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News Comments > On Counter Strike Ads
26. Re: IF, if, if... Jan 15, 2006, 10:24 LOL@U
I'm very happy that people are finally starting to speak up about this. If I were momma, I'd be damn proud. *love*

Except for those with the quitters attitudes, saying they don't mind or it's inevitable. For shame.

And yes, the only reason Valve didn't authorize it was because they aren't profiting from it.

And YES, Subway does make the worst subs on earth - how's that for irony.

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News Comments > UT2007 PC First & Demo Plans
79. Re: No subject Jan 3, 2006, 14:42 LOL@U
My big thing is when in the crap did we start spending 60 bucks on 360 games and not blink an eye. Did I miss somthing?
That would be the continued bending over by consumers who take no interest in long term consequences of the trends they endorse with their wallets.

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News Comments > UT2007 PC First & Demo Plans
73. Re: No subject Jan 3, 2006, 10:04 LOL@U
Quicker summary: user-built and maintained computer systems (continually improving incrementally with all the latest, greatest, evolving stuff) will always be better than a once-per-three-years renewed console. Accept it. If you don't want to, or can't pay to keep up, that's fine, play on a console. But don't expect software development to pander to the lowest, and quite common, denominator.

So, Epic are once again supporting PC first and foremost? Good. Then I shall support them. See, it's that simple.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
4. Re: Howard’s End: Stern’s departure Dec 31, 2005, 16:51 LOL@U
So Howard goes to satellite, and many follow. Why not? The show is often funny. 'Terrestrial' radio, left "barren." Go ahead and follow him, sheep. Can't you hear the boobs so much better now? Sound the death knell of free radio, too. Pay for radio - free for many many years. Pay for your TV signal. And pay for the commercials you have to watch. Pay to play online, and soon, pay to use a service which you didn't even want. Pay for time on your phone you didn't even use. And always, without question, agree to pay ever increasing fees. While you're at it, join Vonage and pay them for something that should be free - net based communication - using your broadband to support their phone business.

Yep, keep feeding the greed machine. March us all right into the grinder.

Or, here's an idea: STOP.

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News Comments > NHL Exclusivity Check
23. Re: No subject Dec 23, 2005, 09:42 LOL@U
Beamer, are you always such a determined troll? I mean, the majority of your posts indicate a resounding "yes," but I'm wondering what your personal opinion is.

Companies like EA really have nothing to worry about, as long as they have bootlicking cheerleaders on the sidelines like you supporting them.

This comment was edited on Dec 23, 09:45.
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News Comments > NHL Exclusivity Check
18. Re: No subject Dec 22, 2005, 18:57 LOL@U
I have an idea! Let's stop the semantics argument then, and call them down for being scum, huh?

They come along and flash money that other, smaller, (better), developers and publishers don't have, and buy up all opportunity for popular sports league titles, so that they and only they can develop software for it. If that doesn't fit a particular person's interpretation of the word monopoly, then use a phrase that's more appropriate for you. One way or the other, it is a practice that should be forbidden, and definitely not supported by any gamer who has his and colleague's interests at heart.

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News Comments > NHL Exclusivity Check
15. Re: No subject Dec 22, 2005, 17:33 LOL@U
You don't truly understand what a monopolistic action is, do you?

I sure do. You might want to take a look:

-Exclusive control by one group of the means of producing or selling a commodity or service.
-A company or group having exclusive control over a commercial activity.
-Exclusive possession or control.

That site ( is also there for other terms you don't understand.

This comment was edited on Dec 22, 17:51.
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News Comments > NHL Exclusivity Check
1. No subject Dec 22, 2005, 11:55 LOL@U
I find it amusing, in a very sick way, that this lousy government still doesn't do anything to prevent monopolistic activity such as this.

Make it a good day: boycott EA today.

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News Comments > More In-Game Advertising
60. Re: No subject Dec 20, 2005, 10:10 LOL@U
GAMESPY ARCADE which I refuse to use.. although the masses have already accepted it. From what I can recall it forces you to watch an advertisement for x seconds before you can do anything. That is what I can't stand and luckily there are alternatives like using ASE or the in-game browser. Imagine steam doing this to you. You NEED it to download and launch steam games. There isn't an alternative and hacking out the ads there would be an unending mess because updates are NOT optional (you'd likely need to re-hack it every update). Gamers wouldn't accept this? Maybe, maybe not. I don't have alot of faith in the masses.

Exactly. And that's because the masses are morons and don't see the big picture. They sit there kissing The Man's ass, stating how there's no harm in steam or in-game adverts and such. But what they for some reason CANNOT seem to grasp, is that it's just the first step. This type of situation never improves; it always gets worse.

Remember when one station (which was it?) decided they would take a chance and advertise their station ID in the lower right corner of your TV? Soon they all started doing that. Then, one brave network tried advertising other shows in the lower left corner of your screen, DURING your show. Then, all. Then, they added SOUND EFFECTS! My goodness "what are they thinking?!" Wrong, the masses accepted it. We all always accept it, because we're collectively, short-sighted sheep. You could be the common man's best ally, and instead you're the biggest liability. Weakest link, goodbye.

