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News Comments > Out of the Blue
4. Re: Out of the Blue Jul 29, 2010, 12:40 SirKnight
Now if only the BBC, and possibly other UK networks/sites, would spell it NASA instead of Nasa. That annoys the crap out of me.  
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
1. Re: Morning Consolidation Jul 27, 2010, 12:54 SirKnight
First it was to blame piracy for a crappy game's low sales, now they're blaming it on Red Dead Redemption. Yep, it was Red Dead, not the truck-load of bugs and broken game-play elements. Never!

What next, blame the BP spill on Red Read? LOL! That game is just destroying us! Oh noes.
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News Comments > Arma 2: British Armed Forces Next Month
8. Re: Arma 2: British Armed Forces Next Month Jul 22, 2010, 16:51 SirKnight
I probably played the nerfed version because I don't remember it. Of course, it also has been quite some time since I last played those missions.

Now I feel like going back and playing them again. I should still have it all installed. Last weekend I was actually playing some of my fav missions from Cold War Crisis.
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News Comments > Arma 2: British Armed Forces Next Month
5. Re: Arma 2: British Armed Forces Next Month Jul 22, 2010, 13:54 SirKnight
I agree this DLC BIS is doing is not the nickle and dime greed approach most others are doing.

I liked the Cold War Crisis conversion to Arma 1, but for me the performance was so bad I could not play it. But it was still cool to see it with upgraded details. I have been waiting for the Arma 2 conversion for quite some time. Arma 2 seems to give me much better performance than Arma 1 did.

PMC Fury was indeed a cool campaign. But a lot of times it felt like they went for quantity over quality. Some missions were quite awesome though.
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News Comments > Arma 2: British Armed Forces Next Month
2. Re: Arma 2: British Armed Forces Next Month Jul 22, 2010, 13:07 SirKnight
I just wish they could release campaigns that are big and awesome like Cold War Crisis (main campaign from Operation Flashpoint) and the expansion Resistance. Those were very well done. I liked Red Hammer too even though it was made by someone else.

But the campaigns for Arma and Arma 2 were crap. I have only played the demo to Operation Arrowhead so I can't say what its campaign is like, but I heard it's short. The one mission in the demo from the campaign was extremely short and simple, but wasn't bad. I can say that their demos (because of the editor included with part of the main map) have more value than most full games these days. Pretty sad.
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News Comments > Into the Black
1. Re: Into the Black Jul 15, 2010, 01:06 SirKnight
lol, that was a great episode of Seinfeld.  
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News Comments > Haunted House Remake This Fall
3. Re: Haunted House Remake This Fall Jul 15, 2010, 01:03 SirKnight
I loved Haunted House for the A2600. I will check this out for sure.

I was also a big fan for the A2600 of Frankenstein's Monster. The sound effects were always scary to me and they still creep me out. lol!
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News Comments > ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead Trailer
6. Re: ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead Trailer Jul 14, 2010, 15:31 SirKnight
I try to like this game b/c I want realism, but I just can't. Everything is implemented so damn poorly and amateurish. The performance should not be as bad as it is for what's being drawn and what's going on. The HDR implementation is the worst I've seen. The gameplay is very fragile, awkward and just wonky. The AI is about as dumb as it gets. The animation is laughable. The only models that look good are weapons and military vehicles. All other models just look strange. No physics. An interface that is really clunky. Sure there's a lot of interaction to deal with, but the interface could be a lot better than it is. It's just not intuitive at all.

Unfortunately, they can't really fix any of this b/c the brain dead die-hards would complain since they're so used to it I guess and it would break backwards compatibility which seems so important to the die-hards. Their engine is just plan crap in every way. They really should replace it with something proven to be robust and cross-platform. The scripting language they came up with has the most bizarre syntax there is. Doing any kind of precise mission creating is a huge pain as well.

It's just too bad BIS is the only one willing to make a game like this. The thing is, they're going for a hard core sim, yet most things are NOT realistic at all. It's quite strange.
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News Comments > Crysis 2 Limited Edition?
2. Re: Crysis 2 Limited Edition? Jul 12, 2010, 23:27 SirKnight
$199...yeah right lol!

I'll be waiting until this game (reg version) is like $20 or maybe $30 depending on the reviews.
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News Comments > Saturday Mobilization
7. Re: Saturday Mobilization Jul 3, 2010, 20:40 SirKnight
Apple iPhone engineers = FAIL.

You don't make any part of a device a user is going to TOUCH part of the antenna. Anyone with any knowledge of RF knows this. What kind of moron "engineers" does apple have? Obviously they care a lot more about how it looks than how it functions. The #1 priority should be that it works well as a phone. But that seems to be the last thing on their list. It's called a phone, but sure doesn't do a very good job of being one, ironically.

Also, Best Buy = FAIL.

