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News Comments > LEGO Universe to Close
9. Re: LEGO Universe to Close Nov 5, 2011, 03:43 Lorcin
Blackhawk wrote on Nov 5, 2011, 02:07:
Lego Universe is targeted at kids the same age as my own. The very same kids who play Roblox, with 100 times the content, for free. My kids tried LU. It never drew them in - there was far to little freedom and actual building, and far to much running in circles hitting enemies. They played for two or three days, then went right back to Roblox.

Totally agree - got it for my son last christmas. I made an account too so I could help him when he got stuck. After 3 evenings of very little play I'd maxxed my character! No content at all - shame because it was quite a nice game.
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News Comments > Saints Row: The Third PC Features and Specs
2. Re: Nov 1, 2011, 20:57 Lorcin
Wow those features really convince me this ain't a console port. Proper features I'd want is a 2 second delay switching from normal gameplay (360 pad) to fixed gun (mouse).

Oh and as PCs are now apparently 10x better than the consoles I fully expect 10x better graphics!

Further Oh - I don't like purple. Really. Might just as well makes the series signature colour pink for me - I'm seriously put off by purple. Orange, red, blue are all fine. But purple????? Makes me wait for a sale.

This comment was edited on Nov 1, 2011, 21:06.
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News Comments > Origin Adds Publishers
6. Re: Origin Adds Publishers Oct 27, 2011, 22:46 Lorcin
DangerDog wrote on Oct 27, 2011, 22:07:
Competition is good, people bitched and moaned about Steam when Valve pushed it on everyone with Half Life 2 - and it had it's share of problems.

One thing is for sure, retail is DEAD.

Totally agree on retail - I'm really surprised I have a physical copy of Arkham City preordered - Bioshock was the last game I have an actual disc for I think.

I would have got Arkham City from Steam - except here in the UK publishers are being told if a game is on steam then physical shops won't stock it. So for some reason (can't guess what) Arkham City isn't available in my region on steam....Even it's trailer is geo-locked.

Still Amazon charged me 25 for AC - to get it on my highstreet is at least 30. The retail situation is so messed it's getting in synch with bookshops.

Bookshops you say? Anecdote says I. Last week my wife and I were in a rather large chain of bookshops when she found a book she really wanted. Being the nit picking git I am I scanned the books barcode and found it at 11 instead of 20 on the bookshops website. Furnishing my wife with my phone she went to counter and asked if they would match their own online price. She was told NO - "the prices on the website are cheaper because you don't get the experience of being sold the book by a person".

No lie - that's what they said.

So it seems retail isn't dead - it's undead and trying to eat digital distributions heart.

PS lied - I have the disks for all the WoW expansions. Why???? it's an online game - why do I need a disc?
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News Comments > Batman: Arkham City Nightwing Trailer
14. Re: Batman: Arkham City Nightwing Trailer Oct 27, 2011, 20:57 Lorcin
Cutter wrote on Oct 27, 2011, 15:51:
I simply cannot get into playing a chick

I'd agree if it was 1st person - as it is 3rd I'd rather stare at a woman's arse than a man's one any day.
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News Comments > Garriott's NCsoft Award Upheld
26. Re: Garriott's NCsoft Award Upheld Oct 26, 2011, 20:13 Lorcin
This is yet another US court madness. By the letter of the law it's right - but really if you apply an ounce of common sense then the work he produced for NCSoft wasn't worth 32m.

As for the guy claiming 32m is "modest luxury" - are you fucking insane? If you can only live in modest luxury on that kind of money I can only suggest you leave off the cocaine.
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News Comments > Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Next Week
62. Re: Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Next Week Oct 25, 2011, 22:35 Lorcin
Halo wrote on Oct 25, 2011, 17:50:
To me, the look and design of the V just screams Vegas. As well as the font of the word Five, also seems redundant to spell out the word Five on the Romanumeral, so maybe the V is for Vegas.

Do I get points if I'm right?

I really hope your wrong but looking at the word five on THIS the font for five does look an awful look like the word on the bill.

We can discount London - the E is wrong for OURS
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News Comments > New Via Digital Distribution
10. Re: New Via Digital Distribution Oct 18, 2011, 20:23 Lorcin
Yosemite Sam wrote on Oct 18, 2011, 18:13:
Well probably too late for most, but I just picked up a copy of Arkham City @Walmart for the PS3 and it comes with the Greatest Hits GOTY edition of Arkham Asylum. Most people probably already have it already but, if you traded your old one in, or didnt get the first one thats a pretty good deal... not positive but I think the GOTY edition comes with the extra DLC so you would at least get that in the deal.

Nah sorry - I got my 9 year old into Arkham Asylum, he showed it to his mate who then nagged his dad into getting it for the PS3. Our eyes bled.

