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News Comments > Saturday Tech Bits
2. Re: Vista price breakdown Sep 2, 2006, 21:16 BurntSoul
I hear ya, man. But like their previous versions, they will eventually make your last version of XP a legacy product like Windows 98, 98 SE and ME is now. The world will also eventually produce more and more games using DirectX 10 which XP can not have - and which you won't be able to play. Unless you only play the 'classics' (2006 or older) or just don't care about it, I think you'll be lucky to be playing any 'modern' (2007 or newer) games on your system after about 2.5-3 years.

However, that is still a good quantity of time. Save a few bucks here and there for a rainy day; who knows, maybe the upgrade price will go down by then...nah, this is MS we are talking about.

PS: You'll probably be stuck with having to upgrade your hardware by then, too. Hey, looks like I'm almost ready to try out Linux! WWEEEEEeeeeee!

This comment was edited on Sep 2, 21:18.
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News Comments > Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn Announcement
10. No subject Aug 25, 2006, 02:49 BurntSoul
The new art kind of looks like the same art from Sacred. Not a bad thing, just an observation.

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News Comments > Team Fortress 2 Movie
86. Re: why does america support a theocracy Jul 19, 2006, 22:49 BurntSoul
Please don't feed the trolls.

Thank you.


Yeah you are right, that was stupid of me. He sucked me in, even after my retort!

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News Comments > Team Fortress 2 Movie
73. Re: why does america support a theocracy Jul 19, 2006, 19:51 BurntSoul
Why do people post non-game related, flame-inspiring messages on a game centric web site?

Answer to both: I don't know.

Personal opinion on former question:
I'm guessing Israel thinks that Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon are trying to hurt them - and Israel is fed up with it.

At the same time, Lebanon doesn't seem to care that Hezbollah terrorsits hang out in their country and carry out attacks against Israel.

Do I think it's right that Israel doesn't care that it is beating up Hezbollah terrorists on non-Israeli soil? Nope.

Do I think that a country should be able to defend it's borders, and attack its enemy before it crosses its borders? Yup.

Is it a confusing and hard subject to dissect properly? Absolutely.

The U.S. knows what's going on and mentions to Israel to cut down on attacks, but is not actively going to butt-in. Why? My guesses are:

1. The U.S. already has it's military in other parts of the World, and getting involved in another clash is probably not in it's best interest.

2. The U.S. will not be drawn out by Iran in a larger war, who backs Hezbollah.

3. Finally, The U.S. knows that its probably pissed off enough countries by now, why piss off even more...

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News Comments > Empire Revealed
17. Re: No subject Jun 23, 2006, 17:34 BurntSoul
So we can say that based on the data found on Orson Scott Card he's actually an Independent? Cool, because I was just going to say that he's just an author that is writing the story for a game - which is a simpler way of saying that starting from the 4th post, THIS THREAD IS OUT OF CONTROL.

WAKE UP and kill the TROLL!
This comment was edited on Jun 23, 17:37.
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News Comments > Empire Revealed
12. Re: No subject Jun 23, 2006, 17:21 BurntSoul
Okay, comon' guys - this is just plain stupid. I'm a Republican, yet I've read his books. They are great! They are fiction. Get over it.

Some of you guys (from both Liberal AND Conservative camps) are getting a little too serious over the storyline that Orson Scott Card is writing for this game. Sheesh.

...and cheap shots/low blows about who's viewpoint is more stupid just exacerbates problems of communication and gets absolutely squat done to resolve them.

Wake up.

PS: Thanks, StreetPreacher - for starting a flame that should never have taken place on this thread.

This comment was edited on Jun 23, 17:24.
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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Map Pack
12. Re: No subject Jun 21, 2006, 16:51 BurntSoul
Well I don't know about anyone else, but the day they make a console to:

1. Surf the Internet.
2. Run mostly all the games I've ever played since 1980 - without having to pay for them all over again.
3. Allow me to print, email, talk via voice chat.
4. Use a Mouse and Keyboard , which would be totally configurable - as OPPOSED to a clunky joystick (which makes for retarded first person shooter games, let's be honest folks).
5. Allow wide changes in video resolution.
6. Upgrade hardware at will without having to hack the box, and at my own pace. Skins? Give me a break.
7. Run other productivity software.
8. I know there is more...

