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News Comments > Spore DRM Lawsuit
16. Re: uninstalling SecuROM Sep 24, 2008, 12:38 BurntSoul
Besides they are agreeing to install the game, NOT the DRM program.

What I'm worried about is this: Okay in the future, the DRM ruling is resolved with EA. EA has to include an obvious message before install that says 'SecureROM will be installed for this game on your computer or else it's not going to run'. No, not even that. It also says this on the box. In huge letters. You go home, open the box, throw the DVD in the drive, get the message or something similar above before installation starts. You go, 'Oh crap, didn't want that - but I bought the game!'

Yes, the customer is stupid for buying the game and not reading the box. But it happens.

So, can we get a refund for the game after it's been opened?

Not the way things are right now...

So EA seems to be running consumers through a process or eventuality by which PC content can only be loaded digitally, instead of having hard copies. Either that, or EA will get pissed enough in its war against its own PC gaming consumers and just use this as an excuse not to develop for them anymore.

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News Comments > Frontlines: Fuel of War Patch Details
11. Re: No subject Aug 26, 2008, 19:19 BurntSoul
I think that it's more a case of, if you already have COD4, why would you bother with another shooter that's pretty much the same, but with lower production values and gameplay that doesn't hold up against it either?

While I agree that CoD4 is superior to Frontlines, I think they are trying more to be like the BF or SW: Battlefront series.

Also, one thing that cannot happen at all in Frontlines (and is a good thing) is the 'rollover' effect you'll see in CoD4 where a player will be able to use their helicopter and kill another 7 people (is it 7 or 9? cannot remember), whereby they are able to instantly use the helicopter again. Enough people on the map and they can just do this multiple times. It's just annoying, I don't care what side you're on.

This comment was edited on Aug 26, 19:19.
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News Comments > Frontlines: Fuel of War Patch Details
10. No subject Aug 26, 2008, 19:05 BurntSoul
I agree that the vehicles are clunky, and that it's ridiculous that they finally will be adding joystick support. However, even though it uses the Unreal 3 engine, it does not feel at all like unreal tournament 3. It's a different pace all together; not frenetic like UT 3, and not as realistic (if you can call it that) as BF2. But a couple of things are fun that I like. You get to use robot remotes (remote helicopters or mini tanks) if you choose that 'role' on spawn and you get to 'see' through their camera.

You have multiple classes to choose from, and when you get kills or conquer an area on the map you gain experience towards powered up functions of the role you chose. These effects you gain are a one time shot that slowly 'charges' back up over time. You start with a first level effect, and with more kills/experience a second and a third will become available to you.

For example, you can choose an air support role and the first level for that role is a precision missle or bomb that will destroy a unit in one hit (note that you CAN miss). The second level would be a cluster bomb and the third level is a gunship. Well, that's what the West has. The Russians 2nd level is a carpet bomb and their third level is a fuel air bomb.

The main gametype is Frontlines, where unlike a conquest game, you must attack specific areas on the map; when you get that area, your frontline moves forward.

The downsides to the game is that there isn't a commander role for your team, you won't see many people forming squads though it's available and like others said it had a rough start with so so reviews, so not as many people initially bought the game on the PC side. Support has been slow going which hurts it even more, and they are finally going to implement a patch soon that enables joystick support, adds options to the server list screen and adds more official maps + the conquest game type.

While it has similar gameplay features that the Battlefield or Star Wars Battlefront series has, it definitely has a different feel. You should give it a try - at least the demo if it's available.

This comment was edited on Aug 26, 19:11.
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News Comments > GTA4 PC Improvements
3. Re: Hmm. Aug 20, 2008, 14:07 BurntSoul
Hope it runs okay. Though I don't see why it shouldnt. GTA4 isn't that impressive graphically.

NKD,just curious: What is graphically impressive to you? Just so we have a baseline of your opinion. Seriously though, I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass or cause some kind of flame war.

