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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today
99. Re: Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today Aug 4, 2012, 14:45 OpticNerve
Agent.X7 wrote on Aug 4, 2012, 14:31:
I liked crafting too, but it's pretty involved, so I didn't do too much of it. (Why waste the time in a limited beta period?) I made a couple of masks and outfits for my Necro then stopped when I realized I had just spent more time crafting than I had adventuring.

Crafting was pretty fun once you dug into it a bit. Due to how the discovery system works, it can also give you a big boost in XP. According to Arenanet, if you max out all crafting professions on one character, you'd be able to reach level 80 solely based on crafting XP.

Did you guys check out the Vistas system in the last BWE? I never thought that I'd enjoy a platforming system in an MMO but my friends and I were addicted to going around and doing some platforming to grab all the Vistas we saw or doing optional platforming puzzle areas like the Asuran Lava room. Lots of fun stuff there.

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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today
91. Re: Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today Aug 4, 2012, 01:16 OpticNerve
Axis wrote on Aug 3, 2012, 23:12:

It'd odd how you keep evading all these questions when people reply to you with facts. Over and over again. You have YET to answer one single question that's asked of you and yet you keep expecting others to answer your nonsensical, vague questions and bring up pointless other subjects to try to deflect and defend yourself (PvX, really?).

I have no idea what you're trying to point out with this PvX thing. So far for the GW2 betas, there seems to be a ton of builds being posted across various sites and the GW2 pvp forums across various fansites are busy with people posting builds and concept builds for PvE, PvP, and WvWvW. The thing is, anyone with common sense knows that they can't compare the two. Why? Because one is a wiki with static words and images while the other has flash sites built to mimic the UI and to let players custom build ther classes. One is a centralized wiki where people go to to pick a Build of the Month while the other are a bunch of sites scattered all across the internet.

Do you want me to go to the future, scour every single build site and count up the total amount of builds listed after 8 years (the time from GW1's release until now)?

I'll state it once again: What's your point with this?

Okay what do I like and dislike about Guild Wars 2. Easy. I'll copy and paste my post from another forum topic about GW2:

OpticNerve wrote:
[What I like]:

+ Removal of the Holy Trinity classes: Every class can avoid damage, every class can heal themselves, every class can do lots of damage. This makes it so that you're less reliant on specific classes just to experience end-game content. No more "Looking for Healers"

+ No more mob/ore-tagging: You're actually glad to see people around you and don't hate the fact that other players are nearby.

+ Weapon-skill system: It's less about having 50 buttons on your screen and more about using what weapons and skills you have correctly. Just look at any of the numerous sPvP build videos on YouTube and you'll see that it's not simply about button-mashing. And unlike GW1, ALL the weaponskills are useful.

+ Combat: You're no longer restricted to standing in place, waiting for skills to cool down. Guild Wars 1 had plenty of this. This is fact. You can move while using most skills as well as dodge and evade attacks if you time it right. It's actually about skill and positioning now. Once you get a hold of weapon swapping, it changes up the gameplay cause it's almost like a FPS in that your weapons are now tools you use at certain situations. A greatsword/rifle warrior plays differently in mindset than a greatsword/mace & shield warrior. The former is about being mobile while dishing out AOE damage and swapping to the rifle to deal single target kiting damage to tougher mobs and the later is about mobile AoE damage and turtling up with stuns while being defensive when the shit hits the fan.

+ Heart System & Events: For me, this seems like a more enjoyable method of questing. You don't have to talk to a single NPC and you don't have to go from exclamation mark to exclamation mark. Hearts and Events usually offer multiple methods to filling up a Heart than killing the same mobs over again. You can use Karma points to buy only what you want from Heart NPCs and not have the game force you to pick from a bunch of crap items you'll never use or don't want.

What's more is that later Events can change up depending on what tier state they're in. I've seen enemy centaurs invade a town and completely take it over, removing the waypoint there and putting all the venders and npcs there in an unconscious state. Then they start invading nearby towns and it can cascade from there. On the flipside, once I've taken back a town, I might have an Event where I'm bringing back venders so that they can repopulate the town again and sell to players. Then another Event might kick in forcing players to defend the town from centaurs.

+ Personal Story Backgrounds: While not as extensive as Mass Effect's, it's nice to have different Personal Story missions and replies based on what you selected for your background biography and how you answer NPCs ( It adds some personality to your character that tends to be missing from most other MMOs.

+ No Monthly Fee: Pay for the game and that's it.

