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News Comments > Saturday Metaverse
1. Re: Saturday Metaverse Nov 15, 2008, 15:21 ldonyo
I wouldn't leave anything up to the FCC, especially in its current and quite retarded incarnation.  
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News Comments > Metaverse
1. Re: Metaverse Nov 15, 2008, 10:46 ldonyo
Network Neutrality, as a concept, needs to be codified into law. ISPs have proven over and over that, given the chance, they will make their subscribers' lives miserable just because they can. That being said, I share the fears of many that Congress does not have the technical knowledge to craft effective legislation to ensure that ISPs cannot decide what their subscribers can and cannot access in an unimpeded manner.

As for the supposed 'bandwidth crunch', it is a fairy tale spun by ISPs to justify imposing tiered pricing and force consumers of streamed and downloaded video services to pay more, just because the ISPs have the power to do so. Come February of next year, many of the largest ISPs, who are also cable companies, will have more bandwidth to work with when they no longer have to support analog signals from broadcasters.
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News Comments > Violent Games Set Boys Hearts' Aflutter
9. Re: Violent Games Set Boys Hearts' Aflutter Nov 14, 2008, 11:37 ldonyo
The next step would be to measure the same boys' heart rates while watching an action movie or their favorite sports team during a game. I'm sure they would also register elevated heart rates that coincide with action sequences in the movie or critical points during the game. All this report shows is that more countries than the US have people very interested in finding some causal link between violent video games and violent behavior, regardless of how shoddy the research is that proves it.  
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
2. Re: Morning Consolidation Nov 14, 2008, 10:16 ldonyo
I wonder how he'd react if you called him John Romero?  
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News Comments > NFLPA Loses Madden Suit
2. Re: NFLPA Loses Madden Suit Nov 11, 2008, 12:15 ldonyo
The Union totally failed to represent its members' best interests, which is completely the opposite of what a labor union is supposed to do. My guess is that there are some union execs that made out like bandits in this and will now be exposed as the greedy pigs they really are.  
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News Comments > Gold - Need for Speed Undercover
4. Re: Gold - Need for Speed Undercover Nov 10, 2008, 19:23 ldonyo
I wonder how many installs EA will allow this time?  
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News Comments > Op Ed
3. Re: Op Ed Nov 10, 2008, 12:14 ldonyo
Polls can be biased by slanting the questions to get the response the poll's sponsor wants. This is done all the time, which is why the results of every poll should be taken with a truckload of salt.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
3. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 9, 2008, 19:29 ldonyo
Monday Night Football is a joke. ESPN is a joke. Hell, most announcers for NFL games are a joke. Madden used to be good, but he's been lost somewhere in 1992 for a long time now. Al Michaels is now the best play-by-play announcer since Pat Summerall retired, but he's stuck with a nearly-senile Madden. No wonder the TV ratings have been sinking faster than the Titanic!  
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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: etc. Nov 9, 2008, 19:24 ldonyo
Don Mattrick should get with Al Gore and file a lawsuit against everyone on Earth.  
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News Comments > etc.
1. Re: etc. Nov 9, 2008, 19:22 ldonyo
Gamestop is 'becoming' careless? When were they not?  
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News Comments > The Blame Game
5. Re: The Blame Game Nov 9, 2008, 19:20 ldonyo
If the kid died, how can they possibly prove he was addicted to anything? Kids fall out of trees every day. Some of them die. Kids run away from home every day. Some of them end up dead. I fail to see how the end result justifies the 'addicted' label simply because this kid played video games. Why doesn't someone try to find out what really happened, rather than trying to find something to blame this on?  
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
1. Re: Gatherings & Competitions Nov 7, 2008, 11:42 ldonyo
XFX giveaway is UK only.  
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News Comments > Game Hostility Study Follow-ups
6. Re: Game Hostility Study Follow-ups Nov 4, 2008, 19:57 ldonyo
And I thought Surf was just a detergent.

Hal is not saying that video games definitely have no effect on children. What Hal wants is a study done by people that aren't trying to figure just how much video games are to blame for all of society's ills.

I absolutely agree that all forms of entertainment media need to be included in a truly comprehensive study. I also agree that any study done should be done by completely objective third parties, not shills for one side or the other.

I further believe that the results of such a study should then be examined by a separate set of neutral third party types to ensure that some form of bias did not find its way into the results through interpretation of said results or the methodologies used to gather them.

I, too, would be willing to get to work on this right after the grant check clears my bank.
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News Comments > Op Ed
1. Re: Op Ed Oct 31, 2008, 17:41 ldonyo
Sorry, another Star Wars MMO will never be better than another KotOR.  
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News Comments > Dante's Inferno Game Revealed
3. Re: Dante's Inferno Game Revealed Oct 31, 2008, 11:45 ldonyo
Given the amount of cash EA is hemorrhaging on a monthly basis, this may never see the light of day if they can't get a movie tie-in for it. As an added bonus, EA could use a DRM scheme that refuses to let legitimate customers ever play the game. Oh, wait, they already do that...  
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
6. Bug in PS3 firmware Oct 20, 2008, 20:41 ldonyo
Is this really news anymore? Has Sony released a version of PS3 firmware without a bug?  
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News Comments > Saturday Tech Bits
1. ATI HD 4850 X2 Oct 18, 2008, 18:01 ldonyo
Why? What possible reason could there be for producing a card that combines two mainstream graphics chips and two gigabytes of memory? Given the global nature of the current economic downturn, how many of these cards do ATI's manufacturing partners think they're going to sell?

Added to that question is this one: How many of these cards will be returned when the performance gain that is expected by the purchaser fails to materialize because Windows can only address the 2GB of video RAM and 2GB of system RAM for the 32-bit versions of XP and Vista?How many potential purchasers of these cards are even aware of the RAM addressing limitations of their 32-bit OS? How many sellers of these cards are aware of this?
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News Comments > Legal Briefs
1. The Real Problem Oct 18, 2008, 17:49 ldonyo
It is clowns like this that are gaming's real problem, not the torrent sites. Just as screener DVDs are typically the ones that are copied and made available online by people that were trusted not to do just that, video games are being taken from the manufacturing floor of duplicators and sold to folks that then make copies and sell them.

I would guess that there is a background check involved at some point during the hiring process at places like Technicolor, but I do not know for certain. If there isn't, there should be. If there is, there is a definite need for improvement in the process. At the very least, shouldn't the employees go through some sort of check on their way out of the facility to make sure they didn't steal something?
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News Comments > Op Ed
1. Digital Content 'Crisis' Oct 18, 2008, 17:22 ldonyo
The only crisis is that industries so used to creating a physical medium for their wares seem to have absolutely no clue how to work in a digital manner. The irony of this is that most of the content these industries create is stored, worked on and completed in a digital format before it is shipped off to be put onto a physical medium of some sort.

As for royalties from used game sales, that should happen at the same time that auto manufacturers get paid for the sale of a used car.
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
3. Re: No subject Oct 10, 2008, 19:46 ldonyo
Wasn't that Temple of Elemental Evil?  
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