This comment was edited on Aug 20, 14:08.
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News Comments > World in Conflict: Complete?
3. Re: No subject Aug 19, 2008, 20:38 BurntSoul
Is this game any good? I played the demo and it seemed decent, but it hasn't seemed to take off. Is it worth it?

This game is fantastic. Single Player game is an absolute blast. Excellent story. There is a multiplayer community out there (I've always seen people playing out there), but it's not huge like other games. I don't now why, it really is a gem.

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News Comments > Far Cry 2 in "Only Two Months"
42. Re: ... Aug 19, 2008, 01:35 BurntSoul
Holy Crap, LMN8R. Well written.

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News Comments > Far Cry 2 in "Only Two Months"
39. Re: ... Aug 19, 2008, 01:06 BurntSoul
No, it's not. You're comparing material theft to copyright theft. I want to make clear that that's a criticism of the analogy, not a support of piracy. It's more like McDonald's developing a new burger and Burger King copying it and giving it away for free: McDonald's hasn't lost any money from the product itself (they didn't produce the material burger) but has lost money that they would have otherwise made.

I wasn't doing a comparison of material theft to copyright theft. The whole paragraph above is off base, 'theyarecomingforyou'. I'm afraid I confused you with the McDonalds/BurgerKing thing.

I was simply stating exactly what you mention in your second paragraph. Exactly. In this case, the user Caveman - who I believe made the first post of this thread.

This comment was edited on Aug 19, 01:07.
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News Comments > Far Cry 2 in "Only Two Months"
31. Re: I got an idea... Aug 18, 2008, 23:57 BurntSoul
I agree with you on all points. But it's a tough World out there, and apparently some Publishers are risk averse when it comes to selling their grapes. So they lose. And so do we.

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News Comments > Far Cry 2 in "Only Two Months"
27. Re: I got an idea... Aug 18, 2008, 23:29 BurntSoul
Me? No...I'll just pass. I don't pirate anything.

So not only will I not be giving them my money, I won't be giving them something to blame for their shitty game failing! heh

Well, Pumas - I'm not pointing the finger at you for pirating games. Why would I do that? You said you don't pirate games.

I'm blaming you for criticizing the analogy. Criticizing the analogy gives a lame excuse for piracy some credibility. The analogy is right on point, however retarded it sounds.

I don't like the state of things as much as everyone else around here. I walk into a game store and see one shelf of PC titles where the game store used to consist and subsist entirely on PC games. and the publishers just go where the consistent money is, they are not stupid. They don't give a rats ass for your demo.

So don't go applauding the idiot pirate. That makes zero sense.

EDIT - Thanks for the correction. I don't eat at fast food places much. Fast food sucks.

This comment was edited on Aug 18, 23:31.
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News Comments > Far Cry 2 in "Only Two Months"
24. Re: I got an idea... Aug 18, 2008, 23:16 BurntSoul
Right! You'll pass on buying the game because they have no demo. But you'll download (remember, downloading=piracy to the publisher) the games and try them out for free. Just as if you had a demo, only it's the full version. That you can burn to CD/DVD if you decide you like the game.

Yeah, I'm going to Burger King. Those dirty bastards are giving me a whole Big Mac for free because I didn't get to try a sample. Yup. and because I'm getting the whole Big Mac for free - well screw it, I'm not only going to just try a sample...

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News Comments > Far Cry 2 in "Only Two Months"
21. Re: I got an idea... Aug 18, 2008, 23:06 BurntSoul
Yup I agree! Sure it's retarded! I wouldn't have thought in a million years I'd have strung those sentences together to prove a point.


The reason why you can't get a refund or an exchange for an open PC title, retarded you think that is - get ready for it -

is because publishers think that PC gamers casually
steal their software. And so they have decided to turn their backs on PC gamers. And because of this, now the Console is getting the games first and the PCs are getting the leftovers/ports.

So I guess by that logic I should just go on a PG Game piracy rampage? Will that help PC gaming publishers decide to sell top rate PC games that aren't console ports? Will that help PC gaming publishers decide not to install copy protection software with their games? Will it help them think twice and then create a demo for users?

Now that's fucking retarded.