Then I'll buy a console.

This comment was edited on Jun 21, 16:52.
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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Map Pack
6. Re: Is this game any good? Jun 21, 2006, 14:12 BurntSoul

Please ignore con-troll. Why do people always have to be such whiny-assed bitches? There are great things about this game!

on my AMD 3000+/1gig/ATI Radeon X800XT PE (not sli) I get 40-45 FPS at 1280x960. At its worst, it never dips below 30. I can get another 10 frames if I drop to 1024x768. I'm using the stock .ini settings. If you absolutely have to, go to - you'll do just fine.
This comment was edited on Jun 21, 14:15.
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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Map Pack
3. Re: Is this game any good? Jun 21, 2006, 13:48 BurntSoul
This game is great! Again, tough to really compare it to it's origins as so much has changed. However, it already has a decent following and the developers are on top of patches and add-ons, which makes the game get even better. 2 patches and now this map pack/patch (it's both), adds co-op maps, Deathmatch maps, the Deathmatch game type (originally had only co-op and domination gametypes), anti-cheat server protection, new server options and tweaks, general fixes/tweaks, new sounds, weapon kits, AI updates, the official editor, . I believe next month will include more gametypes (team deathmatch, hamburger hill I think) and probably more maps to go with it.
You've decided to look into GR: AW at a great time!

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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter DM Map Plans
5. Re: Nice Jun 17, 2006, 21:58 BurntSoul

First off, sorry that this is one chunk of a paragraph.

Well I think of it as a completely different game for the most part. It feels completely different, yet it allows you to control your team via the map, which is similar. Bad side is, you can only look through your other 'teammates' eyes and tell them where to go and what to do (move, follow, cover, attack, etc.) - you cannot directly control them from a first person view. Also, the game is set in a city. No real open spaces like Ghost Recon. However, the atmosphere is truly acceptable and challenging enough. You are NOT going to be sneaking around, though. The story unfolds on the fly a little better (using vid feeds and sat imagery) in GR3 as opposed to finishing a mission, then just listening the next story from your briefing crew like in GR. Loadout also tends to be really basic, and you don't have detailed information on your teammates (am I confusing this with Rainbow Six Series?). Graphics, physics and sound kick the snot out of anything out there. Multiplayer - though very fun - is currently lacking in some areas but will be rectified soon. Right now it has team-based land grabbing. Excellent and attentive Dev support as well.
This comment was edited on Jun 17, 22:01.
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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter DM Map Plans
2. Re: Nice Jun 17, 2006, 19:48 BurntSoul

Just so you know, the word 'whet' was spelled correctly:

Whet (verb)

1st definition of the word:
To sharpen by rubbing on or with something abrasive (as a whetstone).
2nd definition of the word:
To make keen: Stimulate (whet the appetite).

However, I am very pround to have this game for the PC - it's great!
This comment was edited on Jun 17, 19:50.
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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Patch
2. Re: im sorry but May 24, 2006, 20:44 BurntSoul
Hehehehe, I guess your mileage may vary with this game...

I have an AMD 3000+, an ATI Radeon X800XT PE and 1 gig of ram - and I'm getting 50fps average.

This game is awesome, and the support is phenomenal!

PS: Pvthudson01, you should probably defrag your hard drive and remove the spyware and virii from your machine... that should fix you up good...oh yeah, don't forget a trip to

This comment was edited on May 24, 20:47.
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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Patches
27. Re: No subject May 11, 2006, 20:58 BurntSoul
Are you serious? What good is a game that gets fixed after you've finished it and are done with it?

Ones that may have promise and re-playability with the modding community, building single and multiplayer maps.

Also, I personally slow way down when it comes to playing single player to take in the whole experience. Why should I blast as fast as possible through my leisure time with the game? I'm not racing anyone...

...I do feel your pain when it comes to waiting for patches, but I have a good feeling that the devs are on top of things, given their good head start.

They shouldn't have released it in it's current state imo, I mean unless there's some trick to making the AI work that only the developers know about they consciously shipped a shoddy product.

Well, I think we all know that Devs don't usually have control as to when they ship their product, 'cause when all is said and done, its not entirely their product, is it? They just work there.

