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter PC Delayed Again
4. ugh... Feb 28, 2006, 13:53 BurntSoul
They may have to do this to polish the PC version, who knows. But one thing is certain: UBI knows that if the PC version comes out before the console version, they would have a much more critical and negative bunch of gamers to appease first (even moreso since the GR2 disaster).

Think about it! How long have PC gamers been waiting for the next Ghost Recon? The general PC gamer concensous is: "It had better be good, 'cause after WE put the GR series on the damn map, you pushed us aside in favor of the quick sales of the console market."

Also jaded PC gamers/reviewers will take a game down a notch anyway, as they are usually the ones to speak up. With the consoles, you can always sell to a sucker.

If the consoles were sent to stores after the PC game came out in this scenario, they could lose potential money in the console market based on the (potentially) bad PC game's reception. It's way too risky for them to push the PC game out first. Better to sell the game to the console gaming herd early...

Another clue: Look at Rainbow Six: Lockdown for the PC right now. They totally delayed the game for the PC. It pissed PC gamers off. The game came out and it is getting lack luster reviews throughout the community. They know the strategy they need to take in order to clean up properly. Needless to say, since they didn't cater to the PC community first, the Rainbow Series is probably going to only exist on consoles from this point forward.

To be honest, I think that when GR3 comes out, it will be the last nail in the coffin for UBI publishing these titles to the PC. I don't think that people will say GR3 will be an exceptional game for the PC. I think people will say (now that it's coming out later) that it is just another console port with extra bells n' whistles, or that the game is so far removed from the Original GR that it doesn't hold up to its lineage.

I totally hope I'm wrong.

This comment was edited on Feb 28, 13:58.
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News Comments > Halo 2 for Windows Vista Planned
126. Re: New Paradigm Feb 10, 2006, 19:36 BurntSoul
Maybe instead of Microsoft just saying that Vista is the greatest thing to happen to PC Gaming ... they could tell us exactly *how* it is the greatest thing to happen to PC Gaming.

If they said it, I think the answer would be,

"Well, it's obvious isn't it? It's the greatest thing to happen to PC Gaming because WE are the greatest thing to happen to PC Gaming!! We will control your emotions and what you can play! BUY VISTA!!"

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News Comments > Halo 2 for Windows Vista Planned
125. Re: No subject Feb 10, 2006, 19:33 BurntSoul
Thank you Mr. Lolicon.

...and guess what?

Take a look at the MS (Hearts) PC Gaming news post. Came out after I was done with my 2nd rant. They are now saying they are going to try to clean up the declining PC Games market mess (that they admitedly ignored/created). What are they going to use? Vista...just what I clinched the first rant with.

I read the article's referring link, and it looks like they are going to strike it in two ways: With Vista and with online game downloads. They say that it will mare than double game sales from the current 3.3 billion to an estimated 6.8 billion bucks.

I'm telling ya, they've got control of one end of the market (consoles), and now they are saying they will pull in the other (PC) end which is good, but I'm still worried about how those games will be created/bastardized.

Microsoft has got everyone on a leash and we are the happy, loyal dogs!!

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News Comments > Halo 2 for Windows Vista Planned
119. Re: This disaster all started with Halo. Feb 10, 2006, 14:32 BurntSoul
I'm a computer consultant.

Sure you are ... only consultants don't know nothing about the thing they're talking about

That's fine, you can have your opinion about what a computer consultant knows or doesn't. When I talk about computer games, I am talking as a gamer. It's not a professional opinion.

As I said in the beginning of my rant, I said it was an opinion. That is, some facts and some things I've perceived over time.

Hate to say it ... but there is no difference. It's the SAME industry!!! There are only people, who want to play games on a PC and people who want to play games on a console. And sometimes these people are the same person.

Yes, 'games' is the same industry, consoles and PCs are not. That's what I meant. Sorry I didn't clarify.

Can we admit that PCs and Consoles are 2 different places where you can play a game then?

Can we also admit that marketing fucking sells shit, and more repeated marketing can sell EVEN MORE of the same shit?

Why the hell are people still buying Chia pet plants for heavens sake?

When more advertising goes into one area an not another, the other area can suffer. It can have nothing to do with people per se, only that more people have been exposed one way or the other. Marketing creates popularity. It just so happens that this marketing is affecting the sale of PC gaming titles, because behind the scenes (from what I can see ignited by Microsoft XBOX and Halo) it caused a shift of talent from the PC development community to create more Console games. They fell into a wider audience of consumers. More money for them.

(And console games DO NOT play exactly like PC games. At least the ones I play. More on this later...and the reason why I'm ranting!)

