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News Comments > Pillars of Eternity Released
26. Re: Pillars of Eternity Released Mar 26, 2015, 15:41 Asmodai
Cutter wrote on Mar 26, 2015, 13:22:
Installing it right now! Going Cipher, dunno which race!

Well, it took years, millions of dollars and a hell of a lot of hard work, but someone finally made a kickstarter that Cutter likes...

; )

Should be finished downloading when I get home from work this afternoon just in time for the weekend, woot!
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News Comments > Source Engine 2 Announced
36. Re: Source Engine 2 Announced Mar 4, 2015, 07:09 Asmodai
ShadyPete wrote on Mar 3, 2015, 21:21:
vulkan or glNext whatever you want to call it is basically openGLv2. It seems also that it has been closely developed along with AMD's Mantle.

Long story short.. close to metal performance, platform agnostic. Kinda seems like DX is becoming the new Glide time will tell..

Cept Glide was good...
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News Comments > Ascent Early Access Ascent
7. Re: Ascent Early Access Ascent Feb 28, 2015, 20:20 Asmodai
jdreyer wrote on Feb 28, 2015, 20:13:
Hey, what happened to gameplay over graphics? Did this site turn into Blubisoft News while I was away?

Didn't you get the memo? Graphics>>>>gameplay was announced 3 seconds before people read the article.

It'll probably change the next time a POS eyecandy title crops up with crappy gameplay... =)
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: Evening Consolidation Feb 21, 2015, 04:33 Asmodai
I want to be sympathetic but I just can't. "Give random stranger control of your PS4 as if they were holding the controller"... Yeah, sounds legit.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Re: Out of the Blue Jan 27, 2015, 18:41 Asmodai
Being in Aus, I didn't see the US coverage or how sensational it was, but honestly, they are damned if they do/don't.

Don't warn people and it's bad, outcry. Take pre-cautions and nothing pans out, outcry.

We've had a couple of cyclones in Aus which have literally charged up to the coast and dissipated right before causing any problems at all. Still means packing down the entire yard and doing all the prep (hours of work) just in case. Better to spend the time and not need it than to hope everything is fine and end up with a trampoline through the window...

If they were going about "DEATHSTORM 2015!" and shit like that, then I wholeheartedly agree that shit needs to be pissed off.
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News Comments > H1Z1 Refunds
29. Re: H1Z1 Refunds Jan 17, 2015, 04:16 Asmodai
Primalchrome wrote on Jan 16, 2015, 19:51:
You paid for early access to a beta product on the opening weekend and you're surprised that there are issues logging in and lag in the game.

Precious. Just precious.

And the offerings get worse and worse...

Because they can get away with it, and because apologists think it's the consumers fault for expecting something.

Do standard beta testing. Fucking SOE doesn't need to crowdfund the game, they have money to dev shit. Let testers play the game for free, help with the work of Q&A and bugfinding, and release a fully functional product.
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News Comments > Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Announced
2. Re: Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Announced Jan 16, 2015, 20:54 Asmodai
Wtb tyrannid playable faction...

Why the hate for the universe consuming plague..? Srsly ; )
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News Comments > Steamship Ahoy - Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons
3. Re: Steamship Ahoy - Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons Jan 10, 2015, 08:48 Asmodai
Here's one of the devs showing off the game in Oct 2014, looks like a decent tactical game.
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
9. Re: US sanctions North Korea over Sony hack and classifies attack evidence. Jan 5, 2015, 13:23 Asmodai

Fuck yeah.

Just sayin'.

ps. We banned talking on or using a mobile without a hands free kit in Aus. I'm not usually big on the gov. stepping in and slapping "don't do" all over everything, but this is one thing I fully support.
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News Comments > Far Cry Poll
14. Re: Far Cry Poll Jan 5, 2015, 13:17 Asmodai
Bring back islands full of fucking mutants and tropical shirts.

Not that I minded saving 3 countries worth of "not white" people while turning endangered species in to coin pouches, but this game has wandered pretty far from it's roots...
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News Comments > Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Teaser?
8. Re: Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Teaser? Jan 5, 2015, 09:15 Asmodai
It's a strategy/management game with jump scares. Manage your energy/light and try to make it through the night.

Haven't even bothered with this series. The scares don't bother me, if I want to scare myself silly I'll go play Amnesia again. Just the whole idea of the game seems a bit meh imo.
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News Comments > WildStar Update Plans
6. Re: WildStar Update Plans Dec 18, 2014, 08:25 Asmodai
ColoradoHoudini wrote on Dec 17, 2014, 20:42:
So now I'm back playing WoW and here's the kicker- everything is accessible. A lesson WS is going to have to learn VERY quickly in order to survive.