In this particular case, I'm not here to defend them.

However, I would rather micromanage semi-intelligent gun posts than have no control at all and watch the game play like a movie. After all, the bots have to make it feel like you are having an effect - or some control - over the environment around you, right? So where's that magic slider to make them feel perfect? I have no idea man. It's nice to dream.

Make them too dumb, the game sucks, Make them too smart - they cheat - which makes them look invincible, not allowing you to get a kill in edgewise. Or they are so smart/dumb they are scripted. In which case the game sucks again.

I don't think that this is a work of shoddyness as it is more to figure out how to create a realistic AI opponent for everyone. ALL games have a certain level of this drawback and it is really relative to the quality of how the gamer plays.

It can be a fun game, at times, but there's just too much grief due to the AI imo. So, overall, thumbs down.

Well whenever I get tired of the single player experience I usually battle some human opponents online. Why don't you give it a shot?

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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Patches
23. Re: Nice game May 11, 2006, 19:33 BurntSoul

Yeah I have an ATI Radeon X800XT PE on 1280x960 and it's really nice.

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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Patches
22. Re: My opinion of GR: AW May 11, 2006, 19:30 BurntSoul
hhehehe! Well said, War!

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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Patches
21. My opinion of GR: AW May 11, 2006, 19:29 BurntSoul
Okay, I feel this game has promise.

Historically speaking: I cannot compare Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior to GR2, because I do not own a console. However, I do like how the game feels from its original Ghost Recon PC perspective and how they worked in the map/camera/drone/team controls. With the exception of no GR2 for the PC, it has thankfully NOT gone down the same path as the PC Rainbow Six (Lockdown) path.

Graphics are nice, though they may scare the medium to low end userbase. It's not an 'Oblivion' though. You can put options low enough to get a decent framerate. I do wish you could have more control over the Aegis Physics stuff, though. Well, I really wish that my video card had it built on board already - truth be told...

Sound is nice, just what you would expect. I have an Creative X-Fi card. Very nice.

I'm happy to get back into a game that supports CoOp. I'm also happy to get back into a game that focuses on a more immersive close combat experience. I don't know what it is, but I feel like I am really 'in there'. It must be the way the camera moves, mimicking the body - or the speed of how the body reacts. It just feels right, know what I mean? For example, if you've played Medal of Honor it 'feels' a certain way to play. It's not to say MoH:AA was a terrible game - it was in fact very good. When CoD came out however, you could tell there was a better representation of how the virtual body 'fit'. It just felt more natural.

This is the same thing I'm talking about, and like all the Tom Clancy Tactical FPSs out there it does it very well.
Dirt gets kicked up in your face when you stop short, glare of the sun has an effect on the buildings and cars around you, fire warps the air with waves of heat and distorts objects behind it. and finally, how your body jostles to and fro.

Two things I do miss is when you get hit you limp and when you run so far you get tired. These are small things but they pulled me in even deeper into the game.

Another drawback at times can be your teammates. They can lag behind at times. I think part of it for me right now is learning how to control them from the HUD as opposed to the top down satellite map view. controlling your team from the top down map will give you a much snappier experience with them, as you are pinpointing a specific location you want them to go. When you select your whole team to move, they will not always go exactly where you want them (no, not on a dime) though this can be construed as more realistic, right?
Unfortunately, they do not intelligently retreat as well as I would have expected either.

I believe the previous poster was correct: you are micromanaging teammates a little more than what you would originally expect in this day and age. However, where does the developer draw the line between the 'perfect bot' (perfect pathing but too rigid, infinite sight and accuracy, and can see enemies and friendly's as a psychic would) and the 'dumb ass' (walks into a walls without pathing around it, shoots friendly's in the way, doesn't take cover). Whether it's the teammate or the enemy, it can be a hard task to get it just so to make it seem more immersive - more realistic. I have faith that they will rectify the AIs misses here and there. In fact, I believe they have already begun with their initial 1.06 patch.

Multiplayer is a blast and is quickly paced. No, no vehicle interaction beyond blowing the shit out of them, no flying around in helicopters or jets. This is not a Battlefield clone (which tends to be 'arcadey' as opposed to GR:AW). I will look forward to their Deathmatch mode in the next patch. One glitch is the gamespy logins and the ping times are weird, but there are enough servers out there when you do connect.