Conversely, if people originally saw more glittery advertising for dedicated PC games on the boob tube for a long enough time, a shift would probably occur that would give developers reason to work on PC titles more often than console games. unfortunately more sales would be made, but not as quickly as console titles. The problem here is that there just isn't as wide an audience, no matter what you do in the PC market. PCs are too expensive. Consoles are the popular choice.

Here's another opinion; I don't want to play a PC game of choice on a console. Why? Is it because I want to spend more money on the hardware? No. It's because when you go to console, a bastardization of the game takes place. The fucking game gets simplified in such a way that the mechanics of the game just feels ridiculous. and no, I'm not talking about playing chess on a PC as opposed to a console. And I'm not talking about arcade games. They can stay on a console. I'm talking about First Person Shooters, Real-time Strategy, MMORPGs, Flight Simulations.

So yes, it's true sometimes the same person likes both. But the people that buy the products alone are not the sole reason for a change in the market. What do you think it is?

1. A huge company does some research and decides it's time to get into consoles.
2. They don't want to lose money on this decision. They do more research. They realize that the guys playing the really intense, realistic games play on the PC. They notice that console gamers are overall younger than PC gamers and the games are very 'arcadey' or 'cartooney' in quality, not too much realism. They also notice that PC gamers, because they are older, have more income to spend.
3. That company says, "shit, if we could tap into that kind of player, there's no way we can lose!". That company could be Sony, it could be Microsoft. From what I could see, Microsoft went the extra step. They knew that Halo as a PC game would kick ass, but they didn't want to make just another PC title because that wouldn't bring in enough revenue over the long term. They also wanted something more than just an arcade game. They knew that if they made Halo for a console, they could entice a wider audience of gamers, while at the same time make the PC gamer think about consoles too.
4. In order to make sure those people come back, they needed to make games that were geared towards an older crowd. Hmmm, where to get those kind of developers....oh yeah! The guys who make PC games!
5. They make an awesome set of tools that these developers could sink their teeth into, as well as made them realize that they could make a wider margin of profit over a PC title any day. Easier tools to work with + less QA as opposed to PC titles = faster development time = more products brought to market= MO MONEY.
6. Because of this formula, PC game devs are now focussing more time on console games, and are now porting shit over to the PC - instead of the other way around.
7. So let's go back to people who like pc games and people who like console games. It's not just the older guys who like the more realistic games. It's the larger, younger crowd that hasn't really played PC games. They don't have a huge income to spend, but now they are getting better graphics with an XBOX. They are getting a taste of what PC gamers have had but are now losing...This crowd is like: "holy shit! This is awesome! We want more!"

Cheaper, easier access to more realistic games. Unfortunately, dumbed-down games.

And this is why there are more people now playing consoles than PC titles, and advertising is continuing in that fashion, starting with the TV ads, then the cable TV stations dedicated to it, followed by the placement of the products in the stores.

So we continue: Halo is temporarily 'stolen' from PC gamers and the XBOX hits the market. Windfall. All developers (PC and console) turn their eyes on the XBOX. Microsoft, knowing full well they can now do whatever they please, announce that Halo will be released for the PC after all, and like one year later it comes out. What the Fuck.

Another opinion: The game feels on the PC like it's a console game. They had to have ported the fucking game from the console to the PC.

Let the downfall of PC games begin!

Fast Forward a bit: Ubi soft announces Ghost Recon 2. Understand that Ghost Recon was initially for PC titles. Same as the Rainbow Six series. Came out before them as well. I believe they announced Ghost Recon 2 for PC and consoles.

So was Ghost Recon 2 sold to the PC market?

Note: Now Ubi is going back to their roots. They also almost snubbed the PC gamers for a Rainbow six title (Lockdown) by NOT advertising the title was for PC for the looooonnngest time. It's still not really advertised for PCs. They only advertised it for consoles, and it's finally coming to market for PCs.

They have finally realized a difference in the feel of a console game over a PC game and supposedly are (so they say) currently tweaking the game. Either that or they were worried they'd lose their cash cow community of PC Gamers who were fucking' pissed off like a crack whore without their - well, crack.

So unfotunately as a primary PC gamer, if I want to play Ghost Recon 2, I am FORCED to buy a game console and use a fucking controller(no, I didn't do this. Are you surprised?).

Bastardization. Wrongness, and something people will truly miss out on if things continue the direction they are going in now.

All because Microsoft wanted to get into the Console Market.

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News Comments > Halo 2 for Windows Vista Planned
113. Re: This disaster all started with Halo. Feb 10, 2006, 00:37 BurntSoul
My slant?

Big company might not care.

Little people left to rot.