It's accessible the way Candy Crush is accessible...

No one wants to put in any effort. The guild I was in for WS (formed from a larger gamer organisation with members world wide) started with over 150 people.

2 weeks in, down to 30 active.

A month in, lucky if you could scrape 5 people together to do a run.

And it's not just Wildstar, it's game after game these days. Hit max level, doodle around for a bit, get bored, quit. Most of the players in my guild didn't make it 50% of the way to max level...

People are spoiled for choice, and if everything isn't shrink wrapped and ready to go at the drop of a hat, they lose interest fast. WoW is a hollow experience now. Garrisons, dungeons and raids mostly full of window licking yolo types and.. well, that's about it...
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News Comments > Path of Exile PvP Update
8. Re: Path of Exile PvP Update Dec 13, 2014, 18:37 Asmodai
The lagging is on certain abilities, shield charge/cyclone being the two major culprits.

Since shield charge is kinda useless, I moved to whirling blades and haven't had a lag death since (3 f#cking hardcore characters all killed due to shield charge rubberbanding while trying to escape...)

As for the uber builds with ultra expensive items, I've been using the Sovyn's lazy pally build (max shield block tank templar) and have spent relatively little (bout 5 ex all up, all of that self earned). Considering 5 ex won't get you a single high tier item for some builds, being fully equipped and being capable of doing 85+ maps by standing there and tanking everything is pretty good. 18k dps reave as the main attack.
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News Comments > Steam Holiday Auction Suspended
3. Re: Steam Holiday Auction Suspended Dec 12, 2014, 09:34 Asmodai
I usually don't mind steam sales as a way to stock up on a few decent titles for later play, but this thing is fucking awful...

My entire inventory wouldn't buy a brass razoo (hundreds of cards, I don't bother buying to make sets), leaving me with a prospective pile of shit gems that aren't worth anything and no winning bids I'd imagine.

If I bothered to participate...
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News Comments > Fortnite Alpha Begins Tomorrow
8. Re: Fortnite Alpha Begins Tomorrow Dec 2, 2014, 06:37 Asmodai
Devinoch wrote on Dec 2, 2014, 03:09:
Still have one code to share if anybody wants it.

Yeah I'd like to give it a go...

/giggle Feel that raw enthusiasm folks! ; )
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News Comments > Saturday Legal Briefs
5. Re: Saturday Legal Briefs Nov 15, 2014, 18:21 Asmodai
Edit: Lol, nm, someone did the sums (should really maximise those windows before posting)  
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News Comments > Subnautica Earliest Access
19. Re: Subnautica Earliest Access Oct 27, 2014, 08:58 Asmodai
They don't skimp on warning ppl that it's early, that you kick/throw cash at them at your own risk and if you want a clean working game, avoid it like the plague...

I don't get the problem...

If they were trying to represent it as something it's not, or blowing smoke up asses, sure, but there's nothing wrong with making your pitch to perspective customers.

And Cutter, just because you subjectively don't think much of it doesn't mean a person would be a fool to go in for it. For the amount of angst it's earned, KS/crowdfunding has still delivered some great titles that otherwise probably would never have seen the light of day. You're not forced to open your wallet so I'm not sure why it offends you so.
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News Comments > The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trailer
15. Re: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trailer Oct 26, 2014, 05:43 Asmodai
Pre-ordered from GOG, fully erect, that is all... =)  
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News Comments > Morning Interviews
6. Re: Morning Interviews Oct 23, 2014, 11:33 Asmodai
I gotta lol at the whole thing, where's the uprising about music, movies, books etc where women are continually objectified (and men, but who pays attention to that)?

Games seems to be the bandwagon everyone jumps on. Despite no longer being the province of the "nerd", they are still regarded with fear and superstition (because apparently they magically create misogynists/mass murderers/rapists). Want to look like a moron, complain about sexism in rap. Want to become a defining warrior for equality, complain about games...
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News Comments > Sunday Interviews
47. Re: Sunday Interviews Oct 20, 2014, 02:45 Asmodai
Oh look, Sarkeesian stirring up more trouble to feed her need to be the center of attention, what a fucking surprise... /eyeroll

Lemme know when she actually poses an idea that also addresses rampant objectivism and male heroism in movies, books, folklore, culture etc rather than just carping on like a broken record that should have been tossed out years ago...
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