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News Comments > Saturday Safety Dance
6. Re: Saturday Safety Dance Nov 28, 2015, 19:47 Asmodai
bigspender wrote on Nov 28, 2015, 19:18:
I'm not sure I see the big deal in this. I'm driving the car out in public after all, if somebody followed me and made notes I'd think it's weird, but I couldn't care less otherwise.

I wouldn't want it to be recording my conversations or recording me while I pick my nose at the traffic lights, but other than that, why are people so opposed to it? (genuine curious)

I don't know, the sheer hubris that makes them think that they are entitled to all this data?

Of course, I'm opposed on ideological grounds (privacy and all that junk), but let's face it, that ship has fucking sailed. Hell, most of the data is harmless. Until it's not. Or until it leaks. So, if there is no privacy, and pricks are making money off data mining us, we should be getting paid...

My data is a resource, and it's a resource that's being exploited to make money. So... Where's my fucking royalty cheque??
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News Comments > Windows and OS X PS4 Remote Play Plans
13. Re: Windows and OS X PS4 Remote Play Plans Nov 27, 2015, 21:56 Asmodai
Razumen wrote on Nov 27, 2015, 17:48:
Linthat22 wrote on Nov 27, 2015, 17:22:
Oh man, Killzone controlled by mouse and keyboard..... Hard on is erected.

Won't happen, you'll still need to use a controller, unless you get one of those third party adapters.

Umm, of course it will.

It's fair to say that to play a PS4 game you need a PS4 controller on the PC that you are playing on, right?

Soooo what's to stop someone from writing a software version of the XIM to allow you to play with your native KB/mouse etc?

Even if it's not officially supported, it won't be long before someone comes out with that. Which will be good, because there are some exclusive games on the PS4 that I would like to play (Last of Us comes to mind, still haven't finished that on the 3 due to controller noob ness)
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News Comments > Firefall Developer Layoffs
12. Re: Firefall Developer Layoffs Nov 25, 2015, 04:25 Asmodai
Another founder here, what started off looking great got fucking lost up Red 5's asses...

Esports, flat progression, turning everything in to a grind, they slowly but surely ground down any enthusiasm people had for the game.

I remember the last time I put up the PAX 2010 (iirc) footage first showing thumping and a Chosen invasion in ~2013, and the overwhelming response from current players was "man, that looks so much better than what we're playing now"...

Took a perfectly good idea and broke the shit out of it, and by the time they got back to the vicinity of where they started, most of the alpha/early beta players had given up already. Textbook way to fucking something up.
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News Comments > Endless Legend Workshop Support and DLC
1. Re: Endless Legend Workshop Support and DLC Nov 21, 2015, 01:28 Asmodai
Can't recommend this game highly enough to anyone that loves 4x/Simcity style games, it adds a wealth of features, truly asymmetric factions (seriously, one faction eats money, one faction can pack up their entire city and move them etc, one faction stockpiles food from the bodies of enemies slain in battle etc).  
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News Comments > No Arkham Knight Multi-GPU Support
25. Re: No Arkham Knight Multi-GPU Support Nov 20, 2015, 09:27 Asmodai
Krovven wrote on Nov 20, 2015, 05:21:
Have YOU played the game? Or do you just open up and swallow WorthABuy's shit?


No, in point of fact, I haven't. I'm not saying your wrong if you subjectively like the game though... But my opinion on the game was formed long before I got a good laugh out of watching someone beat the combat by spamming one button with a glove puppet.

The person to whom I was responding was going on about how it's 'not that bad'. Well, empirically, if you can beat a fight by spamming one fucking button with the aforementioned glove puppet, the game is really that bad. No, it really is. If you enjoy no challenge games where the biggest difficulty is that you may be too uncoordinated to spam one button, who am I stop you throwing your money down the toilet? But that doesn't make the game good. Much like getting shat on isn't awesome just because some masochists get off on it.
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News Comments > New GeForce Drivers
2. Re: New GeForce Drivers Nov 20, 2015, 05:05 Asmodai
Sempai wrote on Nov 19, 2015, 23:53:
So far i've heard these are pretty terrible. Anyone?

I give em 2 weeks then check the last 15 pages of the feedback thread on the nvid forum. Has saved me endless troubles (still using 350 odd).
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News Comments > Fallout 4 Patch Plans
20. Re: Fallout 4 Patch Plans Nov 20, 2015, 05:04 Asmodai
Alamar wrote on Nov 19, 2015, 19:56:
I'd like the travel bug fixed... I started a new char because of it, and I don't want to do the BoS quests again in case it fucks up again...

You're kidding??

Fuck, it's Fly Me to the Moon (quest in FO:NV) all over again...

I did that quest at around the 50 hour mark, by 100 hours (nearing the end), I was starting to be unable to enter buildings etc. By 120 hours at Hoover dam, the game perma crashed out every time I tried to enter the room that would trigger the end fight...