+ SPvP: Structured PvP is an addictive MOBA-like affair where it has it's own leveling/rank system which lets you kite out your character in better looking gear. Since every single player is auto-leveled to 80 and gets the same free gear and runes to equip yourself with, it's all about player skill, teamwork and communication and not about a player level or gear.

+ WvWvW: World vs World vs World is quite epic since it pits three servers against each other for dominance on 4 gigantic maps. Being able to capture and defend forts and castles with boiling lava, trebuchettes, arrow carts and siege golems against hundreds of players on screen is just epicly massive and a fun experience IMO. And it's all for passive bonuses that the entire server will receive. It's also an alternative for PvE since it uses that same character (but statleveled up to 80). You can hop back and forth and gain loot, exp and gold.

[What I Dislike]:

- Personal Story: Certain races tend to have more exciting personal stories than others. Humans in general seem to be the least exciting in regards to what happens in their Personal Stories while Charr and Asura seem to have the most unique adventures in theirs.

- Zerging Events: Due to how players can interact with each other without the need to form parties, there can be a zerging mob mentality when it comes to events and a tough Event can turn out to be easy just based on the sheer amount of people around there. This relies heavily on Arenanet to balance out the scaling of event mobs. I fully expect the first few days of release to be zerg-like at the low level areas due to the amount of new players. I will say that it gets a lot less zergy as the days go along and players are more spread out in zones.

- WvWvW Zerging: Due to the nature of the mode, there's bound to be a lot of zerging and when you're in a server that tends to zerg a lot and not use strategy and tactics (not protecting supply wagon npcs or not building siege equipment to take on heavily defended forts) it can be frustrating to be around. Small strike forces seem to be the key but there's not that many servers that co-ordinate well enough to use them.

- Spammy Effects: While it's a lot better now in BWE3 than it was in BWE1, it can be a bit spammy when you're around a lot of players who are all casting spells and targeting one boss enemy. It can use a bit more tweaking so that things are more clearer in it's current state.

- SPVP: Like in almost every MMO ever, there's bound to be Builds of the Month that people tend to gravitate to. It happened in WoW, it happened in GW1 (Warrior/Monks) and it happens in GW2. It's unavoidable really.

Two months? Come on, you could at least try harder. I've played all the Beta Weekends, all the Stress tests, gotten one character to level 35, another to his 20s, and in the last BWE, created a bunch of alts to try out different races and classes (was also busy playing sPvP and WvWvW) and I'm STILL very much looking forward to the release date and can't wait till it arrives.

So now Axis, instead of being vague, deflective, wishy-washy and insulting (notice how I have yet to insult you and yet you're constantly taking pot-shots at me), why don't you start answering some questions that you've been avoiding?

This comment was edited on Aug 4, 2012, 01:55.
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today
87. Re: Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today Aug 3, 2012, 21:48 OpticNerve
Axis wrote on Aug 3, 2012, 20:10:
And leveling up wasn't the focus on GW1, but ya you don't seem to realize that either.

I'm really starting to think you didn't play much of GW2 if you can say that about GW1 and think that GW2 is all about leveling given that you get downleveled in many areas to suit the content of the zone. You get trait and item bonuses but those get downscaled as well. Rushing to level to 80 asap won't be as important as it is in many other MMOs.

Axis wrote on Aug 3, 2012, 20:10:
When I read back through this thread you know what I noticed. Almost every one of the GW2 fanatics posted nothing but rants, insults and generalizations, and most were towards me while giving no accolades to their beloved game.

Oh puh-lease, you were right in the thick of it calling people kids or trolls and thinking that people who have played a game that they like but that you don't uninformed idiots who are new to gaming. Rather than stating that you wished GW2 was more like GW1 and didn't like it (as Horrorscope did), you came in here treating people like zealous, blind fanboys who didn't know any better.

Why bother giving accolades when people who liked GW2 stated that they did and already bought it? Doesn't that pretty much say, "I like what's in GW2 so I bought a copy"? I personally have posted in prior threads on Blues about what I really liked about GW2 and what I didn't like about it. Even with it's flaws, I had a lot of fun with my friends during the BWEs and will most likely continue to do so when it's released.

Axis wrote on Aug 3, 2012, 20:10:
So ya, stuff it. Answer my question about PvX.
Sure I know all about PvX. Don't act like it's some super elite site when it's simply a wiki of various copy & paste of Builds of the Months. You want to compare a wiki of all the various builds of a game that's been released for years to a game that has yet to come out yet? Oh-kay...