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News Comments > Halo 2 for Windows Vista Planned
111. Re: This disaster all started with Halo. Feb 9, 2006, 23:58 BurntSoul
Yes it makes sense. You see, that's the way Microsoft does business so well. They look into the future. They plan their projects way, waaay out, man. Why? Because they want to be around as long as freakin' Coca Cola. That's the thing that kind of scares me, because they have the money (that they did well in making, can't hold them for that, not jealous - got to give 'em props) and the political power to survive. They aren't here to fuck around. They have made and make whole new industries, economies.

I'm a computer consultant. I wouldn't be doing what I love right now if it weren't for DOS and Windows 3.1. I am sometimes flabbergasted when I watch early '80s films or older and I don't see a computer in an office. It's an amazing time we live in.

The bottom line is, MS is a company that makes money. Sometimes larger companies (like big banks) do not comfort the small guy, or they make a decision that wipes a product or service we are comforted by off the face of the planet.

I believe the PC Gaming Industry is currently threatened by the console industry - and is UNABLE to fight back effectively.

I believe if they wanted to, if they had a reason to, Microsoft could stamp out PC gaming. Hell, they make the most popular OS! They won't though, because they know they can capture that market once it's weakened enough...

They have currently swayed the PC gaming interest within a few years very easily, all at a loss until Halo 2 - and it wasn't even the market they were trying to effect!!!

The thing that bothers me is thinking of the day that someone high up doesn't 'get' PC gaming and makes sweeping gestures like this - like a person walking over an ant hill.

This comment was edited on Feb 10, 00:04.
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News Comments > Halo 2 for Windows Vista Planned
107. Re: This disaster all started with Halo. Feb 9, 2006, 23:27 BurntSoul
I'm glad you enjoyed it Dev. We've all been quietly watching this crap like a damn conspiracy theory on the X-Files. It just takes alot longer to come out.
The PC Game thing: Yeah, I understand where you are coming from. There are just some games that will never make it to the console for their sheer complexity, and that the console won't be able to handle. Of course, that could very well change when a console advertises the use of a mouse and keyboard for all of it's titles.
Halo 2/taking a loss thing: Nope didn't know about that specifically, though it makes sense. Hell, pretty soon XBOX Next Gen for free!! Course, the games will be 89.99...

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News Comments > Halo 2 for Windows Vista Planned
103. This disaster all started with Halo... Feb 9, 2006, 23:08 BurntSoul
I've been a lurker at bluesnews for some time now. I scan and usually quickly pass the comment sections because they can be negative at times (uh, what?), but now I've had enough.

I must speak out! Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

This is how I see it. It's a history filled with my opinions of what went down/will go down, so enjoy the story and make clarifications if you need to.

-A flawless marketing strategy-

Microsoft is powerful! It takes money to make money, doesn't it? First Microsoft steals the thunder of the initial PC debut of Halo 1. It was never initially meant for a console, folks. They knew this was a great game in development so they 'bought out' bungie and told them to re-work the damn thing for the XBOX and it's gimpy console controllers. They knew this flagship title would give them a boost to helping them dig their claws into the console market.

This was the keystone to their greatness.

Microsoft is 'good at marketing' their systems and software because they have the money to cram advertising down the throats of the new MTV generation, and the proper authority and power to put the right people in their pockets. Understand that I'm banking MS has many more dollars to spend in their marketing budget as opposed to the other console companies (and for a far longer period of time). Success was built on failures folks. Fail long enough and you will succeed if you can stick it out (I think - correct me if I'm wrong - the XBOX was known to be second to the PS 2 for awhile in sales...yet they are still around. I believe they were also taking a loss on each unit sold? I'm not sure if this is true).

I have to also be honest, in that Microsoft is very good at executing (with sniper-like accuracy) a project bent on overcoming their competition. You have to give 'em that. Of course, we all end up getting a little more bloodier and a little bit less creative results for it.

-The Developer Revolution-

Xbox was new in the console wars, so they had an excellent idea: Let's play 'steal the devs' They focussed on making it really, really worth while for devs to make games for the Xbox. A console won't live if it doesn't have enough good titles to back it up, right? Money and profiting from developing for their console speaks volumes to developers and publishers.

It speaks sooo well, that Microsoft singlehandedly kills the PC gaming market: they entice the devs away from PC developing. Not enough developers out there want to make PC games anymore. Why? The XBOX, with it's gimped (and originally PC centric) Halo 1 game is kicking ass and people are buying buttloads of their consoles. It's lovely, and it makes perfect dollars and cents (and sense) to them. Who wouldn't want a bigger piece of the prize? Not only that, but the development kit they just learned how use is unfortunately much easier to make games with than the stuff they were working with previously.