Remember when cable TV's main draw was that it was free of commercials? Remember when stores didn't have restock fees? Remember when you didn't have to bribe your garbage man to take the couch? Stop acting helpless. And stop accepting "small losses of interest" because they always inevitably become HUGE losses of interest for all.

And to all those saying "as long as the advertising is in character for the game, I don't care," you're just as bad as the completely blind fools who say it's a good thing.

Keep watching. Soon that digital play diagram overlay on your favorite football field will be a Coke commercial.

This comment was edited on Dec 20, 10:11.
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News Comments > More In-Game Advertising
1. Adverts in-game Dec 19, 2005, 10:44 LOL@U
Now's your chance, folks. What are you going to do about it? If you've got more than a single brain cell, it should be obvious how to put a stop to this.

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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: Computer Games and Driving Dec 16, 2005, 12:37 LOL@U
The reason this is in some cases true is because teenagers are morons, and it takes responsibility and maturity to have a respect for driving and recognize consequences of actions.

So if anything they should have said, "Computer games polarize driving: Responsible drivers become better due to practice in emergency situations, etc., and irresponsible drivers become worse due to likening driving to a game without consequences."

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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
1. Thief Goes Mobile Dec 15, 2005, 11:47 LOL@U
Yeah, that's great Eidos. Cut your Thief team - in fact the whole dev house - after pushing them to water down the Thief experience for all of us (without mentioning Deus Ex 2), and then invest time and effort on a jackass mobile version. Great frikken idea.

The only thing Eidos has done right with Thief is allow Ion Storm to release the T3 editor before cutting them off.

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News Comments > On Human Head & RUNE 2
24. Re: No subject Dec 8, 2005, 15:21 LOL@U
There are actually people out there who think Rune is more sequel-worthy than Blade of Darkness?

Indeed, Rune was goofy in comparison.

For that matter, Treyarch should be making Die By The Sword II.

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News Comments > On In-Game Ads
37. Re: Bad? Dec 5, 2005, 18:51 LOL@U
As for in-game ads, as soon as the publishers have you all used to the idea of in-game ads (product placement), whether it be subtle or not, they will then begin the campaign of just ramming them down your throat at the start of the game (currently the domain of the Intel, THX, and EA Games logos), just like they do at most of the theatres now. Do you really think Nokia and K-Swiss are going to sit idly by and let the Call of Duty 3 advertising opportunity go by just because their product would be genre-inappropriate? Not a chance.

Grease up and assume the position!

A scary prospect, but one that will almost surely come about, as long as "we" the smart consumers keep buying into this crap by the bucketload. Imagine, today, we start up HL2 and it validates and updates if necessary. Today, we go to a movie and watch up to 20 mins of ads, after paying $20+ to get in. Today, we pay for basic cable even though it still has commercials.

Tomorrow, we start up our favorite game and have to endure 10 mins of commercials before we can play. It's coming.

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News Comments > On In-Game Ads
33. Re: No subject Dec 5, 2005, 17:59 LOL@U
Who are the "fans" they're talking about?
Why, the same fans who line up and bend over for steam, rising superfluous MMORPG fees, and reductions in gaming content (to name just a few things), of course.

I love paying insane prices to go to a theatre just to watch 10 minutes of commercials before the previews (another 10 minutes of commercials)...
So why do you keep going?

Most people simply just don't seem to realize that if you don't buy it, they can't sell it. Stop acting helpless. Consumers should be prepared to stand up for their interests and boycott this type of crap, or STFU and get in line with the rest of the sheep.
This comment was edited on Dec 5, 18:02.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
8. Richard Burns Nov 28, 2005, 11:58 LOL@U
Rest in peace, Richard Burns.

This comment was edited on Nov 28, 12:05.
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News Comments > Spector Goes Source
63. Re: Nov 22, 2005, 23:42 LOL@U
I'm definitely all for good developers making money - especially if it means cutting out greedy useless publishers.

What I'm not for is the slippery slope toward pay-per-play that all of this is.

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News Comments > EA Downloader Issue
3. Re: No subject Nov 22, 2005, 18:43 LOL@U

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News Comments > Spector Goes Source
50. Re: No subject Nov 22, 2005, 17:43 LOL@U
Seeya, Warren. Had a feeling it was over with T3. Guess it is!

I find that highly unlikely, but I suppose if 100% of all the games in the universe required Steam, I'd be likely to adopt it, yes.

Nah, if that could ever come true (it's quite impossible, but for pretending's sake), and I simply HAD to have a given game, I'd just get it in... a different way. Oh well! Ironic isn't it? Their attempts at ensuring they get everyone's money will ensure they don't get mine (and others'), when they otherwise would have.

This comment was edited on Nov 22, 17:57.
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News Comments > Ashes Announced
11. Re: Nov 21, 2005, 19:59 LOL@U
It IS an amateur project. No big budget, nothing commercial. Just for fun ...
Good, then it might actually turn out to be worth the effort. Here's hoping they pull it off.

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