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News Comments > Battlestar Galactica Online Open Beta
12. Re: Battlestar Galactica Online Open Beta Feb 9, 2011, 06:07 DarkCntry
ibm wrote on Feb 9, 2011, 05:35:
At least we can now see what The Old Republic's space combat will be like.

Sure can, except not here in BGO. BGO's controls aren't on rails.

Matter of fact, for a browser game, it's surprisingly well running.
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > OnLive PlayPack Launches
9. Re: OnLive PlayPack Launches Feb 1, 2011, 17:49 DarkCntry
bigspender wrote on Feb 1, 2011, 17:29:
i'd very suprised if the quality of OnLive is comparative to decent gaming pc - which is so cheap these days.

Be very surprised. Sans a couple hiccups related to my own network, when I tried the beta for the PlayPack Program the system worked pretty comparably to being local.
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
4. Re: Ok that's messed up... Jan 29, 2011, 19:00 DarkCntry
The Half Elf wrote on Jan 26, 2011, 22:30:
11 year old kid with Autism getting screwed over by Microsoft.... just sick.

And ~2 days later it's found to be a true story that he cheated...what's that say about the obvious grab for attention from his mother?
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
4. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Jan 14, 2011, 05:08 DarkCntry
Nighthawk wrote on Jan 14, 2011, 02:08:
It's not like it was going to be publicly released anytime soon.
They would have sat on it and it would have been filed away, there's too much profit on the treatments.
I would like to see the thief "leak" it to a public source, so a cure HAD to be released.

Actually, in regards to the different cancer possibilities, prostate is one of the cheapest and least profitable. The only thing that nets them any real revenue is the fact that prostate is a more common cancer type.
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > The Lord of the Rings Online Revenues Triple
6. Re: The Lord of the Rings Online Revenues Triple Jan 7, 2011, 16:11 DarkCntry
Dev wrote on Jan 7, 2011, 15:02:
Meanwhile good ole EA has shutdown servers for BfME 1 last month and announced shutdown for BfME 2.
Which is due to them losing the license...
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Angry Birds
7. Re: Ships Ahoy - Angry Birds Jan 5, 2011, 22:17 DarkCntry
Icewind wrote on Jan 5, 2011, 21:13:
SirKnight wrote on Jan 5, 2011, 20:53:
Cool! I have this for my iPod touch, iPad and Android 2.2 phone. It's a very good game. These guys have made a ton of money on this.

Let me guess.

You're 35, have 2 kids and think gaming is "super fun".

This game, like you, is a pimple on the hobby's rear end.

Wow...just, wow...

I figure it's the elitist asswads with a chip on their shoulder being the pimple...
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
4. Re: Mass Effect 2 to use ME3 engine Dec 17, 2010, 12:57 DarkCntry
Tumbler wrote on Dec 17, 2010, 12:37:
including improved planet scanning

...don't improve this. Remove it from the game, it's a total waste of time to go digging for "money". Just attach those rewards to stuff you do in the game or put them in those loot boxes on the planets.

If you're going to let us go to other planets you need to build side quests that involve landing on those planets. EVERY ONE OF THEM. I don't care if it's just mindless combat in cookie cutter landscapes...don't you dare bring back that stupid scan/probe bullshit.

Fire the person who came up with that idea. He sucks at life.

You mean for them to re-implement what they had in ME1 that everyone complained about? Sounds like a very good idea! Inquisitive
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Deus Ex: Human Revolution Delay
21. Re: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Delay Dec 16, 2010, 15:01 DarkCntry
The Advocate wrote on Dec 16, 2010, 14:52:
If Square Enix goes tits up, where am I going to get my games about world saving 14 year olds with 20 foot tall hair and 30 foot tall swords and their thinly veiled sexual confusion and raging Daddy issues?

Epic and Gears of War?
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Minecraft Beta Next Week
17. Re: Minecraft Beta Next Week Dec 13, 2010, 22:56 DarkCntry
The irony is that so many people on Blue's complain about 'paying for betas' that when it's a game that is not even out of alpha has a payment people are rejoicing it going to beta

That said, MC is a great sandbox game. And yes, I expect the whole "yea, MC in alpha is better than almost all of those games post-release" replies, so feel free...I just thought it was a funny dynamic to read.
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > LucasArts Layoffs
8. Re: LucasArts Layoffs Nov 18, 2010, 03:25 DarkCntry
Jedi Master wrote on Nov 17, 2010, 22:15:
They already dumped the team for TFU3 I thought.

