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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
26. Crysis Dec 31, 2006, 14:05 Ratty
Crap! I had pointed to Crytek as an example of a company that could still make a PC game without compromising it for XBox 360's lower tech and dumbing it down for the Box's audience. Sure, it'd come to a console someday but they really were going to make it the very best PC game they possibly could first.


I know, the article isn't definitive and they're not saying they're doing parallel development, but still, if true it's got to be influencing their design. Parallel development is GREAT for publishers and developers but it's NEVER a good thing for players.

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News Comments > Saturday Legal Briefs
6. Re Morse Code Dec 17, 2006, 13:47 Ratty
I learned morse in college. A buddy and I ran a wire between his building and mine right next door. He knew morse and we spent hours talking to each other as I got better and better. Started with the old-fashioned key type then graduated to the double paddle model.

Why? It was fun.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. High IQ link to being vegetarian Dec 15, 2006, 13:46 Ratty
I myself am not a vegetarian, though I eat very little meat and generally only fish at that (I make exceptions for Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey). Nobody in my family is vegetarian. Except my niece. She's 12 now but became a vegetarian when she was 9 or 10. She's very devoted to it--absolutely will not eat meat of any kind. Nobody understands why or how this happened or where she got it. Her parents and siblings eat a LOT of meat. Probably her damn liberal left wing tree hugging NEA loving teachers!

She's really really smart too. Smartest kid I've ever seen. I wouldn't be surprised if she tests as a genius.

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
8. Re: Pears Dec 15, 2006, 13:39 Ratty
Confirming Mr. Barnum's observation yet again.
Dan =0) is right. Everybody on Earth has bought something they knew was extravagent and most certainly not worth the price, but it's fun. Buying things and spending money is fun if you have it. If you haven't bought something you need in a while, sometimes you have to buy something you don't need. And $3.95 won't make anybody bankrupt. Bought some Grapples myself a little while ago (half grape, half apple) KNOWING they wouldn't be as fabulous as I imagined. And they weren't. It was a novelty to bite into an apple and taste the hint of grape but I wouldn't eat them very often even if they were free.

My weakness is for expensive wine. It's good alright but probably not THAT good.

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > The Early Show - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Movie
6. Re: No subject Dec 15, 2006, 13:15 Ratty
The graphics still look very good. Most of the current generation of games are just the same except everyone needs to see some kind of shiny bump-mapping now to consider it "cutting edge".
And the shiny bump mapping makes things look weird anyway, most of the time. I'm replaying FEAR Extraction Point and turned everything down to the lowest graphical setting to get the best performance. I discovered I liked it a lot better that way anyway. No more harsh, razor sharp black shadows--it was a lot easier to just *see* the game. No artifical looking plasticy shiny surfaces. I did turn the water quality back up to high though.

I guess it depends on the skill of the artists. I remember I though a lot of the shiny effects in Riddick looked pretty awesome. But I'll always hate those sharp edged shadows. Give me DirectX 10 and soft shadows!

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > Evening Q&As
3. Gay gaming Dec 12, 2006, 15:25 Ratty
Are there enough gay gamers to make a developer and publisher profitable?
Are there enough gay TV viewers to make Will and Grace a successful show? How about Ellen? Will and Grace was funny, it was a good show and despite homosexuality being the principle theme it attracted plenty of viewers. Ellen wasn't funny and even though it didn't focus on homosexuality as much as Will and Grace it failed. Our mass market is pretty much used to gay themes in entertainment and what matters is whether or not it's good.

But the video game market is still quite different, dominated by young men of a certain age range who are more immature and intolerant than the general population. Plus Wal*Mart is the big socially conservative 500 lb gorilla in this picture. Incidental gay themes pop up in games like the Sims with its broad appeal and do fine but anywhere else (FPS, RPG, Sports, etc.) I think it'll be relegated to very small-budget niche games.

Or else just hard core porn sex simulations where it'll sell like gangbusters.

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > New Alien Games
19. Fantastic Voyage Dec 11, 2006, 13:27 Ratty
I think Fantastic Voyage would make a pretty awesome computer game. I'm surprised nobody has done it before now.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
26. Re: No subject Dec 8, 2006, 16:22 Ratty
So if i stumble upon a patch of mushrooms in my yard, can i tell whether they are poisionous by just looking at them? is there a dead-set, obvious notifier that tells me they're poisonous?
There is NO such generic test for mushroom poisonousness. No kit, no quick little color-change test tube thingy, no visual appearance clues. Sorry. You simply have to learn not only the mushroom but any potential lookalikes.

and how does one become a mushroom hunter?
You find another experienced mushroom hunter to teach you and go out and hunt with you. There is NO other safe way. I have friends in the mycology department I go out hunting with. Though I know how to use a key, take a spore print and all that, I'd never eat anything I didn't first take to my expert friends a few times for identification until I really knew them intimately (the mushrooms, not the experts). Thus I'm confident about 6 or 7 varieties only--everything else I have identified first.

