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News Comments > EVE Online Tyrannis Trailer
1. Re: EVE Online Tyrannis Trailer May 5, 2010, 21:31 PacoTaco
edited for removal

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News Comments > Medal of Honor Interview
4. Re: Medal of Honor Interview May 5, 2010, 00:30 PacoTaco
Frank fails to mention that he has never built a game in his life, and the greedy EA Exec culture drove the franchise into the ground not the talent attached to the projects. Nothing has changed, this game will ship, be a poor copy of Modern Warfare, and EALA will be closed down.

EA Greed killed this franchise!
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News Comments > Valve Hires DigiPen Team
4. Re: Valve Hires DigiPen Team Mar 10, 2010, 02:51 PacoTaco
Gabe will milk them like a broken donkey, I am sure they are very cheap. :-)  
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News Comments > EVE Online Tyrannis Announced
17. Re: EVE Online Tyrannis Announced Feb 23, 2010, 00:38 PacoTaco
I am sure as a miner and total carebear you still have fun playing. :-)

Quality is subjective so is game design choices, the patches might suck as badly as they did 7 years ago but I dont want to pay to test it anymore.

You are also right the same guys that designed the game for the first 4-5 years might love the new version and would have made the same or worse choices then the current designers, but I dont know how much I can blame them as they don't have any engineering reasources do much anyway as they all work on the other team. I am sure they have many good ideas for content then have no reasource support, I ask you to really look at the changes since Trinity the last great patch, how many people do think it took to recreate the planets artwork, it two years to get the rest of the art they missed from the trinity deployment, what have you gotten for you per account 20x12 sub?

Faction warfare? (The kiddie pool of Combat)

The entire combat system nerfed along with top speed, missles, never fixing blast ammo?

0 space with what a few items added to market and some code?

Couple new ships? Orca, Ror? OMGay T3 ships cost more then a capital.

Really long boring missions based on the same crappy missions system.

Level 5 missions that are also based on the same crappy mission system that has been in 6 years.

Oh noes don't forget I like to Hide my Worm in your Hole Space, which is a hmm plex? with places you mine? its off the grid? Wow so much work there taking something already in the game and relabling it, and the great thing is it only broke the server for like 3 months.

Like I have said many times, CCP can go eat a big back of dirty dicks, and may they burn in hell. Go get an STO account have some fun.


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News Comments > EVE Online Tyrannis Announced
15. Re: EVE Online Tyrannis Announced Feb 22, 2010, 02:46 PacoTaco

This comment was edited on Mar 6, 2011, 01:39.
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News Comments > EVE Online Tyrannis Announced
13. Re: EVE Online Tyrannis Announced Feb 20, 2010, 22:48 PacoTaco
Make 3b in a two weeks easy by plexing in 0 space 5 hours a day or less, or moon mining if you control them, some people create trade routes, and make even more all in high sec empire. 3b = 12 months of GTC's FREE as can be.

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News Comments > EVE Online Tyrannis Announced
11. Re: EVE Online Tyrannis Announced Feb 20, 2010, 21:45 PacoTaco
Nobody cares about what? Your troll? Your reply? Your Momma? You should care about your own mother.  
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News Comments > EVE Online Tyrannis Announced
9. Re: EVE Online Tyrannis Announced Feb 20, 2010, 21:11 PacoTaco

This comment was edited on Mar 6, 2011, 01:41.
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News Comments > EVE Online Tyrannis Announced
2. Re: EVE Online Tyrannis Announced Feb 20, 2010, 16:35 PacoTaco
They have been promising this stuff for 5 or 6 years now btw. No date? means it will be at the end of the year or they will release it and then have the player base debug (Breaking the Game) through next year as they always seem to do.

Must be time for a lot of the subscriptions to get renewed they always toss a screen shot together of something already (in this case the orca) in the game and post it to keep the suckers from cancelling.

It's amazing to me that people still pay CCP for this POS.