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News Comments > Far Cry 2 in "Only Two Months"
15. I got an idea... Aug 18, 2008, 22:40 BurntSoul
Hey, I have an idea.

I'm going to go to Burger King. I don't like the way they treat their customers. They don't give out samples on a regular basis, so I can't try their food and decide if I like it or not before I buy it. I heard their food sucks anyway, though. It's like a knock off of McDonalds but they have all different stupid names for the same items and stuff.

Anyway, that entitles me to go there and just take what I want and eat it for free. I mean it sucks and all, but they deserve it. It's their fault that I'm angry. I'm going to do it every time a new specialty sandwich comes out that they don't let consumers try for free.

Burger King = an immediate free meal because they suck ass.

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News Comments > Space Siege Q&A
6. Re: No subject Aug 18, 2008, 13:42 BurntSoul

Just for your knowledge (and maybe others who are still playing the game after 3-4 days), you can dodge away from the enemy. If you place your mouse in the direction you want to go and then hit the dodge key, it'll happen.

Now what I'd love is if you could just edit the keys anyway you please. If they are going to continue with patches (who knows with all the bad reviews, right?) I'm hoping that'll be at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, they should have priced this game in the $29.99 range. The game is not bad, it's just not really a spiritual successor of DS1 or DS2 in any way meaningful (which people I think were expecting), and it seems to be lacking in some basic options. Also, the fact they marketed it a Chris Taylor game gave false weight to the title, and that kind of pissed people off. Finally, CTaylor says story is key, with the morals/ethics and stuff, but it's a light action/rpg for heaven's sake. Nobody's gonna really sit down and get philisophical on the story. They just want to kick ass in the game with their friends.

Again, not a bad game - it just seems like it's a skeleton of what it could be the price could have been lower to justify sales. I like the game and I hope some modders will try to make it better.

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News Comments > Games for Windows LIVE Gold Refunds
21. Re: No subject Jul 24, 2008, 18:27 BurntSoul
And if they provided that for 10 or 20 popular games with thousands of players on at any one time, then it might make sense

10-20 games don't just drop out of nowhere.

Exactly, and so Microsoft will have to create these games and sell them and have zillions of people online for them to justify users having to pay anything extra.

Hey, Microsoft - The PC gaming community just wants you to know this if you are reading:

You should know PC gamers can already rent and/or create their own FREE dedicated gaming servers online (given the bandwidth), as well as rent (or create for FREE) dedicated voice servers like VENTRILO or TEAMSPEAK. They could also use a swiss knife app that has FREE Peer-to-peer IM/peer-to-peer voice server/game server finding/screen capturing/video capturing client for all gamers called XFIRE.


So, in order for us to 'convert' to your idiology, you are going to have to do better than FREE. Maybe FREE plus a new car?

You're going to have to pry my existing free services from my cold, dead fingers. Bitches!

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News Comments > Games for Windows LIVE Gold Refunds
12. Re: Elephant Jul 24, 2008, 13:43 BurntSoul
Totally true.

Now MS understands PC gamers will not pay for a service like our bound and gagged online XBox/XBox 360 cousins, because the service makes zero sense to (us). The way we interact with a game online and purchase content (or Heaven forbid get it for FREE from the community!) is obviously way different. We have choices, damn it!

Of course, MS will now proceed to focus their attention on competing with/destroying/eating/poly morphing all other competition that has the proper formula for making money from PC gamers online, e.g. the Steam service, Stardock Impulse, GameTap, etc... And they will not stop until the competition are gone and the people have forgotten what it means to have the freedom to make decisions and have opinions.

Then we'll be back to paying out the ass, just like their console slaves. NEVER FORGET!

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News Comments > World in Conflict Patch
2. Re: No subject May 28, 2008, 13:16 BurntSoul
What's the changelog?

