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News Comments > Galactic Command: Echo Squad SE Demo
14. Re: Copy Protection Mar 11, 2008, 15:03 Lorcin
I really wanted to see where this had gone given the time that has passed and thought maybe the whole thing had moved into some type of playable game.

Isn't it only about 6 months since we ripped it out the last one?

Oh and Derek can you please stop being SamuraiSaint he really is quite insufferable. Switch back to hellbinder please - then we all know it's you.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Galactic Command Echo Squad SE
21. Re: Game's Full Docs Released Mar 8, 2008, 21:21 Lorcin
rofl as this thread is dead (over 12 hours on blues) this isn't technically breaking my word on derek baiting but really???

He'll consider putting an option in to allow possibly remapping one of the controls - politicians give a more direct answer then that.

The game is meant to look like shite because it's retro-look. Yeah sure, and the huge ammounts of cross-hatching in are obviously driver faults yeah?

The new fanboi account of spaced is fooling NOBODY derak - seriously come on. Did you forget your hellbinder logons already?


This comment was edited on Mar 8, 21:22.
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News Comments > Windows LIVE Marketplace Coming
14. Re: No subject Mar 7, 2008, 13:08 Lorcin
Actually the reason we're not officially in a recession is because we aren't - there are specific criteria for that term to apply.

In macroeconomics, a recession is a decline in a country's gross domestic product (GDP), or negative real economic growth, for two or more successive quarters of a year.

It is fair to say that the economy has tanked and that the government is not admitting it. I think the term for the current state is the wacky "stag-flation" - stagnant growth combined with inflation.

Fairy nuff - obviously as not living in the US whilst I do see the effects (nearly 1:2 GBP:$ is nice) the exact macroeconomical situation is not that covered in out media.

I still think that maybe people should not be so shocked that game sales in US are down.

Ohhhhh maybe we could start a sweepstake, which will the US government admit first:

A) The economy is in trouble
B) Global warming is very real
C) They only invaded Iraq for the oil

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Galactic Command Echo Squad SE
3. Re: Respect Mar 7, 2008, 13:03 Lorcin
oh I can't be bothered. Derek baiting is getting a bit old.

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News Comments > Windows LIVE Marketplace Coming
10. Re: No subject Mar 7, 2008, 11:43 Lorcin
Sales are better outside North American?

I thought the American economy was totaled fubar and the only reason your not offically in recession is because the government won't admit it.

Maybe that has something to do with it?

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News Comments > THQ Director Blames Piracy for Iron Lore Closure
82. Re: No subject Mar 4, 2008, 13:40 Lorcin
Ok aside from the fact that if your talking about plans on how to install a eeprom and the code needed to unlock a wii then yeah it's avaliable. Maybe you'd be more satisfied with a firmware which would unlock a PSP?

Firmware to crack a 360 - yup it's there.

BTW you are the only person saying that everyone is leaving the PC platform and really I'm afraid trying to impress people with past connections to lionhead (who have made 1 widely accecpt classic game) whilst linking to "Rock-legend" is a bit of odd tactic. It's really akin me saying I used to work on Canary Warf and therefore know everything there is to know about building 50 storey buildings.

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News Comments > THQ Director Blames Piracy for Iron Lore Closure
49. Re: RE: PC game prices Mar 4, 2008, 02:14 Lorcin
Am I missing something? How exactly is PC gaming in decline.

There are still niche markets and games on the PC such as flight sims and the games are still being made.

The adventure company seems to pump out new games on a monthly basis as are Sam and Max etc.

The only way things seem worse is that PC games do not generate the sales and therefore do not always get the huge selling console titles. But that exactly what everybody here claims they don't want anyway.

FPS are now going console based? Fine, the whole teenage trash talking t-bagging mentality (which has existed since quake) is far better suited to consoles anyway. So apart from the endless stream of WWII shooters and thoose oh so stunning need for speed games what exactly has pc gaming lost?????

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News Comments > THQ Director Blames Piracy for Iron Lore Closure
17. Re: No subject Mar 3, 2008, 23:27 Lorcin
Take the recent leak of Assasin's Creed for example, the game isn't out yet but it's all over the torrents. You tell me that isn't going to effect the sales of that game on PC.

Everything I have read says that no it's not leaked. The first few hours are complete then there are fatal crashes due to corrupt files. Basically from what I have read it's an 8gb demo and many many people are saying they will now buy the full version based on what they've seen.

Titan Quest was never exactly the future of gaming though was it. It was a rehash of Diablo/Dungeon Siege style gameplay where the most difficult element of the gameplay seemed to be managing your inventory.

I don't get the whole DRM bit either though - it costs an awfull lot and at best will last 2 weeks before it's smashed to pieces anyway. The ONLY copy protection I have every heard of working for more then a couple of months is the PS3.