So much fail.
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News Comments > Sniper: Ghost Warrior Patched
2. Re: Sniper: Ghost Warrior Patched Jun 25, 2010, 09:15 SirKnight
I liked what I saw in the demo. I only played on hard so it was as realistic as possible. I like the graphics as well but I do wish there was more physics interaction with the vegetation like Crysis. It seems no one has been able to do that as well as Crysis if at all.

The Crysis engine would be great for a sniper game like this.

I had some "gift cards" for amazon and I ended up pre-ordering this game for $10. I figured even if it sucked it's only $10 so no big loss. But from what I seen in the demo, I don't have to worry about that. I likey.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
7. Re: Morning Consolidation Jun 22, 2010, 13:49 SirKnight
The new 360 does NOT include the transfer kit.  
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News Comments > Sniper: Ghost Warrior Demo
4. Re: Sniper: Ghost Warrior Demo Jun 18, 2010, 18:41 SirKnight
I'm getting 300 kb/sec from TechPowerUp.

I have about 1GB so far so it won't be long now!
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
8. Re: Morning Metaverse Jun 18, 2010, 15:55 SirKnight
LOL @ Facebook COO. Here I thought only the CEO was a complete moron.

Man how I hate facebook.
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News Comments > RAGE Trailers
38. Re: RAGE Trailers Jun 17, 2010, 19:44 SirKnight
The only things that disappoint me about Rage right now is the regenerating health (I HATE that so much! Thanks Halo and CoD.) and the ability to use a de-fib to bring your dead ass back to life. Tim mentioned about how they hate dieing and that's why they did that. Well dieing in a game is a pretty damn important thing to game design because it forces you to actually develop skill and makes it challenging which are some of the key points of what makes a game a game. But it seems games these days are nothing more than hand-holding press X to win crap. Games are supposed to be challenges, not "experiences" like everyone seems to say.

That's another thing that annoys the hell out of me now is everyone calling a game an "experience" instead of calling it a game. I've heard this a lot during E3 this week. No, it's NOT an experience it's a GAME and it should stay that way!

At least Rage does have graphics that nothing else out there or coming out soon can touch. The animations look pretty damn nice too. I just don't like the health and death situations. Maybe that can be changed with a mod. I knew with them developing this for a console as the focus would introduce some typical lame console-kiddie crap and it has. If Rage would have been designed as a PC game like all of id's past games, it would be not only very different in the game-play side but a lot better overall. Even better graphics too. For the first time, there will be no one going out and buying new PCs or graphics cards for one game b/c computers/graphics cards from many years ago will be good enough for this. Too bad.
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News Comments > Portal 2 Footage
11. Re: Portal 2 Footage Jun 16, 2010, 23:50 SirKnight

lol! I can't believe that actually worked!
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News Comments > Portal 2 E3 Trailer
17. Re: Portal 2 E3 Trailer Jun 15, 2010, 20:18 SirKnight
This was a triumph.  
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News Comments > etc., etc.
3. Re: etc., etc. Jun 8, 2010, 23:01 SirKnight
Looks like they've taken too much of the fantasy of the original story out. There needs to be realms, like Outworld. Some of the fighters are supposed to be "aliens" from another realm/world not freaks.

It's also too dark. Turn on a damn light FFS! I hate how so many new movies are like that. I watch a movie to SEE what's going on not imagine. If I want to imagine I'll read a book.

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News Comments > Respawn News at E3
1. Re: Respawn News at E3 Jun 8, 2010, 10:19 SirKnight
"stay tuned, console kiddies!"

There, fixed it for them.
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News Comments > Legal Briefs
2. Re: Legal Briefs Jun 3, 2010, 19:11 SirKnight
AT&T can burn to the ground. Their CEO can kiss my ass sideways too. These bastards are greedy as all hell with the crappiest network on the planet. And this whole, 2% of heavy data users as the reason they're making these changes is a load of BS and every one knows it. No, it's the large majority of users using a lot of bandwidth b/c of the way the Internet has become. It's media rich these days. It's not 1994 any more. It's obvious that's why they're changing policy. In order for a small percentage to be causing such a huge problem, like 2% like everyone likes to say, they'd have to download hundreds upon hundreds of gigs or more per month and that is NOT going to happen given 3G's download rates. Even on faster speeds, like 4G/WiMax it would be hard for such a small percentage to use enough to bog the ENTIRE system down. It's all a bunch of crap.

Then they BS us by saying they're doing this so the customers can pay less. LOL! Yeah, like a big corporation is going to do something to cause a drop in their revenues out of the goodness of their hearts for their customers. BAHAHAHAHA! That'll be the day. Instead they're up to their old game of giving less for the same price or more.

So what good is all these powerful mobile media devies, like any HTC, iPhone, iPad, etc if you have very tight bandwidth limits? Forget about streaming more than a few vidoes, HD videos, Netflix, etc. What makes me even more aggravated is the number of moron people who fall for all this saying how reasonable the service plans are and these changes are good and make sense, yada yada. So many blind sheep willing to bend over and take it in the rear while the big company can rake in BILLIONS every quarter and the execs can have tens of millions in bonuses and crap. Bah.
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