This comment was edited on Oct 18, 2011, 21:11.
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News Comments > New Via Digital Distribution
2. Re: New Via Digital Distribution Oct 18, 2011, 17:59 Lorcin
I wholeheartedly concur!!! Pre-ordered mine on Saturday from Amazon but our high street is covered in ads for the console version.
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News Comments > Christina Hendricks in Need for Speed: The Run
4. Re: Christina Hendricks in Need for Speed: The Run Oct 17, 2011, 13:31 Lorcin
Oh I dunno "Faster, Faster, That's it....."

Etc etc
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News Comments > Syndicate Gameplay Trailer
34. Re: Syndicate Gameplay Trailer Oct 13, 2011, 19:36 Lorcin
DG wrote on Oct 13, 2011, 18:04:
Still not Syndicate. If it's not isometric, an Executive controlling his minions via satellite link, it's not Syndicate.

Did you see Dungeons the (albeit unoffical) remake of another Bullfrog classic?

It didn't work - it had lost all the character, all the joy and looked very dated. No direct remake would work these days - give the Starbreeze guys a break, they HAD to completely remodel the gameplay.

Syndicate is 18 years old now - and it's current genre would be a squad based action/shooter ie Raindow Six, Brothers In Arms erm (I'm struggling here). Not huge sellers, nice games etc but never a topline franchise. Got to say I've never played them - if I was going to play one I guess I'd prefer a cyberpunk version but I can completely see EA going down the easy money FPS genre instead of the harder to market squads.

Oh and is there any reason why stuff like the original Syndicate couldn't be remade and released as a facebook game or cheap app? Ohhhh can see a really twisted Facebook version - imagine normal syndicate game play - but the civilians are all from your friends list!

As for the agents having personalities once they decided to ditch the Executive mysteriously floating above the city there was no choice but to give the agents personality.
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News Comments > Syndicate Gameplay Trailer
22. Re: Syndicate Gameplay Trailer Oct 13, 2011, 16:20 Lorcin
I know it's still got 4 months tuning etc but for me the gun models were a bit too prominent - especially the pistol.

Aside from that Riddick was an a really good game so willing to see how this pans out. I do agree with others though - a straight remake would be strange these days. Considering the original is 1993 a few months after Dune II (widely considered the first RTS) and everything that has followed, most people these days would look at a straight Syndicate remake and assume it was RTS.
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News Comments > PC Sonic Generations Confirmed; Will Use Steamworks
7. Re: PC Sonic Generations Confirmed; Will Use Steamworks Oct 12, 2011, 18:04 Lorcin
tony wrote on Oct 12, 2011, 09:34:
I'm sure there are dads that game on PC and would buy this game for their son/ daughter so their kids can game on PC as well.

That's kinda why my son has a Wii in his bedroom and we have a PS3 in the lounge. At 9 his actually got no interest in this latest sonic - but is only just getting old enough to be trusted on my PC. Why is it small boys can't sit still and play - they always have to jump up and down, spin on chairs crashing them into the tower, walk away with the headset still on their head etc etc. It's not just my son - it's all his mates too, on a console it's hilarious - especially when they start jumping up and down and kicking without realising. Strangely never seen a girl do it (my 2 or their friends).
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News Comments > PC Sonic Generations Confirmed; Will Use Steamworks
5. Re: PC Sonic Generations Confirmed; Will Use Steamworks Oct 12, 2011, 05:11 Lorcin
Like it matters - surely if your able to update a gfx drivers you've outgrown Sonic. I have the original couple on emulators on a couple of different systems - that's more than enough in case I wake up drenched in sweat thinking "I MUST PLAY SONIC".

I can't really see this getting many sales.
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News Comments > WoW Real Money Trading
18. Re: WoW Real Money Trading Oct 12, 2011, 05:08 Lorcin

I always thought of it more that the armour had to reshape itself to fit you - and that it could only do it once. For instance Tauren trousers won't fit a Goblin.
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News Comments > Leisure Suit Larry Revival
19. Re: Leisure Suit Larry Revival Oct 11, 2011, 04:20 Lorcin
InBlack wrote on Oct 11, 2011, 03:47:
All we hear Lady Gaga

Having original Larry slip through time and end up in 2012 could kinda work - him in his eponymous Leisure Suit ending up in a nightclub full of Jersey Shore rejects listening to Lady Gaga - whilst still trying to work his old moves.

That said he pretty much is Howard Wallowitz from the first couple of seasons of Big Bang Theory so the script would take a lot of clever writing to work without a straight man for Larry to work off.
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News Comments > RAGE Patched
45. Re: RAGE Patched Oct 9, 2011, 20:20 Lorcin
I'll get slaughtered for this as per normal - but boot up fallout new vegas, then borderlands then rage. It IS pretty - it's not perfect technically and rather lacking in story (that said - it's still a million times better in the story departments than previous iD games)

Yet ultimately it makes fallout new vegas look like Deus Ex 1.

