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Description An Undocumented Alien working in the US, income and FED Tax free, and sending all earned income back to the country of origin. I thank all your super left-wing liberals for all their support and I look forward to getting my driver's licience soon.
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News Comments > SimCity Pares Down Features to Meet Demand
64. Re: SimCity Pares Down Features to Meet Demand Mar 8, 2013, 08:56 Undocumented Alien
When EA buys a developer, everyone needs to quit pretending that the publisher and the developer are different entities.

This isn't Maxis failing you. Maxis no longer exists.

This is 100% the same with Activision and Blizzard (i.e. Diablo 3).

Yes, there were requests for an Auction House/Trading Post from Diablo players. They could have just keep that at the online only B.NET level and still provided a Offline SP Mode like they always did. But noooooooo, Activision saw that Diablo had a HUGE fanbase and said.. "Hmm, yes... we'll give them an Auction House alright, a REAL MONEY Auction House that we get a cut of.... and to make sure we get the most ROI out of it, EVERYBODY has to be online to play.... MWUUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!".

So we know why Diablo 3 is always online, for SimCity it must be about control (DRM). Its a shame that both companies have taken games with strong roots in SP and a large fanbase and held the games hostage, only thing we can do is stop supporting them as hard as it is. I know that I won't.
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News Comments > More on Diablo III 1.0.8 Plans
9. Re: More on Diablo III 1.0.8 Plans Mar 6, 2013, 08:18 Undocumented Alien
When they patch in that "Offline SP Mode" like D1 & D2 had I'll drop some $$$ on them. I don't give two $hit$ about an AH or RMAH, the true reasons for their online leash. The games roots are SP and COOP (LAN) with an option for B.NET. They patched in Offline SP Mode for SC2, they can do it for this game.  
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News Comments > Path of Exile Race Events
11. Re: Path of Exile Race Events Feb 22, 2013, 09:00 Undocumented Alien
I just wish there was instanced loot in public parties, the timer is a minor help but in general people at the front of the action get more than their fair share and you have to focus on following drops while fighting and perhaps stop supporting the group to collect otherwise you will lose out. A lot of people vigorously defend it and I can kind of understand but I think being forced to scrap for loot dominates the gameplay too much and is a bit offputting.

GGG should allow the person who creates the "party" to set the timer value where the default value is what it currently is but can be increased to up to let's say 60 seconds. That way it's an OPTION and the "purist's" can maintain there free-for-all loot if they want.

Personally I don't coop with strangers and my peers and I have an agreement that if the loot has/had a name on it then only that perosn picks it up, and if so inclined can share afterwards. Works just fine 99% of the time.
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News Comments > Path of Exile Race Events
5. Re: Path of Exile Race Events Feb 21, 2013, 11:47 Undocumented Alien
This is good that they have this type of event, even though I won't have the time to participate, it's cool for the PoE community overall.

This game is like Diablo 2.5 sitting on a GW infrastrucure, it's pretty interesting.

They will definetly be getting $$$ from me. Game is completely worth it and deserves it.

Hopefully they don't go down the path of AH3, but it doesn't sound like they will.

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News Comments > Diablo III Community Q&A - Patch Tomorrow
22. Re: Diablo III Community Q&A - Patch Tomorrow Feb 12, 2013, 09:14 Undocumented Alien
Three words. Path. Of. Exile. The more I play the game, the better its getting.

I agree, I'm glad I took a second look at PoE because I would have missed out on a great ARPG. PoE feels more like a Diablo game then D3 does, it's unbelievable how bad Blizz fracked up D3.

Yeah, D3's production values are higher than PoE... however, PoE is a better game by far.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
28. Re: Errr... Beamer? Feb 6, 2013, 16:38 Undocumented Alien
What does Sony do? Do they leave their console "open", expecting all gamers to flock to it? Or do they figure that if they don't follow in the same path as MS, publishers will be pissed and release on Xbox only?

Great point, it would be common sense to see game publishers cheering for the end of rentals, and if M$ gives them that they might get more exclusive rights on games, could kill Sony if they do.

Really disliking this "always on" trend happening in gaming.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
18. Re: Errr... Beamer? Feb 6, 2013, 13:10 Undocumented Alien
•Report: Next Xbox will require Internet connection.

The Next Xbox will require not being purchased from my home, much like D3.

Your right, hopefully Sony won't go down this road with the "PS4" or I won't be buying any of the next-gen consoles.
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News Comments > Diablo III PTR Updated
14. Re: Diablo III PTR Updated Feb 1, 2013, 14:24 Undocumented Alien
I've played a bunch more, and there are a few interesting bits to it, but the combat is so... clunky, it's very off-putting...