In my opinion, the PC gaming community for GR:AW will grow, believe me.

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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Patches
18. Some Ideas for the Jaded... May 11, 2006, 18:45 BurntSoul
I don't know about anyone else, but I usually go by these guidelines:

1. Even though a Demo could be available for a game, many times there are issues and drawbacks (not to mention a good lack of the full product present) that are not necessarily representative of the final result. Therefore I take a Demo with a huge grain of salt.

2. When I see a patch come out within a week of when the game was initially delivered to stores, I usually don't complain about what is in it or how large the patch is. Instead, I realize that the current development team is on top of their product, and the community should be happy about it. When I see a version of a game or piece of software go from 1.00 (or ship date version) to 1.06, I know that there will not necessarily be alot fixed in the patch. Given the immediacy that the patch came out, it probably fixes some show stoppers that were quickly realized and corrected.

3. I usually wait more than a week before deciding how a game is going to fare with the community, and I usually don't shut a game down with my personal opinions that quickly either. If I can note enough good points to overbalance it's bad points, I wait longer for development to hopefully resolve those bad points within a reasonable timeframe. This means I also note if development is taking active cues from their audience, or if they are giving them the finger.

These are just my guidelines, though.

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News Comments > Oblivion Patch/Content Plans
127. Re: bwahaha YARRR! Apr 7, 2006, 21:32 BurntSoul
Well, I think we all have to remember why this thread has grown soo long in the first place (what were we bitching about again?):

Bethesda originally created and published completely new mods for the PC community after/during The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind game came out - for free. In between all of this, they created some excellent expansion packs that people were happy to purchase.

I believe Morrowind was also available for the consoles. I do not know if extra content was made available to them (or even expansions? Someone correct me, please), as I do not own a console.

I do know that there was no rebellion.

Now for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, they have decided to sell their mods alongside the PC community's free Mods.

Some people express this information in different ways.
"Who Cares!"
"How Rude!" (in Jar Jar binks fashion)
"C'mon Cheapos!"
"It's because of those damn XBOX 360's!"
"It's the new business model. Get over it, 'cause it's not going away!"

It is a business model, and it has been around for some time now. Bioware (NeverWinter Nights) for example. They have sold expansion packs like Bethesda did, and they've sold mini modules for their game, very high quality stuff. The price ranged from 5.99 to 12.99 I believe. From what I could tell, they based it on about how many hours of gameplay/enjoyment the average gamer would get out of it.

(The term 'average gamer' can really get pounded on if we are talking about Oblivion players, I think)

So for me, the price theory is based upon cost of episodic content. Hell, they are doing it with Steam with an online store format. HL, HL2, Darwinia and any other developer that wants to sell with them. I believe Sin Episodes is next. This is fine by me. I choose what to buy, and if I think the price is too high, I'll look elsewhere for my mods ,addons or games.

Anyway, shiny things like Horse Armor, Jewelry, Clothes, Paintings, personal buildings, food, weapons, new people skins - anything that enhances the world by being a part of the world anyway is extra fluff. It's fluff that enhances the world, yes. But I think it should be cheaper than an episode - if not FREE like they did with Morrowind.

The horse armor is just too expensive and the community could probably make something like it just as well as the developers. They did with Morrowind, anyway...there was soooo much free mod content for Morrowind it makes your head spin!

So how about episodes for sale? I'm not talking necessarily about connected episodes, 'cause that idea might be a problem. I don't want to be pulling out my wallet every month because I cannot finish the damn story. I mean discrete, non-connected quests that last X amount of hours in the World or in an extension location of that world? If they are going to charge for it, they should charge $1 an hour of expected gameplay. You have about 5 hours of questing? Charge a fiver.

Now sell it alongside the PC modding community, like Bioware does. Not saying it's going to be better or worse but at least it's a choice we can all make.

This comment was edited on Apr 7, 21:42.
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News Comments > Oblivion Patch/Content Plans
106. Bethesda, if you are reading this... Apr 7, 2006, 18:19 BurntSoul
Bethesda, I have a confession to make. Because I knew that your latest game was going to be a hit, I spent the extra $$ for the collectors edition against my good judgement. This is the FIRST time I've ever done something like that! Oh well, At least I got a neat coin and an extra book.

