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Signed On Apr 30, 2005, 21:54
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News Comments > Steamships Ahoy - Alien: Isolation
10. Re: Steamships Ahoy - Alien: Isolation Oct 6, 2014, 19:27 saluk
"Mixed" reviews? The only reviews I see on metacritic below 80 are not in english. Unless you count IGN or Gamespot. Which I don't. Reviews on steam are mostly positive, though obviously just reviews of the first part. Sure I'm still gonna wait - probably for potential winter sale - but it's looking pretty up for the alien license for a change.  
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News Comments > Star Citizen Status Report
37. Re: Star Citizen Status Report Oct 6, 2014, 03:45 saluk
jdreyer wrote on Oct 4, 2014, 23:45:
loomy wrote on Oct 4, 2014, 23:07:
CJ_Parker wrote on Oct 4, 2014, 19:04:
one of the most mismanaged gaming projects in history

that is such an exaggeration I'm stunned silent

It's even more mismanaged than Duke Nukem Forever. VGReagle told me so.

It's a bit too early to tell. They haven't rewritten the whole game 3 times yet.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
53. Re: Steam Top 10 Oct 6, 2014, 03:25 saluk
Pineapple Ferguson wrote on Oct 5, 2014, 13:41:
No Wasteland 2? I'm honestly shocked. Game is excellent. I've found it to be a lot more entertaining and challenging than D:OS.

It's been in EA for quite some time at this point, and it's been on top-10's before. I guess there weren't that many still sitting on the fence?

I didn't get into D:OS, yet, waiting for my co-op buddies to get ready for it, but I'm really liking wasteland 2 so far. It's a very solid old-school rpg with prettier graphics - I especially like the depth of the dialog system.
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News Comments > Far Cry 4 Trailer
8. Re: Far Cry 4 Trailer Oct 3, 2014, 15:30 saluk
Yeah I hated FC2. I never finished it, recently went back thinking maybe I didn't give it a fair shake, and wasn't able to stomach getting even as far as I got the first time. FC3 I didn't love as much as a lot of people, but I never was bored. All of the outposts were set up a bit differently, and the gameplay worked pretty well. I'm guessing fc4 will be essentially more of the same, since fc3 was so well reviewed, but it has potential to be pretty good. If they tighten up the plot and flow of the campaign and fix the in-game economy (omg ubisoft SUCKS at their game economies though. Like OMG soooo baaad. You unlock everything worth having 10% of the way through the game in every one of their games) I'll pick it up.

If it's just fc3++ I'll skip.
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
6. Re: Morning Metaverse Oct 2, 2014, 18:04 saluk
Netflix is the perfect place for his "films".  
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News Comments > Star Citizen's $55M Sets Crowdfunding Record
42. Re: Star Citizen's $55M Sets Crowdfunding Record Oct 2, 2014, 04:43 saluk
jdreyer wrote on Oct 1, 2014, 14:33:
BadIronTree wrote on Oct 1, 2014, 12:20:
Minecraft , KSP , Natural selection 2 and more were crow-funded before kick-starter just by word of mouth :D

Those crows are pretty prescient. Makes me think "The Birds" was not a work of fiction, but actually a documentary. They probably secretly run the world.

Crows are really rather intelligent. I wouldn't put it past them to try and rule the world.
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News Comments > Steam Discovery Update
24. Re: Steam Discovery Update Sep 23, 2014, 02:43 saluk
I just love some of the cynicism in here. This release is freaking sweet! It comes close to meeting almost all of the complaints I had for the old storefront. I love that I can hide any game! There are still some niggles. I would like to not be reshown games that are already on my wishlist (but at least it tells me that it's on my wishlist), and hiding a game does not actually hide it from a lot of areas. I do hope we don't have to wait 5 years for updates to THIS layout.

But it's clear a lot of effort went into this, and it's about time.
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News Comments > Double Fine Taking Heat for Spacebase DF-9 Release Plans
35. Re: Double Fine Taking Heat for Spacebase DF-9 Release Plans Sep 20, 2014, 23:29 saluk
Cutter wrote on Sep 20, 2014, 17:32:
Project management is easy if you're organized and know what you're doing. And most developers don't. How hard is it to compartmentalize a project?

Base Project = X number of employees + X number of days + X number of dollars.