But sure I'll give it a shot. Based on all the various random sites that I've been following, there's a ton of build talk (especially for sPvP and WvWvW) and there's already a big handfull of diffferent sites with build calculators for the betas (off the top of my head, there's,,,,,, and many more that I can't remember the URLs to.) At alone, there's 300+ listed builds (and that's not even counting the private ones) based off of the betas. BETAS being the important word here. I'm sure that once the game comes out there'll be even more builds and that's only one build calculator site and not even the most popular one (since it isn't updated to the newest BWE).

No, there probably won't ever be a wiki for the GW2 builds cause there needs to be a UI to handle it based on how it all works. I'm not really getting what your point is with the whole PvX thing.

As a sidenote: here's a listing of the various gaming communities and guilds that'll be making guilds and picking servers as their homeworld strictly for World vs World vs World:

This comment was edited on Aug 3, 2012, 21:56.
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today
76. Re: Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today Aug 3, 2012, 17:42 OpticNerve
Axis wrote on Aug 3, 2012, 16:55:
From all of the various GW fansite forums and gaming sites, a big majority seem to like the changes that GW2 had and seem to understand that GW1 and GW2 are different games, as in, one's a multiplayer RPG and the other is an MMO. Somehow you don't seem to understand that.

1) - Comprehension is the key here. As I and Arenanet have said before, the reason why they bring up new blank forums and take them down after a week of every BWE is so that they can find all of the important must-have bugs, feedback and issues that they need to work on or improve for each and every single BWE. If they constantly left up the forums, it would be a huge jumbled mess and would make their job that much harder. It's an actual beta where they've found issues, bugs and balances and have actually worked on fixing them and adding in new QoL features. Do you think they would do the same thing when GW2 is released where they'd randomly open and shut down forums on a whim? Get some common sense here, jeez.

2) - Kind of shows how little you know really. In most cases, it was always the opposite of what you've said. GW1 isn't hard to start with. You do exactly as you've said: jump in, kill shit and continue on with the campaign story. PVP is a little more convoluted but it doesn't take that long before you can jump in and kill other players.

For GW2, it's been well-known in the beta that GW2 can be overwhelming and confusing at first for many new players. That's why they implemented Tutorial Tooltips in the last two BWEs to help ease new players into the various features of GW2. And they STILL need to add more introductory Tooltips for certain features such as the Mystic Forge, buying/equipping mining tools, etc.

3) & 4) - There weren't any questions to answer on my end. I asked you a specific question based on your quotes of,
Axis wrote on Aug 3, 2012, 12:19:
Get this, clear that, run here, get experience, jump in a group of dudes fighting some big monster, get more experience. Now I don't have a problem with that, that's what MMO types are. But it's NOT REVOLUTIONARY, Unique, engrossing, or requiring anything more than just being there."
Axis wrote on Aug 3, 2012, 12:19:
this bland formula is repeated until endgame. So you better totally love this worn out MMO formula, because it doesnt change at all - ever.
How exactly is this different from GW1? The only big change in the later levels of GW1 was the Heroes system and that didn't come into play until the Nightfall campaign introduced it.

Your 4th post here is very odd because it sounds like you're solely describing PvP in regards to,
Axis wrote on Aug 3, 2012, 16:55:
...going head to head on teams
And yet most of your complaints were about GW2's PvE or weaponskill system and didn't delve much at all about PvP or WvWvW.

5) - And yet again, you didn't answer my reply with why you think Guild War 1's broken skilldeck system (only a small handful of useful skills compared the a big chunk of worthless skills) is somehow better than GW2's always useful weaponskill system combined with Traits and Utility Skills?

Now I have a few questions for you. You keep alluding at how you're some sort of Guild Wars 1 specialist so give me your character name and we can all see how far you went in GW1 at

And you seem to imply that you've played in the Guild Wars 2 betas or stress tests. Which classes did you play? Up to what level? What Weaponsets did you use? What game modes did you try out? If you've actually played it, what is the quickest way to reach Lion's Arch in GW2 from anywhere?

Why do I have this distinct feeling that you're basing your opinions of GW2 on stuff you've either read or seen in videos or that you've played one of the BWEs for an hour or so and jumped to the quick conclusion of, "less skills = crappy game."

This comment was edited on Aug 3, 2012, 17:59.
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today
68. Re: Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today Aug 3, 2012, 15:07 OpticNerve
Axis wrote on Aug 3, 2012, 12:19:
So basically you want them to completely redo Guild Wars 1.