LA has turned into the worst-managed dev/publisher there is that hasn't folded. They sit on awesome franchise properties but instead shove out sequel junk with no care about anything but speed.

SW Battlefront was good, SW:BF2 was released just 1 year later.
KOTOR was good, KOTOR 2 was shoved out just a year later, forcing tons of content cut and bugs galore, but dammit it HAD to go out only 12 months later!!!
TFU1 showed some promise amongst its many weaknesses, then they release TFU2 a full 2 yrs later but at less than half the size!

Meanwhile, where is the X Wing series? The Jedi Knight series? Empire at War? Indiana Jones (NOT Wii/Lego)? Battlefront (NOT PSP)? KOTOR (NOT MMO)??
Oh that's right, they're letting them rot while they try to find some nebulous "new franchise" to start and then cut off at the knees before they get it right...

The irony is you complain about them sitting on IP when you really are complaining about them not releasing IP in whatever format you want.
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Released, Shift 2 Announced
7. Re: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Released, Shift 2 Announced Nov 17, 2010, 05:07 DarkCntry
ForgedReality wrote on Nov 17, 2010, 01:28:
HEY GUYS LOOK! We released another shit game! Here's the next utter turd we're working on.

By shit game, you mean one of the highest rated NFS titles on Metacritic everywhere, right?
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Back to the Future: The Game Details
4. Re: Back to the Future: The Game Details Oct 25, 2010, 21:51 DarkCntry
Cutter wrote on Oct 25, 2010, 21:43:
Of course it'll suck. Some crappy console game to be sure.

You referring to those 'craptastic' Monkey Island remakes and Sam & Max, right? Rolleyes
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Fallout: New Vegas Tools
15. Re: Fallout: New Vegas Tools Oct 20, 2010, 00:15 DarkCntry
You can run for the Strip right from the start with little to fear...however, getting into the Strip and dealing with being so woefully underpowered whenever you decide to try make it a rather uninteresting.

There is a bit of Deathclaw issue right past where you start, but you can actually go around that pretty easily.

I checked to see how long it'd take, it was ~20min of more careful movement to reach Freesboro...
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Fallout New Vegas Midnight Madness
11. Re: Fallout New Vegas Midnight Madness Oct 16, 2010, 04:33 DarkCntry
Charlie_Six wrote on Oct 16, 2010, 03:28:
how can you guys be excited for this game when Obsidian Entertainment is behind it?? Obsidian has been on a fail streak for the past 10 years.

I dunno, the fact that the bulk of the main development team was behind the original Fallouts could make most of us rather excited...but that's just a guess.
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > US Army on MoH Taliban Controversy
33. Re: US Army on MoH Taliban Controversy Oct 3, 2010, 06:37 DarkCntry
Simply put in two words...

Money talks.

Figuring that having military support would also be accompanied by both information/resources and funding of some degree, losing money from the coffers is generally a bad idea.

Why is it you think a lot of military-based movies try to get military support? So they don't have to spend money paying for resources that the military could supply for free and/or pony up the payment.

But that's just one reason to garner support...
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > On Star Wars: The Old Republic's Advanced Classes
1. Re: On Star Wars: The Old Republic's Advanced Classes Oct 1, 2010, 21:14 DarkCntry
Advanced classes...yes, I expect to spend 2 years building those classes only to have them removed simply because they aren't "iconic" enough  
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Civilization V Patched
32. Re: Civilization V Patched Sep 28, 2010, 18:18 DarkCntry
Mashiki Amiketo wrote on Sep 28, 2010, 17:37:
It's simplistic, no depth, with no real feeling to the game.

This is one subjective complaint, as I'm finding plenty of depth on the harder difficulties to rival that of all of the earlier Civ games in the franchise. Hell, I've found more simplicity in parts of the MOO games than in Civ V.

The differences from Civ3 to Civ4 were small. Personally they broke with what made the game good, I'd expect to see it slipping on metacritic to around 7-8/10. Don't like the new layout for civics, don't like the changes to the tech tree either.

What did they break? There's really nothing missing that wasn't in previous Civ games. They streamlined a lot of extra info that was not needed out of the general gameplay, the turns are more focused and precise to what needs to be done. Not quite sure why you don't like the Policies page, as it's almost pound-for-pound nothing more than a single-screen tech-tree.

As someone mentioned how is it like a console GUI? It's simplistic, easy to click, with big shiny buttons. Unit are super-high-sparkly, no unit stacking. It feels clunky and obtuse compared to previous civ's.

I fail to see how making the GUI focused and easier to navigate a negative, especially when stating that it's "like a console" as if it was a detrimental aspect. I get the same amount of information required in a less amount of intrusive areas, which means to me that it's a grand improvement.