Never mind the unrebindable keys (touch typists and ESDF players can obviously go fuck ourselves), no SLI (although nvidia shares a hearty slice of blame for that), shit quality (already the same mods for Skyrim etc that upped the look and feel without killing the fps), unmatched x/y sensitivities and on and on and fucking on...

Gamebryo is a stinking pile of shit, and it's such a fucking pity that generally the FO3-NV-4 games have had good enough content that I actually try to work around it. License a new fucking engine Beth you pack of twats...
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News Comments > No Arkham Knight Multi-GPU Support
21. Re: No Arkham Knight Multi-GPU Support Nov 20, 2015, 04:54 Asmodai
HoSpanky wrote on Nov 20, 2015, 03:07:
I was playing it yesterday, and it was running really well. So I fired up nvidia inspector and was surprised to see that the second card was doing nothing. I had everything turned up to max except interactive smoke/fog. Now that I know that they won't add SLI support, I'm gonna set that second card as physx and try the smoke/fog on.

I'm annoyed that they aren't adding support for it. Currently, ARK and Rocket League also lack SLI support, but you guys aren't losing your shit over that every time there's a post about either game. Why not? Because you're all SO EXCITED to have a punching bag, that's why. They didn't completely fix the game, no. But it runs super smoothly on a single 970 (and over 12gb of ram), which is quite acceptable.

Face it, nothing will ever, ever be enough with this game for you guys. It could cause money to spontaneously appear in your wallet every time you played and all you'd say is "remember how broken it was when it came out? fuck those guys!". I got it free, so there's no refund for me anyway, but in its CURRENT state, I'd have been happy with it. Launch? Fuck no, but they DID make it (mostly) right. It's in far better shape than Unity was left in, or ACS is in right now, but you guys aren't losing your fucking minds over that. Why not?

Edit: you guys are poking a LITTLE at ACS, but nowhere NEAR at Arkham Knight levels. You're all looking at possible fixes, not condemning the devs.

I'm just going to leave this here. Enjoy your feeling of moral superiority ya bunny...

Make sure you pay close attention to the co-host playing the combat section (on a gamepad mind you). Feel free to watch the rest of the vid as well if you really feel like exposing yourself to another view of the game...

Then tell us again that the only problem with the game is that it's current state is "mostly right". It's shovelwear with Batman, but as long as people are willing to eat shit sandwiches and call em BLT's, guess it doesn't matter... ; )
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News Comments > Green Man Gaming Defends Key Sources
12. Re: Green Man Gaming Defends Key Sources Nov 17, 2015, 01:32 Asmodai
GMG has saved me quite a bit off in the "Australian tax" (that being the amount you get slugged by certain publishers so brick and mortars in Aus can still gouge 130 AUD for a 45 USD game), as far as I'm concerned, they've earned my trust and my tolerance if something does happen to fuck up.  
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News Comments > MechWarrior Online Coming to Steam
31. Re: MechWarrior Online Coming to Steam Nov 15, 2015, 06:39 Asmodai
Tomas wrote on Nov 14, 2015, 17:33:
Every time there is a post on blues about MWO the same crap is said.

Yes it has lots of things you can complain about, but at the same time there are lots of us who, complaints aside, play it a lot. It's not for everyone, but for some people it's still a fun ride. I've played thousands of matches and i still enjoy it.

It's not pay to win. Every time someone says that I have to wonder if they understand what the phrase even means. I've spent about 40 dollars on the game, mostly to buy mech bays and one light hero. I currently own 50 mechs. As I noted, only one was bought with real money. I've never once felt someone could pay money to win. It's just not true. Sure you can pay money to get more stuff, but there's a metric crap ton you can get for no money. All that said, if you don't like the game the grind will suck. If you do like it the grind still sucks but at least you enjoy playing so you'll cope. There is a serious economy grind and it should but probably won't get fixed.

Is it ready for steam? Not really, but they seem committed. I don't think it'll hurt anything, but they will lose a lot of new players quickly because of various barriers to getting started. The steam launch could be a lot stronger.

This game gets way more hate than it deserves. Yes it has a checkered past. But in the end, like I said, lots of us still play it more than any other game.

Good for you.

That doesn't make the game objectively good, you subjectively enjoy it.

I (subjectively of course) find the constant inability to balance the game, supply the PvE content that was promised before go live, constant promoting of new packs of mechs/skins etc while content such as maps etc is basically ignored a complete fucking joke...

But each to their own... ; ) They can seem as committed as hell as far as you're concerned, but do you trust a person with two strikes to their name to do the right thing the 3rd time round, or are you skeptical?
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News Comments > GeForce Drivers for Fallout 4, Legacy of the Void, & Battlefront
6. Re: GeForce Drivers for Fallout 4, Legacy of the Void, & Battlefront Nov 10, 2015, 04:14 Asmodai
HoSpanky wrote on Nov 9, 2015, 22:56:
So they're saying you can force SLI to the ...ugh, I forget. There's like 4 options, it's the last option, something like alternate render 2 or something. Sorry I can't be more exact.