The thing is, I know that a chunk of Blue's News people have actively played Guild Wars 1 from old posts, including having a guild set up for it and enjoying the game. I personally have beaten every single GW1 campaign and currently have 36 Hall of Monuments points saved up so I have played GW1 extensively before.

And you know what? I love the distinct changes from Guild Wars 1 that Guild Wars 2 has. This time, Arenanet wanted to make an MMO, not a heavily-instanced party RPG with hubs that GW1 was.

Anyway to get to your points:

1st: Arenanet's forums have not been plastered consistantly with negative posts. I don't know where the hell you're getting that from but the majority of the negative posts that I've seen have been about specific balance issues with classes or QoL features that they want to be in the game. Arenanet opens up and closes the forums because they only want direct feedback from people who HAVE JUST PLAYED the betas. If they left the forums open 24/7, it'd be bogged down with needless posts that don't pertain to any issues that affect the current state of the betas. It's not hard to understand why they did this nor is it some dark conspiracy that Arenanet has to "hide the truth" over gamers.

2nd: I've played the prequel, fully completed it and am glad for the changes that GW2 has. It's hardly dumbed down. From the action-based fast-paced combat system, the co-op friendly PvE that never holds your hand like you're some little child, the MOBA-like addictiveness of sPvP to the massive and epic scale of World vs World vs World, they're all features that I and my friends really enjoyed during the BWEs.

3rd: And this is different from Guild Wars 1... how?

4th: And this is different from Guild Wars 1... how?

5th: Huh, I could have sworn that there was an extensive traits and utility skill system in GW2 for player customization... in comparison to GW1's sole skilldeck system?

They couldn't have effectively brought in the same skill system (which I think is your biggest beef with GW2) that GW1 had. As many numerous skills that it offered, only a small select builds were ever viable in the game and of any use. In GW2, I've seen every single weapon for every class being used in one way or another in PvE, sPvP and WvWvW. Based on the Warrior class alone, I've seen bleed-traited 1H Sword Warriors, stun-heavy 2H Hammer Warriors, single-target kiting Rifle Warriors, AOE Longbow Warriors, etc. And that's just for the different weapon sets. Add in utility skills and you get more variations added in such as Banner Warriors, Shout-based Warriors, Sigil-precision/crit Warriors, Bola/Bullsrush/Stomp Warriors, etc. etc. THEN add in weapon swap/Engineer Kits/Elementalist Attunements and that just opens wide the various weapon combinations and setups that you can have going at any single time. It's hardly dumbed down and there's so many variations and nuances mixed in that most people don't see until they've played a while and unlocked all the skill slots and taken a good look at all the traits.

TL:DR: It all boils down to the fact that you wanted Arenanet to exactly remake Guild Wars 1 but with purdier graphics. It's understandable if you wanted only that, but at least for me and my circle of friends, we're VERY glad that Arenanet changed the game formula and tried something different. I DO have issues with the game and there are certain features that I miss from Guild Wars 1 (the heroes system in particular), but overall, compared to most other MMOs, I'm very happy with the current state of GW2.

You know, if you only wanted to play Guild Wars 1, you could always, you know, play Guild Wars 1 and stop trying to put words into people's mouths. PLEASE stop acting like you're speaking for anyone except yourself. You constantly act like you're some gaming prophet that's come to uncover the blindfolds from the peons and unwashed gaming masses. But in reality, you're just one guy who wanted a company to remake the exact same game that you used to love. You speak for YOURSELF and no one else.

This comment was edited on Aug 3, 2012, 16:55.
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News Comments > Digital Diablo III Now Spends 72 Hours as Starter Edition
21. Re: Digital Diablo III Now Spends 72 Hours as Starter Edition Jun 21, 2012, 21:35 OpticNerve

Calling it now: Diablo 3 is Blizzard's Dragon Age 2.

This comment was edited on Jun 22, 2012, 00:05.
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News Comments > EU Diablo III Patch Live; Repair Costs Draw Fire
33. Re: EU Diablo III Patch Live; Repair Costs Draw Fire Jun 20, 2012, 14:53 OpticNerve
Shelved the game for now. I think the RM/AH pretty much ruined Diablo 3 for me. Hopefully the expansion will make the game more interesting.

Blizzard wants money. Money is made from the RMAH. Blizzard will continue nerfing "exploits" (aka. fun) to get people to rely heavily on the RMAH. It's blatantly clear that everything going forward now is based on Blizzard forcing players (via WoW-like MMO nerfs) to run to the RMAH in order to have a chance at the end game (Inferno).