Every case of people dying from mushroom poisoning I have ever heard of were immigrants, usually slavic or asian. They were experts in their own country but not here. Every case. So pick your expert carefully.

It's a wonderful hobby. Just like easter egg hunting except for adults. Taking a long walk through the woods is fun. Taking a long walk while hunting for hidden treasure is even funner.

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
13. Re: No subject Dec 8, 2006, 14:57 Ratty
Around here chanterelles grow like weeds. $13.00/lb at Berkeley Bowl, free when you pick 'em yourself. They are curiously devoid of taste though compared with ones that grow up near Mendocino (my favorite mushroom hunting grounds) or Oregon. Still, they have a nice texture and I use them in just about everything.

Hedgehogs are delicious ($19.00/lb) I've found the occasional patch here and there. They're my absolute favorite, except maybe of course boletes which are *awesome* when you can find them--Tilden's good for those though you have to sneak them out past the rangers.

I find bluetts on people's lawns and it's always cause for excitement when I spot a patch of shaggy manes I can rush home, dip in batter and deep fry before they melt away to inky nothingness.

*Rarely* I'll find morelles in new piles of landscaping bark imported from the east coast.

That's about my complete repertoire. I don't care for oyster mushrooms and I stay away from ones that look like anything else that might be poison. I mean I'm 98% sure they're safe but it's that 2% of uncertainty that scares me off.

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
5. Weather Dec 8, 2006, 13:23 Ratty
I typically go mushroom hunting at the end of November but there has been so little rain here in the Bay Area that the mushrooms aren't mushing. I haven't actually checked, are we behind in our rainfall compared to other years?

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > Into the Black
19. Re: Judge rules paper money unfair to bl Nov 29, 2006, 15:31 Ratty
What is comes down to is a judge being an idiot.
I don't think so in this case. Judges interpret laws and Congress passed a law, the Rehabilitation Act, under which our paper money is a violation. We may argue that changing all of our paper money to accomodate a small portion of the population is unreasonable (or not) but it's not up to a judge to decide that. It's up to Congress who needs to modify the law if they want.
Great point, now let's wait until a politician points that out and forces all stores to get brail recipt machines!
Not under the Rehabilitation Act, which only pertains to federal services and agencies which receive federal funds. Let's not get all hysterical here.

This comment was edited on Nov 29, 15:35.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Re: Bullshot Nov 12, 2006, 13:17 Ratty
That's a pretty good piece of nasty by Penn and Teller.
I didn't used to but in the last couple of years I've really come to despise Libertarians. They are more fanatically devoted to the purity of their ideology than the most stalwart communists ever were. Libertarianism looks good on paper--I always thought so at least--but *any* good philosophy will involve compromise, recognition that not everything is black and white, that different problems sometimes require different solutions,. Even the most promising and well-intentioned philosophy should actually have to *work* in the real world.

P & T (and other Libertarians), you could rebut them with the most reasoned, factual, and well crafted argument and their hands will still stay firmly fastened over their eyes and ears.

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > Morning Q&As
3. Re: No subject Nov 10, 2006, 15:47 Ratty
I loved Ender's Game but yeah, OSC's politics have pretty much spoiled his stuff for me. Same for Terry Goodkind. I liked his stuff until I read the dedication to one of his books, can't remember what it said exactly but it was right wingy. Thought WTF? then read the book portraying a faction of people who wanted peace as stupid, moronic, ideologically intolerant, hopelessly naive tree hugger types who deserve the slaughter they are inviting. The comparisons to Iraq were overpowering. I think this was all before even the most die-hard right wing yahoos came to realize Iraq was a horrible, horrible mistake.

Unlike Goodkind though, I'll say I never noticed OSC's views coming through in his work. He did one series of books about a prehistorical North American civilization whose over mormonsim left a bad taste in my mouth but at least did not overtly offend (and after all, Battlestar Galactica was originally imbued with a great deal of Mormon symbology thanks to its Mormon creator). It was all his extra literary nut job rantings on his blogs and columns and what not that put me off him for good.