Unfortunately, I for one will not be buying the Horse Armor. Reason?

I will probably get a different Horse Armor mod for free from the Oblivion mod community - if I think my Horse needs it...(um, nah).

It's also waaaaaaaay too pricey. I'll wait till the price comes down until I take another look. Well, probably not.

Good news! You want me to be a happy consumer? Cool! I'll GLADLY pay another $39.99 for an expansion that adds CO-OP and 30 more hours of gameplay! That's $10 more than any expansion pack I've bought before! Retrofit Morrowind back in or something with some more quests - or even put the original shtuff back in...That's how much I like your product! Ya hear me?!?!? 39.99 more gold septims from my pocket to yours! Is it a deal?!?!?

One condition: You cannot go back on your deal. You must give me CO-OP AND 30 hours more of gameplay - not one or the other. Be nice and I'll pay with a smile on my face!

hmm, are they reading this, do you think?
This comment was edited on Apr 7, 18:26.
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News Comments > Oblivion Downloads
67. Retort Apr 5, 2006, 15:55 BurntSoul
Okay, Quaternion - let's break down what you deny you wrote:

1. quote:
I create this information from other people who are bitching about the PC's performance on a 6800, not out of thin air. These comments were on Blues a week or so ago. I haven't seen it first hand on a PC, so my comment was generated from second hand information.
If you haven't seen it first hand, then how can you make decisions for other people? A great number of comments that are on this site are negative in nature. No need to add to it. I believe (yes, my own opinion, not someone else's) that there are tons of people completely happy - and you will NOT see a comment from them because they have nothing to bitch about!

2. Quote:
Don't be so smug over paying $50 for your PC games. Your time will come.
Yeah, you are trashing the guy, over the money thing. I said I could care less about it.

3. Your statements imply to the casual reader that you'll need to spend waaaay more money on a PC to enjoy Oblivion. Read what you wrote a few times. See it yet?

4. You state that even after spending alot of money on the PC you've built, you'd likely have hardware problems.
And even then, I'd still get crashes and hardware compatibility issues.
Hmmm, does that statement really mean getting Oblivion for the PC is pointless? That's what I got out of it. Do not deny what you wrote! In effect, you are implying the game will suck from a PC perspective. Rubbish.

This is not the case, folks. The only thing you need to be logical about is whether you really want to spend money building a new computer if all you are going to do on it is play just Oblivion, or any other game for that matter. There is more to it than games when it comes to PCs, folks.

5. Nope, I agree. He shouldn't be calling people fools. He's seems to act like a 360 Console hater - but I could be wrong...

6. All of the above statements really come down to comparing a console box to a PC computer - with the use of computer games as your literary device, and saying that the 360 is better in this case. Though PCs and Consoles are getting closer and closer to becoming the same thing, it hasn't happened yet. Apples to Oranges.

As soon as the 360 gets a mouse, a keyboard, has a respectable Hard Drive and RAM, can surf anywhere on the Internet (without having to hack the box), allows me to send email and Instant message anyone on a PC (or a console), allows me to create and print documents, do my bills and taxes and buy all types of products online, as well as letting me expand it with my own choice of 3rd party hardware, it's just not as good as a PC yet.

7. You do NOT need an Nvidia 7800 or a SLI/ Quad SLI configuration to play the game with reasonable framerates. What you said was an outright fabrication.

8. No pissing matches please. I've been 'playing online' since I had a 300 baud modem (yes, 300 baud - before Prodigy and the Sierra network) and could dial into Bulletin Board systems to play those stupid text games. No, I'm not proud about that either...

9. Quote:
Not having played the game on PC doesn't mean I don't know one end of a computer from another.
Nope, it doesn't. It just reads that way. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

PS: Finally, based on my beliefs and the resources that I currently have, I believe that buying a 360 console and Obvlion - in order to play on it as opposed to a PC - is foolish.
Why should I spend $400+ for a console in order to play a game, when I can play it just as easily and problem free on my PC?

This comment was edited on Apr 5, 16:04.
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