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News Comments > More Activision Layoffs?
2. Re: More Activision Layoffs? Feb 12, 2010, 16:16 PacoTaco

This comment was edited on Mar 6, 2011, 01:42.
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News Comments > No PC Dead Space 2
112. Re: No PC Dead Space 2 Feb 10, 2010, 14:34 PacoTaco
To answer the other questions Sledge Hammer is working on a COD title.

EA doesn't use real data to generate forecasts (they used to), the Bean Counters tell the X-Marketing guys running the EA labels what they need to do to keep the doors open, they weigh the products down with outrageous costs for IT, rent, and all the internal support that is so over priced that no product can be profitable, then they give you a sales amount in this case 6 mil which has nothing to do with reality.

I agree is high for a new franchise, GTA, COD have been built up for a decade or in GTA's case decades, since the 2D top down PC first skew. This doesn't matter to the people that just got into the industry. They add it up and that's your target.

Just in case the team dose pull off a miracle they will then keep from paying you or your team a bonus because some other division didn't make the numbers expected, this has been going on for years.

Some people have figured it out, for example JR the current CEO has figured out a way to pay himself very well by buying his own company assets using EA's pocket book then shutting them down.

My point of mentioning what is paid to the people that make games, its is required in an industry where great people need to come together and need to be put in a position of pure focus. This focus is making a great game. It helps if the people aren't in a culture of worry or forced to spend most of the time looking over their shoulder, this takes away from the goal. Also many people sacarfice time with family, gf's etc to get this work done on time, if you don't take care of these very talented people they leave the company.

These same talented people who EA deems expendible (99.5% of the people working there) after leaving beat the living shit out of EA, and continue to do so.

It's very easy to fix

  • Give everyone a public bonus structure, and live by it.

  • Give people stock options again make them feel a part of the company they are working for.

  • Cut out the red tape and infastructure that wastes the profits of the company before the game is made.

  • Get people in the company that care about making games, not people that have signed up to just line their pockets. Make it a critical priority that these people are happy.

  • Do this all for the next 5 years, and EA will be will be number 1 again with it's own franchises.

  • This comment was edited on Feb 10, 2010, 16:12.
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    News Comments > No PC Dead Space 2
    101. Re: No PC Dead Space 2 Feb 9, 2010, 19:40 PacoTaco
    Just to follow up on peoples comments on my comment on Steam preventing piracy, I said it helps that's all, they or we get a little more money off a product once it's not being put on the shelves.

    Dead Space sold about 3.5 mil across all platforms rough guess, far below the numbers they wanted.

    They wanted 6 mil. Then they debated for 6 months if they were going to do any Dead Space 2 at all on any platform, and most of the team that built Dead Space left to start Sledge Hammer Studios for Activision, the only people left were either forced to sign an employment contract, aren't key team members of the franchise.

    Sledge Hammer / Activision has again gutted EA like a fish as they did with the COD team that cost EA billions in revenue to COD, "remember Medal Of Honor" was built by the core of what became the COD team.

    EA have lost themselves in internal politics, Dante's Inferno is getting horrible reviews, Medal of Honor has one last shot, but will still be shipped out of EALA and EALA closed down.

    They have Marketing people, Bean Counters, and Politicians in charge of production some have no idea how games are built, as they never built one, and most of the great talent that worked there is scattered all over the industry. EA used to be a cool place to work they treated the people that made or did all the hard work well, this stopped years ago, and the place has fallen apart ever since.

    You think they really care about PC dead space it did I would guess no more then 200k units, and was pirated all over the place. 200k 15-29 retail isn't a lot of money to EA, 30-60 mil didn't even pay for the testing and dev on it knowing them.

    This comment was edited on Feb 9, 2010, 19:48.
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    News Comments > No PC Dead Space 2
    22. Re: No PC Dead Space 2 Feb 8, 2010, 23:02 PacoTaco
    Why the fuck are you guys surprised? They cant protect the products, people steal it, if they had a steam id system like Valve they could protect the content from pirates slightly better, but if you release the PC game people steal it, and you know it effects the console sales.