Bad design changes. Wait, you mean a group of 15 guys is gonna take on a city? Nah you're required to have bombard gear now. Transports? Nah we don't need it, they're auto provided. Don't need various tech to get tech, and so on. No direct culture/gold/science adjustments.

Yes, because making Civ more realistic is a bad thing. Transports were just 'extras' and after a few tech advances you were having less and less transports in previous Civs and were just using your military craft. The change in Civ V made things far less tedious and, again, more streamlined to fit. Attacking a city should require bombarding units, as considering the aspects of a city it's highly doubtful you'll find one 'unprotected' without a wall in Civ games.

I don't quite gather what you're talking about when you say you don't need "various tech to get tech" as I do recall plenty of branching requirements. As for the direct adjustments to C/G/S, apparently you didn't look hard enough..

Meh I'm hoping some mod will fix the game, but I'm just going back to civ4, and away from the consolization.

Yes, because using it as a derogatory word makes you just that much more a gamer. Rolleyes
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Civilization V Patched
2. Re: Civilization V Patch Sep 27, 2010, 20:36 DarkCntry
I like it, a lot of Civ purists will probably complain about the minor changes, but the overall picture is that it's a better fit to the Civ games than the last few.

The hex grid system takes a little bit to get used to in the Civ contexts, but when you do it actually works out a lot better than the old stacking system.

Economics are still stiffer than they should be in that on harder difficulties it takes so much work than needed to keep yourself from going into a deep debt.

The City-state system could use a bit of work, as you're still only charged with either ignoring them, paying 'upkeep' far too much, or dominating them for the choice of having an uncontrollable city or a very unhappy city that becomes a huge hassle to deal with.

Combat is pretty much Civ combat, and yes, Archers can still defeat tanks. There's a bit more refinement to army-sized wars where you have to set up correct marching orders due to the new grid system. Attacking cities is more of a challenge here, as they actually will defend themselves without a garrisoned unit, meaning you cannot just waltz into a city and take it over if there's no garrison. I think there's far too much attrition in fighting cities, even at early stages, because they can wipe out 3/4 of your attacking unit before you even reach range to the city more often than not.

Overall, I give the game a 4.5/5 on gameplay, some minor nags here and there, but nothing huge to deal with.
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > Dragon Age II Date and Trailer
6. Re: Dragon Age 2 Date and Trailer Aug 17, 2010, 16:56 DarkCntry
Fion wrote on Aug 17, 2010, 16:38:
Liked the narration by Kate Mulgrew, who played Flemeth in the original, but every other part of the trailer I disliked. The 12 foot sword, the demon vs guy with demon blood, so cliche, so has-been, so e-rpg.

I understand a 'cool' trailer that coincides with the announcement of a AAA title is par for the course, but I do hope the trailer is nothing like the actual game. The 'last' thing we need is another super-masculine hero with a 12' sword ,some curse or torment inside him and revenge in his heart. I mean, can we not come up with something even a touch original Bioware?

I thought Dragon Age Origins was perhaps the best RPG game I'd played in many years, at the very least since The Witcher. But everything I see and hear about the sequel makes me apprehensive at best.

The sword appears to be a combination of a standard longsword and a mage staff...if that is the case, which is how the visuals show it, then I don't see an issue with the length of the weapon.

As for the fight itself, the demon-guy looks to be not really different than a smaller Darkspawn Ogre, which makes it possible that the Darkspawn *might* be in the game and have found a way around the whole Archdemon "requirement". As for the "guy with demon blood", the same type of 'event' takes place in the original DA:O trailer, so I've not really expecting it to happen here.

Should also probably say that it's not demon blood, but probably dragon's blood considering the Dragon Age aspect.
Avatar 24330
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News Comments > StarCraft II Beta Ends Tomorrow
36. Re: StarCraft II Beta Ends Tomorrow Jul 19, 2010, 11:16 DarkCntry
Ray Marden wrote on Jul 19, 2010, 07:15:
Gee, I am glad that Blizzard sent me a beta key Friday night.

I thought it was a bit silly then to only have about eleven days of play, but silly me for thinking it would even last that long.
Does this series still have its fans outside of Korea?
Guessing I'll just call it a lazy demo code,

At least you got yours over the weekend, I got mine at exactly 5pm pacific on Sunday...

Figure that the download servers were being slow, it took 2 hours to get the install, took 45min to install, then about an hour again to patch (go, go slow patch servers!), it wasn't until about 1am before I could effectively get the game started up
Avatar 24330
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