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News Comments > Windows LIVE Boycott
15. Re: No subject Mar 3, 2008, 11:35 Lorcin
I do hope they are writing that from a linux box as obviously they must boycott Windows as well.


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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
14. Re: Blu-ray not big enough for MGS4. Feb 29, 2008, 19:37 Lorcin

Actually all you little console fanboys aside - this news sucks. Exactly how many DVDs is this game going to come on?

Or are they going to do a pisspoor port ala Resi 4 for the PC.

(BTW before you tell me there is no PC version planned please open your eyes)

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News Comments > DX10 Assassin's Creed Faster Than DX9
20. Re: No subject Feb 26, 2008, 01:04 Lorcin
I'm in on the vista is a buggy pos. I had a new dell with quad core and 8800gt delivered 3 weeks ago. Of course it had vista installed.

It took me 5 hours to BSOD, would randomly not boot at times and I either got CTD or PSOD playing mmos about 10 mins after I logged on at times.

I finally had enough this weekend and rebuilt it to xp - what a surprise not a single crash or problem.

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News Comments > Champions Online Announced
5. Re: No subject Feb 20, 2008, 13:10 Lorcin
So this is the game that wasn't good enough for marvel?

Can't wait. Honest.

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News Comments > Blue Mars Announced
5. Re: Blue's? Feb 20, 2008, 00:27 Lorcin

Yeah sure - a MMO using the crysis engine. That won't lag at raids at all will it!

Vanguard used the unreal 3 engine and had such bad performance it was a gamebreaker for many people.

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News Comments > UK Bank Bans WoW Transactions
2. Re: No subject Feb 18, 2008, 12:54 Lorcin
Hmm for uk people affected by the try
It's a prepayed debit card which you can top up at any paypoint (petrol/corner shops).

It comes in very handy when paying for stuff on the internet from sites you don't want having your actual card details (or in this case you can't use your normal card for).

BTW I don't work for 360 or have anything to do with them. Just trying to help.

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News Comments > GeForce 8 Series to get PhysX
6. Re: No subject Feb 14, 2008, 12:49 Lorcin
Hmm this sucks - I have one 8-series card in which is loaded to maximum most of the time.

But I do have 2 more cpu cores pretty much doing nothing at the same time.

I'd much rather see games properly multi-threaded onto multi-core cpus then put more work on my GFX card.

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News Comments > Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, AMD, and More in Gaming Alliance
14. Re: No subject Feb 13, 2008, 00:40 Lorcin
Why not get Sony and Nintendo in there too

Funny you should mention Sony. I wonder who sells more PC games, SOE or Microsoft

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News Comments > Multi-GPU Issues
11. Re: John Carmack explained this years ag Feb 9, 2008, 20:40 Lorcin
Erm I'm sorry but for the 0.1% of people reading this who actually run 3 gpus at a res of 2560x1600...


I would actually embed that as an mp3 - but your probably deaf from the noise of your PC anyway.

On a more serious note - anybody, in any job, in any country who actually thinks that running 3 graphics cards at once would not be:

A) A collosal waste of money
B) A unworthy performance increase over 2 or even 1
C) Bug and performance issue ridden

NEEDS FUCKING SHOOTING. Seriously the nvidia guys who believe your avaerage gamers will buy this must of got their PHds from the same place as Mr D.Smart Esquire.

This comment was edited on Feb 9, 20:44.
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News Comments > FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Coming to PCs
13. Re: No subject Feb 2, 2008, 19:52 Lorcin
Why is this news?

More to the point WHY?

Seriously I will play a racing game on a console once in a while - but PCs and racing games just never feel quite right. Kind of a comfort factor - if I want something as utterly brainless as a racing game I would much rather be lounging on the sofa.

The opposite is also true - FPS are ALWAYS on the pc. I'd rather wait for a crappy port the deal with a controller.

This comment was edited on Feb 2, 19:53.
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News Comments > Infogrames Strikes Back
1. Erm yeah Jan 25, 2008, 12:40 Lorcin
Because really the big problem with Atari games is that they don't have enough advertising. Seems to me Atari most need some common sense - but unfortunately you can't buy that.

It's simple really:

"We want to make another Matrix game" "NO"
"We want to make another Driver" "NO"
"We want to make a D&D game because obviously people who play computer RPGs all play tabletop games" "NO"
"We want to make a movie spinoff" "NO"

It seriously would not amaze me if next week they announced that they'd come to a licensing agreement with Mr Smart (PHD).

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News Comments > New Anarchy Online Subscriptions & Engine Movie
4. Re: Some things never change... Jan 23, 2008, 20:31 Lorcin
great now you can grind hecks from level 30-220 in shiny new 3d.

I quit AO shortly after getting to the 6th part of shadowsland
when I asked what do we do now and they said - kill hacks. That was at about level 180. Must have been INSANE!

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