World in Conflict Update
Update #008

This eighth update for World in Conflict fixes balancing and bug issues and introduces some new features, like improved in-game voting, new ignore functions and improved network code stability. There are also several additions to Massgate, including new banners and new explanatory texts for missing content. For additional details on this update and the new features, please visit the World in Conflict forums at

New features:
- Improved in-game vote system.
- Special Ability icons now show the number of selected units ready to fire.
- Extrapolation added to the network code. This should decrease lag caused by high packet loss. To disable extrapolation, append “-noextrapolation” (without the quotes) to the target path of the WIC shortcut.
- Expanded the ignore functionality on Massgate to cover clan challenges and chat rooms.
- Unit shields will now always be enlarged on mouseover regardless of selected unit.
- Unit movement arrows are now more visible on the Megamap.
- Added a hyperlink pop-up when the client is missing map or mod content.
- Remote admins can now switch a ranked server to unranked and back.
- Added explanatory text to the abuse report window.
- Added Massgate banner.

Units and balancing:
- Improved infantry forest cover logic. When ordered into forest cover, infantry units should now always find actual cover.
- Increased accuracy and tweaked fire rates for Armored Transports.
- Improved stealth slightly for Demolition Engineers.
- Improved power of Demolition Engineers’ Demolition Charge. It now destroys most bridges with one charge.
- Fixed discrepancies with US Medium Tank and US Light Tank view ranges compared to USSR and NATO.
- Fixed discrepancy with the duration of the USSR Medium Artillery special ability compared to US and NATO.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug that caused disconnects with wireless network cards.
- Friendly fire warnings are not triggered by stray bullets anymore.
- Fixed a Reinforcement Point exploit that used unit drops and role changes to get additional Reinforcement Points.
- Fixed a bug that caused units dropped by Tactical Aid to be blinking and untargetable.
- Fixed buildings on several maps that could not be targeted by air units.
- Fixed fortifications on several maps that could become untargetable.
- Fixed a bug that caused Kick-vote to be active in clan matches.
- Fixed a bug that caused Kick-on-idle to stop working.
- Fixed a bug that required spectators to click “ready” for servers in match mode to start. Only players in teams count now.
- Fixed a bug that caused the TA cooldown to not reset when matches started in match mode. It should no longer be possible to deploy Tactical Nukes prematurely.
- Fixed a clan challenge bug that caused the wrong number of members to be shown as online on the clan you challenged.
- Fixed a crash related to map voting and custom maps.
- Fixed an issue with TA ground markers behaving incorrectly in single player.
- Max camera height settings no longer affect single player.

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News Comments > On Mass Effect & Spore Copy Protection
38. Re: No subject May 6, 2008, 17:10 BurntSoul
Don't see what the problem is. I guess if I didn't have Internet access I might mind but frankly that's not an issue for me. They don't make you keep the CD in the drive or anything. Why do people have issues with this?


I'm starting to feel the same way. I can totally understand issues if a publisher were to enforce a game using StarForce, but SecuROM (I believe) doesn't pose those setbacks and (to my knowledge) doesn't affect users the way StarForce did (or as many users).

For people to complain about this, something seems fishy.

Steam users have to deal with something similar when it comes to Half Life 1/2 (offline mode for things like LAN parties without Internet access). EA/Bioware is not forcing you to put the DVD in the drive, either.

Again, the only drawback is with the users that lack online capabilities; it would truly piss me off if I didn't have access. But they might have done a cost/benefit analysis; how much $$$ could we lose to non-online gamers as opposed to how much $$$ is lost to piracy. In their minds, a no brainer.

With the atmosphere the way it is for the PC industry, something has to give. The vast majority of Developers/Publishers (well, maybe just publishers) are getting on the 'PC business sucks and is dying because of lost $ due to piracy' bandwagon. Worse yet, the media is shoving this mantra back into everyones' faces at least twice a day. It's becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, if EA/Bioware want to use this technique and it doesn't blow my computer up, I say go for it. If other publishers see that it works, it may mean a turn around for the PC Industry.

My personal issue with security in general dealt with StarForce (specifically), or having to put the CD/DVD in every damn time (whatever security method used), which would eventually scratch the media. If I am playing 3-4 different titles in a day, I would occasionally leave those CDs/DVDs on my desk. My kid would come along and accidentally knock them off the desk. Hey, my fault - but still an issue that nagged me.