    Even Ubisoft is trying to force the buyers of a product to login before they can play it as its the only system that is working at the moment to keep pirates from getting a free ride.

    PC gaming isn't dead because of MMO's which also force you to login, which is where they are getting this model data from. I know many people buy the game but this is about 80% of the people playing games on the PC that don't, and the billions lost every year that has caused almost all PC game makers to move toward a console model, including MS, why keep spending on QA, and support for a targert device that has many flavors which makes it harder and cost more, when 80% of the people you are building the game for are going to steal it.

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    News Comments > PEREGRINE Glove Delayed
    7. Re: PEREGRINE Glove Delayed Feb 1, 2010, 01:43 PacoTaco
    After watching the high budget Utube ad's of the 15 year old kid talking about how cool the glove is with WOW, I decided to give them a break and that I could use them as condoms for my well used female real doll, my only true love in this world.

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    News Comments > NVIDIA Beta Drivers
    6. Re: NVIDIA Beta Drivers Jan 28, 2010, 16:10 PacoTaco
    I am still running an 8800 GTX Ultra until the new cards come out, the delays are I hope worth it in the end.

    I also installed the last 3 revisions, and also added the Flash Accelerator from the Nvidia site seems to create more blue screens, and crashes.

    It is annoying, if this one doesn't stop it I will go back 4 revisions and remove the Flash Accelerator.

    This last crash took out my triple boot again.

    Nvidia has raised the question again is there something better out there, I hate it when they do that, and wish they would stop stumbling.

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    News Comments > EVE Online Dominion Patched
    1. Re: EVE Online Dominion Patched Jan 22, 2010, 14:05 PacoTaco
    STO is out suggest trying that game. the change log displays mostly items that were not finished for the original "expansion" which was more of a patch less content then they have provided in years, they redesigned 0 space, tracking the player numbers EvE is down since the patch. Complaints about lag during large scale combat has sky rocketed since the release, Eve will limp along but it looks like to me that CCP is doing the minimum possible to Eve until they can get the Vampire game out.  
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    News Comments > I Am Alive Delay Explained
    3. Re: I Am Alive Delay Explained Jan 16, 2010, 18:43 PacoTaco
    nope not even close, Ubi pulled it in, dev wasn't performing as expected, had tech that was as good as what was being used Unreal3 engine, they have engines based on Unreal2 and Crytek with a lot of changes that fit into the internal pipe frame work, and didn't want to pay Epic again for Unreal3 to do a lot more work again, so take all that Darkworks content that still works and rebuild the rest.

    My best guess anyway...
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    News Comments > Medal of Honor Trailer Redux
    11. Re: Medal of Honor Trailer Redux Dec 15, 2009, 07:21 PacoTaco
    The last attempt to save the franchise seems to be a fine try if they can figure out how to get COD on the box they might finally sell enough to keep EALA open, no where to go but up or out.

    Medal of Honor: Call Of Desperation

    This comment was edited on Dec 15, 2009, 07:23.
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    News Comments > Brink Delayed
    1. Re: Brink Delayed Nov 30, 2009, 22:01 PacoTaco
    looks like the engine is running slowly, hope its fun ETQW wasn't.  
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    News Comments > EA: Pandemic IPs "Will Live On"
    3. Re: EA: Pandemic IPs "Will Live On" Nov 17, 2009, 17:18 PacoTaco
    Yep agreed bad taste but Nick has never been known for taste.

    The reason for selling is easy, the owners got a lot of money. When they sold they sold to someone else who then sold them again to EA, wasn't predictible at the time for them, but it was all apart of a greater evil plan, since everyone was avoiding to sell to EA at the time. I found it entertaining that the current CEO left EA, hooovered up Bioware and Pandemic, then returned to EA as CEO, at that point you knew Pandemic was doomed. When Bioware goes down, don't be too shocked. Buying the brands and ip and getting rid of the people is the EA way.

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