Yes, they defintely need to tweak melee combat. I played a Templar for a bit and it felt bland, then played a Archer/Ranger and Witch and had MUCH more fun. I beleive you are correct in that attack speeds are supposed to help with this. Hopefully they will take a look at this before releasing PoE. I believe I have seen forum threads on the PoE discussing this so I believe that GGG is aware of the feedback.
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News Comments > Diablo III PTR Updated
7. Re: Diablo III PTR Updated Feb 1, 2013, 11:59 Undocumented Alien
Too busy playing Path of Exile

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News Comments > Path of Exile Open Beta
57. Re: Path of Exile Open Beta Jan 28, 2013, 16:49 Undocumented Alien
They help but even when teleporting back to them you still have to traverse the entire, again randomized map again.

I believe there is a "timer" that will determine if you get a new instance of a "zone" or keep the current one when using either town portals or way points. I believe in this beta the zones are only being held for 4 minutes, whereas the "release" game will hold an empty instance for 8-12 minutes. So... I guess you have to sell/purchase really quick and get back into the instance.

I had gone through a town portal and took my sweet ass time selling and purchasing and when I went to go back into my portal it was gone, had to walk for a bit with respawned zones. Found out that the timeout was 4 minutes for open beta. Code testing...

So, in the release you should get around 10 minutes before a instance resets. That may help.
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News Comments > Path of Exile Open Beta
55. Re: Path of Exile Open Beta Jan 28, 2013, 14:09 Undocumented Alien
This is because you were getting multiple quests all over the fucking place, which made you travel back and forth.

Don't the waypoints help with this? Before I log off I try to at least get to a waypoint so I don't have to go through everything again. I don't recall having to redo many "zones".
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News Comments > Path of Exile Open Beta
53. Re: Path of Exile Open Beta Jan 28, 2013, 10:16 Undocumented Alien
I can't believe all the shit Diablo 3 got for making you be online all the time, and yet nobody sees that as bad for this game.

For the same resons Guild Wars (1) didn't get any crap for being an online ARGP, those being:

1) Guild Wars never had a Offline Single Player mode.
2) Guild Wars didn't build it's brand off offering SP/LAN support, it was a NEW IP.

Diablo has a history -

1) Diablo (1) was a mostly SP/LAN game as the internet wasn't very accessible (modem speeds were around 28.8 or less) at the time for most households. Diablo made most of thier money from SP and LAN players, which of course allowed D2 to be created...
2) Diablo 2 was a bit more of a mix with the internet becoming more accessible... BUT, D2's creators (who are gone for D3) still understood that Offline SP and LAN were important for gamers that got Diablo were it was. They made B.Net for those who wanted to do ladders etc. Not a bad thing, but it was a CHOICE, and OPTION.
3) Now Diablo 3 comes along, the buisness suits see the success of D1 & D2 (both of which were built on the backs of a LOT of SP/LAN gamers), and see the almigthy cash grab thier for the taking. They hold the brand name hostage ("Hey, you guys love Diablo!! Our way or the highway!"), drop Single Player Offline and LAN to ENFORCE THE USE OF THEIR REAL MONEY AUCTION HOUSE.

If D3 were to have ADDED another option to the offering (RMAH), and kept the legacy modes (SP/LAN/B.NET), then what used to be Blizzard wouldn't have gotten as much shit about the game. There was ZERO good excuse for dropping Offline SP (and no, no ability to import an offline toon into B.NET, JUST like D2). D3 got shit because of the pure greed of it all and fucking over drops to entice people to use the RMAH.

Now, in regards to PoE... am I pyched that it's online only? No, not really, would still LOVE to have a new Offline SP (OPTION) ARPG (like T1/T2). But... PoE costs
, that's $0 to play. D3 cost's $60 for gimped (drops) gameplay and a forced online experience for thier RMAH. PoE will have (from day 1) PvP, Ladders, shared social areas, etc. FAR superior to D3 and a FAR smaller Dev resources.

PoE is very much like playing D1/D2 but on a Guild Wars (1) infrastructure (PvP, ladders, coop, shared social areas, etc).


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News Comments > Path of Exile Open Beta
46. Re: Path of Exile Open Beta Jan 25, 2013, 15:35 Undocumented Alien
Just try what I said about the resize. Go to windowed mode, drag the bottom of the client up to resize it into a rectangle. You'll see what I mean immediately.

Awesome! My Monitor runs at 1920x1080, went into Windowed Mode, kept it wide but have about an 1.5" on top and bottom and created a nice wide rectangle, view is PERFECT now, plus I can see my desktop a bit to do other things in parallel.

Thanks for that "fix".
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News Comments > Path of Exile Open Beta
38. Re: Path of Exile Open Beta Jan 25, 2013, 09:50 Undocumented Alien
For people complaining about the passive tree, I agree it needs a redo in many respects, having 10 separate nodes of things like Fire Resist just seems clunky. That said its not anywhere near as complex as it appears, most classes start off in an area appropriate for building outward and as long as people pick up a fair amount of survivability stuff then they should be fine.

What would be good is to have GGG provide 3 (or whatever) "Templates" that help guide a path through that... "tree" thingy. For example, you pick an archer to play, maybe offer 3 types of archers for a starting point and it helps you navigate what you need to accomplish that template.