My fix? I use Game Jackal Pro. It's cheap software, I don't have to use hacked executables, it's 'legal' because you are licensed with Slysoft (not necessarily the best reason...) and the publishers should be happy because I'm buying their software.

Finally, I can see that some games that have kicked major butt even though they haven't used security measures is re-assuring for users, though these games are waaaay few and far between.

oh, and for those that want to try a game before they buy it...use a demo if a game has one out or try it at your friend's place.

I know I'm probably simplifying the issue for many of you and I usually don't acquiesce to something a publisher does, but I'm getting sick of playing ported games on the PC. If publishers want to port a damn game, it should be ported to the console world - not the other way around.

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News Comments > Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Disk Space Issue
21. Re: No subject Apr 23, 2008, 14:44 BurntSoul

That's right, you are bolstering my point! I kind of put that thought in with the point about the productivity software. Ever try the Wii's Opera browser? It's okay to a point and there's no end in sight that it'll be upgraded. Can't use the latest flash version - they are stuck in time. You CAN use a keyboard and the Opera browser on the Wii (you have to buy the browser first, then download it), but you can't use Firefox or Safari or IE if you even wanted to. Why? It's a console! Nintendo's way or the freakin' highway! Only way to do it is hope and pray 5 years from now that Wii 2/3 will have a newer browser (if it doesn't get cut from development). Consoles are completely ridiculous like that. Good for them they have a ton of sheep to sell to.

This comment was edited on Apr 23, 14:48.
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News Comments > Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Disk Space Issue
16. Re: No subject Apr 23, 2008, 14:19 BurntSoul
Nin, you are absolutely correct.

What I'm trying to say is I want a console to do all of this for me to give up PC Gaming and move to a console. If the console can't do it, I'm not moving. There's more to it than just a software issue here or there that will 'break the camel's back'.

Another way to say it is: My PC Gaming rig can do it ON TOP OF gaming - and I'd want a console gaming rig to have/do all the same features, otherwise it's just not good enough.

Guess I'm not going to stop gaming on the PC...

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News Comments > Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Disk Space Issue
11. Re: No subject Apr 23, 2008, 13:53 BurntSoul
<i>another reason to give up pc gaming</i>


There is more to PC gaming than just the games. It's the rig.

Please note the following requests. If just 1 console can do all of these things for me, I will gladly and whole heartedly switch from a PC gaming rig to a console rig. Otherwise there is just no point...

Give me a keyboard, a mouse, Internet access, the ability to NOT have to pay extra money over the Internet access fee to connect to other gamers.

Don't force me to use only 8 buttons on a joystick.

Give me the option to upgrade whatever hardware whenever I like or even build it from the ground up myself. this hardware would come from multiple 3rd party vendors, because naturally more products available means healthy competition means lower prices.

I want the option to purchase graphics and computational speed for this hardware device just as quickly as PC technology can develop and market it - not a year or three later.

I want to do the upgrading/repair myself. No sending it out to some company to wait for 8 weeks.

Give me the option to buy and use all different types of productivity software of my choosing, use a web browser (again, of my choice) and access to my e-mail in a e-mail client.

Give me games that are not watered down/dumbed down shadows of what they could be, and jack the number of players in traditional non-mmorpg multiplayer games back up to 32-64 people (or even up to 100 like Joint Operations).

Allow me to use a printer, or other 3rd party devices like thumb drives, video cameras - you name it.

Allow me to create dedicated servers on my own device for whatever I want; voice communication, IMing, IRC chat, File sharing, game servers, streaming music servers, Intranet sites.

Allow all of the above to run on its own network, LAN party style without Internet access (or with it, but not necessarily needing it for anything for actual gameplay).

Allow me to create gaming mods I can freely distribute to others so they may bask in my amazing (or lack of amazing) skills.

Please make this request for me. I know it must be just around the corner for a console to be able to do this - right?

This comment was edited on Apr 23, 13:54.
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