Stretch goals = See above. Stretch goals commence and are completed after base project is finished and good.

Of course you have to actually have a defined goal to work toward, otherwise you're just screwing around wasting time and money. Quit screwing around! You kids screw around too much!

Where is your game development studio? I'm sorry, but some types of projects are easy to do project development, and other types are hard. Most engineering oriented projects are hard. The schedule at work scares me, and I'm just glad I'm not the guy who spends at least 20 hours a week organizing all of that stuff after every sprint to see if where we really are is where we meant to be. (And the other 30-40 hours calling people and pushing people to make sure everyone is going in the right direction throughout the week!) And at least at my job we are completely business focused and there is no artistic junk messing things up. We stay relatively on schedule - but stuff slips, goals change, people get sick at the absolutely worst time, and bugs make it through QA and hit customers. If it was so easy, there would be way less blunders and missed dates in the industry.

All of that said... DF is being pretty shitty for throwing SB under the bus like this. The LEAST they can do is release the source - but I think most of us expect a lot better. How complete/good the project is... that's kinda not the issue. I mean, no matter how much money/time/effort is thrown at a project is not what defines if it turns out to be a GOOD game.

This is the first systems oriented game the studio has made, and those are harder than they seem. If the foundations are not strong, throwing more time and effort at it wont necessarily turn it around. But the attitude... Doublefine has run into this time and time again - they come across as double-faced the way they always try to sugar coat everything. Going back to splitting up broken age. Every time they mess up, they act like it's the best thing ever.
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News Comments > Road Redemption Early Access
5. Re: Road Redemption Early Access Sep 19, 2014, 00:54 saluk
I was actually quite impressed with the early alpha of this. Definitely got a bit of that road rash vibe, and the raining killer cars level is hilarious. Most of this trailer is actually new so that's encouraging.  
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News Comments > Bejeweled 3 Free on Origin
12. Re: Bejeweled 3 Free on Origin Sep 17, 2014, 19:48 saluk
Woohoo! This is what I'm talking about!  
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News Comments > Borderlands Replaces GameSpy With Steamworks
3. Re: Borderlands Replaces GameSpy With Steamworks Sep 16, 2014, 14:55 saluk
About time! Finally finished the game with my friend and we started working dlc. Yeah, it seemed to reset the graphics settings etc, and reactivate dlc, but at least it kept the saves. I would have had a fit if those had been wiped out.  
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News Comments > MS/Mojang $2.5B Deal Confirmed
80. Re: MS/Mojang $2.5B Deal Confirmed Sep 15, 2014, 16:37 saluk
How in the hell do they plan to make this move profitable in 1 year? I'm actually impressed by the audacity. Not impressed enough to believe that that will actually happen, but impressed all the same.  
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News Comments > PC GTA5 in January
49. Re: PC GTA5 in January Sep 12, 2014, 15:16 saluk
Wohoo. The consoles get two separate releases of the game before they deign to let the pc have it. Well, this helps my pc game window this season look a bit easier to plan!

This release window is basically the difference between me purchasing AC Unity or not. Now I will.
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News Comments > Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Trailer
5. Re: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Trailer Sep 6, 2014, 11:29 saluk
You people are weird. I loooove playing borderlands... with my friends. By myself I am bored stiff.  
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News Comments > Op Ed
20. Re: Op Ed Sep 1, 2014, 19:34 saluk
I've seen this "Well ED is a smaller game so of course they are further along" bunk before. The huge problem I have with that is that what is striking about comparing the two projects is the disparity in their milestones - not in some mythical end product. At each step of development comparatively, ED appears to make a lot more progress than SC. And with each milestone, the visible progress on SC seems to be moving slower and slower.

This article is pretty trollish, but they are right that as long as people keep donating to the project, they are actually incentivized to NOT release anything or make more progress. If new fish in the aquarium adds 2 mil to the bank account, why work on anything harder than a new goldfish?