Just played a bit more and grabbed an Archer... have to say I'm digging the way that the game shows my arrows in the MOB(s) and in the environment, nice touch.

Liking the game more and more...

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News Comments > Path of Exile Open Beta
35. Re: Path of Exile Open Beta Jan 25, 2013, 08:39 Undocumented Alien
Played for about 4 hours yesterday (slow work day...). I would have to say I'm coming around on the game a bit, it's like a combo of Diablo (2) + Guild Wars (1) as far as ARPG meets Instanced gaming with a few shared player areas. I got to the first little town area after beating up the big guy on the beach and was surprised to see other live players in the town, but, it was cool (as compared to games like D3 NOT having common instances).

As far as "cons" I agree with:

Sorry to keep airing complaints, there are many things I like about the game but little annoying things keep piling up. The combat in the game could really use some work too. One of the few things Diablo3 did right was the visceral feel of combat, launching zombies into space is always a riot. I understand they're going for a more grounded approach here so I don't need anything quite that over the top but my melee character has skills like Infernal Blow and Heavy Strike which are barely animated and the enemies just kind of flinch at it.

The combat needs a better feedback mechanism, sometimes it's hard to tell if my "Club" is actually hitting a MOB or not. It's not a deal breaker, but it could be improved.

I also agree with -

My main gripes are that it's too much zoomed in, even at the max distance

I would also like to zoom out a bit more, for an isometric (which I actually like) view camera, it needs to a be a bit higher. Again, not a deal breaker, but could be improved.

Other things that weren't straight forward for a PoE noob -

Took a few seconds to figure out what the currency was when I went to buy some items from the vendors, I find it strange you have to look in the inventory window to see how much wisdom you have to spend, be better if it were a displayed somewhwere above the inventory window or in the buy/sell window (at least I didn't see it, could be wrong).

What up with the armor? Not sure when to use straight armor/evasion/energy shield... I suppose it depends on what char type you will play? Armor for Tanks? Evasion for Rogues? Energy for Spell Casters?

Pretty good game, I think I will actually be playing it a bit more, try to get some friends in to do some coop stuff.

As an FYI - in the Open Beta the Town Portal only stays open for like 4 minutes... I was buying/selling stuff and went back to my portal only to see it gone, the forums stated that the portal only persists for about 4 minutes for the beta, should be regular in the release.
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News Comments > Path of Exile Open Beta
22. Re: Path of Exile Open Beta Jan 24, 2013, 13:43 Undocumented Alien
I tried this a few months ago, thought that it was a very slow game and it didn't pull me in. But... since it's F2P, and they have worked on it for a bit since then, I'll give it another try.  
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News Comments > Diablo III PTR Updated
16. Re: Diablo III PTR Updated Jan 23, 2013, 12:04 Undocumented Alien
I miss the way Diablo (1) did Attributes and Spells. Yes, they had 3 classes, but, you could tweak and modify them to make, for example, a Warlock (Warrior with decent spell casting) or just a straight up Warrior (pour points into Strength etc.). And playing as the Wizard was always (mostly) a unique experience from character to character as you were never guaranteed the same build (spells) as the spell tombs were drops, which I believed added to the value of exploring every inch of a level.

I'd love top see Diablo (1) redone in todays technologies (graphics, etc.). I miss that each game was a true unique experience and each build was pretty unique as you were a product of the drops the game gave you and the control you had over attribute points.

I guess the Torchlight games are closer to that, but I'd still love to see Diablo (1) redone.

So... my suggestion to them would be a re-write...
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News Comments > Path of Exile Open Beta This Month
15. Re: Path of Exile Open Beta This Month Jan 10, 2013, 13:21 Undocumented Alien
Yeah, maybe it takes a bit to get into... I tried the open beta and it didn't really pull me in. Since it's "Free", I may try it again down the road when the pile of games are quieted down.  
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News Comments > GarageGames Game Development Kit Kickstarter
12. Re: GarageGames Game Development Kit Kickstarter Jan 4, 2013, 08:42 Undocumented Alien
Unity - 3D Game Development, should know 3D Engines and C#/C++, Vector Algebra.

Adventure Game Studio - 2D games, should know C.

RPG Maker - 2D, uses Ruby scripting.

Game Maker - 2D, C

Unreal Dev Kit - 3D, Unreal Script

PC Gamer had a big article on this stuff. But yeah, the assets are probably the big factor with this. I tried making a Diablo type game a LONG time ago and fizzled out when I tried to make music and art for the project.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Natural Selection 2
4. Re: Ships Ahoy - Natural Selection 2 Oct 31, 2012, 16:21 Undocumented Alien
I think I'm getting too old for MP competitive games.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing. Been enjoying offline games such as T2 and Turn based games such as CIV 5 and XCOM... definitely more my speed these days (41 now).

I remember having a LOT of fun with NS1, but a good commander is NESESSARY to make it an enjoyable experience. I think I'll probably wait a bit for NS2, see how it shakes out. But I wish them well.
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