Anyway, people are saying FO4 runs quite well with that. There was a thread earlier today where people were in a pissing match over whether or not SLI is a good thing. More power is always a good thing for a gaming rig, when did THAT stop being true? And when did you all become afraid of editing .ini files?

Because I got sick and tired of custom tweaking games only to have all my "tweaks" (aka fixes to problems introduced by the driver) fucked up by the next driver release...

Nevermind my 'flagship' 2x vid cards running on 3 screens. Highly touted for a while (and SLI is still advertised as "the shit"), but g'luck from driver to driver keeping a brand new game operational, let alone something more than 6 months old...
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
21. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 6, 2015, 19:40 Asmodai
Nucas wrote on Nov 6, 2015, 18:58:
"Dying Fan Sees "Force Awakens" Early."

i may find his movies soulless but jj abrams seems like a great person. he did the same thing with a fan of star trek; personally went to the guy's house to screen it for him 5 months early.

I first got excited listening to Kevin Smith talking about going on set (Seriously, an Imperial sign at the NDA counter saying "Loose lips sink starships!"... Fucking A!) and being able to walk on to the Millenium Falcon set.

I got man tears in the 2nd trailer (the bit where Han says "It's all true") and, ironically, the Battlefront PS4 ad where the guy is sitting at his desk with the beat up R2D2 and remembers all the fun he had with Star Wars as a kid before jumping in an XWing with his friend and flying in to battle.

I just got man tears again reading about the dying fan getting a screening of the movie. Yeah, it's only one guy but JJ seems like a total class act with an actual reverence for the story and a car for what the fans want.

Now I'm going to watch the Japanese trailer and probably sit unashamedly with a single tear running down my 5 year old face (hiding behind my 40 year old one).
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News Comments > Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition Tomorrow
11. Re: Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition Tomorrow Nov 5, 2015, 04:50 Asmodai
No fault at Nordic, but I wonder if this version has truly re-bindable fucking keys...  
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News Comments > Batman: Arkham Knight Refunds
8. Re: Batman: Arkham Knight Refunds Oct 31, 2015, 19:04 Asmodai

Everyone should run screaming to get their refunds...

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News Comments > The Technomancer Trailer
6. Re: The Technomancer Trailer Oct 31, 2015, 10:28 Asmodai
Cutter wrote on Oct 31, 2015, 00:36:
Same peeps who did Mars War Log, right? Still haven't played that. Console UI and inventory lists = pass.

M:WL was a very ordinary game overall. Some interesting concepts but it was let down in the execution, and the story just kinda rolls over and dies long before you get close to maxing out skills etc (played on hard). Not really worth the time spent imo. Doesn't bode well for Technomancer...
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News Comments > Prey for the Gods Revealed
6. Re: Prey for the Gods Revealed Oct 19, 2015, 08:42 Asmodai
Xero wrote on Oct 18, 2015, 20:52:
Shadows of the Colossus anyone?

Quoted from the post:

"This video accompanies the news, showing off cinematics and gameplay that inspire PCGamesN to describe this as "Shadow of the Colossus in snow.""

Seriously, do people even read before posti... Of course not...
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News Comments > Endless Series Sells 2M
6. Re: Endless Series Sells 2M Oct 16, 2015, 23:52 Asmodai
Endless Legend (the magic/fantasy sim city-esque game) was fantastic with each of the factions being completely unique and how it managed cities etc. Also played the endless room defence game which was a lot of fun.

If you're a fan of sim city style games, give Legend a try, you won't be disappointed (bit of a learning curve but nothing too ridiculous).
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News Comments > GeForce Experience Users to Get Drivers First?
14. Re: GeForce Experience Users to Get Drivers First? Oct 16, 2015, 11:34 Asmodai
Marvin T. Martian wrote on Oct 16, 2015, 10:19:
nin wrote on Oct 16, 2015, 10:06:
That sounds like an excellent way to piss off your customers!

Yep-- may have to go back to AMD.

Eh, not getting early access to drivers is a + with nvidia atm, everything since 350 has been bugged/broken for SLI+surround, occasionally break new games that worked perfectly fine a few releases earlier etc...

I love the hardware but the drivers are driving (no pun intended) me batshit...
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News Comments > Fallout 4 Live-Action Trailer
14. Re: Fallout 4 Live-Action Trailer Oct 16, 2015, 06:35 Asmodai
subx wrote on Oct 15, 2015, 20:32:
Taking "not actual game footage" to a new level.

No power dog armour?

War... War never changes..
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News Comments > Star Citizen Has 1M Backers; More Get Alpha Access
4. Re: Star Citizen Has 1M Backers; More Get Alpha Access Oct 14, 2015, 09:42 Asmodai
Darks wrote on Oct 14, 2015, 09:37:
Another thread that will become inflated.

Yup, quick, everyone rush around crying doom and bitching about how awful everything is!
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