Hmmm, what else? the consoles are comparitively cheap to a PC of today, which means the XBOX player has more cash to spend on new crappy console games! As we all know, the XBOX/XBOX360 is a cookie cutter box they are making games for. Developers only have to test one configuration with one set of hardware. The PC QA team gets a rest, maybe even gets cut back a little. That adds money back to the developers purse, once again re-enforcing the idea that Console development is good while PC development sucks. No two ways about it, it is NOW the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Thanks to Microsoft and their entrance in the console market.

-"Hey there! For a price, We'll let you sell MS Grandma in the front window. come on down!"-

At the same time all this development revolution shit is going down, the console wars fallout creates an atmosphere in the retail stores that discourage PC titles to be prominently displayed. Microsofts competition has no choice but to follow suit if they are to compete. What am I talking about? Companies like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony bid on where the product (and how much of it) sits in the store. So for every store, money speaks volumes as well.

Remember your past: Long before this particular console war began, PC titles were in the front of a gamestore and allllll the way down the wall. The original console battle was between Nintendo and Sony (I know, there are others; I'm just simplifying the story) and PC titles were their genetically smarter counterparts, ever galloping down its own path. Nintendo and Sony probably had better success in toy stores back in the day.

Now PC titles are at the back wall and are disappearing fast. PC titles look like they are actually in direct competition (on the retail floor anyway) with the damn figurines and DVD movies - WTF? Okay, DVD movies in a computer games store? What's going on? In any event, this atmosphere perpetuates a downward spiral for PC titles sales and an upward spiral for console games.

Where are the independent game dev companies in all of this? Gone and/or leaving fast! Why? They can not compete in this type of advertising; large PC game devs/publishers now have more visible control of the shrinking space in the retail store shelves. So there goes the damn creativity!

-Insane Addiction-

What else? Well, the console gamers aren't as F'ng crazy as the PC market gamers. Yes it's a sweeping statement and it's probably false in a number of cases, but let's be honest. If a PC game is lacking in any way, shape or form, who is more likely to bring that PC game down? Yup, that's the PC gamer.

Picky as all fuckin' get out and we have 500 friends to tell them about it with XFire. I now bequeath us the official title of 'The Jaded Undead Army of PC Game Death'.

We union-ize online; we were a community on the Internet way longer than the console gamers. We know what we want in a game, and we know instantly why a game sucks or is great. We will not stop until that stupid (insert bad game here) game has crickets for gamers left online. We are perfectionists to a fault. We have to be - honestly, because we are stupid enough to spend thousands over the course of years to play a damn bunch of games for Heaven's sake! We spend money on 'tricking' out our computers like classic Car hobbyists!

Let's move on...

-"Fuck the Compass!!!"-

Not specifically focussed on Microsoft here, but relevant nonetheless.

Game publishers are idiot's for money and are obviously the worst at advertising computer games (or manageing game development companies properly...). Microsoft is their wet dream because by moving the developers to the console gaming world, there is (going to be) less of a chance for a bad game to fail...or at least not as fast as a PC game.

Here's an example. It's a completely fictional conversation, but I know we've all thought of it for whatever favorite game we were bitch slapped for buying. I swear a version of this must have gone down between the devs and the publisher before Dungeon Lords for PC was originally released. The publisher is talking here (of course):

"Get that game out the door - I don't care how badly it, screw co-op play (what the fuck is that?) - wait...screw multi-player as well...our PR machine will tell them it will come in "the expansion pack" or something. No, on second thought, you have multi-player in development? Throw it in, it can't hurt...FUCK THE COMPASS!! We need to make sales NOW!"

That's probably %85 reason why PC games don't do well. The rest is lack of funds for further development, a bad rep because a joker in lala land kills someone while holding a copy of Doom 3 and always being behind the ever pushing waves of graphically enhanced technological beautification by video card manufacturers. Every 3 months or so.

Okay, I'm petering out here and you are probably happy for it!

-The Irony: Who's Your Daddy?-

Here's the clincher: Microsoft has a new OS coming. It's Vista, baby. It's going to be crammed down our throats and up our asses with mind numbing, stupendously glittering TV commercials. How are they going to get it to market? By selling point phrases like 'the better gaming experience' at us like they did with XBOX and XBOX 360. After all, all the developers and publishers owe MS a little favor, right? Who's your Daddy?

Microsoft: "Ahh, that was awesome! Now let's have some cake and eat it too. Yes, after we've totally bashed apart the economic make up of the PC gaming industry, let's give the PC community some hope. They'll love us!"

Yeah, Microsoft has our backs, folks. Thank God they will be there to pull us out of this mess. Hey, wait a minute...

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