It's just so clear that two different teams worked on Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 and how the mindsets between the two games are completely different. It's also sad how D2 had much more advanced and fun gameplay involved than D3.
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News Comments > TERA Free Trial
40. Re: TERA Free Trial Jun 14, 2012, 18:44 OpticNerve
I don't understand the appeal of TERA's combat system in comparison to GW2's. Been watching some youtube vids and reading some threads but as far as I know:

  • Attacks, skills and spells root you into place

  • Some of the classes can dodge

  • You fight over-sized monsters called BAMs which have telegraphed moves

  • There's a crosshair

  • Main attack is bound to mouse 1 by default

  • No tab targeting

  • GW2:
  • Most attacks, skills and spells can be used and cast while moving aside from a very small handful of skills that purposely root you in place. Might account for the floaty feeling of combat some people have mentioned

  • All classes can dodge

  • Elites don't have easily noticeable telegraphed moves

  • No crosshair

  • The "main" attack is set to auto attack by default but can be unset and clicked on to "swing"

  • Uses tab or click targeting, but anything within reach or in the way of your attack or spell when used will be hit regardless

  • So aside from the crosshair and lack of tab targeting, what's so great about TERA's combat system in comparison?
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    News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Beta This Weekend
    26. Re: Guild Wars 2 Beta This Weekend Jun 7, 2012, 02:59 OpticNerve
    HorrorScope wrote on Jun 6, 2012, 18:38:
    OpticNerve wrote on Jun 6, 2012, 15:24:

    I forgot where I've read this but apparently low level areas have less drastic dynamic events to ease players to the whole Events system but once you get to mid/high leveled zones, more dynamic "cause and effect" progress shows up such as enemy mobs being able to attack locations,

    I hear yah, but what type of smarts does it take to run a dynamic event? What are we reducing our selves to? You see and react and you have a boat load of players around you at the beginning even if you are a putz with a mouse. Then the further you get in, the less people will be around thus not kicking in dynamic events perhaps, so if they are better later, will they run well?

    I found playing the DE's were more apparent earlier on.

    Also the part about "it gets better later", there are only so many times I can buy into that. Almost all MMO's have the "I'm bored person". Response "How far have you made it?". "Level Blah blah", "Oh it gets better at blah, you just needed to play a bit more". Rarely has a game started average and then wow'd me later.

    None of this pointed at you, just attacking some stereotypes.

    I think that has more to do with the fact that it becomes very zergy at the low levels due to the sheer amount of new players during a beta weekend and it will probably happen again once the game goes retail at first. I do know that some of the beginning area events have different outcomes and variations but that would require the players actually failing to beat an event and the sheer zerginess of the low level zones prevents that from happening very often. The horde of low level players makes it tough for the enemy AI to win at low levels so it gets reset and repeated often.

    I've found that this isn't always the case once you hit the mid-level zones and when you have a higher chance to "lose" an event, different outcomes and variations show up more often. At least that was my experience with my group of friends during the first BWE/Stress Test.
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    News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Beta This Weekend
    13. Re: Guild Wars 2 Beta This Weekend Jun 6, 2012, 15:24 OpticNerve
    Verno wrote on Jun 6, 2012, 14:14:
    I just wish the dynamic events were a bit more "dynamic", rather than the same 2 or 3 happening in the same area, all the time.

    That's one of the things I was worried about. Rift had that same issue and became incredibly boring very quickly for me.

    I forgot where I've read this but apparently low level areas have less drastic dynamic events to ease players to the whole Events system but once you get to mid/high leveled zones, more dynamic "cause and effect" progress shows up such as enemy mobs being able to attack locations, down friendly NPCs, nullify waypoints, take control of a place and move forward to continue taking over locales near there.

    I do remember that during my last BWE/stress test, certain mid-level places which I had waypoint access to were contested by enemy AI and if they won, it no longer let me quick travel to there or have access to any of the downed venders until we fought and won back the place. The Heart events would then change for the players to do various tasks to help the NPCs rebuild.
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    News Comments > Star Wars: The Old Republic F2P Next Month
    10. Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic F2P Support Coming Jun 4, 2012, 17:26 OpticNerve
    This title's a bit misleading. A trial up to level 15 is hardly F2P.  
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    News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Stress Test
    17. Re: Guild Wars 2 Stress Test May 11, 2012, 00:20 OpticNerve
    xXBatmanXx wrote on May 10, 2012, 23:44:
    ah crap....I want to jump on this so bad considering the time I put in all 4 games of the original...but I have so much to do in the original games that I have a hard time getting the new one....and so much to play, and D3, TL2, etc etc etc....