It's a shame when an artist's political or personal views and foibles get in the way of what may be a great opus of creativity taken on its own merits. But that's the way I feel.

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > Crysis Delay
21. Re: The future of PC gaming... Nov 3, 2006, 15:39 Ratty
I'd bet Crysis ends up being a Vista exclusive.
See, here I was thinking the opposite. The publishers demanded a console version. I was stunned when I learned that Crysis was PC-only and there weren't even any plans to port it to console. I couldn't believe, in this day and age, any company would do that. My guess is that EA said absolutely not, Crysis will come out for the console before or at the same time as it does for PC.

Parallel development is good for developers and publishers but it's never good for the games.

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
15. Dog costumes? Oct 31, 2006, 14:08 Ratty
C'mon now. This time you have GOT to post some pictures.

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > Op Ed
1. Alienware Oct 31, 2006, 13:58 Ratty
When I was shopping around for my current computer I checked out some of the Alienware systems. Wondered if I was really crazy enough to spend THAT kind of money on a system that would be top of the line for at most 6 months. There was something about that site that pissed me off, I can't remember exactly what now. But it made me decide absolutely not to get an Alienware. Also I sent in a couple of emails asking for clarification of a couple of points and never got an answer.

For that kind of price you'd think they'd knock themselves over to answer a potential customer's questions.

Alienware's a big scam.

This comment was edited on Oct 31, 13:58.
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News Comments > Into the Black
6. Worst jobs Oct 28, 2006, 17:39 Ratty
A girl I knew who was a graduate student in animal biology or something like that had to masturbate hyenas and collect their semen on a regular basis.

A friend in high school got a job as an intern at NASA for a summer. His job: kill rats and crunch up their bones to study weightlessness in space. Not a gross or dirty job necessarily, but tedious. Day in and day out. I thought it was especially lousy because someone working for NASA ought to be doing something fun and exciting like going up in those weightless planes or landing a shuttle or something. Being a rat bone cruncher just seems unfair.

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > etc.
16. Re: How to block Battlefield 2142 ads Oct 23, 2006, 13:46 Ratty
I use Firefox, without adblock and I don't get ads. I have a hosts file installed from here (, which kills the ads, so I have no need for adblock.
I'm a pretty heavy hosts user too. The problem with hosts, though, is that it only recognizes exact URLs. I started using Adblock to remove those INCREDIBLY ANNOYING intellitext double-underline hyperlinks. I hate those things but since I've started using adblock I haven't seen a single one.
first thing I do whenever I visit a new site is to right click over ALL banners and have adblock cut them out.
The only time I block ads is when they're animated and distracting, or Flash ads--I hate those, or offensive and distracting, when they take up a lot of space at the top of a page and force me to scroll down everytime I visit, or when I site really goes completely overboard with ads taking up space everywhere.

I've never minded the modest unanimated banners at the top of page. Also don't mind the "interstitial" ads you come across when you're navigating from one page to the next. They're are a whole host of ads I don't mind. I do try and support sites I like by not blocking ads unless they force me to.

This comment was edited on Oct 23, 13:52.
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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Personal Data Clarification
167. Re: No subject Oct 19, 2006, 13:52 Ratty
i remember when" *creak* Public TV (PBS) was ad-free too
OMG, I totally forgot about that. You're right. There was actually a time when there weren't commercials on "commercial free" public television. I remember that too. Insidious how things like that have a way of seeping into our perception of what's normal.

I also remember how the comics were on the back page of the newspaper. You could hold it easily in one hand while riding the bus or train and have a morning chuckle. They got rid of that long ago when they discovered they could charge a LOT more for a fullpage ad on the back page.

While we're at it, remember how Cracker Jacks had real actual toys inside of them. The kind you could swallow and choke on? Gosh, those were some good times.

Avatar 22908
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
5. No subject Oct 19, 2006, 13:31 Ratty
When I was in junior high school the show everyone watched on TV was King Fu (that really dates me, doesn't it?). What a holy terror that show caused. Bullying rose dramatically and we nerds lived in constant fear for our lives as the bullies were desperately eager to try out all their king fu kicks and moves on the weaker elements of the herd.

If it's not a video game then it's a TV show or a movie. That's what angers me most about all this, the double standard. Television and movies get away with a whole lot more than video games do but since the old farts in charge are too senile to understand all that new techno-ology they lash out at it.

It's the pipes I tells ya, those dang blasted internet pipes.
This comment was edited on Oct 19, 13:32.
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