Seriously - instead of remembering what the competition looks like, run them up. Even with it's buggy first week release - it is seriously out appocolating them!

I still have hugely high hopes for iD tech 5 - because even in the public beta state they are currently shipping it looks better than the competition. Give them some tweaking and then release elder scrolls 6 on this engine (by a company who can make actual games) and I think Epic may be struggling to keep up.

I know there are a lot of decisions they made which fly in the face of a lot of PC gamers - but I also remember the huge amount of "I'll never use Steam - it's the spawn of the devil" posts which went around when HL2 required it. Beneath it's buggy autoconfig system and mass market roots is our first glimpse at the future.

Hopefully most people on here had Doom 3 at release, and there was a lot of shock at the fact most of our so called uber pcs couldn't cope. Now a game comes out which isn't based on UE3 (which is what 6 years old?) and suddenly people forget the game may be more advanced than the hardware we own.

I even saw somebody complaing the other day that dynamic lighting was missing. Funny thing is if you scale down your gfx to the point your machine can handle things - the dynamic lighting starts to come back.

Yes the auto-config is bugged - but I have a funny feeling very few machines have seen the best Rage (and iD tech 5) has to offer.

This comment was edited on Oct 9, 2011, 20:29.
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News Comments > Rockstar on (Lack of) PC Red Dead Redemption
39. Re: Rockstar on (Lack of) PC Dead Red Redemption Oct 6, 2011, 09:22 Lorcin
I don't assume all non-English speakers will not buy the game - but I also don't assume all English speakers will.

Aside from that - I really don't care. I tried to rational some of the reasons they may have made making this decision but your clearly not interested in why - your just having a bit of a temper tantrum.
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News Comments > Rockstar on (Lack of) PC Red Dead Redemption
36. Re: Rockstar on (Lack of) PC Dead Red Redemption Oct 6, 2011, 07:24 Lorcin
InBlack wrote on Oct 6, 2011, 04:20:

And this is why we the customers suffer because of some BULLSHIT argument by a marketing "knowhow". Out of which fucking asshole did you pull out those numbers you cretin?

The films are all this new fangled thing called hyperlinks which you can click on and takes you to a new page.

And the Steam hardware survey is Here.

The Rockstar Q&A even says "whenever it is viable (technically, developmentally and business-wise)". Obviously it is technically and developmentally viable so they must have decided on a business level they wouldn't make a profit.

So climb out of your pram and pick up your toys - your not getting to play Cowboys and Indians.

BTW I rented it on PS3 over here - but hugely struggled with the whole Western setting.
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News Comments > Rockstar on (Lack of) PC Red Dead Redemption
30. Re: Rockstar on (Lack of) PC Dead Red Redemption Oct 6, 2011, 03:57 Lorcin
My guess is they did the market research and know Westerns don't do well outside of America. For instance when you look at the foreign figures for True Grit and Unforgiven then compare that to say Inception or Titanic and it's easy to see that Westerns do far better domestically than in foreign markets.

Combine that with the small market for people who don't own either console AND have a rig powerfull enough to run the game if it's anywhere near as demanding as GTA4 and a release would be pretty much pointless. Of course they could spend more time on the port and lower the system requirements - but that would just mean they'd need more sales to recoup the costs.

Latest Valve user survey shows 66% of user's PCs are set to English. When you take off the British, Australians and assorted others it's probably closer to 50% at best are US based.

So really their only big sales numbers would be coming from Americans who haven't or can't play it on a console - but have enough cash to buy a decent gaming rig.

Or in other words - it's a niche game on the PC and everybody would bitch about it being a console port anyway.
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News Comments > Unlock RAGE Hi-Rez Textures
21. Re: Unlock RAGE Hi-Rez Textures Oct 5, 2011, 16:21 Lorcin
Yeah yeah ok - I was wrong, they messed up and I trusted em.

Same time I can't post this on the steam forum as my game doesn't unlock until Friday (unless of course I go through a VPN and trick steam into unlocking on US time )

Re this post:

I also was getting this pretty bad and I'm not sure but looking at the unlock guide for Hi-Rez textures I think I've stumbled on the answer. I used the config file found here:

To reduce texture pop-in. Looking at the Geforce thread those cache settings are for cards with >1.5gb ram. Mine's only a gig - I've dropped the cache settings and have switched areas a couple of times without the glitching.

Will confirm in a few mins if it's actual sorted.

UPDATE: Seems better - I deleted my cache files and getting no glitching in wellspring or mutant bash. Still crashing everytime it loads a new area for the first time though

This comment was edited on Oct 5, 2011, 16:39.
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