    Someone convince me to get it......

    Well, aside from lore, setting and certain background characters, the game is very much a different sort of game than Guild Wars 1. It's an actual MMO now and imo, one done right.

    Everything from the combat system, to the way the game actively encourages co-operation without the need to be in a group, the removal of the DPS/tank/healer trinity, the way they effectively removed the dated quest system, to the insanely fun pvp and worldvsworldvsworld modes really made me excited about an MMO again. I think the only one that made me this hyped was Ultima Online. It's like they decided to make an MMO without the bullshit that plagues most MMOs out now. And all this without a monthly subscription fee.

    This vid shows a bit about how the Dynamics Events system works in GW2 and how there are a lot of nuances that can be missed if you just rush it:

    And this one from the same guy shows the consequences to failing an event:

    Since the previous beta weekend did away with the NDAs, there's a ton of gameplay videos on youtube and I would highly suggest browsing for them and seeing if GW2 looks fun for you.

    I'm probably gushing over the game like a fanboy, but I had a crapload of fun in the previous beta weekend and can't wait for this stress test, as short as it'll be :[
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    News Comments > Space Rangers HD: A War Apart Announced
    26. Re: Space Rangers HD: A War Apart Announced Apr 18, 2012, 18:04 OpticNerve
    If some of the original devs started a Kickstarter for a "spiritual successor to Space Rangers 2" I would devote lots of money for that. SR2 was really quite underrated and I had a blast with the game, warts and all. In fact, I think I originally picked it up because a lot of you guys on here kept commenting about how good it was.

    I'll definitely pick up this HD remake. It's not SR3 but it's better than nothing imo.
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    News Comments > Baldur's Gate Enhanced Editions Announced
    32. Re: Baldur's Gate Enhanced Editions Announced Mar 16, 2012, 03:04 OpticNerve
    Where's my damned Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition? :[  
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    News Comments > "Major" Assassin's Creed Announcement Nears
    16. Re: Re: Mar 1, 2012, 01:39 OpticNerve
    Whoops! Didn't see that earlier link.

    I like the new setting but I'm not liking that design much (if it is the final design) since it just seems like it'll stand out given the time-frame it takes place in. Can't really blend in when you're the only one walking around wearing a white hood and everyone else is wearing hats and whatnot. That garb just looks too out of place.

    This comment was edited on Mar 1, 2012, 01:47.
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    News Comments > "Major" Assassin's Creed Announcement Nears
    12. Re: Mar 1, 2012, 01:10 OpticNerve
    Was linked to this earlier today. Not sure if it's legit or not but given the comments here so far, it seems likely.

    Needless to say, SPOILER ALERT if you don't wanna know what the main character might end up looking like.
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    News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
    2. Re: Morning Tech Bits Dec 20, 2011, 14:19 OpticNerve
    Yeah I've had bad experiences with Seagate HDs, so I guess I'll have to add Samsung to that list of HD venders not to buy from.  
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    News Comments > Enhanced Skyrim UI
    4. Re: Enhanced Skyrim UI Dec 18, 2011, 13:41 OpticNerve
    Posted this in the other Skyrim thread:

    Another mod that's a great compliment to SkyUI is the Expanded Favorites Menu mod:

    There's a lot of configuration options so using the Nexus Mod Manager to configure this mod to your liking is highly recommended.

    This mod and SkyUI really helps with turning the consolized UI into something more PC-centric.

    This comment was edited on Dec 18, 2011, 14:17.
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    News Comments > Skyrim Ships 10M; "Fastest Selling Title in Steam's History"
    61. Re: On Sale Dec 18, 2011, 01:54 OpticNerve
    One MUST HAVE mod coupled with SkyUI is the Expanded Favorites Menu mod:

    Currently since there's a lot of configuration options, using the Nexus Mod Manager to configure this mod to your liking is highly recommended.

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    News Comments > Skyrim and D3D Antilag
    36. Re: Skyrim and D3D Antilag Nov 28, 2011, 15:13 OpticNerve
    Just going to post that I would not recommend doing the popular "iPresentInterval = 0 tweak in the INI file" thing to disable vsync since it seems like it has a chance of messing up various things including introducing wonky physics and npcs messing up their schedules (thus possibly messing up quest-related stuff involving schedules). Here's a thread with more information along with a fix for those of you who've already had messed up npc schedules:

    Do Not Disable VSync
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