I backed SC and not ED, and I love the wing commander series, freelancer etc; and never got into the elite series. But the SC team has jerked me around so much I really lack any trust or faith in it at all, and I'm surprised so many people still do.
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News Comments > Op Ed
114. Re: Op Ed Aug 29, 2014, 18:29 saluk
There has been some crazy stuff going on in gaming for a while now. But This Anita person is so harmless. I don't understand all the hate being directed at her. Her points so often don't connect or have missing gaps, and when they do connect the intent or the desired result is still really fuzzy. I think part of it is this issue has been trumped up so many times that a lot of people are sick of hearing about it. I certainly am. But I don't think most gamers - even the awful jerkfaces who spew hate at people like Anita - would even care if a lot of the misogyny that bothers her and her cohorts were to be improved. Not that I'm sure they would notice.

There are just no good sides here. No one seems to be working to solve any of the problems or try to get along. From the media, to the developers, to critics, it's just shining a big light on a lot of dark things and bringing out the crazies.
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News Comments > Revamped
2. Re: Revamped Aug 27, 2014, 21:08 saluk
Arg! I have to reverse engineer the site for my game backlog software again! Took so much effort to do the first time around.  
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News Comments > Adds DRM-Free Movies; TV Coming
20. Re: Adds DRM-Free Movies; TV Coming Aug 27, 2014, 18:30 saluk
Pretty sure they misjudged the demand here. I care a tiny bit about drm free movies. Back when you had to hack a dvd to play it on linux I cared a bit more. I hate what the drm does to the hardware of the film landscape a lot more than from the software side.

On the other hand, I've mostly given into the subscription model for movies+tv. Just out of convenience. I don't really care to own it. I've already watched a lot of these on netflix. I can see very few movies that I would want to own this way, but the prices aren't bad in general, pretty comparable to other digital film purchases.

But it just seems like a bad fit all around.
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News Comments > Notch Softens View on Oculus Minecraft
38. Re: Notch Softens View on Oculus Minecraft Aug 18, 2014, 19:16 saluk
Quboid wrote on Aug 18, 2014, 16:24:
jdreyer wrote on Aug 18, 2014, 15:10:
Quboid wrote on Aug 18, 2014, 13:22:
I would have thought Minecraft isn't very suited to the Rift. I wouldn't want to spend an entire evening wearing the DK1's headset in one go and I don't expect that to change in the near future.

I've been watching Minecraft vids on Google Cardboard to get an idea of what it would be like, and it's totally awesome. You get completely immersed in the world. MC is one of the best uses of VR due to the wide variety of object distance, providing a sense of scale and depth lacking on a flat screen. Standing on the edge of a cliff is both breathtaking and induces a sense of vertigo. Caves intimidate extending down into the dark distance. Trees reach into the sky. It's easy to assess the distance of approaching mobs. The only OR game movie I've seen that is similar is Skyrim.

I can see that it would be very suited for a while but I don't think existing VR tech is ready for someone to spend 3, 4, 10+ hours with in one go. I have the DK1 and it's not comfortable enough for this. I expect CV1 will be lighter and CV2 (or whatever version the second major revision will be) to be a big improvement as they hone the hardware and supply lines but not enough I guess.

Comfort is probably VR's biggest hurdle at this point. Something like those Oakley MP3 player sunglasses should be the aim but we're quite some way away from that.

Edit: This is oddly similar to what Cutter said, despite me predicting Rift would succeed and Cutter predicting it would fail

10+? The amount of gaming population that needs/wants to spend 10+ hours in one go on a gaming session is tiny. Much smaller than the vr market I'd imagine. The average I'd imagine is somewhere around 3, perhaps skewing higher for certain game types like mmo or moba. If that 2-3 hour experience of vr is substantially better/different than 2-3 hours on more comfortable gaming devices, it can still carve out a sizable niche.

If you can't play more than 10 minutes without barfing, and that's the average for most folks, there will be issues. And barfing. I skipped the DK2 until I can try it because I fell into the unfortunate bucket of not being able to overcome vr sickness on DK1.

I always thought notches outburst in the first place was a bit silly, since the minecrift mod even at that time was already working great for most people. An "official" rift component to minecraft will be nice for people but it's not that substantial. So far facebook-owned oculus doesn't feel different to me than before, it still remains to be seen if that was a good or bad move.
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News Comments > Star Citizen at $50 Million; New Commercial
24. Re: Star Citizen at $50 Million; New Commercial Aug 16, 2014, 16:14 saluk
Money well spent!

Eh, just like 2001, the opening is cool and it's kinda downhill from there.
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